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The following is an email sent to Novasol regarding their abandonment of myself and husband in Spain. Their terrible customer service. Had I known I was not dealing with Homeaway I would not have booked this accommodation:

Complaint EBL054, Novasol.

'Dear Sir/Madam, The following is a chronicle of our contact and the reasons I will not be using your company again.
We arrived at the property at approximately 17:00 on 12/09/19, it was raining. The representative/key-holder, Gabriel, was present with a young female who I took to be his partner. She was petting a small cat. Before entering we noticed that the cushions on outside furniture were heavily stained. The door into the property had a cat flap in; to us this indicated that the cat was a permanent resident and not a visitor.
On entering the villa it was dark and dingy even though the lights were on. There was a large pack of cat food in the kitchen. I tried to obtain a telephone signal to call your company, I was then told by Gabriel that we would not get a signal until we were back to town. I tried to connect to the Wi-fi, this was not possible until Gabriel used his phone as a ‘hotspot'. This enabled me to send an email to the company expressing my allergy concern to the cat, apart from this there was the cleanliness matter.
My husband had been viewing the bedrooms and bathroom whilst I did this. He returned to say ‘are we leaving'. We drove to the nearest town, Crevillente, to call the company. I was advised that the office which dealt with Spain was closed but the person I spoke to would send an email to Anna who dealt with Spain and she would contact me the following day. I was asked if we would return to the property for the night, I replied no it was not fit for me to stay in even overnight, I am sorry but the smell from the bathroom was terrible.
The following day, 13/09/19, I called Novasol at 09:50 after not hearing anything from them, I was told Ana was in a meeting but the person I was speaking to would ask her to call me as soon as she got out from it. I called Novasol again at 10:45 after not receiving a call back.
Ana spoke to me and every time I tried to speak she spoke over me. I asked her several times to let me speak, she did not.
Your telephone system said that calls were recorded so this can be substantiated. She referred me to an email she had sent,
I told her I had not read it as I had not received it prior to speaking to her. I asked if she would tell me the contents.
I was told that in your terms and conditions, 2.3, this stated:
2.3 Pets and allergies: In some houses pets are not allowed. However, neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL can guarantee that there have not been any pets in the house on prior occasions or that the homeowner does not have pets. Neither the homeowner nor NOVASOL assumes any responsibility for the tenant's allergic reactions as a result of pets having been in any of the holiday homes.
It was obvious the cat was a resident and not a ‘stray' visiting, it was being petted so was used to the person who was petting it. The door to the property had a ‘cat flap' in it therefore the cat was free to roam anywhere in the house. The description of the property should have stated this.
My husband informed me after I had spoken to Ana that the bedroom he had entered had marked linen on the bed.
Further to this, the property was isolated and further than the 3 Km from Crevillente that the description stated. There was no telephone signal and I could not access the Wi-fi.
As this was the worst storms in Spain for many years I'm sure you can appreciate the need for outside contact. We tried to return to the villa on Friday but were unable to do so due to rock fall on the approach roads, I have video and photographic evidence of this.
I had already notified the company weeks prior that we felt this was a little isolated due to our age and health, they had assured us there would be no problem. They did not inform us that there was NO telephone signal. Had either of us taken ill or there was a problem with the property due to the storms we had no way to contact anyone.
I refer to your terms:
11. DEFECTS, COMPLAINTS AND REMEDY If the tenant, when taking over the holiday home, observes insufficient cleaning, damage to or defects of the holiday home, the tenant should file a complaint immediately as the holiday home will otherwise be considered handed over to the tenant without problems and the tenant will lose the right to make a complaint about the problem. Complaints regarding the cleaning should be reported immediately. Complaints regarding damage or defects should also be reported as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours from the commencement of the rental period or from the finding of the defect or damage. Complaints should be made to the homeowner, its representative or NOVASOL's local office. When contacting NOVASOL outside its normal business hours, the hotline number
+45 97 97 57 57 may be used for assistance. The tenant should ensure he obtains the name of the NOVASOL employee handling the complaint. Emails may not be used for complaints during the stay. The tenant shall endeavour to avoid worsening any damage, defect or fault and shall contribute to keeping any loss as small as possible for the homeowner and for NOVASOL. In case of a complaint, the tenant shall grant NOVASOL a reasonable time limit to remedy or repair any defect or damage. Early departure from the holiday home before the end of the rental period without prior agreement of NOVASOL shall be at the tenant's own expense and risk. The tenant risks not being able to terminate the rental agreement and also risks losing the right for compensation or a price reduction if the tenant makes it impossible for NOVASOL to remedy or repair any damage or to offer a relocation to a different holiday home. NOVASOL reserves the right to remedy any complaint by relocating the tenant to a different holiday home of a similar price and quality where possible. This decision shall be made at NOVASOL's discretion. If, in the tenant's opinion, the complaint reported does not lead to a satisfactory solution during the rental period, the complaint should be forwarded in writing to NOVASOL to review and investigate further no later than 28 days after the end of the rental period. Written complaints shall be directed to: NOVASOL AS, att.: Customer Care, Virumgårdsvej 27, DK-2830 Virum, or via email to customerservice(a) NOVASOL will at all times seek to fulfil any specific wishes but it cannot guarantee that special requests will be honoured. Any liability for damages shall only include direct, financial damage. Neither NOVASOL nor the homeowner can be made liable for any indirect damage (consequential damage) or any damage of a non-financial character (non-pecuniary loss). 12. NOVASOL AS THE INTERMEDIARY NOVASOL is the intermediary for the renting of holiday homes and is not the owner of these. All contractual and legal responsibilities and obligations shall therefore rest with the homeowner alone. NOVASOL shall safeguard the homeowner's interests in connection with the completion of the booking. If, contrary to NOVASOL's expectations, a booking cannot be completed due to reasons beyond NOVASOL's control, e.g. due to sale by order of the court or due to the homeowner's breach of contract or similar, NOVASOL shall be entitled to cancel the booking, and the rent which has already been paid by the tenant shall be refunded by NOVASOL immediately. However, as an alternative and at NOVASOL's own discretion, NOVASOL is entitled to offer the tenant another similar holiday home in the same area and at the same price.
I contacted you as required by the above and unfortunately spoke to a member of staff who did not help at all. We were in effect ABANDONED by your company.

Patricia Reeve'

Oct 09, 2019

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