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Complaints & Reviews

Refund for rental

We booked a London apartment in February 2020. We were going to be staying from June 27-july 4. We would board a cruise ship on July 4 in London. Due to Covid 19, our trip (flights, cruise, etc) were all cancelled. We live in Mexico in a border town to USA. The entry into USA was also closed, we cannot cross the border at this time. On March 25, we wrote to the apartment management company, CB Platinum Apartments explaining that we were trying to cancel Through the HomeAway website but were not able too. ( we still had more than 90 days till the trip). We contacted HA and they gave us a phone number telling us the PM were the ones that could cancel. NOBODY ever answered our phone call. We again called HA and they tried calling with no answer so they gave me an email for CB platinum and told us to send an email requesting the cancellation. In April we got a response saying that they couldn't cancel, that HA had to cancel. So, we've been calling HA for many many times trying to cancel and nobody has helped. We keep being thrown back and forth and nobody has cancelled our reservation. This is not a trip we don't WANT to make... this is a trip we CANNOT IN ANY WAY make because we had everything cancelled and cannot cross the border!! We need to cancel our trip and thought that by going through HA, we would have the peace of mind that we would receive help if needed and all we get is people saying they will try to help and contact the PM and another month goes by and nobody at HA has EVER taken the time to let me know of anything concerning my case!! I am very disappointed and have never felt so frustrated in my life!
If anybody can help me with my cancellation I would really appreciate it.
My number is [protected]
Ana Vega

Homeaway property case [protected] - property id #928337

RE: Reservation ID HA-RPQJKR

Dear HomeAway/Vrbo,

This owner of this property was EXTREMELY rude, intimidating and aggressive. I rented this cabin for 5 days as the listing indicated a minimum stay of 2-7 days. I reserved from 7/3/21 to 7/7/21 which is WELL within the 2 to 7 day rental requirements on the website. I also paid the $1600 security deposit for the cabin. And I did this a "year in advance" so that I could get the vacation spot that I have really wanted for my children and grandchildren and we could celebrate the Fourth of July together in the mountains. This location was the perfect spot. I have been looking for months and booked it a year in advance just to be sure I got the exact place I wanted.
So then I received a very intimidating call from Scott Russell, the owner, asking if I had received his email reply (which I had not) and stating that he would NOT approve the days I requested and that if I wanted to keep the reservation I had to do 7 days from Saturday to Saturday because times were hard and he could not have 'holes" in his calendar. He also mentioned that he has a very high mortgage to pay (Which my rental would have helped out with I'm sure. I told him that I did not wish to do that as I would like to get back home in Florida before and have a couple of days rest before returning to work the following Monday. He said since I refused to extend my stay then I needed to cancel it. He then informed me that if HE had to cancel it that it would lower HIS rating so I needed to do it. He also stated that if I had did not have it done by 7:00 PM that evening then he would cancel it himself at 7:03 PM. I did not cancel it as I was unsure what to do. He texted me again on 6/22/20 to once again pressure me into canceling. I let my husband speak to him to explain our plight and he threatened to call his Lawyer on US. I was floored!
At any rate...he has now canceled it himself and I now have to start the process all over again. Only now, many of the homes that I would have chosen have ALREADY BEEN BOOKED.

Below are the emails and texts from him:



While I do appreciate your interest, my cabin rents by the week in July, from Saturday to Saturday. Would you be willing to extend your reservation through July 9th, checking out July 10th? Otherwise, I will have to cancel your reservation. I apologize for the problem but this was a complete surprise, since we never have guests reserving over a year in advance.

If you want to extend your reservation, please do so by 7:00 PM EDST this evening. Otherwise, I will cancel it at 7:30 PM EDST this evening. My apologies. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Scott Russell, lakecabin4you
Waters Edge Owner



I do not believe I have seen the cancellation for my cabin we discussed Saturday. Are you still intending to do it? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Scott Russell

******That is when my husband called him and he threatened to call his lawyer. For what reason I am unsure.******

This behavior should not be tolerated by such a great company as HomeAway/Vrbo. I have booked other trips that were AWESOME with your company and I actually have one scheduled this July 17th for my Grandson's birthday weekend in Lake Placid. We are really looking forward to that. I will still use your service to book all of my vacation stays because it is so accurate and easy. But please make Mr. Russell aware that I was greatly upset by his behavior and intimidation. And that should not be tolerated by your company...ever.

Thank you for your time,

Bobbi Jo Forman

Owner unable to get flexibility on currency

We normally book mostly UK Guests and it was convenient for us to accept payment in £UK through our UK Bank Account.

Because of Covid restrictions all of our Guests this year are French and want to pay in Euros. This is O with us as we run a Franch Bank account.

BUT Homeaway are crazy difficult to deal with.

All our Guests have had quotes in Euros and have booked accordingly.
All our Guests have been asked to pay in £UK at amounts that bear little or no resemblance to the Euro amount they have been quoted.

We requested that our Guests be allowed to pay in Euros into our French accoutn and were told this was possible we just had to change our Bank details.

Having done this our Guests are still being sent payment requests in £UK.

This is driving our Customers nuts and ruining our business at a difficult time for eveyone because of Covid.

How do I get to talk to someone in Homeaway that at least understands the bad image this is giving Customers and the damage it is doing to all our businesses.

Online advertising as an owner

I have had three weeks trying to get a resolution to a long running (4 years) error HomeAway Uk have made with my listing.
They have been totally unhelpful and I have had to make a complaint to the European Commission.The unique reference 2020/116571
This would be easily resolved if you had a Management or Customer service team who read the emails and addressed the issue sympathetically but this has not happened and I have been told they will do nothing and I have been forced to make a complaint.
I can provide an email thread of conversation to explain if you can allow a PDF to be sent to you.
I hope you can help resolve this situation .
kind regards

Below are the last emails we had earlier today

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting HomeAway.

As mentioned in my previous email, this is not something up for discussion and the matter is considered closed.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any other questions unrelated to this subject, we will be happy to assist you. Otherwise the case will remain closed.

Visit homeaway.co.uk for answers to frequently asked questions.

HomeAway UK Customer Support

Dear Jules,

I received your response to my complaint, and I do not accept that you cannot help in some way.

This is a quote from the Act directly:

"The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that services must be provided with reasonable care and skill."

In my opinion, you did not use reasonable care and skill when you provided this service.

I want you to fix the problem/give me a price reduction."

1. I did not chose to be classed as a "Unit" when paying you almost £300 to change from being a "Unit" 4 years ago.
2. I chose the exact opposite; I had been a unit and found it to be a poor service and I chose to pay for the increased amount to be an Individual Listing. I told your representative at the time and they should have organised this. (with quote "reasonable care and skill" )
3. For the next 4 years and a total of around £1200 annual fees and around the same as the 3% commission you charge I wanted to be an Individual Listing and paid accordingly. (you did not alert me at each renewal that I was not on the Individual Unit listing I was paying for, (not "reasonable care and skill" just simply accepting the money with no care.
4. There is no place I can find on any of your advertised tarrifs where I could chose the strange middle ground you have put me on where I am paying to be an Individual Listing but actually allocated the status of a "Unit". This was your doing, not my doing and not my choosing, so you have taken this £2500 over the years for something I did not choose. (this was done without my authorisation and you took the money without telling me ...not "reasonable care and skill ")
5. To correct your mistake I have no choice but to be dis-advantaged, according to you each option you give me has a problem for me of your making.

a/ If I choose to move to "Pay per Listing" and pay you the 8% I will be dis-advantaged because I will have to chase all of my guests existing and former potential repeat guests who know my property number to tell them I have a new listing. This will mean a lot of un-necessary work for me as these guests are all over the world, have been coming for 6 years and I will need to trace each and every one of them from old emails. I will also lose my matrix for the past 4 years of good service

b/ If I chose to pay the £300 fee plus the 3% for the coming year I will simply be perpetuating the error you made by putting me an the wrong type of listing and I will not, as I chose, be able to move to "Pay per Listing"

c/ If I chose to pay £300 fee plus the 3% to get a new listing with another number, so I am truly on an Individual Listing, I will have the disadvantage of having to start from the beginning with my listing, have no history of trading, thus making me less attractive to guests. I will have to contact all my guests new and past to let them know I have been forced to change listing references as noted above.

6. You have denied me the ability to contact the guests I have coming this year and next since you de-activated my listing on the 2nd of May against my wishes.

a/ I have lost a potential booking from a guest who wanted to re-book for next year at the point of cancelling for this year. I could not contact them and I lost the booking.

b/ A guest who wanted to move the booking to later in the year, but had not made the changes, was made to look as if they had actually arrived for their holiday between 6th and 11th of May and the system has now refunded their £300 security deposit and is asking me to review them. I have not been able to contact them.

c/ I cannot contact other guests who have booked during the time my listing was live, and who came to reserve a house when we were paying you both the fee and the commission. This is a breach of our trading agreement.

d/ No new guests can see my listing as you have de-activated it depite my written requests for you not to do this .

e/ It has now been 20 days of de-activated listing and inconvenience.

I would like you to reconsider the response you made to this complaint and come up with a solution, possibly by way of some compensation for this poor service so we can have a compromise to allow me to move forward with our relationship and get back on-line.

If this is not done I will have no option but to make a case to Trading Standards both for the failure of the past 4 years and another for the failure to honour your obligations to the guests we have sitting in limbo, having paid for their holiday with no way for me to contact them.

I will also write an article detailing the quality of service you have been providing in these difficult times for small businesses such as myself and will be sending this to the Consumer Magazine "Which?" and to all of the daily Newspapers to see if they have an interest in the story.

I hope that we can come to some sort of compromise on this as I have spent too much time already simply asking to get what you have provided to all other customers at the click of a button.


On Thursday, 21 May 2020, 15:42:50 BST, HomeAway UK Customer Support wrote:

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting HomeAway. My name is Jules, and I am one of the Team Leads here at the HomeAway Customer Support department. We can confirm your complaint was forwarded to myself by Alex.

Please note that I will only comment on the complaint related to a listing which is a multi-unit (albeit not used as a multi-unit any more) and the issue with transferring it over to pay per booking.

We are sorry if you feel this should be possible, and whilst we understand and will note down your feedback, the fact of the matter is that pay-per-booking is not a product suitable for Multi-unit listings. That listing was a multi-unit listing, and we cannot remove units from the actual listing. Please note that whilst I understand your concern, no exception can or will be made on this.

It is possible that our team transferred over your multi-unit to separate listings while keeping one listing on the original listing. Whilst I do not see such a request in our files, and thus I have to assume that you have created these yourself, it wouldn't however change the situation we are in. Even in the case where our team has provided you with this service, we would always keep one listing on the original listing as owners prefer to keep the original listing.

I understand the nature of the Multi-unit listings has already been explained to you by my colleagues, and I can confirm that whilst we take on board feedback, the nature of Multi-unit listings and the use of pay per booking will not be changed, nor will there be the option to delete units from a listing. Please note that whilst I understand you would like to see this resolved, I am afraid this listing is not eligible for pay-per-booking and will not be eligible in the future either.

We can only offer you to transfer your listing to a new listing, however this would mean you will loose your premier partner status as a new listing is created. Also this is a policy that no exceptions can be made on I am afraid.

Please also note that we cannot put a listing online for free. If you do not wish to have us transfer the listing to a new listing, the only option would be to renew by purchasing an annual subscription.

We understand these are difficult times, but I am afraid no exceptions can be made on this particular matter.

Should you have any other questions, we would be more than happy to assist you, however based on the times this issue has been discussed with my colleagues, we consider this particular matter now closed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Visit homeaway.co.uk for answers to frequently asked questions.

HomeAway UK Customer Support

Property owner increased price after booking

I booked property #9428654 in LBI New Jersey. After the booking and my credit card was charged, Paulina (the property owner) sent a message that the amount should have been triple what I had paid for the week. Even with the "Book with Confidence" that Home Away has, there was nothing they would do for me. The property owner was able to cancel the reservation and I am now told it will take 3-4 weeks for my refund. I am still trying to get my Trip Cancellation Protection fee returned. I have booked in the past with VRBO and HomeAway and never had an issue, but the response from them to this problem was very disappointing.

Property owner increased price after booking

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Cancellation / refund

Reservation ID - HA-TXTPB2 / Property ID - 8300531 / Refund: €626.55
Hello HomeAway,
I have cancelled my reservation on 14/04 and customer service is saying it will take 4 weeks to get my money refunded.
I don't agree with that. Another reservation with lower price level was refunded within one day.
Before I put a very bad review to HomeAway (Now VRBO), I am giving you the chance to respond to my request.

Best Regards.

buyer beware - homeaway and vrbo

Buyer Beware when renting from HomeAway and Michel Saumonneau Buyer Beware... if you are considering booking...

House cleaning bond

Disgusting homeaway
We stayed in the property in dunsborough western australia on the 12 march 2020 I am still waiting for the bond back of $500.00 was told I would not be getting it back for up to 3 weeks... Hate to tell you but I would like to before then with the virus we have lost our money as well!!!

Refund after cancellation

Two weeks ago I canceled my reservation, nr XA-XHLV3K, property10268474 (Cork. Ireland). I am eligible for a...

the property i rented was completely misleading, current reviews which were equally bad, not posted timely and horrible experience with high price!

The property we rented was not at all as depicted in pictures, rented via homeaway and ended up managed via...

no one will make this right

i received an email from Jeff at homeaway that they are asking that customers receive 100 percent refunds due to the virus and national threat and warnings but when you call on hold over 2 hours they refer you to Vacasa who states they dont work for them and because i did not buy the stay direct through Vacasa they will not honlr the refund and only give part i paid homeawaay and they are the ones that should take care of this and make sure the refunds are 100 percent refunded this is a game and 3 calls later noone is taking the responsibility to make this right i did not cancel due to my schedule or change of mind the goverment said dont travel people are dieing and places are closed this is an American and world wide problem and many other companies are doing the right thing but not homeaway or Vacasa.
If this is how you do business you have no care for consumers and or the goverment warnings Who would ever use a compay like this again???????

  • Jz
    JZM Mar 22, 2020

    I would like to thank you for your posting. I am experiencing the same issue with homeaway. Their customer service/support is a joke and completely useless. I encourage you and others to file an official complaint against them. The more complaints there are the more likely they are to take some action and refund people the money!

    0 Votes

Unable to sign in

Need to cancel reservation ID # [protected]
Forgot password---no help--no email sent to my email to aid my signing in; 03-15-20 8:45p.m. tried to get into the system and could not remember my password. Most systems, if you put in your id, if you don't get the password correctly, it gives you a box to enter your email address, then it tells you to check your email for further help.

lack of housekeeping

Booked a holiday in villa 3 malva 29 in lanzarote for stay over xmas.Was told small clean on 5th day and complete clean with change of towels and sheets on day 7. None of these were completed.Have complained to manager on many occasions and said i woulds accept £100.00 gbp as compensation.To date all i received are automated replies.Can you please expedite on my behalf.Thank you jean hadaway

non payment of monies owed to me

I have so far welcomed two sets of guests to my property in St Lucia through Homeaway - I have not yet been paid a penny - HomeAway now owe me @5, 000 GBP in unpaid rentals which is unacceptable - The first guest left on 1st Jan 2020. I told Homeaway before the guests left that I had not been paid - since then I have been battling to be paid - I have called on numerous occasions to be given conflicting advice - I was told at one point the payment for the current guests would be made but now I am left to understand it will not be paid - I am told we cannot speak to anyone other than an agent who cannot help beyond to say that they will raise it with their technical team - It has been with their technical team 8 weeks!!! I have lost confidence in them as an organization and would delist my property but we have other guests coming in who deserve to have their holidays - I wonder how many renters know that Home Away does not pay their partners - All I have asked for is assurances that I will be paid and a timeline for payment

quality of service

Its very simple, lack of customer support from the agents answering the phone, because they are limited with info, and there never seems to be a supervisor on hand.
Next we have been having issue receiving our payments, instead of the payments being dispensed in 7 days as per there policy, its taking up to 21 days. And again the agents cant give you a solid answer as to whats happening, and again there are no supervisors on hand. When asked to speak to a supervisor, I m told it will take 24 to 48 hrs to get a call back. But at times it does not happen.
So were concerned with the drop off with homeaway and the quality of service were getting now, it was never like this, and we've been with them for 3 years now.

customer services support [protected]

as a host I had a bad experience with a guest who paid for up to 6 guests but had 9 there on one evening and 14 on another despite being subject to 70pppn in extra guest fees the client says he rented entire house.in booking process my house clearly shows additional fees due for over 6 guests.as im going to court and have done noting wrong, i rang in to seek support.ive just asked for something in writing I can produce to show the guest has abused the house rules and owes me 770 in extra fees.on the ohone I was told nothing is possible, not even a simple email explaining the booking and charges entered into on this booking for me to produce in evidence in court.we are in usimess together and should support eachother when things go wrong, i find this attitude very disappointing and hope that you can reconsider this and help me with this simply rectified situation.yours tavion lewis

dedicated review team

case: [protected] Res.ID: HA-BRL7SY
Review 29 607 455

a renter gave an unbalanced and misleading review (amongst others complaining of missing Christmas cookie sheets)but giving an overall 4 star rating.
The review passed the review team and was published
After mailing and chatting for 2 weeks, arguing the review did not come up to the rules VRBO is selling, the case was transferred one step higher. There it rested for another week unresolved, much as if a compromised credibility does not matter.


We received a booking and confirmed it for 2 guests.
Four arrived to pick up the key. One said he wasn't staying.
They complained that they had to pay for the extra person, over two, that intends on staying.
They asked for a key to the second building that we use for extra guests.
The main cottage has a queen and a bunkroom.
I invoiced them, through the system, for the extra person and advised them that they would get the extra key when that invoice was paid.
They also said they were having a dinner party. I advised only paying guests should be on the property.
They have been intimidating and rude continually arguing they paid good money and it's not good enough.

owner of rental


Accomodation: Property # 1654591vb

We recently booked this property for family visiting from the UK. On paper the property looked great...I can honestly say the experience we had from this owner ruined our family holiday. We'd booked a penthouse in Glenelg, fantastic, a villa in the GoldCoast, amazing and then this property, our experience was absolutely awful. Before we arrived we messages the owner to ask about the location, so family could book nearby, majority of our party were in their late 60's and 70's. The 1st message from the owner, was this property is for your guests only and not for parties, if you want large gatherings book another property. We explained the ages of the family members and that parties wont be happening at our age, this was the first of a series of aggressive texts from this owner, sent to a 71 year old lady. We contacted the owner to access the property on arrival and were met with a second response "why do I need to come down there to let you in, I've sent you the instructions". Not helpful at all, eventually a family member found the code in the booking and gained access. We were also contacted by the owner and told "do not touch any controls for air con, pool, do not leave ovens on, do not go in the garage, do not touch the car, and do not go near any of the boxes in the garage, these have been checked and photographed". This was an extremely bizarre request and made us feel like petty thieves, we've never experienced such aggressive communication from a property owner in all the time we have rented property. This made our elderly members extremely nervous whilst staying in this property. On arrival of the property, I have to state this, it was absolutely filthy, and I mean filthy. The floors were covered in dust, within 20 minutes of arriving our whole party ended up with black feet. from the dust and dirt on the floors and carpets. We took pictures it was that bad (see attached). The toilets were dirty, one even had excrement on the side of the toilet (picture taken of this). The bed head-boards were covered in dust, with no hoover to clean up only a brush. We wanted to complain about this to the owner, however, after our initial exchange with him our elderly members were frightened on his reaction. We visited the local shop and bought cleaning products and cleaned the property ourselves. A few days in the cistern stopped working in one of the toilets, we felt duly obliged to inform the owner. He told us "to hire a plumber and get it fixed immediately" another famiy member resolved the issue. But we were then sent 6 or 7 messages repeatedly by the owner threatening us with eviction. These were extremely aggressive, we thought to call the police. We eventually fixed the issue with the cistern and informed the owner he eventually clamed down and let us stay to the end of our holiday. This owner is unfit to rent property and very aggressive, he should be removed from your listings immediately. I look forwar to hearing from you.

owner of rental
owner of rental
owner of rental
owner of rental
owner of rental
owner of rental
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owner of rental


The property rep for the rental I have on Sunday, January 5 in Puerto Vallarta asked me today, January 2, for papers I had already sent months ago. Through the message board he explained it away with the papers got lost in their move. I sent part of the paperwork to him but have not heard back. I asked Andre, the property rep, to call me to sort this out but have not had a response on the message board. I have tried calling him but the message machine does not give his name, and I have not heard from him since I left 2 messages. I just want to make sure this is legitimate. He has been very good about responding to any of my questions in the past. My rental is
HA-78P6B1 in Puerto Vallarta for dates January 5 thru 10
I just want to know if this is legitimate. I have used HomeAway for 15 years and have never had this kind of thing happen to me. I usually get my check in info 2 wks prior to arrival. I paid on time so that is not an issue. Could you help me out.

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