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HomeAway reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 15, 2008. The latest review Refund not received! was posted on Sep 22, 2020. The latest complaint delay of getting refund about a cancelled reservation by agent / rental of a condo was resolved on Sep 18, 2017. HomeAway has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 252 reviews. HomeAway has resolved 9 complaints.

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+44 208 827 1971 (United Kingdom)
+64 98 011 377 (New Zealand)
+43 720 884 188 (Austria)
+45 89 882 613 (Denmark & Norway)
+31 202 629 300 (Netherlands)
+351 308 801 569 (Portugal)
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Please note that HomeAway was acquired by Expedia Group in 2015, and in 2020 HomeAway and VRBO were rebranded as Vrbo

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HomeAway Complaints & Reviews

HomeawayRefund not received!

Property: #[protected]
Reservation ID : #HA-PB96GW

It's been 6 days since I made the money transfer. I send the payment receipt and I received no confirmation or information regarding the process of payment. All I got is an email mentioning that they have some problems and money will be refunded. The owner of property also not responding my emails. I have visa application in three days and still have no confirmation regarding my accommodation. I would recommend no one HomeAway. They might be having some technical problems but this is never an excuse for not keeping the tenant updated when especially they have urgency.

Refund not received!

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    Sep 01, 2020

    Homeaway — Unauthorised debit card usage. Reservation id ha-ierdb8g property id [protected].

    Hi, I am Susithra Soundarapandian I made a reservation on 20th August 2020 Reservation ID HA-ierdb8g...

    HomeawayRefund case reference [protected] + [protected]

    Dear HomeAway
    This matter is still not resolved.

    I have, as you suggested, been in touch with the owner who has already returned the second installment and the Damage deposit. He also confirms that he never receives or holds the initial deposit (£115 paid 13/2/20) and obviously never receives the HA service fee (£28.80). He is therefore unable to refund the £143.80 which remains outstanding. Only HA can do so.

    Reference to your own correspondence will confirm that you have tried various tactics to avoid repaying the outstanding amount. Dont bother to try any of these again.

    I will give you a further 3 days (ie until Thursday 27th August) in which to confirm that you will make the refund before making a formal complaint through your own procedures, joining the many dissatisfied customers on TrustPilot and involving Anna Timms of the Observer.

    T. Ward


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      Jul 01, 2020

      Homeaway — Refund for rental

      We booked a London apartment in February 2020. We were going to be staying from June 27-july 4. We would...

      Jun 24, 2020

      Homeaway — Homeaway property case [protected] - property id #928337

      RE: Reservation ID HA-RPQJKR Dear HomeAway/Vrbo, This owner of this property was EXTREMELY rude...

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      Jun 12, 2020

      Homeaway — Owner unable to get flexibility on currency

      We normally book mostly UK Guests and it was convenient for us to accept payment in £UK through our UK Bank...

      May 22, 2020

      Homeaway — Online advertising as an owner

      I have had three weeks trying to get a resolution to a long running (4 years) error HomeAway Uk have made...

      HomeawayProperty owner increased price after booking

      I booked property #9428654 in LBI New Jersey. After the booking and my credit card was charged, Paulina (the property owner) sent a message that the amount should have been triple what I had paid for the week. Even with the "Book with Confidence" that Home Away has, there was nothing they would do for me. The property owner was able to cancel the reservation and I am now told it will take 3-4 weeks for my refund. I am still trying to get my Trip Cancellation Protection fee returned. I have booked in the past with VRBO and HomeAway and never had an issue, but the response from them to this problem was very disappointing.

      Property owner increased price after booking

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        HomeawayCancellation / refund

        Reservation ID - HA-TXTPB2 / Property ID - 8300531 / Refund: €626.55
        Hello HomeAway,
        I have cancelled my reservation on 14/04 and customer service is saying it will take 4 weeks to get my money refunded.
        I don't agree with that. Another reservation with lower price level was refunded within one day.
        Before I put a very bad review to HomeAway (Now VRBO), I am giving you the chance to respond to my request.

        Best Regards.

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          Apr 07, 2020

          Homeaway — buyer beware - homeaway and vrbo

          Buyer Beware when renting from HomeAway and Michel Saumonneau Buyer Beware... if you are considering booking...

          HomeawayHouse cleaning bond

          Disgusting homeaway
          We stayed in the property in dunsborough western australia on the 12 march 2020 I am still waiting for the bond back of $500.00 was told I would not be getting it back for up to 3 weeks... Hate to tell you but I would like to before then with the virus we have lost our money as well!!!

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            Mar 29, 2020

            Homeaway — Refund after cancellation

            Two weeks ago I canceled my reservation, nr XA-XHLV3K, property10268474 (Cork. Ireland). I am eligible for a...

            Mar 17, 2020

            Homeaway — the property i rented was completely misleading, current reviews which were equally bad, not posted timely and horrible experience with high price!

            The property we rented was not at all as depicted in pictures, rented via homeaway and ended up managed via...

            Homeawayno one will make this right

            i received an email from Jeff at homeaway that they are asking that customers receive 100 percent refunds due to the virus and national threat and warnings but when you call on hold over 2 hours they refer you to Vacasa who states they dont work for them and because i did not buy the stay direct through Vacasa they will not honlr the refund and only give part i paid homeawaay and they are the ones that should take care of this and make sure the refunds are 100 percent refunded this is a game and 3 calls later noone is taking the responsibility to make this right i did not cancel due to my schedule or change of mind the goverment said dont travel people are dieing and places are closed this is an American and world wide problem and many other companies are doing the right thing but not homeaway or Vacasa.
            If this is how you do business you have no care for consumers and or the goverment warnings Who would ever use a compay like this again???????

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              • Jz
                JZM Mar 22, 2020

                I would like to thank you for your posting. I am experiencing the same issue with homeaway. Their customer service/support is a joke and completely useless. I encourage you and others to file an official complaint against them. The more complaints there are the more likely they are to take some action and refund people the money!

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              HomeawayUnable to sign in

              Need to cancel reservation ID # [protected]
              Forgot password---no help--no email sent to my email to aid my signing in; 03-15-20 8:45p.m. tried to get into the system and could not remember my password. Most systems, if you put in your id, if you don't get the password correctly, it gives you a box to enter your email address, then it tells you to check your email for further help.

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                Homeawaylack of housekeeping

                Booked a holiday in villa 3 malva 29 in lanzarote for stay over xmas.Was told small clean on 5th day and complete clean with change of towels and sheets on day 7. None of these were completed.Have complained to manager on many occasions and said i woulds accept £100.00 gbp as compensation.To date all i received are automated replies.Can you please expedite on my behalf.Thank you jean hadaway

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                  Homeawaynon payment of monies owed to me

                  I have so far welcomed two sets of guests to my property in St Lucia through Homeaway - I have not yet been paid a penny - HomeAway now owe me @5, 000 GBP in unpaid rentals which is unacceptable - The first guest left on 1st Jan 2020. I told Homeaway before the guests left that I had not been paid - since then I have been battling to be paid - I have called on numerous occasions to be given conflicting advice - I was told at one point the payment for the current guests would be made but now I am left to understand it will not be paid - I am told we cannot speak to anyone other than an agent who cannot help beyond to say that they will raise it with their technical team - It has been with their technical team 8 weeks!!! I have lost confidence in them as an organization and would delist my property but we have other guests coming in who deserve to have their holidays - I wonder how many renters know that Home Away does not pay their partners - All I have asked for is assurances that I will be paid and a timeline for payment

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                    • Li
                      LindaRidge Sep 04, 2020

                      My guests paid the final balance in 7 July for a booking commencing 13 August. The money is held by Yapstone and on my account it shows this was dispersed to me on 7 July. Problem is it never arrived in my account. The guests then cancelled and I got an email saying due to my cancellation Policy they would get no refund. The guests are claiming on their insurance. Now I’ve had an email saying there is a chargeback through their credit card for the initial deposit and Yapstone are taking this from my bank account even though they have no claim against me and Yapstone still haven’t paid me the final balance. They are not taking calls due to Coronavirus (virtually every other company in the world is) and after three messages via email nobody is responding. I am out of pocket by over 20k due to their incompetence. It is outrageous and I dont know where to turn for help.

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                    • Gu
                      Gus barker Jul 23, 2020
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      This is not at all surprising, currently blaming covid for non dispersal of funds despite being happy to take guest money. Charlatans. Phone them and youre dealing with uninterested employees.

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                    Homeawayquality of service

                    Its very simple, lack of customer support from the agents answering the phone, because they are limited with info, and there never seems to be a supervisor on hand.
                    Next we have been having issue receiving our payments, instead of the payments being dispensed in 7 days as per there policy, its taking up to 21 days. And again the agents cant give you a solid answer as to whats happening, and again there are no supervisors on hand. When asked to speak to a supervisor, I m told it will take 24 to 48 hrs to get a call back. But at times it does not happen.
                    So were concerned with the drop off with homeaway and the quality of service were getting now, it was never like this, and we've been with them for 3 years now.

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                      Homeawaycustomer services support [protected]

                      as a host I had a bad experience with a guest who paid for up to 6 guests but had 9 there on one evening and 14 on another despite being subject to 70pppn in extra guest fees the client says he rented entire house.in booking process my house clearly shows additional fees due for over 6 guests.as im going to court and have done noting wrong, i rang in to seek support.ive just asked for something in writing I can produce to show the guest has abused the house rules and owes me 770 in extra fees.on the ohone I was told nothing is possible, not even a simple email explaining the booking and charges entered into on this booking for me to produce in evidence in court.we are in usimess together and should support eachother when things go wrong, i find this attitude very disappointing and hope that you can reconsider this and help me with this simply rectified situation.yours tavion lewis

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                        Homeawaydedicated review team

                        case: [protected] Res.ID: HA-BRL7SY
                        Review 29 607 455

                        a renter gave an unbalanced and misleading review (amongst others complaining of missing Christmas cookie sheets)but giving an overall 4 star rating.
                        The review passed the review team and was published
                        After mailing and chatting for 2 weeks, arguing the review did not come up to the rules VRBO is selling, the case was transferred one step higher. There it rested for another week unresolved, much as if a compromised credibility does not matter.

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