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HomeAway / Vacation rental service awful

Stephen Nelson on Feb 6, 2017
Paid for a vacation rental home (3588212) at timberline ski resort in davis, wv in december 2016 for 2/3/2017 check in. Received email confirmation of payment. After reaching out to home owner and home away several times with no response from home owner, she phoned at 7:45 pm on 2/2 to...

HomeAway / Booking by phone and customer service

z!z on Nov 22, 2016
My second time using HomeAway turned out to be a complete waste of my time. Good Luck looks like I have to type in 200 more characters into this space before I can submit this complaint. I hate having my time wasted by obnoxious a wholes If expedia wants to run a Hostile Takeover of the company...

HomeAway / Listing

Peter Vineberg on Oct 17, 2016
I have had a listing with Honeaway for years but in this new system of theirs ( I subscribed previously ( Gold) but handed it off to a management company When I failed to make mo ey with them I removed my listing with Honeaway and rented that house out long term I then re figured my listing...

HomeAway / VRBO / Account pulled/locked!

Jeff Reiter on Aug 8, 2016
Home Away sent an email to me today, stating that I can no longer advertise my vacation home with them. I had no warning or explanation, they just said I wasn't following their rules. The worst part is I have thousands of dollars of rentals coming in the next 3 months, and the company...

HomeAway / Rental home San Francisco

Felix Remennik on Jul 23, 2016
We are EU citizens and travelling through USA. We have rented 2 (SFO and LA) homes via Homeaway. (#4039717 FELIX REMENNIK SAN FRANCISCO HOMEONTHEHILL July 10-14 2016). We have refused to stay in one of the houses since it was a complete false representation of what was actually booked...

HomeAway / VRBO/Home Away management

Lynda32 on Jul 14, 2016
My elderly mother owns 3 homes in Waco, TX that were listed on VRBO and payments were processed through PayPal. Things were great for years...then Home Away bought VRBO and made our lives miserable. Home Away forces home owners to process credit cards thru their division, Home Away...

HomeAway / Vacation rental property

Screaming Mimi on Jul 9, 2016
We rented a condo through HomeAway and they not only charged us various fees they also collected the monies for the rental. Yet when a problem arose and we had to leave the condo 2 weeks early, all of a sudden they claim they have no involvement with the transaction. That we needed to work...

HomeAway / VRBO / Vacation Rental Website

Jennifer Meyers on May 25, 2016
I had renewed my listing for my beautiful vacation rental for the 9th year, with no concerns. Home Away# 265504 /VRBO 155160 I pay about $750. Per year for advertising my vacation rental on their site. HomeAway decided to changed their practices and wanted to start handling all of the money...

HomeAway / Charge levied on renters

FrankHomeAway on May 23, 2016
HomeAway have introduced a charge on people renting property via their sites. Their email informing me of this says quite clearly "The service fee is charged to travellers who book and pay through the HomeAway checkout. " When I wrote to say the charge was scandalous, and while it will not...

Vrbo.com / HomeAway.com / Vacationrentals.com / Ripoff, lies

Danaq on Apr 20, 2016
I am a rental house owner. HomeAway deactivated our listings last Friday afternoon without any warning. In an e-mail after the fact, HomeAway stated that our listing "contains messaging directing travelers to pay offline to avoid our online secure booking checkout system in violation of our...

HomeAway / Fraudulent activity!

Peter on Mar 16, 2016
I wanted to rent a property and found HomeAway website. I thought they were quite reputable and their site seemed 100% secure. So I made my reservation and after I paid I received no further information. Few weeks later I received a message stating that my booking was cancelled! I...

HomeAway / House rental

dee343434 on Mar 16, 2016
I will never use this site again. We tried to book a house about 3 months ago, we signed the contract. Then a week after they call us and said they double booked and we need to find another house. So we find another one. We call to confirm with this house about 5 days before we are going...

HomeAway / Very dishonest company!

Drake on Feb 26, 2016
I used HomeAway service in the past, and decided to use their service again. I was shocked when I realized that now they are charging 10% service fee! It's absolutely ridiculous! No one ever informed me about this new charge and I'm disgusted with their lack of professionalism. The evil...

HomeAway / Big scam!

Oliver on Feb 23, 2016
I was shocked when I found out that HomeAway was charging my renters a service fee! I immediately contacted the company to ask what this fee was. Their rep said that is was to maintain and support their customer service. Absolutely ridiculous! I already paid them huge amount of money and...

HomeAway / Awful customer service! Stay away!

Reviewer31784 on Feb 4, 2016
We recently booked a reservation through VRBO for a ski vacation in Snowshoe, WV the week between Christmas and New Year's 2015 (VRBO#273113). Due to the extremely mild weather, the resort was closed due to lack of snow. As in no skiing. At all. We contacted the owner to try to move...

HomeAway / Cancellation Protection scam

RobertCarter on Jan 21, 2016
I purchased my vacation on Nov 29th and as usual I also bought the trip cancellation. I have the email saying you have paid and received the cancellation protection plan. I have undergone a surgery which will prevent me from going on my vacation. I first emailed the property owner who said...

HomeAway / HomeAway are scammers.

Jasmine9 on Jan 7, 2016
We booked a property through HomeAway. But one day before we supposed to check in the owner of that property called and said he cancelled our reservation. It was on Christmas. We had no place to go and the owner refused to give us our money back. We went to the nearest café and contacted HomeAway...

HomeAway / Useless website!

Mort on Jan 4, 2016
We rented a house for 2 week vacation. But we had to leave the place one week earlier. The house we rented was not what was advertised. The property was very small and dirty, there were rats and insects everywhere! Also we had to change all smoke detectors as they were ringing all the...

HomeAway / Worthless Customer Service

Mable Butler on Jul 27, 2015
Mon. 07/21/15 called booking dept at 1-888-640-6970 talked to Qwaiin about renting a property (3724272) in New Orleans, Lousiana. Told him the dates, he quoted me the same price as on website. He took my deposit paymnet of $280.00 (what was taken from my bank accoutnt was $215.50 -...

HomeAway / Deposit

Shari Fitz-Patrick on Jun 24, 2015
BEWARE OF HOMEAWAY.COM. Most rentals are now being booked through Homeaway.com. On Sunday I tried to book a rental and had to give my credit card, thinking that once the rental was confirmed they would debit my card. NO, they took the money $2, 000 out there and then and five minutes later...

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