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Complaints & Reviews

They lied out and out lied to get us to sign with them.

Back 3 years ago when we signed up we were told after we told them we were unsure of getting locked into this contract that if my husband was everlaid off with AM General & not able to keep up with the yearly fees and payments which we were told would be 450.00 per year another lie goes up every yr. He said they would sell membership for us another lie. Hubby got laid off a yr later i immediately called and they said they dont resale sights. Never said they would. I said we bought someones sight by your sales person saying the people couldn't afford theirs anymore due to change in income so told us we got their membership for what they owed which was like 6, 900... we cant afford this anymore I told her that hisbad got laid off and has been out of work over 1.5 years She said not her problem. . And hung up on me. I called back nest day asked to speak to a manager and got hung up on again.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Mar 27, 2020


    We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you give us a call at 989-671-1125 ext 2, please leave a voicemail and we will get you in touch with upper management to discuss this further. You can also email us at [email protected]

    Thank you, and we hope to speak with you soon.

Concerning way of advertising

Not so much a complaint, rather a word of caution to those who got the call and the key to potentially win a new truck or $20k. While I knew going into the sales pitch that it wa...

[Resolved] telemarketing

These people are ridiculous and should be in trouble for harrassment. They called my phone claiming to be running a sweepstakes for a new resort opening in Ohio. I politely told the girl thanks but no thanks and we would not be attending their seminar in Kalamazoo, MI next week before hanging up. She promptly called back...FROM A LOCAL TO MY AREA NUMBER...and apologized for the dropped call. I told her I intentionally dropped the call and to please remove my number from their list and DO NOT CALL ME BACK. I hung up and my phone promptly rang AGAIN! It was a "supervisor " for the first caller & now SHE'S harassing me. For crying out loud! How much clearer can I make myself to NOT. FREAKING. CALL ME?! So I flip out on the lady & tell her I'm filing a complaint on the company under her name (Amanda) for harrassment & blocked all the numbers they've called from. This company is shady as all get out, it did not surprise me at all to see there are pending allegations from the attorney general's office. This place needs shut down it sounds like! Also, when she called from a local number the second time, I flipped when I realized it was the same girl & demanded "where are you calling from?! Why are you calling me from a local number?! Because you're phishing from someone else's number! You are not in my town! " and I hear her whisper to her Supervisor (Amanda) "She's asking where im calling from..." in a panic. Hence the next call from Amanda herself. Ridiculous & border line psycho.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Jan 23, 2020

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, Amanda. A supervisor will look into your concerns and address the employees as needed. If you requested we not call you again, we either have already or will mark your number as one to not call. We do not purchase lists; we only call people who enter into promotions we sponsor.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

[Resolved] the campground use package

Salesman used high pressure sales to get us into this into this agreement, I waited in the car and she wouldn't leave until I agreed. Our campground is always booked when we want to go there, we've only camped there once in over three years. And there is a $535 annual camping fee. This seems quite expensive for a once a year camping trip. We want out of this agreement and we want out money back. What can we do to make this happen?

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Jan 02, 2020

    Please contact member services at 989-671-1125 ext. 2227 to discuss your concerns and your options.


  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

life membership

My husband made life membership we want to cancel our membership . We have paid over 4000 never camped there . Now we want to cancel membership and only time you can talk to them is when you don't pay you monthly fee . I told them many times I want to cancel since 4 months they say they will call us they never do . We are getting a lawyer to get us out of it

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Dec 17, 2019

    Please contact member services at 989-671-1125 ext. 2227 so that we can discuss your concerns, Joanna. Thanks!

  • Updated by Joanna197682 · Dec 18, 2019

    Yea I just called them and they said to cancel I have to pay whole amount of our membership what is 5500$ !!! We have to pay for 2years yet to finish membership . Every month over 100$ !!! There is no cancellation even if you don’t use it never used it and never will you can cancel no matter how bad you try !!! They are liars and will take all your money !!!they don’t care why you can’t afford it. Don’t ever sign anything for them !!! It’s worse than scam . You can’t get out of it !!! I hope that attorney general will finally start doing something . Getting a lawyer and will make sure you will be in tv again !!!

[Resolved] promised so many wonderful things "wrong"

My girlfriend and I were promised so many wonderful things that we "thought" was a great deal since we love to camp. We purchased this "GREAT" deal for almost $15000.00. We were told it would be financed through a bank and ended up being a credit card. Which we found that out about 3 weeks in. I myself called to dispute that issue and was told we already signed a contract and was nothing they could or would do. I tried to cancel our membership and basically was told it was to late once we signed their so called contract. We ended boring money from my 401k to pay it off in full because we did not want the finance charges that went along with their credit card. We have tried to use the facilities several times and never can get in. Every time we call always have to leave a message and usually takes days to get a return call only to find out they are full. We were told as members we would have perks to be able to get a site.. LIES. Such and scam and so disappointed. This is truly the biggest waste of money and turns out to be the BIGGEST mistake ever made. Just want get any amount of our money back and be done with this nightmare.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Oct 09, 2019

    We're sorry for your frustration and misunderstanding of the financing of your membership. Please contact member services at 989-671-1125 ext. 2227 if you'd like to discuss this further. Thanks!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

adam is the sales associate.

My husband and I were pressured into coming down to find out if we won a truck, they called us everyday for 19 days..we finally go to standish and we are made to take a tour and...

paid for 7 years and never got refund or transferred

My father purchased membership 1996 and the dues was paid on time and paid up till 2021. They was suppose to allow for it to be transferred to one of the kids. We have not gotten the proper opportunity to sit down and get this fix instead we was told it was to late to transfer and when I asked for the refund of the unused dues I was told that they couldn't refund it to us. But we paid it, I informed them my brother and I split the payments. So I would like them to make things right

[Resolved] outdoor adventures lifetime membership

I had a free 21 day trial when I bought a new camper at this campground, they make you take a tour and sit a few hours with a salesperson and basically tell you there is no free...

members rules

So, when we signed on, we were told we could sell the unused portion of the membership portion.

When we attempted to do this, the Kalamazoo Sales Manager, told us we could not sell the trial membership.

Their high pressure sales tactics worked on my wife, and now we are simply stuck. So, we are trying to see the legal avenues, and how we can join the Lawsuit.

  • Updated by T.Landis · Sep 07, 2019

    I guess the best option, is to spread the word... warn everyone so they know as well...

[Resolved] sales of timeshare

We also were not allowed to look thru the contract that we were asked to sign. High pressure sales (No time given to think over the decision) Annual fees and we haven't even...

[Resolved] outdoor adventures contract

Husband and I were scammed into thinking that we had won a truck.
Went to the Davison Michigan location.
Was fast talked into, (major pressure) getting into a contract that we're both stuck in, with no way out.
When we signed up, we were never informed that our monthly payment would go from $40 to $150 a month. When contacting anyone from the main office in Bay City, Michigan, they are anything but nice, they are rude, and argumentative.
I just want to stop paying for something that I don't use, or want without ruining my credit.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Aug 14, 2019

    You would need to contact member services at 989-671-1125 ext. 2227 to discuss your concerns and options. Thanks!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] membership01.51781-1l

My complaint is. Last year my husband and I joined for 7000.00. All of a sudden we received a Good Sam credit card with 5000 credit line but the interest rate was 20+%...

forced membership

My husband and I were called to visit Outdoor Adventure camp ground for a chance to win a truck or cash, starting there was no obligation to buy anything and that it was not a sales pitch. We visited the Kalamazoo Outdoor Adventure location and immediately, after touring the camp ground, was directed to a room where we were aggressively talked though their sales pitch. We kept declining offer, saying we could not afford this at this time, but they persisted and kept coming back with a more "affordable" offer. We were aggressively forced into a 2 year membership, $30/month. We felt rushed through paperwork and, with having two small children with us getting more impatient by the minute, did not get to read in detail the terms to agreement. We were unable to cancel membership after 3 days, which would have to be in handwriting and personally delivered to their office. This membership is a rip off and I wish we never got roped into this.

outdoor adventures

We signed a membership agreement and we never used the facility and now were out 7500 dollars. Now they have a lawyer threatening us and trying to get more money I called them when I lost my job to make arrangements for the membership and they refused. We canceled our membership and now they still want more money they keep saying we cant cancel it when cant you cancel a membership.

  • Su
    Susan50538 Jul 31, 2019

    They are a very ruthless company! Check out the resolved complaints. We are included in it. We were never contacted by them in any way at any time. Every one that has been resolved as they claim were all done the exact same date. Wow! Shocking! All complaints were resolved with the same exact reason... that's because they are lying thru their teeth. I called them many times past 2 1/2 years and no help resolving my complaints. Somehow this company needs to be put out of service. Close all the campgrounds and refund everyone's money back to whom they have scammed over the past what 20+ years
    Susan M
    Elkhart, IN

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Outdoors Adventures — unethical sales

I was looking take my granddaughter somewhere local for a fun weekend. Outdoor Adventures was emailed me and invited me to come take a tour. I immediately told the lady I was NOT...

[Resolved] fee

I reserved a lot for 6/5.. It was raining prior and weather report said it would be raining our entire stay.. So we didnt go. I had no prior notice of this 50$ fee for non cancellation. And from what im told flooding isnt a reason to cancel, even though with moderate rain Lake of The North turns into a swamp. I store my camper here year round. I pay extra cost for in and out placement on a lot. I think im one of maybe 6 people who store their camper here on your unsecured storage year round.My camper has been broken into while in storage. One year the tanks and batteries were stolen off campers during the winter. I enjoy camping at this campground. I think Jeff runs it the best he can with the resources given by corporate. Being charged this fee has me rethinking my future plans. I store my camper there for convienence.. But when fees are charged without my prior knowledge it makes me think of all the money I would save storing my camper elsewhere, buying my wood elsewhere, giving my youngest son fun money to spend elsewhere, and using my van to put myself on a lot. We all choose where to spend our money and if this fee is not waved.. I will be planning ways to only give your company my yearly dues of 180/frozen... And I dare say I use that and more in power and toilet paper at your facility since im there so much... Thats why ive never had issues spending money at your park. But not making exceptions for weather for such a loyal camper storage, money spending member is silly on a buisness level.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Jun 20, 2019

    You'd be best calling 888-249-1995 with your concern so that it can be addressed specific to your situation. To answer your question about the cancellation fee, that is discussed when the reservation is made and is also included in all confirmation emails.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] outdoor adventures, inc.

My husband and I were pressured and quite frankly duped into signing a contract with outdoor adventures, inc. After entering a contest at our local mall. A few short months later, after trying to use the membership but never being "available" on the dates we were told members could always have in advance, we were told our membership card would no longer be active and we would have to drive all the way to bay city to have a new ID card issued or we couldn't use our membership. This may not sound like a big deal but bay city was about a 2 hour drive, maybe more, from where we lived. Our work schedules, having children, and Bill's to pay (including the outdoor adventure bill) it was impossible to get there. We constantly called and asked if there was an exception and if we could go to the Davidson location still (which is why we signed up, that location was closest) they repeatedly said no and that if we tried they wouldnt let us in. So here we have a membership that we are paying dues for, monthly costs and cant use because we are unable to drive to. We now live an ocean away in Hawaii and Now we are facing collections because we contacted and told them (multiple times) that if we weren't allowed to use the membership it was illegal to make us pay, two years later we are now receiving collections letters and threats for something they adamantly told us we couldn't use without a new ID card we were unable to obtain.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Apr 17, 2019

    The new cards are required for all members, Megan, but as long as your account is current/in good standing, you can access the resorts with your old cards until we roll out the new entrance system.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] membership

They will get you with loans and lie to you about refinancing it and all the stuff I had membership for 3 years cost me 10000$ what they told me and about 2 years and half I...

[Resolved] sales staff lies

When Outdoor Adventures purchased our campground we were "promised" updates to the grounds, an outdoor swimming pool, a splash pad and even a lazy river. No such luck didnt really expect those things. What we did expect though was our "locked in" maintance fees for the life of the membership. However when we got our emailed bill this month they increased about $40 When we called the hot line they said to check our contract. It was obvious that this lady had a script in front of her so when ever anyone called to ask, she was ready. Such lies and they expect us to lie down and just pay it.

  • Outdoor Adventures's response · Apr 17, 2019

    Your maintenance fees weren't locked in, Rachel. If you'd like to discuss your specific concerns and your contract, we'd recommend you contact member services at 989-671-1125 ext. 2227. Thanks!

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

[Resolved] fast talking, high pressure sales tatics!

Just another person complaining That we too were victims of their camping scam. We fell for it hook, line and sinker! We got called that we won a sweepstakes chance at winning a...

total scam

We bought into this a few years ago, and at the time we were told it had resort amenities such as wifi for one, and ever since they are always working on getting it. We pay an annual fee for upkeep and updates, and it sure seems that this money is being wasted. The reservation line never answers the phone, and we can never get a site even 2 weeks in advance. I would love to find out how many people are getting comped a site that they are trying to scam into this deal.

resort membership

Really you POS's?!
What low life scum sucking [censor]! Trying to rip my young daughter off when her and her husband have a new baby! I'll see your a#%es in Court that's for damned sure! Wanna bet you're gonna pay for my Grandaughters college? I got something for ya!
Well, let's see, they say I have to add more so I will tell you that I don't know how you sleep at night actually taking food from a child's mouth but I guarantee you're going to be working long hard hours paying back all the people that you fraudulently took money from. I do not play when it comes to my kids.

  • Su
    Susan50538 Jan 12, 2019

    If you start a class action lawsuit let me know I'll join the list!! This place is totally scammers!

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  • Pu
    Purpleharleygirl Jul 18, 2019

    I'd like to join also, terrible facilities and I live out of state and want out. Nothing that was promised and dont want to pay maintenance any longer for unkempt campgrounds I dont care to use.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Garrage Jul 20, 2019

    I would so like to bring a class action lawsuit or be part of one against them. I am on FB and placed a post asking for people who were interested in doing so. I am totally upset with them!!

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Outdoor Adventures Campgrounds — poor experience

It's sad to say this will be our last trip with Outdoor Adventures Rifle River Resort, things have changed so much that it is just no fun bringing my family there for...

deceptive sales

I too purchased a new trailer and received my 21 nights free stay if I agree to hear the pitch. Saw the Davidson location and it was nice. The gent who showed us around was nice. Facilities looked good and fun. Back to the office was the hand off to the high but not unbearable pressure salesman. I asked to see the terms of the contract and he said "its just normal basic common sense stuff" But I asked again and he avoided it. I told him I cant "Invest" $8000 into somthing without trying it out and he turned cold in an instant. I asked if he had any references I could call. He said "no, we dont do that" He Insisted the best package had to be signed now or never. I again asked to see the contracts terms and conditions and he stood up and gave me a flyer and I asked if the terms/conditions were in that. He said "yup, thats all you will need, goodbye"

They dont want you or anybody to see whats in the contract until after you sign it. I wonder how many bone heads sign without reading it. I'm sure alot.

P.S. I have almost 100 gig of pictures and videos of years and years of camping with my family. All done without a $8000 + $400 per year membership. Dont be fooled by some loser making comments that because of Outdoor Adventures Inc he cherished his family more than you did yours.

  • Wa
    Wagner2013 Aug 23, 2019

    My husband and I too purchased a membership I believe it was in February/March 2019 with real pressuring salespeople promising a great raffle that could win us a brand new truck. We were reluctant for sure but thought it sounded very promising as they told us that the key we were mailed could unlock the truck and that many do not show up so our chances were even better. They told us that someone wins a brand new truck every year.

    We were told that we could purchase the membership for 3 years and thought it would be good since they promised a clean environment and camping whenever we wanted.

    Well that changed when we realized how iffy it was to make a reservation on line. We were told we could rent for 14 days straight and one week off and then another 14 days so my husband and I thought we could have two great weekends in a row to camp. Not knowing we were not allowed to leave the camp for more than 24 hours which came up the first time we went camping.

    We were put on the waiting list and got a call the day of May 25th that we could camp so we went ahead and found a site. Which we drove around for an hour before finding one. No direction from anyone there. There were maybe 3 campsites left. No one could tell us what campgrounds were even open.

    We found one but it was a disaster. There were piles of very wet leaves all over. I am highly allergic to mold. I asked a friend of mine if she could bring over a rake so I could get these wet leaves out of our camp. After we raked the campsite (after being told that we pay a cleaning fee once a year), I found a pair of flip flops and shorts that belonged to a child that was probably under those leaves for quite a while as no maintenance was done on any of the sites we seen. We cleaned it up and stayed for the first night. At 10-10:30 a bunch of golf carts paraded by honking and playing very loud music. We have a small dog that is not used to camping so we are working on socializing her and getting her used to it, however, the campground was very loud and not relaxing at all.

    The next morning there was a rain storm so the mold was making me feel quite ill so we decided to leave for a bit. Within a half an hour we were called and told that we must get back to our campsite or move our trailer? We were never told during the membership details about this rule of leaving campsite unoccupied for 24 hours would result in fees, etc. When my husband explained that I had not felt well, they commented with the only reason they would allow us to leave the campsite unoccupied for more than 24 hours would be if there was a death in the family? Really? This is a camping trip? It is supposed to be fun.

    We attempted another camping trip on July 12th-14th. We arrived before 5pm to find there were very few campsites available. We finally found one that the Outdoor Adventure truck was moving a trailer from. We asked if it was available and he said yes. We talked to our neighbor campers and they said there were atleast 5 or 6 campers on prime campsites that sat empty all week. They were short staffed and Outdoor Adventure was supposed to get them moved to the storage lot for over 5 days. No wonder we can’t get a prime spot. Also, why can those campsites remain unoccupied but as paying customers we can’t? We paid just as much as the other members and I think we have a right to reserve a site for 14 days (whether we are there 24 hours a day or not) It should not matter.

    My husband and I would like our money back as we do not feel that it is worth being a member. We were giving coast to coast and that doesn’t even have any discounts as we were promised either. I don’t see us nearly getting our money’s worth with all the rules that were not told when we signed up for the membership.

    One more thing that I would like to mention also is we were told the indoor pool would be available by summer 2019. When we were there both on Memorial day and July – it didn’t appear to have been worked on at all.

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Outdoor Adventures Inc.lack of knowledge before signing up.

We were contacted by Outdoor Adventures Inc. through a drawing we had entered. We went to the companies Davison Michigan site and were met with a salesperson. He told us about what they were offering, allowed us to tour their facility and waited for our reply to their sales pitch. We were not allowed access to all of the material on their program until after we signed up. We were interested in their coast to coast promotion as we have no motor home and wanted to make use of the cabins situated in many areas of the country. The salesman and the office staff were very friendly and no more strong armed then most sales persons. We made it very clear that we have pets and no motor home. We paid in full, meaning the cost of membership in Outdoor Adventures, Coast to Coast, and the full year of membership fees. We were promised a follow up call the next day by our salesperson to see if we had any questions. That evening with all materials in tow I started to look for destinations all over the country with cabins that we might travel to. Much to my surprise, the vast majority of the facilities with cabins would not accept our pet. We could not use the membership that we had just charged $6300.00 on our credit card for. When the salesman called the next day I told him what I had found. He looked through the Coast to Coast brochure and had to agree with my findings. I was assured that I would be receiving full credit for the membership purchased in good faith that we could not use. I contacted my attorney the next day and with advice from him and a poor chance of receiving a refund proceeded to follow, to the letter, the cancellation policy of the membership agreement. I am relieved to say the company was very pleasant and I received a complete credit to my account today. There is only a three day window for this reimbursement to be accepted. I consider myself very lucky that I read the membership agreement thoroughly. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to look at the Coast to Coast literature until after I completed the initial transaction. I can not complain about the staff of Outdoor Adventures Inc. I have learned a valuable lesson on purchasing before being able to investigate all materials provided.

lawsuit and accounting

I am in the middle of a lawsuit with this company. Case # 12 - 7073 gc in the 74the district court bay city, mi. I have seen courts lie for the plaintiff but theis is unreal. I...

camping and recreation — cost and contract

My husband and I became members and paid all fees as required. My husband became ill in 2007 and was unable to work for some time. I worked two jobs so we could live. He passed...