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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer service

They are terrible at finding renters for high end homes that are $1, 000 per night or higher, all I receive are people thinking they should get a home that is 4X more expensive for the same price as a home worth a fraction of the quality, size and expense. I called to cancel and get a refund and they refused and were quite rude.
Wayne Gorsek

uninhabitable apartment

The apartment was uninhabitable. There was black mold on the bathroom walls and floors and the apartment smelled like a sewer. The shower didn't drain and heaven knows what I was standing in while I showered. It made the entire apartment smell and closing the door to the bath did not help as the bedroom was foul smelling as well. There had been a leak in the bedroom and the wall was buckled and also smelled terrible.The owner showed it to us and said the smell would go away once the apartment was aired out. It reeked the entire 2 days we were there despite the fact that we kept the windows wide open. We had booked the place for 9 days but we left after 2 because I was getting sick. I developed a respiratory infection and intestinal problems. My husband and I are 65 years old and don't speak Spanish--it was really difficult to make other arrangements and we were literally "out in the street." When we asked for our money back we were charged for 3 days and at a higher rate. NO one should be subjected to this and also have to pay for it. This apartment is listed and reviewed as 5 stars. Because I asked for my money back from the owner and said I would submit a bad review, the review I submitted will not be published and other people will be subjected to this place

stay as far away from this company as you can

HomeAway.com and their subisidary VRBO.com are engaged in false advertising. They want guests to believe that renting direct from owners will allow the owner to reduce the fee by eliminating professional managers. But owners who use the service want to eliminate the commission and get the money themselves. Guest and owner can't both get the same money. So that is the false premise.

Several years ago HomeAway raised $450 million dollars to buya nd buildng VRBO.com, CyberRentals.com, A1Vactaions and others. This has has been a disaster for advertiers (Owners and Managers). By overloading their sites with listings, the sites become unusable. Ad rates have sky rocketed but guest inquiries and guest qualifications have plummetted.

The only goal the HomeAway managers have, is to build up the thing big enough, go public, and cash out. They are not in it personally for the long haul. They are Internet geeks who don't understand the basic business premise that they must produce economically for advertisers. Hey even teenagers working at McDonalds understand it better than that.

Stay as far away from this company as you can.

property rented

I rented a property advertised on homeaway.com. The services provided by this property owner were not as described. The property was not cleaned before arrival and the pool was not heated(heater was turned on the same day of arrival). Many other problems with Internet, Electrical, Jacuzzi 's not working. I requested a credit back of $850 and the owners gave me $250.
The property reviews that were shown by homeaway.com were Five Star's. I questioned homeaway.com's process of checking submitted reviews(they never responded). I have subsequently written 2 reviews that homeaway.com will not accept or publish. I will never rent from a homeaway client again as their only concern seems to be the property owners.

property rented

nightmare rental

I rented what was advertised as a lovely vacation rental on homeaway.com. The site displayed beautiful...

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rip off

in May 2010, I arranged to rent a vacation cabin from Roy Howard in December 2010, and made a deposit. No contract or terms were provided. Soon after I had to cancel my reservation, and requested a refund of my deposit. Howard did not reply to more than 6 email messages sent over a period of 6 weeks, including additional messages sent through the Homeaway site. Finally Homeaway was able to intervene directly and get a reply, at which time Howard announced that his policy was "no refunds" because he had done so much "work" sending a couple of emails and cashing a check. Astonishingly rude and unprofessional. He also appears to have written his own "review" of the cabin/

Avoid this rental.

Yucca Valley Vacation Rentals, Property 223493

  • Mi
    missiw Jun 24, 2010

    that sucks!

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  • Tm
    tmgetz62 Jun 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why do people think this is an acceptable practice? Where did "Any Customer Service" Go? if you do get a human to work with, they are crooked.

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rental listing services complaint

I have had my listings with homeaway for many many years...and now I am currently with 4 listings. I have asked them to change one home from a 3 bedroom to a 6 bedroom, changing one listing in their database. They will not do this unless I purchase a new listing. They were so kind to offer me $50 -- leaving me to pay an additional $279 for a new listing. I understand that they do not want to "surprise" people with the new bedroom status of my home, and would like to have a new listing -- I am in agreement, but not at the cost of $279. No exceptions have been made for what I thought was a valued, long-term customer.

false listings permited

Homeaway permits false listings on their website and refuses to let travelers warn others on the comments section.
Twice I rented a unit and when I got to the place it was not the unit listed.
The first time I traveled to Vienna overnight and was tokd the unit was not available but I could have and identical flat. It was not. Had paid more for a better kitchen and furnishings. What do you do with bags in hand and no place to go? The listing was showing the owners property and renting another flat.
Second time the listing was for two different units again. The one I got was not maintained and had a dangerous stove. Many little things that did not work. I found out the owner uses the listing for more than the unit shown.
Both of these times Homeaway would not let me post comments to warn other potential renters. Homeaway policies stop accurate feedback. Homeaway did not reply when I emailed to ask I got way my comments were rejected.
Renters beware of Homeawy!

bad company

Trey Herschap has emailed a truly horrendous three page legal disclaimer. It is valid under the laws of the...