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D Aug 16, 2018

This is an amendment to complaint [protected] on property 671835 pursuant to request for more information.

Listing 671835 on HomeAway
Reservations # HA-8420M9
Our email [protected]
Owners phone:[protected]
Can't access owners email
Desired outcome: some type of refund

I know owner will say we didn't give him time to rectify situation but there was no way for him to rectify the situation besides installing multiple air conditioners that wouldn't fit in the giant windows.
Owner did not recognize this was a Medical situation not just a complaint about extreme heat.

rental home
rental home

  • Updated by Debra Street · Aug 16, 2018

    Listing: 671835
    Our email: [email protected]
    Owners phone:4063706418
    Can’t access owners email
    Desired outcome: some type refund and owner to take off air conditioning on amenities list

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