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Dear sir or madam my name is guss i.m using the homeway owner application..my listing: ID 4763295 MY complaint is i have guest was stay at my villa on 27 of march till 4 of may 2019 code booking is HA-QNIKXM name of the guest is Sarah Floyd coul you please follow up this case for me ..i.m not really feel good with this ..thank very much for your attention.

Best regards



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    Apr 06, 2019

    Homeaway, Koi Interiors — rent room has too many problems for unprofessional service. the room is unhygienic and unhealthy

    I post to homeaway about problems. The bad is too may stains, no clean room and tv is old. When I arrive...

    Homeawaythey provide insanitary room

    April 1 2019

    I booked by online and I paid almost $5000 29 nights.

    It is not cheap but I expect good service and good room,

    When I arrive front of apartment leasing office lady mad me .

    She said we cannot accept Airndb . I was standing door m security guard gave envelop and brought to room.

    I was surprising it. When I entered room the rom are beginning to smell.

    Dishwasher, refrigerator are not clean and light is broken.

    He sent guy new day after I smell too much cleanser and not clean.

    I bad smell from bed, I take off cover and sheet . I am really shocked that they have many stains,
    I do not want to sleep this bed

    Creepy, insanitary, dirty, ill health .

    I gave one room key but they have two room keys for safety. I asked to give another my room key to Luis Sanchez but he did not give to me.

    Somebody tried to open door that is unexpect visitors.

    This company did not prepare for customer . I am a woman and Japanese that is why they do not care about me.

    I paid almost $5000 29 nights . I check this room price is $2600

    They charged double . Advertising tells that close Staple center .

    This is not close staple center . Parking space is too tiny . Area is dangerous .

    I request refund and move out for my heath .

    Their service is unprofessional . This room is not $5000 value .

    I saw homeaway but he gave Koi interior Inc business card .

    I did not see this name from online advertising that is tricky .

    Address is 609 St. Paul Avenue LA CA 90017

    they provide insanitary room
    they provide insanitary room
    they provide insanitary room
    they provide insanitary room
    they provide insanitary room

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      Homeawayvacation rental

      We had planned to stay at a villa for10 days, arrived one day late due to stormy weather and ended up only staying 3 nights. When we arrived at the property we found a dirty fridge, dirty oven, dirty coffee maker with old filter and mildew (replaced by another dirty after complaining), dirty dining table and broken chair, dirty water dispenser, dirty windows, dirty walls. Further more, the main entrance was via the main bathroom ( the villa has been divided in two parts to be able to rent two properties which is not mentioned in listing). There's an adjoining door to the second villa from where we could hear the family next door conversations clearly. After three days of back and forth emails with owner, and sending photos of dirty things to which she tried to resolve superficially (never was a cleaning lady sent but the owner's husband showed up to clean specifically the places we would show on the pics),  she offered an extra free night  but we would have to extend our stay ( unrealistic since work and plane changes cost needed to be considered)Then when we finally had had enough and said we regretted our decision to stay in this villa, the owner gave us the option to pay only for the nights we stayed and led us to believe her fees would be refunded when she quoted the night rate including fees until we asked for details. To which the owner responded she would confirm only after we  had  found alternative lodging. By then we knew we would have to leave without resolving the fees. As predicted when we had found a lodging, she sent us the detail list of fees and she didn't reduce anything. We could have cleaned and stayed but at the end, we doubted everything in the house had been cleaned. We have been in TCI four times and this was our first bad experience. These owners have too many properties and don't currently have the staff to take care of guests.

      We tried to contact HomeAway and they did nothing to help us resolve the issues with the owner. What we expected from them were at least two things: to have the owner waived the cleaning fees and for us to be able to receive the review link for the property. If the customer can't review the property when problems occur then homeaway is not being honest with their customers.

      It is a pity homeaway does not respect its customers. We have been a loyal customer for many years now but we will no longer go to them as a first choice.

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        Homeawayonline booking form having technical difficulties

        Have tried for many days to process a booking only to receive the following message "We're sorry we are unable to complete your booking please try again in a few minutes". When I phoned in yesterday I was told I needed to complete the booking over the phone and they would take my credit card details. Bottom line I don't trust them so did not do it.
        Why would Homeaway not tell customers that they're experiencing technical difficulties rather than the lame message prompting customers to keep trying in essence just wasting a customer's time.

        Also perhaps training agents to not be hostile over the phone would be advantageous as well especially when customers are irritated and frustrated over the length of time it takes to complete a booking.

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          Homeawayunprofessional behavior

          Made a booking for a family ski trip to idaho at one of their properties. Even though the trip was a year out, they required over a $3, 400 deposit when I booked in late november, 2018 for a trip in late december, 2019.

          Its been 2 1/2 months since I made the deposit, however today I received an email that the owner has decided my rental dates conflicted with their holiday plans and they needed to cancel my rental. I appreciate that conflicts can arise, however in this instance it appears the owner just changed their minds and decided that they wanted to use the unit instead of renting it for my chosen dates.

          In these circumstances there should be some type of financial penalty on the owners part. The apology they provided really doesn't mean much.

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            Ever thought about renting your property out on Homeaway's Platform, here a few tips and perspectives to help. #Homeaway #Video
            So my playlist gives a breakdown of the homeaway family works and gives a lot of info instead of searching for it, because they do not put the info out for you to see

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              Homeawaycollection of my private financial information, for no legitimate reason

              In the process of creating a listing on VRBO.com / Homeaway. I refused to consent to a credit check through thier 3rd party payment company, Vacation Rental Payments. This information collection is a violation of my privacy rights, as i am NOT applying for credit or a loan, nor do i give my personal financial information to anyone online. I don't believe they have any valid reason to be demanding personal financial information from me.

              I told them i would NOT sign this consent form, just to list my house on VRBO and receive rental payments through a 3rd party payment company. I do rentals regularly through Airbnb and Booking.com and have had no such requirements on other booking platforms.

              I don't believe VRBO.com should be penalizing people for wanting to protect their personal information.

              I have supplied all other requested documents proving i own my home and verifying my ID. I believe they should give me a listing on the website, even through i refused to consent to a credit check. People should have the right to do this. I should not be denied services, because i opt to protect my personal financial information.

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                Jan 08, 2019

                Homeaway — system inconsistency penalizing ranking matrix - double conversation, box from traveller on same mail same name and for same rental period

                To the attention of the Product Development Service - I have the following complaint which I have already...

                Dec 31, 2018

                Home Away — everything about home away

                I have been a property owner that has listed with VRBO/ Home Away for 15 years. You have become the worst...

                Homeawaysp1726.6 aco 3950 oakville avenue, kissimmee, fl

                I booked this property back in September. Today, 17 days before we are supposed to arrive I get an alert that the owner canceled my booking. We have flights booked and this was a celebration for my sons 30th birthday. My mom passed away in April and we booked this vavation because it is too hard to stay home without her here. So late in the game I can't find anything! Please help!

                Thank you!

                sp1726.6 aco 3950 oakville avenue, kissimmee, fl

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                  Homeawayapartment marbella spain - date 8th to 19 nov 2018. not as described online.

                  Owner Robin Andrews - HA-F732CP - 6187320 - on arrival at the apt it was dirty, on the second day we found ants on the island in the kitchen and had to buy ant spray, also Lisa the key holder came and witnessed an appalling noise we think from the lift and continual noise from apt above it continued thro our entire 2wk break (earplugs should be supplied) this apt is supposed to be wheelchair friendly but the lift isn't. The lift isn't big enough for 3 people or one person and 2 suitcases. The tower is 8 floors high not 12 assuming there are 4 apt's on each floor as on our floor making 32 apt's not 12 as advertised. The large bathroom is so unpleasant we couldn't use it has a small break in the wall with rubbish piled up around the a washing machine in the middle of it. The lounge is so tiny and not at all comfortable the furniture is past its sell by date and needs replacing. The island is so big it's impractable, the microwave was dirty on arrival and timer was broken, master bedroom hasn't got bedside lights, the bath is too narrow to use, the air/heater we got it working for aprox 15mins Lisa got it to work for the same length of time it thenstoped working altogether the dishwasher was rusty. As this apt is today it is not pleasant day or night the noise is intolerable. This apt is in a residential block not a holiday block and is advertised as refurbished.
                  If possible we would like some sort of compensation.
                  Jenny & Peter Harvey

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                    Nov 21, 2018

                    Homeaway — reservation ha-vkmksk

                    On 11/17, at 2:14 p.m., I paid for a reservation on the above property from 12/29 to 1/1. Immediately after...

                    Laurel Springs
                    Nov 16, 2018

                    Homeaway — safe stolen from apartment

                    We stayed at property 8368998 in PDLA Tenerife, we went out for the evening and on our return the door had...

                    Homeawayhome away

                    I would like some explanation as to why I received a notice today saying that because I had not responded to a booking request within 24 hours you have suspended/hidden my listing and requiring me to log in and re activate the listing. I am paying you for an annual subscription and you have no right as long as I am paid up to "hide" my listing, certainly not because of this incident.
                    As it turns out, I was sick in bed yesterday and when I checked my email this morning I saw the request and answered at 8:24AM today, October 3. When I then got your email saying my listing had been suspended because of the 24 hour time limit, I checked and the request came in at 11:05 on October 2: so it does not take much to figure out that 24 hours had not passed. So I would appreciate an explanation as well as some documentation that I agreed when I signed up that you could "hide" my listing if I was unable to respond in 24 hours. This is the first I have heard about this policy and I would think you had a legal obligation to make my ad current as long as I was paid up.
                    Thank you
                    Linda Lockhart
                    Res: id: HA-L3YK2D

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                      Oct 02, 2018

                      Homeaway — payment

                      HomeAway payments are not deposited to accounts until after the guests have left the property. The deposit...

                      Sep 22, 2018

                      Homeaway — vacation rental cancellation

                      I booked a two night stay (dec.23rd-25th) through HomeAway. Owners name is Brain Ashcraft. The booking wa...

                      Zephyr Cove

                      Homeawaytaxes and processing fee

                      We have recently been advised of a new STVR tax being implemented in British Columbia, Canada on October 1st, 2018. BC Provincial tax (PST): 13% and a municipal (MRDT) tax of 2%, specifically applied to short term rentals.

                      MRDT info: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/taxes/sales-taxes/publications/pst-120-accommodation.pdf

                      PST info: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/taxes/sales-taxes/publications/notice-2018-004-pst-mrdt-accommodaton-providers.pdf

                      Please look into this and see if you/Homeaway can make British Columbia another exception like Paris, various US States, Vienna in Austria, etc. and collect/remit the taxes on our behalf.

                      If you cannot do that - please stop charging us a ridiculous "Processing fee" of 3% when you're NOT processing it for us.

                      I've been an avid VRBO supporter and advocate for over 3 years. I'm afraid after this experience, am considering switching my property to Airbnb exclusively - as they handle the collection and submission of all these taxes for us property owners.

                      In addition to the current 5% GST we collect, we now have to collect a provincial STVR tax of 13% plus a municipal STVR tax of 2%. Which means we now have to charge our guests an additional 20% in tax. I know that is not your problem - but your 3% so-called "processing fee" definitely is!!

                      Please DO something!!!

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                        Homeawaycanadastays booking fee for reservation#b9v5wnh

                        I booked a condo in Kissimmee, Florida for next January 14 - April 7 in May of 2018. In June, we discovered some health issues with my father and had to cancel. Canadastays told me I'd be responsible for a booking fee of $472. I told them that this was ridiculous given that it was still 8 months ahead of the booking and that they would have no trouble rebooking the property. I also told them I intended to dispute the charge with my credit card company (Chase). Meanwhile, instead of refunding me all except $472 as they stated on the phone, they refunded all except $737.76 usd. How utterly incredible that Homeaway allows a company like Canadastays to do business with them. If you are not able to talk sense into them and get my money refunded, than I am done with Homeaway, along with all my family and friends. This is so ludicrous that I can't believe I have to write this complaint. Please advise your actions regarding this complaint?

                        Thank you,

                        Matt Nelson

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                          Homeawayhomeaway. nl – referentie [protected] [ ref:_00d1azzrr._5001afnvuv:ref ]

                          Your site has been hacked, we lost € 3.000 and HomeAway promissed a full refund but we haven't seen 1 euro yet.
                          Please read extract of your mail here below :

                          Van: "HomeAway. nl Klantenservice"
                          Aan: "karel wyns2"
                          Verzonden: Vrijdag 20 juli 2018 11:06:20
                          Onderwerp: HomeAway. nl - Referentie [protected] [ ref:_00D1aZzRr._5001afnvuv:ref ]

                          Good morning Karel,

                          I hope you are well.
                          I have received a message from our Traveler Care team that a full refund has been issued. Please note that it may take an average of 5-7 bank days before the funds is visible in your account.
                          If there is any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

                          Consult help. homeaway. nl for answers to frequently asked questions.
                          The HomeAway customer service

                          Legal information HomeAway UK Ltd.
                          Address: Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BH, UK Company
                          registration number: [protected] (England & Wales)
                          VAT number: GB [protected]

                          Your contact form:

                          Please confirm me when we can expect the refund.

                          Many thanks in advance.

                          Kind regards
                          H. Lintermans

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