Home Depotstore inventory


I'm remodeling a master bathroom in my home, been a costumer and having a credit card from Home have most of my purchases done there.

I did most of the purchases for this project on Sunday October 15, 2017

From the list of items I needed I had to purchase items in two different stores and I can understand that some stores carry different items however in my list I needed 3 units of MS International White Double Beveled 4 in. x 36 in. Engineered Marble Threshold Floor .

Yesterday I visited a third store, in three days visiting 3 different I could only get 2 of this item.

When I look at the store inventory I see more quantity and when I ask a team member they tell me the inventory is always wrong and that this item sells immediately and lots of them.

Receiving the same excuse in the three stores looks that Home Depot doesn't care too much about costumer needs.

I was a senior merchandise manager for a few years at a wholesale club and I know that if you have a product that sells a lot like this one I been told as at sells any store manager, a merchandise manager or been the home Depot responsible to maintain levels of stock will make sure the product is available always available when the costumer needs.

Also making sure the costumers have to make tours at different stores to find a product "because the inventory is always wrong" are very innocent excuses and a lack of respect for costumers like myself.

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