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They make me feel like a criminal
I was trying to pay my stuff at the register and the woman told me that she needs to see my ID
I was like oh really and she said yes, so I told her that I left my wallet in my car
So than I told her that I will pay at the self register
So I when but by the time I got there she already told the others employees to stop me at the self register
I feel discriminated because they don't ask white peoples for their ID
And is not the first time I paid with my credit card
I was so mad the way they treated me
This happens at the Home Depot on highland park
Around 6 6:16 pm on October 17/2017


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      Oct 19, 2017

    Is your credit card signed on the back? If it is not then they may ask for your ID. Either way, I am caucasian and have been asked many times for my ID at many different retail stores in order to prevent fraud. I understand why they stopped you at self check-out as it does seem kind of suspicious that you refused to simply go to your car to get your wallet.

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