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9:24 am EDT

Holland America Line Destroyed suitcase

I purchased a brand new American Tourister suitcase for our trip to Alaska with Holland America. It was a cruise/land/rail experience. On the last day after we said goodbye to our tour director, we received our luggage to our room while we were gone to dinner. We arrived back at hotel late to find our luggage & my new suitcase cracked around one of the wheels & it was recessed down inside. We had to get up very early the next morning so was unable to contact anyone at that time. We left again almost as soon as we arrived home in our motor home (no luggage needed). During that trip I received a survey from Holland & on it I reported the suitcase problem. I waited a few days thinking I might hear something but no word. So now I'm filing a complaint. Our booking number was XNDL8N and our trip was from 5-27-23 to 6-8-23. I have photos available to damage I can provide, but I don't know how to get them added to this complaint. I am in my 70's & not current on how to do all of this. However, I am glad to provide via another means.

Desired outcome: Replace Suitcase

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Diane Coan
, US
Sep 10, 2023 6:05 pm EDT
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Same exact thing happened to us. Our Alaska trip was 8/6-8/19/23. I had to fill out a claim form when we were still on the trip. On the claim form there is a phone number so you can try to call it. [protected] extension 22089. Have your cruise booking number ready when you call them. Their hours are 8 to 5 Pacific time Monday through Friday. Good luck, I just got a quote, saying the suitcase cannot be repaired from a luggage company that I need to accompany my form and I’m going to call tomorrow because the website they provided is not working.

Best of luck, but it was an incredible vacation.


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3:11 pm EDT

Holland America Line Reservations

Booking Number: 2KVKMK Date Booked: June 06, 2023

Reservation placed via computer for initial contact and phone for completing a reservation for Alaska cruise.

Embark Date: Aug. 19, 2023. Port: Vancouver

Debark Date: Aug. 26, 2023. Port: Vancouver

Ship: Koningsdam. Voyage: 360

Full Payment: June 06, 2023

Assisting Agent: Angeline Cabilin


I completed my initial contact with Holland America Line via their website. which in turn prompted a telephone call to me from Angeline (Angel) Cabilin. We completed a reservation with some difficulty as she spoke rapidly and with a difficult to understand accent. I was offered two options for flights from Raleigh, NC to Vancouver, BC. I had difficulty understanding the options but chose the one that I was advised arrived in Vancouver at 12:54 pm on Aug 19. After the phone conversation concluded, I received emails for the trip itinerary. Only to find that we would be leaving Raleigh around 4:30 pm of August 18 and arriving in Vancouver at 12:54 am. This created a dilemma that we were not prepared for as we can't board the ship at that time of day and we do not want to stay at the airport for the remainder of the night, nor do I want to reserve a hotel.

Upon realizing the dilemma, I reached out to Ms. Cabilin who advised me that she would get back to me before her shift ended. I did not hear from Ms. Cabalin so on June 09, 2023 I called Ms. Cabiln to discuss a flight change. I was informed that there was nothing she could do except require a penalty payment to change our flight. I was fully prepared to pay a difference in the price of the airfares but imagine my surprise when I enquired about doing so with Air Canada only to find that there was available seating on several flights out of Raleigh, ranging from 6am to 7am, that would have gotten us into Vancouver with plenty of time to board transportation to the ship. As of yesterday the 15th of Aug. no reservations have been made with Air Canada by Holland America on our behalf and there are still flights available in the time frame referenced for considerably less money, less than $600 US as opposed to the $799 charged, than the inconvenient flights your agent advised us to reserve.

I've also come to learn, that Holland America, has on one of their websites, a statement referencing; changes to the booking can be made without penalty. With that in mind, I am respectfully requesting a change to our flights from Raleigh to Vancouver.

Should you wish to speak to me regarding this matter, I can be reached at [protected].


Gary Morrison

Desired outcome: Change in flights please

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8:07 am EDT
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Holland America Line Gifting a HAL Passenger

My son & daughter-in-law are about to embark on a HAL cruise out of Vancouver to Alaska. Two days before their planned departure on June 4, 2023, I tried both online and by telephone to order a "bon voyage package" to show my love and well-wishes. The HAL web page directed me to telephone HAL Reservations to place my order, because the cruise was to begin less than 4 days hence. I was told by 2 HAL reps that I could not place my order -- that it was too late. WHAT GIVES? Please explain to me in detail exactly what is the HAL policy on this issue. (P.S. I've placed orders before with other cruise lines under similar circumstances with no problem whatsoever. Further, my wife and I have cruised HAL ourselves, and we have a very positive regard for HAL).

Can you PLEASE help me?

Desired outcome: To place my "bon voyage package" order before the cruise embarks on 06/04/2023.

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4:39 am EDT
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Holland America Line Refund of monies owed

Booking number: XL9G8J

I was unable to go on the cruise I booked to the Carribean in December 2022.Your company were very quick to notify me of the refund I was entitled to and I was very grateful . Howewer, it was refunded to an out of date credit card. I emailed the company and was told there was a cheque in the post. Four and a half months later it has not arrived. While in the USA three weeks ago I phoned your company to explain the situation again,and I was told that , yes I was owed money and that I would be contacted in 48 hours when the operator had spoken to the appropriate departmant. I have still to receive this email.

I would like to think that your company would treat customers a little better than this.

Desired outcome: Payment of the monies owing to me. [edited]

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2:55 am EDT
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Holland America Line Despicable service

My mum, Carole Thornhill & myself have just returned from a trip from Canada, through the Rockies and ending with a 7 night cruise aboard the Mieuw Amsterdam around Alaska. I am writing to complain about the horrendous treatment my mum received when boarding this ship. My mum is almost 80 years old, has diabetes and also early onset dementia. At the terminal, for some inexplicable reason you had 3 cruise ships all trying to board at the same time. Obviously this caused much stress and confusion for all. We didn't get past the first obstacle without being told to go stand in another line for more details. My mum and I gave the person everything that they asked for and photo's etc were all taken and then we were herded into what can only be described as a holding pen with several other people waiting to be cleared.

Eventually we were told to go through and from there followed 4 hours of shuffling, standing still and going up and down lines. During this time NO water was handed out, NO food or any kind of communication whatsoever. My mum relies heavily on her diet for her diabetes and with no water was also unable to take her lunchtime medication. After 4 hours, we finally climbed the gangplank onto the ship breathing a huge sigh that eventually mum could get a drink and a sit down. Oh no this wasn't to be! Again they couldn't find her on the system. Now we both had boarding passes and our passports but oh no they were not letting her on!

The attitude of these members of your staff at the gangway was downright despicable. I was ok so they tried to tell me to get on the ship and mum was being taken care off. Obviously I was not going to leave her alone, by this time she was shaken, tired and very spaced out. She was forced to stand against a wall and they put the tape in front of her refusing her entry. At one point one of the men even shook his fists in her face! My mum was very upset and confused and the way in which she was spoken to and treated was horrendous. I was really starting to lose my temper and told the man to get her a chair to sit on, he initially said that no she couldn't as she would be blocking the gangway! I insisted telling him that she is almost 80, has had no food or drink and needed a chair! The security man came to me at this point and he did go and get my mum a chair. My mum was left like this for another 15 minutes before allowing her to board, they then insisted that we had to go and wait in the Guest Services queue to have her photo taken yet again. The following morning on May 1st we filed a formal complaint with Guest Services but we have not received any acknowledgement from Holland America whatsoever.

This was also not the end of the matter! EVERY single time we left or entered the ship for the whole of the cruise they couldn't find her on the system and we had to go through the process every time. This really effected my mum, as I have stated she has early onset dementia so she kept asking why she doesn't exist and persuading her to go off shore when docked was a lengthy process as she was so worried about getting back on. Needless to say, this has spoilt the last holiday on her bucket list that my mum is going to be able to take. She was so looking forward to it and all she can remember is the man shaking his fists in her face and not existing. She had a cabin key in her own name, a boarding pass and her passport so what the hell was the issue?

My mum also contracted a sickness bug before leaving the Amsterdam. She was incapacitated for the remainder of our time in Vancouver, we had to cancel our excursions and spend the 2 days we had left in our room trying to make mum fit to travel home again. This was reported to our tour guide for Newmarket Holidays, Shirley and we were staying at the Sheradon Hotel in Vancouver if you wish to confirm

Desired outcome: This is my 2nd formal complaint so I hope that this time you will address it and respond to me.

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1:49 pm EDT
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Holland America Line Futur cruise payement

The 29/i06/ 2018 I made a future cruise deposit of 600.00 us $

2x300.00 us $ deposit id: [protected].

In 2019 I made a booking for a cruise montreal-boston, cancelled due to the covid pandemic.

in 2020 the same, 2021 the same

the 07/09/ 2022 I booked an other cruise montrel-boston, i could not used the 600.00 $ us, because my booking was in Canadian $,

so I cancelled this booking and the 05/01/2023 I rebooked the same cruise but in US $. Booking number: xvdmxt

now the surprise...The 600.00 US $ could not be used because now my deposit was converted by Holland to a credit?

then for the last surprise... I was told that this credit was no longer valid because the 2 years validation date was over.

I don't have to tell you my frustration. The least you could do is to refund me. I already wrot you and never got an answer, so this time please answer me. Thank you

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10:13 am EDT
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Holland America Line HAL HEad Office Seattle Fails - Unresolved Case number: [ZU [protected]]

[Sorry for the CAPS, I really want emphasis!]

We booked a segment of the MS Zuiderdam round-the-world "Grand Cruise" from Adelaide to Cape Town (U309G - Jan 2023 to March 2023) and then asked to extend the booking to go from Sydney to Cape Town (U309B). By telephone and email we were told this would be possible, and IN WRITING (by email) HAL confirmed that all the funds paid so far would be transferred to a new booking, with an additional charge for the extra distance of $2,500. We agreed that we wished to proceed on EXACTLY that basis.

That is not what happened.

When the "No reply" confirming emails came through we found that we had been charged an additional CANCELLATION charge of $3009.60. We protested of course, by phone and email, but received no comprehensible explanation. The email they sent contained grammatical mistakes that rendered it incomprehensible.

With so much else to do we proceeded with our travels and ASAP raised the difficulty with "Guest relations" on board. Only the GR manager, Jagoda, was able to engage coherently. She explained that HAL Head Office had acknowledged the case, but no real response. Despite repeated requests for an update, no further information was forthcoming on board.

On returning home, we looked carefully at the details, and found that the cancellation charge included, for the SECOND time, the "Cancellation plan" protection charge of $858 that we had already paid; also, "Taxes, fees and port expenses" of $820.

Further, we studied the full HAL contract terms and conditions. We found that the justification for the cancellation charges is (essentially) the probability that the stateroom might not be resold. There was NO possibility of that - we were extending a voyage NOT cancelling it - and we now assume that we have paid the Taxes, fees and port expenses TWICE.

On 20th March we sent a detailed summary of what happened to '[protected]' but only received second copies of the "No reply" emails already received, confirming the cancellation charge and the receipt of the additional funds (charged to our credit card without our permission).

We expect to never travel with Holland America again, despite the awesome cabin and dining experiences whist on board the Zuiderdam (thank you, crew!).

HAL Head Office: you need to urgently review and improve your human resources and business processes - neither are up to (or even near) the expected standards. We want to cruise with a company that SOLVES problems, not one that creates them.

Desired outcome: An apology, a refund of $3009.60, and ONE good reason to book with HAL again.

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1:47 pm EDT
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Holland America Line Cruise and customer service

We've traveled exclusively with Holland American and know what the experience is supposed to be. We've always told friends and families as well as our social media followers what amazing experiences we've had and pushed that they too travel with you. I'm reaching out to you before sharing our horrific experience hoping there's something that can be done to rectify this experience.

Let me start by saying that my husband is a 100% disabled veteran. This is noted on our account. We saved for two years for this cruise, and it took a lot for my husband to be able to do what was necessary to get there. To say that these trips are a big deal for us is an understatement.

As soon as boarding the ship, there was a horrific sewage smell. We asked a team member about it and was told that it was being taken care of and that once the ship got on way, it would no longer be an issue. This was not the case. The smell persisted throughout the duration of the cruise. On day five of the cruise, we were in our cabin and the toilet started literally screaming. It was ear piercing. My husband has severe PTSD. This was not good for him. I ran to the phone to call guest services to see what was going on and our phone was not working. The sound was so loud, my husband and I could barely hear one another standing next to each other. I sent him up to the top deck while I ran down to guest services. After they did some research, I was told there was a problem with a holding talk tied to our room. The toilet would not flush, and we were told to use the public bathrooms until the problem was resolved. We were also told that the overwhelming sewage smell was due to this problem.

The ship was not properly prepared for new cruisers. The lido ran out of lemonade after the first few hours. Cruisers were having to open up the canisters to check the bags and then hunt down people to ask if there were other sources of drinks. From that point on, there was lemon water that was being passed off as lemonade. By day two, there was no chocolate milk available and towards the end of the cruise there was no orange juice. In addition, many of the other staples that were on the general menu were no longer available. To list, blue cheese, Asian dressing, Asian noodles for salads, spring salad mix and french toast.

The wait staff was worse than any restaurant, including chain restaurants where the expectation is dismal. The staff did not take the time to get to know their menu. When questions were asked, they had no idea how to answer. Some did not speak English and when we asked questions, simply nodded and walked away. This included when we asked to speak to someone, no one ever came. Our meals were wrong from day one. This continued throughout the cruise. There were more incorrect meals than there were correct ones. These were meals listed on your menu. In addition to this being inconvenient, it put those of us with dietary needs in dangerous positions.

On the second sea day my husband and I went to the Dive In Cafe next to the pool. I am severely allergic to red meat and certain animal byproducts. When ordering, my husband and I explained this to the person taking our order. I ordered the meat alternative and again explained the severity of my allergy. We got our food and within the first two bites realized that the patty was, indeed, a meat patty. My throat began to tingle, and my husband and I ran over to make sure that a mistake hadn't been made. My husband asked to see the order sheet. It said meat alternative but when the chef was asked what she cooked, it was a meat patty. The allergic reaction became severe, and my husband took me to our room where I was able to take the medicine, I carry for emergency situations. Once we were sure it wasn't going to become life threatening, we went to guest services to explain what had happened. We were told a report would be made by guest services and that the cafe would be creating an incident report. We were asked to go back to our room and that a manger would be calling. We waited in our room, with the exception of stepping out once or twice for only a few minutes each time. No one ever called.

We had to go back down to guest services two more times before anyone ever addressed the situation. We missed the first formal/dressy night waiting on someone to contact us. When we were finally able to speak to someone, we were told they called the room, and no one was in the room. This was absolute nonsense. In a situation like this, when someone could have easily died, you'd think it would be made a priority. Somone could have easily walked to our room to check on us. We were offered a dinner at one of the restaurants. My husband and I did not feel this was appropriate and felt as though, again, we were being pushed aside with little care to the severity of the situation.

In the dining room the following night, I was asked about my specific allergy. I explained and let the waiter know that I order very specific to my allergy and how important it was that it's adhered to. It's not complicated, but very important. He said that he'd left a note for the chef. Two more times, my meals were inedible as they had beef sauces. I gave up and just stopped eating.

Another absolutely horrifying experience, especially for someone with severe PTSD, was when the elevator broke with us in it. We got stuck between floors and had to use the phone to reach out to someone. We were told to wait while the elevator was being worked on. There were three other elderly people on the elevator with us. Everyone was very scared. Once we were able to get off the elevator, we went directly to guest services. After some time, we were told that the generator was being tested which is what shut off the elevators. I have no words that could describe how unprofessional and disrespectful it was to allow anyone to board the elevators knowing this would happen. It was absolutely traumatic and will stay with us moving forward.

Our room was never cleaned or turned down, even though we asked for nightly turn downs unless we found someone and asked. There were multiple places on the ship that were leaking and had buckets placed under them. The lido deck, near the elevator had fans and extension cords drying the carpet (that had to be stepped over) for the duration of the cruise. The observation area had multiple buckets and wet chairs/sitting areas inaccessible due to the vessel leaking.

We were told that some of these issues were happening because more that 600 staff members were being quarantined with COVID and others with the flu. There was a man on the microphone doing one of the Billboard games who had said that he had been being quarantined with the flu for the previous three days. He said that he was very sick during this time. He stood in front of a room full of people announcing this without so much as wearing a mask. People on the cruise began coming down with symptoms and we heard whispers of COVID diagnosis of cruisers. As someone with an autoimmune disorder, and to know that the staff wasn't doing much to prevent their illnesses from spreading was disheartening to say the least.

Incident reports have been made for all of these things by guest services.

Desired outcome: Please refund, I would also like for someone from guest relations to explain to me why I've been completely ignored.

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9:56 pm EDT
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Holland America Line Cancelled reservation!

The beginning of March 2023, I requested my travel agent to book a specific cabin for an Australian cruise departing on Jan 2nd 2024 to tie into an already booked January 13th New Zealand cruise that I booked while on board a 21 day Caribbean cruise this past January. The room was mid ship, a couple doors down from the center stairs on the 6th floor. My travel agent and I both received confirmation of the reservation. Down payment was paid with future cruise deposits I purchased this past January. The confirmation was also on "My Bookings." Approximately, a week later it disappeared! My agent called Holland, because she saw it as cancelled, they could not give her a reason why. But they went ahead and rebooked me in a cabin in the front of the ship on deck 8 below the lido deck! Not acceptable. I tried using the "chat" session but they could not do anything. I called customer service and explained the situation to three different people. The first two put me on hold "while they looked into it" only to disconnect me after waiting. The third time I called and asked to speak to a manager. She said she needed to know why and once again I explained. She said the manager wasn't going to do any about it either since she said they cancelled it for non-pymt?!?!? I told her my future cruise deposits were used. She just said nothing she could do about it. I asked to speak to the manager again, she put me on hold and AGAIN disconnected. There are no mid-ship cabins on the 6th floor near the elevators available now. They offered a lesser cabin category or one on the 5th floor overlooking the lifeboats. Not acceptable.

Desired outcome: Since Holland cancelled my reservation without my consent, I feel they should book me in the next category up and keep me in the same location as I originally booked.

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5:58 pm EST

Holland America Line Guest relations or customer service

I’m 3 star, 6th cruise in 4/1/23, called Guest Relations or Customer service today. Just got off phone. The language barrier made it difficult for me to hear what was going on. It was really a simple question. I am also hard of hearing.

“I have been receiving offers via email from Holland America, which are casino offers. My wife (3 ⭐️ , 28 points from 4 ⭐️ and this is 8th cruise for her) gets an offer as well. We have two separate emails as well as two mariner ID. After my last cruise in December or thereabouts, I stopped receiving email offers. I called back then and asked why? They did a fix and I got them again. Within the last 2 months, they stopped again. I called again, this time with language barrier she tried pushing it on my cruise consultant. How would I know my cruise consultant if I don’t get an email? I have never spoke to a cruise consultant and wife has only booked with 3/4 different consultants. We simply call the number on the offer (which we prefer) and book that way. It avoids phone tag. Anyway, she insisted I be transferred to my cruise consultant even after explaining by my wife these were actually cruise offers through Holland america Casino. We have been told in the past that those offers come from the casino.” This lady on the phone today is telling me it’s the cruise consultant who makes the offer. I don’t think so. Some individual decides if i get an offer or not? that is a consultant? We are separate in ID, in room keys, and I should be getting offers (which I was, until recently) in case I want to take my brother or parents. So who actually is doing this? Is someone deciding because we are married we only need one offer? What if my wife doesn’t go? I can’t use her offer.

I asked for a supervisor and she wanted to know why? I said because of the language barrier and not understanding her and her not accepting what we were saying, she was rude at that point and wanted to know why? But why? Can you Just transfer so we can talk to someone who has the answer like last time. Or maybe she could have reached out to my consultant and asked for me. Asked for the supervisor again, she put us on hold and get a cruise consultants voicemail, i hung up. All of this while listening to birds in background.

The wait on phone is upwards of an 1:45 min at times. Looks like 2024 may be time to revisit other cruise lines we thoroughly enjoyed. We have two booked on HAL for 2023 and so it would cost too much to stop these too, but it won’t prevent us from future. Oh, and if you want to say I don’t play enough, reach out to the casino itself, because my offers were for Verandah, free play, and free drink package. So someone is manipulating my offers.

Desired outcome: Would like to see people know their job better, the policies, the way offers work. If we, as guests can read the fine print, they should be knowledgeable as well. Oh, and send me my own offers!!!

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6:10 pm EST
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Holland America Line Interaction with Debbie as resolution specialist Holland America Line

To begin with, I would request you not to apologize, because during our whole conversation, you never seem to try to help me. Now I will try to make you understand why I am very insistent in asking you for clarification.

1. The earliest time to take an antigen test on February 25, 2023 is 9:00 am and 11:00 am.
2. To give you the benefit, I am going to use the later time of 11:00 am.
3. My flight, which I booked with Holland America, is at 10:25 p.m. which is now adding 11.5 hours.
4. The flight is 17 hrs 50 minutes. Now we are at 29 hrs.
5. My embarkation is at 1:00 pm, compared to my flight arrival of 8:15 am. Adding another 5 hours. For a total of 34 hours.
6. This is from your website and I quote, "In addition, guests ages 5 and above must produce at check-in a photo of their negative self-administered COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test taken within one day before cruise embarkation with a time and date stamp."

Show this response to your manager and tell me if our conversation, which I requested, which you confirmed is being recorded helped me resolve my concern.
I'm going to forward this email to HAL customer service and HAL management.

Desired outcome: Tell me if I am missing something.

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Update by wfelesg
Feb 21, 2023 5:40 pm EST

This is the contents of the email I sent her.

To begin with, I would request you not to apologize, because during our whole conversation, you

never seem to try to help me.

Now I will try to make you understand why I am very insistent in asking you for clarification.

1. The earliest time to take an antigen test on February 25, 2023 is 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

2. To give you the benefit, I am going to use the later time of 11:00 am.

3. My flight, which I booked with Holland America is at 10:25 p.m. which is now adding 11.5 hours.

4. The flight is 17 hrs 50 minutes. Now we are at 29 hrs.

5. My embarkation is at 1:00 pm compared to my flight arrival of 8:15 am. adding another 5 hours. for a total of 34 hours.

6. This is from your website and I quote, "In addition, guests ages 5 and above must produce at check-in a photo of their

negative self-administered COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test taken within one day before cruise embarkation with a time and date stamp."

Show this response to your manager and tell me if our conversation, which I requested, which you confirmed is being recorded helped me resolve my concern.

I going to forward this email to HAL customer service and HAL management.

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3:56 pm EST
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Holland America Line Reimbursement claims

We have tried to contact the guest relations several times and no progress on my claims. After waiting for hours on the phone, we finally get in touch with an agent. Getting the same story about my claims, it seems that they are not taking attention what we send it to them. We are frustrated with these agents in the Philippine. Is there a supervisor that we can contact on this issue.

Desired outcome: Please refund my claim as soon as possible. Also a supervisor contact name will be helpful to discus this issue.

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8:34 pm EST
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Holland America Line Past Cruise Statement of expenses

No hard copy of my statement given at end of cruise Friday 27 Jan 2023

Noordam liner cruise from Sydney Australia to Auckland New Zealand

I have tried to find the appropriate area in which to lodge my request on line but to no avail

Your website is extremely difficult to navigate especially queries on past cruises

My full name Pameline Sarah Coleman

Cabin 6076

Booking Ref XXGDGH

Mariner ID [protected]

Please email me to


Thank you

Desired outcome: Please email a comprehensive copy of on board expenses/statement

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1:26 am EST

Holland America Line Lost and found

My daughter left her hat and called the lost and found. Holland America wants $40 in postage just sent it to her home in Eugene, Oregon or $35 to send it to my home in San Diego the cruise ship home is in San Diego, I could very easily go and pick up the hat. They refuse to let me pick up the hat and said it has to me mailed, the hat only has sentimental value as it was a very special day when my daughter and I purchase it. To keep something that does not belong to. You are no better than a common thief and now you hold it for ransom. Hold it for ransom. I guess Holland America believes, finders keepers, losers weepers. I’m sure I don’t recommend Holland America.

Desired outcome: I want the hat back. I can come pick it up

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11:34 am EST

Holland America Line Guest relations staff not equipped to resolve issues and lying about various issues.

Jan 8 - Jan 15 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise. Cabin 5007.
Due to several refunds we had a credit balance of $80.77 when the cruise ended. I was told in no uncertain terms that the $'s would be posted that night to my credit card on file. Three days later nothing. I was also told by the HAL booking person that it would be no problem to receive a veterans $100.00 onboard credit. Suffice it say that after a lot of BS I received "congratulations" in an e-mail that I qualified but would only be good for the next cruise. Talk about sticking it to the senior veterans. The ship had not even left the pier which would be the next cruise. The ship and the direct service staff are excellent, but the staff at Guest relations, while friendly, are unable to resolve anything. I cannot see myself booking another cruise with HAL unless I get everything in writing before I pay for the cruise.

Desired outcome: Pay me. NO CREDITS FOR FUTURE CRUISES.

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Update by Frank Jansen
Feb 20, 2023 1:05 pm EST

Do these thieves ever reimburse their clients? They do send numerous e-mail to book future cruises. Like that is going to happen.

It is not good to screw seniors/veterans, they have lots of peers and they talk to each other.

Update by Frank Jansen
Jan 30, 2023 1:58 pm EST

The question is: are you deliberately stupid or arrogant that you cannot reply to a simply issue.

Update by Frank Jansen
Jan 22, 2023 10:22 am EST

4 days and no reply. Great customer service. Wake up.

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2:15 pm EST

Holland America Line Medical services

I, Diana B. Poirier, 0n December 27, 2022, I came down with the Covid-19 Virus aboard Holland America's Zaandam ship which left Port Lauderdale, Florida on December 20, 2022 for the Caribbean for a 16 night cruise.

Holland America failed to require all passengers to get the Corona Vaccine, thereby allowing one or more passengers to infect me. I was quarantined to my cabin for 3 days and deprived of using any facilities other than food. As a result, I was unable to use any of the many facilities and venues on the ship including going to shore in Castries, St. Lucia or Bridgetown, Barbados, or Fort-de-France, Martinique.

Furthermore, my Husband Bertrand, stayed at my bedside during these times. He too was essentially deprived of the same things. He was also required to have the Medical Staff get a nasal sample from him for 7 days.

The cost of the cruise for each of us for the 16 nights was $5,573 or $348 per day. Missing 3 days ws $1,045 loss per person. Additionally, Holland America charged me $792.46 for their services and medication.

Desired outcome: I feel all these charges ($2,882) should be refunded to us. They offered to give us 3 days of sailing in the future but we no intention of going on another cruise.

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5:43 pm EST
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Holland America Line Flight ease

Sad to say, I have been trying to resolve my matter from Dec 2022. I spoke with one supervisor Stephanie from Florida. Anytime I rq a supervisor the flight agents in the Philippines advise me no problem even though my first and middle name are together , also for my sister. For my TSA precheck will be OK advised no it won't I spoke to my government and it has to match our passports to get the tsa precheck...I spoke to Johnny, Mary, Mike, Allen, and a few others explained my problem and advised the same thing. Then they tell me I need to rebook my air and pay the difference. When I want a supervisor we mysteriously get disconnected and me calling back in. I have Multiple Sclerosis and getting upset could give me a relapse. It's at the point my sister says it's not worth it if can't be changed and you correcting the glitch in your system then cancel the entire booking. I'm a 2 star mariner and never had problems like this with you. Now I need Mona Lisa Godinet and Melissa Ann Oppenheimer to read correctly with American airlines. According to you sup Stephanie it's a glitch in your system . ..right now American Air is receiving our names from Holland America as Melissaann Oppenheimer and Monalisa Godinet. Please call me [protected] to advise what will be done to correct this. I should not have to pay anything to fix your glitch. My booking # XCWJ6T, 15 DAY cruise in the Mediterranean.

Desired outcome: To correctly spell our names on our airline tickets. At this point it costed me about 3 weeks of my time so would like to be compensated...a later flight out of Brussels on May 16th would be good.

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5:15 pm EST

Holland America Line Customer service


I would like this complaint to find its way to Mr. Michael Smith Senior Vice President, Guest Experience & Product Development at Holland America Line.

My wife spent almost two hours on the phone today trying to sort out an issue we have with a shore excursion. I have taken her text which summarizes her experience with shore excursions and customer service. She became too frustrated to continue so I am trying. I called customer relations and although the woman was polite she had me on hold for 28 minutes while she did some research. She came on and told me she was on hold and only had 5 minutes. I assume that you close at 4:30? At 4:30 I got a recording from shore excursions and then the line went dead. Now I am beginning to be frustrated. I relize people are people and not perfect, but I have to wonder how all 4 couples booked the excusion. The money was deducted from our credits in October and today it was back in our credits.

I most emphatically want some in upper management to contact me.

I have to question if I want to continue to use Holland America.

You can reach me at [protected] or [protected]


Mariner ID [protected]

My wife's recap is below

To whom it may concern.

On Oct 29 or Oct30, a group of us, 4 couples, all booked our specialty dining reservations as well as a shore excursion for Limon on Jan 22. We each had $200 for available credit. We picked the excursion, put in the info, after hitting Buy now. Our available credit reduced to $30 after taking the $169.99 off for the excursion. Four women, four different homes, four different computers all did this at almost the exact same time. I even emailed directly the tour asking some questions and had a great response. Fast forward to today, went on the booking and noticed that we all now have the original $200! So I called, spoke to three different people, two of which were pleasant one absolutely was not.!

So, in the end, I had this woman tell me that nothing shows the original purchase. We did not get confirmations from HAL, therefore, she said “you all didn’t buy the excursion right”. Really? Then why would all of our balances of available credit reduce after the purchase? The same time we did dining reservations, those are there! One person I spoke to said it was likely they oversold! Well, I will tell you, none of our 8 people are novice cruisers or travelers. But I will tell you this, your customer service agent that I spoke to around 3:25 pm on Monday Jan 2, was the rudest, condescending person I have dealt with. To try to tell me that 4 different people don’t have enough sense to fill out for an excursion online, was unacceptable.

She offered to put us on the waitlist, for an excursion we booked online over 2 months ago, and of which I can go on and do myself. That is the “courtesy” she was willing to extend to us. I asked her if she would let us use the available credit for something onboard, since we are two weeks out, and the one excursion we all booked is sold out. Nope! “Present me with a confirmation, and I will take to a higher level”, That was her response to that.!

It isn’t rocket science to fill out online for an excursion, and if you could even sell me on one of us doing it incorrectly, you surely will never sell me on 4 different people doing it incorrectly.

I expect much better than this from Holland America!

Teresa Prizzio

Desired outcome: My desired outcome is twofold. First, I would to be able to take the shore excursion (which is sold out) or use the $200 toward something else of our choosing. Secondly, I really shouldn't have to ask but give an apology to my wife.

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3:10 pm EST
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Holland America Line Refund for cruise

I was booked for a European cruise in July 2022. In March I received notice the ship we were to sail on was going to be used to house refugees from Ukraine. Our cruise was canceled. I chose the option for a full refund including airfare. On July 19,2022 I received a letter from Holland America stating my request was granted and I should receive payment of $4280.00 in 6-8 weeks. After the time passed and still did not receive anything I called the Guest Relations Dept. I was told the refund was approved and it would be a little longer. After several (4) calls more, I still haven’t received anything. I have the letter proving the approval. I even submitted the receipts again. Still nothing. I hope you can help. Thank you

Desired outcome: Refund of $4,280 as approved by Holland America

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12:48 pm EST
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Holland America Line Handle ripped off 1 of 2 suitcases from cabin to terminal. Damage to suite case

Wheel chair assistance suggested I file a damage report. 1 out of 2 suite cases was damaged on route from the cabin to the suite case holding area in the terminal at Port Everglades. Handle has been ripped off. Suite case can not be used any more. Suite case size is

31 in Height

17 in Wide

12 in Deep

I am 75 years old and need the handle to lift the suite case. Any help you can provide will be appreciated

Desired outcome: Replace suite case or compensate.Voyage J282 Dec 17 -27 2022Fort LaunderdaleBooking XGCH2M905 [protected]

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Holland America Line In-depth Review

Overview: Holland America Line is a renowned cruise line company with a rich history in the industry. Founded in 1873, it has established itself as a leader in providing exceptional cruise experiences. The company's mission is to offer guests unforgettable journeys filled with comfort, elegance, and personalized service.

Fleet and Destinations: Holland America Line boasts a fleet of luxurious ships, each offering a unique experience. With ships ranging in size from intimate to grand, they cater to different preferences and group sizes. The spacious accommodations and top-notch amenities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay on board. The company offers a wide range of destinations and itineraries, including breathtaking Alaskan cruises, exotic Caribbean getaways, and culturally rich European tours. The variety and quality of destinations available are truly impressive, catering to all types of travelers.

Onboard Experience: The onboard experience with Holland America Line is nothing short of exceptional. The accommodations are elegantly designed, providing a cozy and luxurious retreat for guests. The dining options are diverse, with a range of restaurants offering delectable cuisine prepared by world-class chefs. From casual eateries to fine dining establishments, there is something to satisfy every palate. The entertainment options are equally impressive, with live performances, music, and engaging activities throughout the day. The ships are meticulously maintained and kept clean, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic environment for all guests.

Customer Service: Holland America Line prides itself on its outstanding customer service. The staff is responsive, helpful, and professional, always going above and beyond to meet guests' needs. The company's policies and procedures for handling customer inquiries, complaints, and requests are well-established, ensuring prompt and satisfactory resolutions. Overall, customer satisfaction and feedback are consistently positive, reflecting the company's commitment to providing an exceptional cruise experience.

Value for Money: Holland America Line offers excellent value for money. The pricing is competitive, considering the high-quality amenities and services provided. When compared to competitors, Holland America Line stands out for its exceptional value and included amenities. The company is transparent about any additional fees or hidden costs, ensuring that guests can make informed decisions about their cruise experience.

Safety and Security: Holland America Line prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers. The company has implemented robust safety measures and protocols to ensure passenger well-being. From emergency drills to advanced security systems, every precaution is taken to provide a secure environment on board. Holland America Line adheres to industry safety standards and regulations, giving passengers peace of mind during their cruise.

Environmental Responsibility: Holland America Line is committed to environmental sustainability. The company actively manages waste and promotes energy efficiency on its ships. Through partnerships and initiatives, Holland America Line aims to preserve the destinations it visits, minimizing its environmental impact. The company's dedication to environmental responsibility sets a positive example for the cruise industry.

Reputation and Awards: Holland America Line has established a strong reputation within the cruise industry. It is highly regarded for its exceptional service, luxurious accommodations, and memorable experiences. The company has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellence, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Customer testimonials and online reviews consistently praise Holland America Line for its outstanding cruise experiences.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Holland America Line strives to accommodate passengers with disabilities or special needs. The company has implemented various accessibility features on its ships, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a comfortable and inclusive experience. During excursions, efforts are made to provide accessible options, allowing everyone to explore and enjoy the destinations. Holland America Line's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is commendable.

Future Outlook: Holland America Line continues to innovate and improve its offerings. The company has exciting plans and developments in the pipeline, aimed at enhancing the guest experience. With a focus on adapting to changing industry trends and customer preferences, Holland America Line is well-positioned to continue providing exceptional cruises for years to come.

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