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Holland America Line review: Holland America Line have the airlines. wrong birthdate. Could not board the plane

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I booked my family vacation to Alaska on the Eurodam 06-17-2023. Traveled 384 miles to Reno Nevada to get on a plane to Settle Washington. Checked bags into Alaska Air and was given boarding passes. In line to board the plane when TSA tells me it's the wrong birthdate. We head back to Alaska Air and they tell me it's fixed. Back in line got to TSA and was told it was not fixed. Head back to Alaska Air and employees are gone.

We see our plane take off with all our bags. I was on the phone for 4.5 hours and when I was able to speak to a Customer Rep I was told to call the same number tomorrow.

Our bags went to Seattle Washington. I found out the Customer Service lady charged me for my carry-on bag. Instead of being a problem, I let her take my bag. Since my Laptop and wallet and meds were in. the bag I was able to track my bag in the Air and in the Seattle Airport. It took over six calls to Alaska Air to secure our bags and send them back to Reno the next day. I was already home 384 miles away. When I spoke to John for Holland America he said we would get all cost paid back to us.

I told Alaska Air to ship my bags as soon as they can. Only to find out they made my boys take my two bags. Not having my meds I had to drive back to Reno to get my things.

Turned in the cost of travel and hotel and one week of vacation for each of my boys. Holland America will not answer any of my calls. Filing a Small Claim Lawsuit.

Desired outcome: Want the money it cost us? Over $3000.00

Update by gaminguy
Mar 10, 2024 4:11 am EDT

Let me tell you the rest of the games that Holland America Lines pulled. I am on hold waiting to speak to someone to help us. Five calls for a total of four hours on hold. At 7:40 PM I speak to an employee that tells me she can't help me but I need to call the same number the next day. I can't believe the lack of support Holland America doesn't have in place.

I called the same number at 8:15 AM the next day. After waiting 48 minutes for someone to answer the call an employee named John asked me if he could help me. I explain the situation and how I need my bag with all my Meds, computer, and wallet. He tells me to tell the Airlines to send it and Holland America will pay. He also tells me that he will send an out-of-pocket form to fill out and Holland America will send me a check. Since that call, I have not been able to speak to any employee from Holland America. I received an e-mail with all the charges HA charged me since we were not on the Ship. I did receive another e-mail stating it would be 6 to 8 weeks for HA to process the out-of-pocket expenses. Within the By-laws that AH has posted a person only has 90 days to file suit.

We have a Small Claims date at the end of March. The lack of customer service has me asking myself and the Court how is Holland America able to treat customers in this manner and still be able to do business in the USA. It would have been a fast easy fix if they had reached out to me. Working in the Casino business we understand mistakes happen but do what it takes to make it right. Will keep you posted after the court rules on it.

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