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A Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

Hi, I am a loyal customer and avid watcher of the History Channel. From it's mini series' such as Barbarians Rising to it's original programs like Vikings and Knightfall, but one of my favorite shows is the program SIX which depicts members of Seal Team SIX performing various dangerous missions to take out the man responsible for the death of their former C.O. Rip. Why is it being cancelled? I understand that it's ratings have dropped slightly, but does that take into account the people that record it or watch it ON DEMAND at a later time? If anything is to be cancelled, why not cancel some of the ridiculous reality shows that seem to be taking over my former favorite channel. What does logging, driving a truck, or being a backwards thinking&living hillbilly have to do with history? Just saying. Anyways could you guys at the History Channel please rethink your cancellation of SIX and give the actors the money they deserve to keep it going? They're great up and coming talents and deserve a chance to continue to showcase to you and the world what they can do.
Thank You For Your Time,
Nick Arnold
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  • Ma
    Marcy702 Aug 28, 2018

    In cancellation of the show "Six" please take the time to reconsider cancelling this program as my family and friends are in the military family. This is not just a show to us we can relate. Again thank you and God bless.

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  • Ci
    cisco1122 Sep 06, 2018

    I also found this to be a very good and important show having worked with a number of veterans coming back from the war. Please reconsider renewing it for Season 3.

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