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Purchased 55" Hit Plasma tv. from store on 3/14/2006. Salesperson recommended to purchase an extended service protection plan so to protect my investment. He said that if anything goes wrong they would replace it and it would be wise to do so. I did for the sum of $699.00. On or about Feburary the 12, 2011 the tv picture went out. So I called the store and they told me that the company that was offering the service plan had been replaced because of the poor service that they had replaced them with another company and that I should contact them myself for any repairs or replacement.

I only contacted the store the one time and since then I have dealt with the service rep. at ph. # [protected] and the actual repair company [protected]. When the repairman came out he said they had to order the parts and it would be about 2 weeks and I would have to have the tv taken off the wall for him to service. I did pay for a custom install as the tv was way to heavy for me to do by myself and now it is up to me to perpare for them to service. This is another problem as I'mm 63 yrs. old and the tv weighs 110lbs. It has now been almost six weeks and all I hear is we are waiting for the parts. I did call customer service on 3/22/[protected] (John) and they checked and said their hands are tied and I would have to just wait. I feel like I have been given the run around and the service plan was sold to me was misleading to say the least. No one should have to go through this much trouble to get any problem resolved. I would like to have the TV. replaced and/ or refund the amount of the extended service plan. The case # [protected] through the service company. This is the first time I have ever used the BBB I hope you can help.


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May 10, 2017 8:58 am EDT

We purchased a frontload Sampson washer in 2016 in began leaking. The extended warranty is a joke. The technician can 3 an half hours after the time promised and told me I was not properly cleaning the washer. Originally the warranty person that handled the claim told me there is a recall on the pump. Told me it would be a week till parts come in. The technician knew nothing about the parts yet we waited over a week till parts were suppose to be ordered. The tech closed the claim and they did nothing else. The extended plan is a joke don't purchase one.

Dec 17, 2016 9:49 am EST

I purchased a computer from HHGregg in 2013. Within the first 90 days I turned it on and nothing happened. I asked the clerk when I bought it, if they had in store service.Was told that they did.When I got to the store they looked at me as if I had two heads when I told them that I was told that they had in store service.They plugged the computer in and it went up in smoke.They then told me that I would have to send it back to the company.
When I protested they did call the tech, and he came out to fix it. I thought they should replace it as I had just purchased it.No such luck.The tech had to order parts, another wait..After a week or so had to come back and take care of something else.Thank goodness it has been working since this repair. Hope it continues.

May 14, 2016 1:38 pm EDT

Don't feel so bad. I've been waiting to find out what they are going to do about my 51" Samsung HD TV. Monday 5/16 will be starting the 7th week and they still don't know what they are going to do with it. Don't ever buy anything from hhgregg. They don't stand behind their product. As far as an concerned they are nothing but a bunch of lying thieves.

May 03, 2016 1:39 pm EDT
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I have an LG refrigerator whose compressor has blown up twice within the span of 4 years. My extended warranty covers the item for 5 years. The warranty company is Warrantech and I purchased the unit at HHGregg. While in all honesty I cannot complain about HHG, I cannot feel the same about Warrantech. Their personnel treat you like an idiot, with supervisors on meetings 24/7, no return calls and mostly employees attempting to show you false empathy! Warrantech will repair an item however costly, instead of "considering the next step" as they put it. Super poor service. Their practices need to be addressed and stopped.

Mar 14, 2016 12:11 pm EDT

we also have Warrentech for our service plan to repair our appliances too. the phone number that is on our service plan certificate is [protected]. Maybe you could try that one but even so the way that they take care of business is uncalled for. We have had problems with them double dipping for the monthly payments for the extended warranty. When you call the office number to talk to someone they put you on hold forever and never answer. The company is well sold on the TV but in reality they suck when it comes to taking care of the customer. Can't wait to be done with the whoile company and will never buy extended warrantys from anyone again. When it breaks down will have to do without or go buy another. Keep another appliance repair person on hand and send Warrentech the repair bill.

Mar 04, 2016 5:38 pm EST

I have call warrentech for a repair on an icemaker for whirlpool frig. On feb. 1, 2016 it is now march 4th, 2016. This is an ice maker it should not be hard to do. The service company that is going to do this repair is all star [protected], never, never returns calls, my appointment was this afternoon i am writting this at 5:so pm no service man, no phone call to let me know he was not coming. Nobody at the office to talk to. First they said they were waiting for the part, well i called whirlpool myself the part was always in stock so what were they waiting for? after- market! well i will let you know how much longer this will be gong on.

Nov 17, 2015 5:52 pm EST

I purchased an LG flat screen in June of 2014. The picture went. My son seems to think it was the backlight.I called LG they said the manufacturers warranty ran out if I purchased a plan I would have to call them. I called them put my claim in and they said someone will contact me in 1-2 business days. I waited 3 days and called them, the service repair place, by that time they were closed. I get a message the following day telling me that that they don't have a claim. I called the warranty place and I explained to them what the service center said the woman who was so rude then told me to hold on and transferred me to someone else who had no clue why I was transferred to her. I explained again she then transferred to to the service department where I had to leave a message explaining what happened once again. Just yesterday I called the warranty place once again and they put a call into the service center. I got a call from the service center telling me that they do not service tv's purchsed from hhgregg! Needless to say I know have to wait another 1-2 business days for another service center to contact me. It's been a week. We are bummed without our 50 inch :/

Apr 28, 2014 2:14 pm EDT

I have had my dishwasher fixed 8times since 2011 and have had such a runaround I lost my mind ! They had me calling warren tech I ended up buying service plan from fridgedaire and then I got it fixed right ! Now I have a problem with my refrigerator and they say they don't fix refrigerators ! Here we go again ! Don't buy anything from hhgregg first of all and just buy extended plans through the company not their company's, you will end up pulling you hair out ! I am calling bbb!

Mar 02, 2014 9:08 am EST
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we purchased a new washer and dryer in 2013 the washer has been repaired three times since then and still can't use it all i get is the run around and no answers . They promised to replace the washer 4 days ago . As of today I have received no response from them.We also purchased a 2year extended warranty with these items. Why do they treat customers like this. Will never purchase again from this company

May 05, 2012 10:17 am EDT
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Sadly, this has always been SOP. HHG uses a 3rd party - the stores are out of the loop. Repair people across the board will not mess with existing installs due to liability. That is, the 3rd party service company pays for the repair, not any install or reinstall. The store should step up and handle this otherwise - talk to the District Manager.


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