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HHGregg — employee abuse

i am not going to tell consumers not to shop at hhgregg because you can get some great buys. but those great buys are at the employees expense. sales personell work for commission. a draw will be paid but you always have to pay it back with your commissions. the bottom line is that hhgregg salespeople are working for FREE. if you have to come to work 1.5 hours early, that goes against your commissions. in other words, employees are paying for coming to work early, during non-commissioned hours. hhgregg calls it training. each employee is expected to pay for their training of 200 hours per year, which hhgregg brags about in their advertising literature. in s.w. florida night hours after 7:00 pm are worthless. there is no productive traffic. schedules are the same for all areas of the country and local management can not alter them, because managements bonuses are affected. (so we were told by management). we are forced to work overtime hours as scheduled. overtime sounds good but remember that salespeople have to pay it back. WE WORK FOR FREE. and when hours are questioned, we are told that is home office. when we call HR we might get a call back 2 weeks later, only to be told that they have nothing to do with scheduleing and we should talk to our district manager, whom we have already talked to. no one in upper management wants to take responsibility for its practices. the attitude is that if you do not like it, then "don't let the door kick you in the ### on your way out".
the only way an employee can make money is by selling PSP (premium service plans) and accessories which are extremely profitable. and if you don't, you are told that you are getting what you deserve, in commissions. NOTHING.
i could go on and on about the abuse. lockdown of doors to keep salespeople from leaving after clocking out. working 17.5, 12.5, 11.5, hours with 1 hour break and 2 15 minute breaks. no first aid or ice for falls. mandatory meetings on your day off. told to work before clocking in.
if you do not have a life, and do not mind being abused, then go to work for hhgregg.


  • Fl
    Flumpboy Jan 15, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I work at one of the south Jersey stores. Not going to say which one. Myself and every other employee there love the job. Granted my store is one of the best in the region. I wrote the most in my store in the month of December and made about $5000 in December. No where can you get a job like this and make this much money. I've worked only 2 days this week and my check is already at $450. There is a great energy in my store, the bosses are awesome, everyone has fun and makes money.

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  • Jr
    JRZGateway Jan 09, 2016

    I was hired as a full-time "regular" employee at HHGregg (8410 S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32809) just prior to the week of "Black Friday". To be exact, 1 1/2 weeks before the week of Thanksgiving. The "training" was nothing more than watching video after video about products. A little insight, I have years of experience in sales, including time as a successful business account manager at CompUSA prior to it's liquidation and takeover by Systemax (TigerDirect). When the company made the official switch, I left the company as there was not a business department, not to mention massive drops in commission. But I digress...
    I began work at HHGregg with not training regarding store procedure. I, literally, had to teach myself how to run credit applications, setting up customer deliveries (without training), among other vital store procedures. It was only when I approached a manager and specifically asked questions regarding store procedure that I received any help. The store manager and the assistant store manager were both short with answers, expecting the employee to, somehow, have an understanding of how it all worked. At times, the store manager, Tony Brown, would take time to help while a customer was waiting. However, neither manager was proactive in teaching anything in regards to store procedure.
    There was one "manager in training", who, ironically, was the most helpful person in the store. Unfortunately, he started just before I did and was still trying to learn store procedure himself. (Thankyou Jeff, not "Jeffery", for your valuable assistance during this time).
    The gentleman speaking of extensive hours at the top of the page was correct and has every right to complain, as there was no mention of the ridiculous hours we would end up working. Harassment? Absolutely! By definition, harassment means aggressive pressure or intimidation. This was the case.
    To add to HHGregg harassment, I was "let go" (fired) exactly when the holiday business was over. This would not be an issue if I was hired as a Seasonal Worker, but I was not. I was hired to be a full-time, regular (Permanent employees, regular employees or the directly employed work for an employer and are paid directly by that employer. In addition to their wages, they often receive benefits like subsidized health care, paid vacations, holidays, sick time, or contributions to a retirement plan.) The same day I was to begin receiving benefits was the day I was fired with no valid reason. There were no warnings, verbal or written. Rather, I was told I was doing "a great job".
    I am still receiving mail from HHGregg regarding my benefits. On the day I was terminated, there was no paperwork explaining the reason for termination, and, therefore, no paperwork with any statement or signatures regarding my termination.
    To my knowledge, I have not been legally terminated as there was no paperwork gien to show an understanding of my termination. And, more specifically, no paperwork with the manager's signature, or my own signature, to signifiy a mutual understanding of whta was said.
    HHGregg, and Tony Brown specifically, was untruthful regarding the type of employment he offered me. He offered me a full-time, regular position, which was obviously not the case.
    Sadly, I've had to obtain a lawyer and there will be legal procedings to follow.
    It is difficult to tell any prospective customer to do business with this HHGregg, as there no honesty, even with employees.

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  • Da
    Dad E O Mar 01, 2013

    I worked for HH GREGG in Maryland ...same story here HH GREGG doesnt pay work for free...the draw is not explained when you are hired ...commisions are never one will answer your questions I was told that if I did go to HR I wouldnt have a job Manager said that Maryland is a employ at will state and he can fire you for any reason...bottom line it is slave labor you work for free...I have talked to alot of sales people with many years experience and everyone of them said they always had a min imun pay plus commision and said this cant be legal...I am having a hard time trying to get answers;...does anyone have any answers this legal or not and what can we do...can we sue for back pay and look into bogus commision pay...please help if you can THANKS

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  • Na
    Nathan Johnson Jan 27, 2013

    Here's one for you. Today (1/27/2013) i was sent home early by the store manager b/c I had an irate customer demand that they speak with a manager. He was about 20 feet away doing a aisle display change when I directed them to talk to him. This was the store manager/ general manager mind you. The next thing I hear is the female customer even more irate saying she didn't have time for games and jokes and in a even worse mood while this manager is joking while talking to her. After all this he calls me over after they leave, tells me to clock out and go home and that we will discuss my employment the next day I come in for my shift. He tries to say that I never should direct the customers to him because I'm a csm???? What the f***? I"m supposed to handle it? I'm sorry but when a customer demands to speak to a manager I will find one for them. Then he has the nerve to say I wasn't providing good customer service. Than when I'm trying to clock out I have another customer come up for a return. I am in a tough spot b/c the other csm is nowhere to be seen that is supposed to cover me now that i'm ordered to go home, so I start assisting this customer with the return. All of a sudden, the store manager walks up to me in front of the customer and says "are you ignoring me? I told you to go home!" in a almost intimidating way. WTF??? I have never in my life have worked for a company like this where the STORE MANAGER expects someone else to deal with his problems and dosn't want to interact with upset customers. This man is known to sit on the display model furniture in our store with his legs kicked up and arms stretched out TEXTING while I have customers even mentioning this to me. He does the same thing when he gets a phone call. He tells us to take a message or tell them he's busy when he clearly isnt. It's ### and I cannot fathom how he gets away with this. This company is horrible.

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  • Co
    ComplainerRetainer Mar 29, 2012

    These complaint are right on the money. I suspect that "hhgreg276" works for the PR dept. Got to keep a good online presence. I have a relative who works there and the stories I have heard here coincide exactly with the ones I have heard from him. I am sorry but any company who has policy that causes employees to work 80-90 hours/wk without any real possibility for an income that will at least partly support a family is just wrong. They are taking advantage of a broken economy and people who are so desperate to work and not be on unemployment. My relative's last paycheck for two weeks was less than $400. He has been in retail sales for well over 20 years, has been a model employee, has a proven track record of successfully reaching and exceeding sales goals. These people need a voice because this problem is not only related to HHGreg, it is a plague that haunts the retail giants of America and is backed by corporate greed for profit.

    HHGreg, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  • Hh
    hhgregg276 Nov 22, 2011

    I'm not sure what HHGregg stores you work at or worked at. But the one I'm at I love. I love to go to work. I love the customers that come into the store. I volunteer for extra hours. Sorry you guys had bad experiences with them but as for my location I love it. Management is great. The rebate program, if you don't get your rebate come see us and we credit it. The protection plan. I recommend it on many items. There are some that it just isn't worth it but many it is. It is a shame that so many people want to sit there and not admit what they did wrong to loose their job but they want to blame everyone else. I can't wait to go to work tomorrow or any other day. When there I will smile. If you are that unhappy with your job leave there is plenty of people who are looking and would take a job in a heartbeat. Thank you to my managers Anne, Andy, Jim, and Dana. I love the work you do and thank you for the chance to work for this company. Mystery Shoppers, I got hit with a Mystery Shopper once. My boss mentioned it to me and I didn't get written up or anything like that.

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  • He
    Heaton Sep 13, 2011
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    Verified customer

    It's a job. It sucks! Get over it!

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  • Qu
    quatermass Aug 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    There is much discrimination at this company, and dishonest tactics run the business. I hate it there and am currently looking for other work.

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  • Fr
    Frmanemployee Aug 23, 2011

    Well, I have to say that they do work you for peanuts! I just got terminated after 10 months with HHGregg not because I was not selling the PSP (over 8.3 avg hitting the 22% payout each week), not because I had poor volume, ( $70, 000 a month avg.), not because i had a low attachment percentage, not because I had a low Open Box total, and not because I had low margin or high discount percents as I was top three in all those categories. I GOT TERMINATED FOR POOR SECRET SHOPPER SCORES! I refused to spend 30 min. to an hour kissing a non-buyers behind while my fellow associates are taking customers that you get paid on! So, I would try to hit on all the criteria as fast as I could and get rid of them. But after my second written warning in May I said screw it! I will sell my butt off and wait to see what happens. Well, got another bad shop in August and new the party was over. Managers get bonus for consistent Secret Shops over 80% so anyone that is below that more than 3 times is shown the door no matter how great your other numbers are. Got several good purchases for myself while there and would shop HHGregg again but if you are looking for a job beware of HHGregg!

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  • An
    anonymous***** Jul 22, 2011

    OHHHHH BOY! I wish I woulnt have researched this because I have SO much to say. #1- Today was payday...if you want to call it that. I got a $380 paycheck. BAHAHA. I worked 86 hours. 6 hours of which were in training ON MY DAY OFF! We were supposed to be clocked in for this "training" and it wasnt supposed to go against us as draw. I'm sure you can guess the result of that bull**** lie ---we never got paid. We were so *** dead. Very little traffic at 11 out of 16 employees were in draw. The other 5 barely made it. No one can explain to me why I only have a 380 dollar paycheck. It's almost as if they didnt include a full week into my pay. AND for any ***hole that has anything to say about me being in draw. We are a brand new store in a brand new market barely getting by so go *** urself. Also, I had 4 Samsung laundry sets that I got paid like$ 88 each for. By the time they were delivered...that 88 turned into $16. This place is a joke. I have a family to support and its impossible to do working here. I have been in sales for roughly 5 years and have always been a top place is depressing. that should tell ya something. PLEASE RECONSIDER if you're thinking about taking this job!

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  • Jm
    jmtrp327 Jun 24, 2011

    All I can say is; two consecutive 58 hour weeks and for this I received a measly $648. That means that I have just spent the last two weeks killing myself (roughly) $5.59 an hour. I have never felt that I have wasted so much time.

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  • Ec
    ecooper35 May 02, 2011
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    Verified customer

    We are researching this industry and we are hoping you might contact us.

    e-mail: mikecooper54 (at)

    Thank you.

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