Hewlett - Packardthe worst customer service!

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10-3-06 3:20p I called HP [protected]) and after several tries getting through on the frustrating automated answer service, I finally reached a customer service agent. I said, "I have a problem with my all in one, and I was wondering who I could speak to about this paper jam." The person asked for my phone number and asked me to wait. Three minutes later, he asked another question. I gave him the answer and waited several minutes more. He asked what kind of product it was, and I told him. After several more minutes, he then asked another question. Several minutes more, he asked was it a laptop or a printer.

Frustrated by now, I tersely replied that it was an all in one printer. Several minutes later he asked for my phone number. I said, "For the second time, it is..." By this point I was becoming very angry. I had been on the phone for approximately 15 minutes, mostly waiting for him to ask me another question. He then asked what the problem was, and for the third time I told him I had a paper jam and needed to speak to someone about the issue to resolve it really quick.

He then told me that I had three options. Option 1 was to pay for technical support, option 2 was to pay for an upgrade (new printer)...I cut him off and snapped, "If I told you when I first called that I had a technical support issue, what the F*** makes you think that I want to pay more money to buy a new printer?" I started to yell at him about how I waited all of this time answering his questions patiently, and that I just needed a simple tech support question.

He then began to argue with me, telling me that I could either pay the money or I didn't get anything. I asked for a supervisor, and he ignored my request. He kept saying if I was going to talk to him with such a rude tone, he was going to hang up on me. We argued for about 7 minutes, him ignoring my request for a supervisor and yelling that he was going to hang up on me if I was going to cuss at him, me talking very clearly saying, "Put a supervisor on the phone."

He said he wasn't going to give me a supervisor, so I said he had to put one on. He said he didn't and repeated that he was going to hang up on me if I was going to cuss at him. I finally said, "Then let me put this very clearly so you will understand! PUT-A-SUPER-VISOR-ON-THE-PHONE!" "Ethan", as the Indian man claimed his name to be, hung up on me.

I called back, irate, demaning the agent who answered the phone find a supervisor immediately. Satia Eansas, as he spelled his name for me, apologized for the customer service agent and said that I had to pay for tech support. I was livid. I told him that I purchased a brand new product which had a known factory defect. I had to fight to return it when it stopped working, and after paying more money for an upgrade I received a refurbished model that didn't work. I had to send that used product back to be sent another used product which also did not work. While I waited for yet another refurbished printer, I had no printer. I finally received one that worked, and now they were telling me that I had to pay yet more money for tech support!

As if it wasn't bad enough that I bought a brand new product that was faulty and got a used one in return for more money, after waiting for a while to get the right product sent to me, now they wanted more money from me even though I had already been through so much hassel. I hung up on Satia and dug through all of my papers until I finally found the corporate number.

After calling [protected] and getting Mark, I finally found someone willing to help me. Mark answered my original question, now 1 to 1 1/2 hours earlier, about how to clear the paper jam. I explained that I had a jam and couldn't get the back off of the printer. He patiently told me how to pop it off, which took a bit of muscle as it was wedged securely on. When I finally got the back off, I noticed a pen was stuck in the back. Apparently I dropped it in when I loaded paper and didn't realize it. I cleared the jam and had no further problems with the printer. The problem only too TWO MINUTES to solve!

I am so very unhappy with HP for their lack of customer service, how they replaced a brand new product with a used one, and how they charge more money for everything when they didn't have a proper product in the first place. I have been looking at other printers, like a Lexmark, to replace this one. I don't want to deal with HP products any more after this.



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    Fournier0110 Jan 11, 2011

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  • Da
    DanniinFlorida Jan 11, 2011
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    I have never been treated as poorly as I have been by HP support. Our business desk top developed a problem going online, their telephone support advised us that we needed to reinstall the operating system which entailed backing up our very complex data and risking the loss of important links between a database and Adobe Indesign. We agreed to that and did it and that accomplished absolutely nothing. HP then decided the problem was the mother board, they sent a tech to our site and he replaced it which did not fix the problem but did create another new problem in that the computer began shutting itself down before bootng Windows completely. Another tech came out and replaced the mother board again which did nothing to change the situation. Then a real [censor] at HP decided it was the video card which I told them had nothing to do with the problem but they insisted and sent another tech who replaced it which, of course, accomplished absolutely nothing. Finally they decided to replace the computer but didn't bother to notify me or be sure that they were replacing the exact model. I am now still waiting for an email or a phone call to explain what they are planning to do and it has now been nearly one month since we first contacted their support team.
    All I know for absolutely sure is that I will never buy another product of any kind from Hewlett Packard.
    I am going to try and find a company that uses Americans for support, I don't know if there are any but I am seriously tired of dealing with people I can barely understand and who I suspect don't really care about solving the problems of Americans thousands of miles away.

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  • Kc
    KCGC Jul 25, 2010

    You have to be out of your mind to buy an HP product. They make garbage, while it's under warranty and they are forced to replace it, they replace the original piece of crap with remanufactured garbage (read: someone else's problem passed on to you), and they are impossible to understand at which time they hang up on you. They'll never get another dime from me.

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  • Ta
    Tariku Oct 10, 2009

    I purchased an HP Pavillion computer two months ago, obviously it is under warranty. Two weeks ago I noticed the computer date is not updating right ( I tried to reset the time a few times to no avail). I spoke with a technical support guy and he said the CMOS battery is dying. then, He made me reset the battery by uplugging all the cables, and then take out the battery and then hold the power button for 30 seconds. After this resetting process it worked good (the sytsem time started working properly ) then after 5 days it went back bad again. I called Tech support and a guy by the name Peter answered the phone and said HP does not replace CMOS batteries. After a few arguements I requested to speak with a supervisor. After keeping me for a few minutes, he came back and told me that he was mistaken that the do replace batteries, but I have to send the the computer to a HP repair center. This is UTTERLY STUPID ! I didn't believe the guy then I insisted to speak with a supervisor, and then again after a few minutes a guy who said his name is Eric (wouldn't give me his last name), but said his Employee Id is : 79861 ( he also said he is non technical supervisor) told me the same thing.

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  • Sa
    samantha bennett Jul 13, 2009

    HP is the biggest pile of pants that i have ever had the misfourtune to deal with, having spent a thousand euros on a laptop, which now does not work only after 2 years, spent the afternoon contacting tehcnicians, who consistently hung up the phone, if i do not laugh, i will cry, i am not finished with HP!

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  • Ar
    Armani Jun 29, 2009

    I have been looking for HP complaint dep and saw this and decided to paste below the problem I am dealing with. Their support is by far the worse I have yet to see! they charged for 4hr care pack that is supposedly yes their best because this is our critical server. providing 24/7 4hr support.
    In all my time working in IT as a Consultant dealing with all the vendors, HP support service I have experianced thus far is by far the worse! This was an attempt to move to HP as a main supplier for our clients servers (we are a sonculting firm) which resulted in a week of the server being down and now I am being told another week to get a simple network card. Why did i pay for the 4hr service? Why was the tehcnician not sent the first day as was requested? Why am I not sent another NIC if the one I have is on back order? What does 4hr support mean to HP? How do i tell my client you can not use your document management system or accounting software for two weeks? And the worse part is HP employees could care less! I have requested an alternative part after i was notified its on back ordert for two weeks!!! and was denied that part. I asked to have a tech on site and again was denied that. Why did i pay for the 4hr care pack. What does 4 hr support service mean to HP!? This is the last time I will use HP and if ever requested by a client will do everything in my power to convince them otherwise and explain to them the situation that if they ever have a problem they will be left out to dry. And not to waste their money on the support as they will get the same support from the warranty.

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  • Sa
    saifone Jun 23, 2009

    MORE THAN WORSE. Customer service are NUMNUTS. I called HP CS million times, but no result as may the rest of you may know. THEY NEVER DID RETURN ANY OF MY CALLS when they said they will call. They said they "PROMISED" to call. Weeks and weeks has past. No calls from HEWLETT-PACKARD CS or Managers calls! I have enough. HP SUCKS!

    Please respond to our MESSAGES HP-numNUTS!

    CASE NUMBER: [protected]
    HP CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE (we called): [protected]
    CUSTOMER SERVICE NAME: MonaLisa Sin - Notebook Department (she doesn't even know her dpt number)
    We bought HP Laptop from BestBuy: Geek dpt manager name: Nick Curry refer HP # to us [protected]

    Please respond to our MESSAGES HP-numNUTS!

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  • Ga
    Gail Kelly Oct 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    what is his extention. I need him NOW!!!

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  • Hp
    HPhater Sep 16, 2008
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    Strongly agree. HP has the worst product and the worst customer service.

    I will never ever buy it again.

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  • Ja
    Jamie Apr 25, 2008
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    In 2007 I bought a HP Pavillion laptop with Vista. Right away it was very sluggish and high operating temps. I called tech support they said I could buy more memory or put in more myself and it would fix all the problems.

    More memory made it faster but Op Temps were still too high. I called tech again and they say send in for repairs. Laptop comes back, still runs too high. Twice more to repairs, now they refuse to repair saying it is past warranty. But it's the same problem that they've never fixed right! I will call State AG to report this FRAUD but want to warn everyone... HP only wants your $$$ any way they can get it!! DON'T BUY HP!!

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  • Fr
    Frank G Jan 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Check this out:

    HP/Compaq Computers, Service and Extended service Plans are all a big fat joke.
    I will NEVER NEVER buy a HP again and that includes anything else they made or service. My old Dell out performs this new HP and that’s another thing that pisses me off.

    This is what they sell you but it’s Not what you get.
    · Covers all HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario notebook PCs
    · • Round-trip shipping at no additional cost
    · • Assistance with virus and spyware issues
    · • Up to three years of award-winning service coverage
    · • 24 x 7 real-time chat and toll-free phone assistance

    Here's the problem: Bad battery
    I have to send in my laptop with the battery just to replace the battery, WHY ? Here’s why,
    They wanted my credit card # so they could charge me for the battery until it’s replace and the damage one was returned. I tool him I wanted his credit card # so I can charge him until he replaces my defective battery, he was not interested. Why gave him credit card information when I have a warranty for replacement - under full warranty. Why not just send a box for the battery?

    And Yes I did talk to management, also asked for HP Corp’s. Phone Number which was not toll-free and top it off it was closed.

    Award-winning support ; what a joke


    I also had the same problem with phone service and a lot of waiting time on the line

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  • Ni
    Nitin Jaisani Feb 07, 2007
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    We have bought an HP laptop. After buying its DVD driver was giving us some problem. but we manage to work with it. but after like 4 months the problem got worse and we contact HP customer support and their technical support try to gave us some telephonic support made some changes in my system. but after that the problem even got worse and that DVD/CD drive were not working at all. so we call them again. They customer support said they will send a new DVD drive and replace with the old one within next business day. after been waiting for 10 days we called them again. the order no is "GGT54301" and the complain no is "[protected]". We have trying to call them after Feb 1 (which was schedule ship date for DVD/CD drive) everyday and nobody has an answer for the question "where is my drive?" i am being getting transfer from one department to other department for almost an hour.

    Today only my wife called the twice and she was on hold for 30mins each time. I called them and i got transfer from one department to other 6 times and each time the hold was about 8-10mins and still i couldn't reach the right department and i have to hung up after getting frustrated.

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