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Contacted Hp support on a printer problems by phone twice, couldn't get anyone who understood or spoke english to any extent. Tried e-mail which has now been on-going for over a month. According to this award winning support operation, my case has been elevated to level-2, the advanced support group, and yet another group, the concerned group (I personally don't think any of these groups even exist, but it keeps in nature with other documented lies they have made). With no help and needing a printer bought a Vista certified brand new officejet 5610 for a project to put out borderless 4x6 prints (which according to their advertising, the printer will print...if you buy their special tabbed photo paper ($22) and the photo ink cartridge ($25). Doesn't work, leaves a 1/4 inch strip of white on the side of the photo. Back to support, no help for over three weeks now. Did finally figure out the fix on the original printer, let them know...and guess least 6 of these highly trained support techs know that the original problem has been fixed (remember they had been working on it for over three weeks) and yet not a single one has inquired as to what the fix is. Also told them it fixed problems with Vista and a few of their other printers. They still haven't shown any interest in the fix.
Also, checked with J.D.Power, who issued this Outstanding support award, it has long expired and they say 'Unfortunately they (HP) still advertises it', they currently have HP rated at Average, and ay they are going to look into the matter (Hooray for J.D.Power) . Am currently recommending that all my clients look into moving to Canon or Epson printers before transitioning to Vista, their support is the worst I've seen in the 28 years I've been in the computer business (yes, even worse than Symantec, which was number one on my list the last few years)

Pat Monroe
Jul 13, 2007 12:00 am EDT

On 6/11 I called tech services because my daughter could not get online with her Compaq laptop. It was very difficult understanding the Indian technician but my daughter and I got through the instructions but nothing was accomplished and no services were rendered. I called HP back to dispute the charges of $53.49 and the Indian man told me HP would call me back. HP NEVER called. A few days later the cable company was at my door telling me it was an outside wiring problem on my street and two other streets. The 800 number on my credit card statement for HP has been disconnected and the other 800 number given per recording was for sexual services. How aggravating to try to resolve this with a company like HP and to be treated in this manner... disgraceful. My daughters have two Compaq laptops but I will NEVER purchase any HP products ever again after this experience!

Richard Hart ll
Boulder City, US
Jan 21, 2010 11:35 pm EST

I went through a on-line sales rep Oct. 8, 2017. I was configuring a desktop. The rep lied. He stated I shouldn't wait for Windows 7 and that after its release Oct. 22 I would get my free upgrade in 7-10 days. I received it Mid December. He stated that the speaker system I currently had was compatible, it wasn't even close, had to buy new sound system. I advised the printer I had was Serial Printer, he stated it would work fine, no serial port, had to buy new printer. The PC continually locked up. I was told to send it back and they should have it back in 2-3 weeks and didn't care that I would be PC less for that time. One tech even sent me pictures on how to open case remove and re attach components on a PC on month old. I sent letter to Ethics Committee. They acknowledged letter and told me to call a number. I did and no one knew anything about the letter and someone would contact me. That was mid December and I have still heard nothing. I re-sent the letter and they acknowledged receipt again and was given the generic "Your case has been forwarded to Tech Supervisor" I have heard nothing. PC still doesn't work like it should. The PC freezes, doesn't read external drives arbitrarily, flash drives have to be re-inserted, and other problems. I am not a child (57 year old retired Detective)so I know what I am doing. HP shows no signs of even coming close to assisting me other than "Just send it in, sorry for the inconvenience of no PC while we have it." I gave them my number to call and what time (5:00 p.m. PST). I received 3 calls, all at NOON PST when I was at work and not near PC. Despite Re-advising them every time they called of the correct time to call me The called at noon. HP does not care, keeps putting people off hoping they will go away. I have about 4-5 case numbers ALL of which I have been told are in the hands of supervisors that will be in contact with me. I will not purchase any HP product, recommend and HP product, and am saving to purchase a Dell and use this $1, 000.00 (W/O Monitor) as a throw down for games and leave the real work I do for a reliable PC.

Brooklyn, US
Jan 24, 2010 10:12 am EST

If you used Windows 7 as your operating system, be aware that HP continues to fail in providing updated software to make its laserjet printers, including M2727nf, capable of scanning. HP has been unable to say when that software, which includes HP Toolbox, will be reading for downloading and installation.

HP should be ashamed of itself for its reprenshible failure to provide this software; after all, Windows 7 is no longer in Beta version and is being sold as OEM and in retail stores for several months.

HP gets a big YIKES!

, US
Oct 21, 2008 11:25 am EDT

HP record keeping has victimized me in my attempt to print, for the first time, photos on my Photosmart C5180 printer. They claim my warranty ended in Sept. '07, but I brought the computer in this calendar year!

First, I attempted an online chat, but was told they could not support my computer, a MacBook Pro. Then, I was given the runaround at their phone center - first, told that I would get help despite their claim about my warranty, and then, second, told that I would not because of their warranty claim. Arrrgh!

I have not printed ONE photo as yet.

, US
Jul 06, 2010 9:47 pm EDT
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I purchase a HP Pavilion dv 6700 the end of April 2017, and I now have to replace the Laptop because the video card went bad.This is after Not getting a $175.00 rebate after checking on it three times, and replacing the Power pack to the tune of $70.00 all told this computer has cost me almost $400.00 a year to use. I think that make HP a very Poor value for the Money. and I will tell anyone that will listen, how poor a value HP is for your computer buying dollar, and suggest, that they Look to other brands.My Toshbia lasted 8 years

Jim R
, US
Oct 11, 2010 5:24 am EDT

I received my Hewlett Packard notebook back after the second go around with service. I turned it on when I got it home and it still isn't fixed. It was late so I didn't call. Seems Fed Ex delivers when I'm at work. I can't fault them --they are just doing their job. But it means we then have to go and pick it up after a certain time. Which we did.

I called early enough and got a nice gal named Pam. She was very helpful and had me do this and that and it still didn't work. She wanted me to take the back off and I balked. I figure if the service center didn't fix it, my tinkering with the insides isn't going to either. I was polite when I told her this and she said then it would have to be sent back in. I expressed my frustration and she came back and said according to protocol it has to be sent in three times and then if it still comes back not working, then there's the possibility of getting it replaced, but it isn't a sure thing. I told her I had to problems with her, but I would like to talk to her supervisor.

Well, I did talk to the supervisor. He said is name was Lander. He read me the protocol. I am a teacher and people read differently than they talk. Maybe he figured he'd dazzle me with baloney or something. I waited until he was finished and said I didn't agree with his protocol and that I am one very frustrated customer. He was a bit flippant by this point. I asked what HP was going to do to make me happy and he said I would have to send it in.

Then he informed me that I shouldn't be upset because it took less than a week to get the computer returned to me. Are these folks nuts or what? Yes, it was less than a week, but it wasn't fixed. I pointed that out to him and he said, but why are you upset when it took less than a week.

I asked if he had a supervisor and he said yes. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me they don't take phone calls. Isn't that rich?

I told him I would be putting all this on Facebook and my blog and I asked him nicely to document it. He said OK and then thanked me for calling HP and hung up.

Gosh, just makes me want to run out and buy another HP...NOT!

Jackson , US
Jan 29, 2009 3:39 pm EST

I purchased 3 hp pavillion laptop computers the last week of October.. as nearly 2017.00 dollars.. out of the 3 one of them had a manufactors defect. .the button battery in the computer broke loose of its casing and fried the mother board and the ram .. This after 2 1/2 months of owning this computer..

HP does not stand behind their warrenty.. the refused to fix it with out charging me 434.82 i paid 550.00 for the computer..

It would be rediculous to pay nearly what I paid orginally to fix a computer i just bought

Coon Rapids, US
Aug 16, 2009 4:55 pm EDT

O own an HP deskjet 6840 wireless network printer. There was always a small proiblem when the door closed and it would catch a little bit. I usually changed the ink cartridges at our house so i was usually able to gently set it in a correct position to close smoothly. One time my wife changes ink cartridges and while closing the door she kind of forced it past that little spot and the trigger inside the case that tells the printer that the door is closed broke off on the end. I am fairly handy and could probably fix this myself but HP doesn't offer such a part, nor do any of their partners listed on their website.

Bottom line is that the printer is disposable. You can take it to get it fixed maybe somewhere but it will cost mopre to fix than it would to buy a new printer. Why won't HP support thier products? Why must I buy a dispoasable piece of equipment and if anything goes wrong, have to buy a new machine?

I think this is probably the worst business ethic i have seen in my life. If you are going to sell a product to consumers then you damn well better be able to supply parts for it. Else, if you aren't goiung to back the product than start selling then for 29.95 so it isn't such a big hit when you have top replace it. The money that HP saves by not stocking spare parts could be passed on to the comsumer in the form of lower product cost.

My next printer will not be an HP I guarentee that...

Silver City, US
Nov 10, 2009 2:27 pm EST

Hewlett Packard, from our rather too extensive experience, is not averse to engaging in duplicitous sales - basically, they sold us what we did not want in spite of being told what we did want. The phone support was terrible, they kept sending us from here to there, this section, that section, until the 21 day return time was exhausted then refused to take the computers back.

Their U.S. staff were rude, unhelpful, and essentially told us to engage in anatomically impossible acts (while using the nicest possible words). They just plain don't care.

The India staff were very helpful, often uninformed, and very hard to understand.

We have ended up with material we do not want and that does not do what we want. I certainly wish that I had never heard of the company.

Unless you are highly computer literate, I would never recommend your buying from them.

Janice, Concord N.C.
Concord, US
Feb 15, 2010 3:16 pm EST

I purchased a 9100z desktop computer on 1/13/2017. I have (2) 500gb hard drives, on 1/27/2017 both hard drives failed. When I purchased the computer, I asked about warrenty on hard drives. I was told I had a 3 year warrenty on each hard drive. Now HP insists the warrenty was for only one year. I contacted Western Digital, they verified the warrenty on each hard drive is good until 1/13/2017. PROBLEM...Western Digital assigned warrenty to HP, HP will not honor, but will replace for $250.00 +shipping &handling. Western will sell replacement to me for $70.00 each. WHAT A SCAM! Iwill never buy HP again. HP you should train you phone persons to stop talking to customers as if they are three years old or complete imbeciles!

idaho gall
Chubbuck, US
Mar 14, 2013 4:27 pm EDT

I purchased some software. The website said that total would be $21.76 but they billed me $22.29. I know this is no more than $0.53 but when i called to check on it he said their receipt was wrong. (Receipt also said total was $21.76 including tax) but rep on phone said tax was extra. Stated receipt said tax was included. He refused to help further. I want to know if any others out there have been over billed like this. I know it is not much but if they did it to 1000 customers that gives them $53.00 in a week. You know they send out at least that much software a week. And if they do this on other purchases it really adds up for an gouging of their customers by then end of the year. Not to mention it is illegal. If they have done this to you also and you would like to join a class action law suit please comment back on my post.

London, GB
Jul 16, 2009 2:19 pm EDT

I have been in the IT sector for over 30 years including support and I can only add to the numerous complaints regarding HP support. Having suffered terrible support for years from other suppliers - don't talk to me about Dell! - I was very happy with the support I received from HP when I got a laptop about 5 years ago. For a start it was from people I could understand in the UK and Ireland - not the terrible english you get from the sub-continent. These were technically competent, helpful staff who actually knew a thing or two and resolved problems. For some time I went round recommending people pay the extra premium for HP as the support was so superior to any other supplier.

However, recent experiences over the past few years regarding support for more recently purchased HP products have left me feeling that they couldn't provide a worse service. Support is from the sub-continent with the usual language problems and process-driven approach. Supposedly senior support reps know nothing. Queries are returned informing me that nothing can be done! This even when I have found a work around on my own! Most recently, having been promised a courier would arrive - and got that in writing - guess what. Of course. After waiting in a day, losing money and being left without basic business tools to run my business, yes he didn't come and I have no clue when he will.

I will never, never, never, never buy another HP product. Absolute crap.

Jeffrey R. Pickens
Feb 16, 2008 5:09 pm EST

I am writing to inform you of the terrible, time wasting experience I had with the so-called “support” service which wasted over 80 minutes of my valuable time on Thursday, 2/14/08, and over 90 minutes of my valuable time on Saturday, 2/16/08.

The “support” representatives repeatedly asked for my street address, which I had already provided at the time I registered my Compaq and the extended warranty. They also had me go through multitudes of repetitious entry-level troubleshooting routines, despite my attempts to explain that we had determined the problem was hardware related. I was then placed on hold for over 20 minutes before someone relented and agreed to send a box for me to ship my laptop back the HP for repair.

Naturally, based on the incompetence of the individuals I spoke with on the phone, I have ZERO confidence that my laptop will be repaired properly. Unfortunately, sending the laptop back to HP is my only option at this time.

The next time I am in the market for a new computer, I will most definitely choose a brand other than HP due to the gross incompetence of the service staff.

Beaumont, US
Aug 17, 2010 12:40 pm EDT

Hewlett Packard and Nvidia Corporation has knowingly sold defective laptops. The laptops overheat and sometimes catch fire. HP is only fixing some of the laptops. I have been told my laptop will NOT be fixed. there is a class action suit against HP and the latest is that a judge has ruled in HP's favor. That ruling is being challenged. In November of 2017, HP and Nvidia Corporation knew about the problem. I purchased in 2017. There is an "extended warranty" available for only "certain" video chips. The video chips affected are much more than HP and Nvidia claim. Please see for all the facts. I contacted HP service and was told that my laptop will NOT be repaired. However, if I send it with $300 it will be fixed. Then of course, 18months later the laptop will overheat and the video chip will fail due to design failure.

Nashua, US
Mar 24, 2012 11:48 am EDT
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Purchased a replacement HP Pavillion (P6-2033w) tower after a power outage/surge took out an older machine. The place of purchase has a 15 day return policy.

20 days into the new machine..been turned on 4 times at this point. The machine will not boot up windows software and the fans continue to run until secondary cooling fans fire up. Burning smell. Called after purchase HP customer service. It's...wait for India..go figure. Couldn't even communicate the issue and spelling of my name, etc. Got very frustrated as they continued to call me by the wrong name, wrong compute id, etc..asked to escalate to a manager/supervisor after 2 1/2 hours on phone in the middle of the night.

Actually got someone that said the matter would be taken care of, NO MATTER WHAT. She understood my frustration and promised to take the pc back for replacement.

This never happened, as the channels broke down and was never able to talk the same person twice.

After hours of going no where..found a number online that got me the HP headquarters in California. Got misdirected (go figure?) to the laptop division, but did speak to someone in charge there who suggested the tower did need to be replaced also, but could not initiate the process as he was in a different division.

Once again, new case manager installed into process (about 2 weeks in) and get call back insisting the machine be brought somewhere for repairs and 'that I may be responsible for repair/shipping charges" and once I sent it, I was signing off any rights. This shoudve ended with me taking them to small claims, as I would not sign off on anything. A 20 day old computer, new in the box, and the company would not stand behind it, honor anything but a repair with possible expenses, with a turnaround time of 10-14 days, all of which I found unacceptable. I asked ifg I could speak with anyone else when offered these ultimatums. I could not and the woman (Jodi) was very blunt and would not bend. After 2 1/2 weeks, timeless hours spent on the phone..I decided enough was enough and placed the tower in the car, brought i down to the landfill and slammed it down on the pavement to vent..kicked the pile together and left where electronics were recycled. I then offered Jodi pictures of my trip to the landfill...she did not respond.

Take this as a sale customer service is bordering on non existent and a horrifying experience all around. Never again, and have 3 HP purchases in the past (not including printers, accessories)

Not worth the hassle..

Columbus, US
Jul 19, 2012 12:07 am EDT
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The battery on my HP Mini 110 netbook had absolutely no problems and held a great charge. After my computer died one night while on battery power, the battery will now no longer charge. Despite multiple efforts disconnecting/reconnecting the battery it will not "charge" for more than a few seconds before again stating "0% available (plugged in, not charging). I doubt I am the only one with this issue since the forum on HP's website for this problem has over 16, 000 views ( and none of the fixes work.

Port Jervis, US
Oct 04, 2009 5:02 pm EDT

My son bought top of the line HP laptop for college. (so we thought) Two days after the warranty was up, guess what? Hard disc failure. When you speak to techs they first try to sell you a $99 extended warranty in order for you to even speak to them. This does not include any software problems or hardware problems. So what does it cover? Well I wasn't stupid and didn't buy into their SCAM. I explained my problem and they still insisted on this fee. I feel there is a problem with all HP laptops since my employer also bought 150 of them and they are all junk now. I should of listened and told him to buy a different brand (like DELL) like everyone told me to do. It would be nice if someone could stop this nonsense from HP and we could speak to people that SPEAK our own language and live up to the products name and fix or at least offer support for something that should NOT of happened 1 year and 2 days after the warranty expired.

Jul 30, 2008 7:38 pm EDT

I purchased a Laptop computer from hervey norman on the 12/01/08 which was advertised as having a $150 cash back, As iI am not fluent with computers iI returned to the store a week later and the the salesman if he could do the necessary forms on the internet, he was good and said that that would be no problem. On week later just to be sure, I wrote a later to HP to let them now i had taken the necessary steps online to receive my cash back. Not long after that i received a letter telling me that the expiry date had elapsed. I phoned hp and only got a machine, I left a message for them and the machine told me theyu would contact me within 24 hours. I then tried to contact the manager of Hervey Normen on a number of occassions but he was always in conference, so i left a message there as well. As neither hervey normen or Hp contacted me i called hervey norman AGAIN and was able to speak to the assistant manager who would not even tell me his or the manager name, All he told me was he would look into it and get back to me! I have still not heard from Hewlett Packard and Hervey norman never got back to me, But i am not giving up on this and I will get my Cash Back Yet...

Kuba Granicki
, ZA
Sep 22, 2011 3:11 pm EDT

We purchased the HP officejet Pro K8600 colour printer.
when it malfunctioned and started streaking the prints we called HP. Hp ran us through all the alignments and the printing head cleaning etc...
Eventually they asked us to take it to letmerepair in Midrand, apparently their approved maintenance and repair partner.
Today after applying a bit of pressure we retrieved our replacement unit. our replacement unit is a refurbished unit.
nobody was able to tell me what warranty i now had... after we installed it in the office, it has not managed to make one successful test print it just chews up the paper.
HP put us to complaints where LUKI conversation reference number [protected] told us to take it back to the repair centre.
The repair centre had nobody available at managment level to help us.

We are still stuck without a3 printer :-(

Deke Houlgate
Carlsbad, US
May 14, 2009 8:59 pm EDT

After 2 plus days of trying to get back on line, our service provider (AT&T), saids HP was the problem solver. When we called HP, first off we were told we had to authorize a $99.00 payment. We did that with an American Express card. After so much plugging & unplugging and clicking, the problem was NEVER solved. We were told AT&T was the problem and that we 'd probably have to pay another $99.00 to get the problem solved. We called AT&T again ans finally got somebody that figured out the solution which is how we are able to send this to you today. We feel HP's charge of $99.00 is not fair because they never found and /or corrected the problem. Also, in essence, the charge is for a year's worth of tech support. We are, frankly, not impressed with HP's tech support.

Swampscott, US
Apr 23, 2012 7:05 am EDT

I bought a brand new computer (Hp pavilion hpe). Two weeks into using it (It was lightning fast) my entire my documents disappeared into thin air. Luckily I had backed it up on an external hard drive. So I restored it and bought an online service for double back up. Over the next few weeks it would just randomly shut down, not boot up, etc. After having the computer

Cindy Watkins
Fostoria, US
Oct 04, 2009 11:07 pm EDT

I bought my HP Pavilion Dv7-1175 nr entertainment laptop from Bestbuy on January 8th, 2017. On September 5th it died. Lucky for me I bought Bestbuy's extended warranty (after reading the other complaints). Bestbuy sent it to be repaired under original manufacturers warranty. Replaced motherboard and charging cord. SD card slot was also bad. After being gone for 1 month they shipped it back to bestbuy. When bestbuy fired it up it would not boot into windows. They ran diagnostics and found the hard drive to be possibly bad also. They formatted the hard drive and reloaded the operating system and the next day sent it home with me. After running for 1 day it crashed. I took it back to Best buy today October 4th, 2017. Hopefully they will replace the hard drive. I will never buy another HP computer product ever. I wish there was a lemon law for electronics. I paid good money for a piece of junk. The laptop I owned before this one was 5 years old and only ever had the battery replaced on it.

Cindy Watkins

, US
Sep 19, 2009 2:18 pm EDT

This is to let you know about such a company as hewlett-packard and the quality or the lack of quality customer service that they seem to provide. I have never ever experienced such awful treatment of customer support.

To begin I was given a hp notebook pavillion dv 6000 for christmas it worked fine for 6 months or so then I experienced some wireless card issues, contacted hp, after going through a little bit of try this, try that, and it didn't work, they finally sent out a box so that it could get sent out for repairs. Few months passed, then in august I started to have the same issue, I call customer service, and either no one in usa picks up the phone or it is too busy that you get someone in india. I have no problem with that, but sometimes as I have explained to them, I don't or did not understand what they were saying. So with the language barrier and them saying things, and telling me to repeat things, it starts to get irritating after a hour or so. Anyways, my 2nd time in august after getting through and telling them of the same situation, and them telling me that I had to try this, get a screw driver and do this and that.

I refused stating that I am not a computer repair person and I will not take a screwdriver and possibly damage the computer anymore. He replied to me, "oh no maa'm you can't do any damage, but I refused and I just told him that I wanted to talk to a manager then so I can tell them of my situation and how and what I need to do to send it back out to get it repaired properly. After waiting for awhile on the phone, I think I left my name and number with the case manager and we worked it out so that she would call me the next morning.

So my computer is at the service center somewhere, they received it on 8 22 or 27th I cant think straight from all the frustrating phone calls for the past few days. Anyways, I was given the date 8/30 then 9/18 for my computer to return to me. I called a week or so before 9/18 to make sure that it was going to be back to me and she assured me that I would have it back on 9/18. My 7 year old son has been asking me for the last month where is your computer mommy? When are you getting it back? I understand that eta of 9/18 is estimated but when I spoke to someone a week ago, she shouldn't have assured me that I would have it back on 9/18. Not to say that my son has been disappointed, but I have called daily, many times throughout the day since then to get any information of where my computer is, what is going on.

I have told them I have gotten to updates on any delay about my computer, I have left my work phone, cell phone number for any managers to call me, but to no avail, no phone calls, so daily I am on the phone with the worst customer service and being transferred around, hung up on, and I was told 2 times after 9/18 that one, you have a motherboard issue and you will not have your computer back until end of october...

I told them, "are you people crazy, that is ridiculous, and told them again to have any manager call me, work or on my cell phone and nothing. I was also given a tracking number, and I thought to myself, oh wow, finally. But to my disappointment, it was the tracking number for when they received it for repairs. I think she just gave me a number saying that to me since she knew how irate I was, and the more non information that she could tell me, saying, I am sorry maa'm, she gave me a number to get me off the phone.

Please help. Single mommy who wants her laptop back for her 7 year old son.

, US
Sep 19, 2009 2:15 pm EDT

Do not ever purchase an hp product! I bought a laptop a year and half ago from this company, it was a complete piece of ### right off the bat it took me over a year for them to finally cooperate and after trying to fix it twice they gave me a new computer. My new computer needed to be fixed as well. After trying to call them to track my order several times and they just kept wasting my time I asked to speak to a manager.

Every time I asked for a manager I was refused. Upon tracking my computer I found they received it oct 23, it said I was supposed to get it delivered back on nov 2. When I didn't receive it I called to find out the problem they told me I would be receiving a call from a case manager. One finally contacted me on nov 5th and proceeded to tell me my computer did not have a warranty which it did so after he learned out to read and saw that I did have a warranty told me I would have my computer back by thursday (The call took place on monday) on friday when I still had no computer I called to see what was going on and was told they had just started working on my computer.

I again asked for a manager and have called frequently since I have still been refused a manager. Hp employees the most incompetent, idiotic, people on earth do not ever purchase their merchandise.

Muhammad Salahuddin
, IN
Apr 13, 2011 9:56 am EDT

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Mr. Steve fletcher
Tel:+ [protected]
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, GB
May 03, 2009 6:41 pm EDT

Asked hewlett packard if photosmart all in one c6380 printer was ok to reprint black and white photographs. Just the job they cried could not do better. Fool that I am bought one from them. It is great if you wish your reprints to be red. Tried all the silly things that aio support sugested not much help there. Do not worry technical support will be in touch. Some chance I will be dead before I hear from them. Hewlett packard take your money and run. There customer service is none existence. Do not buy from hp you have been warned. Any offers for a rubbish printer ?

Mt Pleasant, US
Jul 28, 2009 4:35 pm EDT

Laptop motherboard self destructed-
Laptop- Pavilion model dv 9308
Known problem with graphics chip causing motherboard to burn out. HP did NOT take a proactive approach to resolving their manufacturing defect, rather, they let their customers try to find out if their product is one of the millions they sold that are defective. Even though a customer registered the product at time of purchase, HP did not notify owners of the problem.

Although they agreed to fix certain models IF the owner requested it, one has to wonder how many Thousands? of owners didn't know, and therefore just bought a new laptop.

There are a number of class action suits in the pipeline against HP (just Google for it). Until they are resolved, it is buyer beware if you are thinking of an HP computer, desktop or laptop, printer or accessory.
How would you like to to be treated when you put you hard earned money down on a HP product?

BTW: I bought a Toshiba and it is great!

Robert Law
Oceanside, US
Feb 19, 2009 5:51 pm EST

I have an HP Dv6000 laptop. My DVD drive quit working. I performed a BIOS reboot, checked for driver downloads, checked to make sure that the operating system recognized the did not. My laptop is Tag Number DV66 which is not covered by HP's recall. I took it to a computer repair facility. The problem appears to be in the motherboard. HP won't honor fixing it under recall although others are experiencing the same problems. I have been a satisfied HP customer for about 18 years until now. I am very displease that HP knows about this issue and won't do anything. Even CHRYSLER would fix a defectiive product under recall right now to ensure continued customer satisfaction but HP won't.

Fail Ad
, US
Oct 07, 2010 12:06 pm EDT

HP is telling Snow Leopard users they should simply throw away this "all-in-one" printer and by a NEW one. They are not planning to support the scan function of this model.

If HP doesn't support what it sells, then they can expect we might replace our printer but not with one from THEIR company.

Too bad. We are part of a large university community and this will affect a large number of HP purchases. Huge customer service FAIL and terrible for the environment as well.

Jan 29, 2008 12:00 am EST

Purchased new Pavillion desktop in Dec. 2017. In Nov. 2017 the hard drive failed. I knew what had happened and had the error codes and had run a smart test. On phone with techs for hours while they had me run innumerable recovery and restores, I repeatedly told them the HD had failed. Finally they agree to send me a new HD, only after I give them my credit card info. They promise to expedite the shipment. A week later I call again to see where it is, they haven't sent it as they were waiting for me to call back to see if I still wanted it. Some choice words and I have the new HD in a few days. That HD also doesn't work. Three more days trying to get through to "service" and then more so-called techs reading off a plastic flip chart telling me to run recovery and restore. Finally they agree it has to go the factory repair center. They'll expedite it.
A week later I receive my box and send it off. A little over 2 weeks later it returns. My graphics card is taped to the top of the case and 3 separate notes say my motherboard was bad, mt graphics card had corrupted the O/S and the hard drive was bad. Guess they wanted to give me options to blame. I boot up the computer and a factory tech screen pops up, seems HP Repair forgot to finish what they started. I call Tech support, they have no idea what the screen is. They make a wild guess and tell me to start clicking on buttons on the tech screen. Guess what, computer goes haywire and will not boot. 2 more days of calls to HP and more restores/recovery. They finally agree to send it back to Factory repair, expedited of course. A wheel later the box arrives and I send it back. I tape a description of the problem and a diagram of the screen on the PC.Two weeks later myHP returns home for a visit. Take it out of the box which is closed with a single piece of tape and has holes punched in it. Boot it up and I get the exact same screen I sent it in with. I call HP Tech Support and explain the issue. They tell me to click the same buttons last time. I explain that didn't work. They say that is the button, fine, I click it and computer goes haywire. I cheerfully inform the tech that they've managed to kill my PC again. They ask if I can try clicking another of the buttons- then comes restore/recovery time.

I've had enough, two months without a computer. I demand a replacement and after an hour of trying to fend me off they say a case manager will call. A week later one does actually call, a supposed senior case manager. He listens with barely any interest and says HP will replace my PC. But it's Friday and they have to research my PC to see what I can have as a replacement. I say its listed on your website, what's comparable? He can't tell me. but promises to call Monday with some specs to see if I agree- then it will take up to 14 working days to deliver. Well now its Wednesday and no call back. Even if they called tomorrow and promised to deliver a new PC it would be up to three months without a PC. Did I mention they offered to upgrade my replacement for only $300-500? How nice of HP! HP service is useless, the techs have little or no knowledge and the company will not back up their product. You will not receive a straight answer or the truth from techs or case managers. I purchased another computer so I would have one to use. I would never buy another HP product if it was my last choice. Buyer beware and trust not the snake in HP clothing.

Cheshire, US
Apr 09, 2009 3:23 pm EDT

I purchased an HP Pavilion DV9000 Laptop last February (2017) online from It came with Windows Vista pre-installed. In the first six months I noticed there were power issues, the desktop icon saying that it was “plugged in, not charging” at some point the power failed completely. Not only could I not charge the battery, but I also could not even run the notebook on AC power. I also noticed that the notebook was having trouble accessing the hard drive. Windows were hanging and vista was slow to close and open.

I called the support number and spoke to a tech, let me first say there was a significant language barrier, but after hashing the details out and coming to the conclusion that the power supply was the issue, not the Motherboard or battery, which I suggested (his direction, not mine) he sent me a new transformer/power cable. Less than six months later the computer started misbehaving again, same troubles as before, windows would hang or crash and there were times when AC power was plugged in and still not listed as charging, and then a major crash.

I called again and spoke to another CSR who also had a rather heavy accent but was more understandable than the last, I explained the problem as well as the previous issues and he concluded that the issue was software based; I contended that I believed that there were hardware issues as well. I cited the hard drive lag as well as many other issues I had in the interim. He never suggested a hardware replacement even though, as I recently discovered, there was a recall on the model I purchased in January of 08, covering the very issues I had.
On April 7, 2017 the computer had yet another catastrophic failure. I tried to restore data using the recovery console but to no avail, the system would not recognize the backup drive (I tested it and it was working fine) I recovered some of the data using Avast! Recovery and as soon as I tried to use the recovery console to reset to factory settings, the hard drive failed.

At this point I called HP tech support (3rd time in 1 year) and talked to a CSR, she was extremely helpful and patient but was unable to resolve my issue. I asked her to push me to a supervisor, who was immediately rude and insistent in the assertion that even though I had reported this as a problem and had been dissuaded from a repair that I should have called when the issue became apparent again. He tried to blame me for what was clearly a manufacturing defect, probably several. I expressed to him my annoyance that he had tried to place the blame on the shoddy design of their products on the consumer and even after going through great lengths to prove my case it was still “incumbent” upon me to follow up on an issue I had already reported.

The supervisor was rude, kept interrupting me and would not bow to reason. The fact seemed to be that HP wants to push even an inevitable failure from being replaced until after the warranty expires.

, US
Dec 07, 2011 10:48 pm EST

Saturday, 10/01/2017. Less than a month ago, I ordered a battery from hp and when I tried the new battery it did not work. So, I call hp then they said, “You need an adapter.” It took over 35 minutes for hp to process that new order for an adapter. To make things worst, today hp sent me the wrong adapter. Why did your worker did not take the time to match a single part with one product. Hp sent me a car adater instead of a wall socket apdapter.

As I called hp. hp told me we do not have that adapter you need in stock. Then they said you need to be at home on Monday from 8am – 5pm for Fedex to pick up the car adapter we sent you. Then they gave a number to hp’s part store and said call them on Monday. This is service I get for being over 10 years loyal hp customer. I promise you I will never buy another laptop, desktop, printer, stock or any other thing from hp.

I was told by hp rep. that after Fedex pick up the wrong adapter I would be given a refund but today, Fedex was clueless to that and said they have nothing to do with that.

Kerry Pay
Martinez, US
Apr 29, 2012 11:27 am EDT

my dv 9000 overheated and I haven't moved for them not to have sent me a warranty card that the motherboard overheats and to bring in. It was 6 months past my 3 year additional warranty and I didn't find out about the problem they had until an authorized small business that fixes HP computers told me about the problem. I am taking them to small claims for not notifying me about the problem and an HP printer I bought that I also bought an extended warranty on that they will not honor this either. They also will not honor the warranty on a new printerhead I just bought and that is bad. Everyone who lives in California needs to file suit in small claims and I wil be doing this. e-mail address

Toronto, CA
Apr 23, 2012 7:42 am EDT
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Sounds like you downloaded malware. No way a new PC is "lightning fast" for 2 weeks, then begins deleting files and shutting down on its own. Especially not since you admit you bought an online backup service after you restored your 2 week old computer - anyone who doesn't download files would have just sent that PC back for a refund.

, US
Jul 10, 2010 7:02 pm EDT


Sunny Isles Beach, US
Jun 21, 2010 7:17 pm EDT

I purchased one HP Desktop computer from Best Buy some years ago. The unit arrived in a defective condition (floppy disk drive was out), and HP wanted to send a cardboard box to my address to pack up the unit, send it to upstate New York (I live in S. Florida, 1400 miles away), and wait 6 to 8 weeks to get it back. The Best Buy Geek Squad did me a favor and took a look at it, and found that some idiot simply didn't connect the power cable to the back of the drive...THAT would cost me 1400 miles of shipping, and 8 weeks to get the unit back! Over the years, I found the staff in India/Pakistan/Afghanistan, WHEREVER, to be somewhat incompetent, and not well versed in the English language. They make simple to fix problems with hardware & software into very complex, lengthy phone calls. The company uses cheaper quality electronics, and is very inconsistent with what they install in their computers: they cannot tell you EXACTLY what is in your computer, as they buy different parts for every different batch of computers they assemble. I will never buy one of their computers ever again...buyers, heed my complaint!

Burlington, CA
Jun 12, 2010 6:36 pm EDT

I also own an HP Laptop the DV6000 series and have only owned it for a little over a year, of course out of warranty and my DVD drive has also stopped working. Very frustrating, I've checked the DVD on another laptop and it works fine so the problem is with the motherboard. I've tried all the patches and updates and nothing has worked so the motherboard is bad.

That's it for HP this is the second laptop from HP that has gone bad, I will not be caught more HP for me. Calling HP is also useless. Sigh.

New York, US
Feb 15, 2010 3:37 pm EST

And there is no way you can convince WD to contact HP on your behalf? This BLOWS!

discusted in HP
, US
Jan 26, 2010 10:58 am EST

You are so right, HP customer service is horrible.
They cant fix a microphone, advised me to go out and buy an external. The American Way! screw you

angel very madddd
Hot Springs, US
Oct 05, 2009 3:29 am EDT

wow i just bought a hp dv4 1435 dx i hope it does not do the same thing i also bought it from best buy and paid a lot of money for it and i am having problems with a virus that has been on it sence day one and i contacted hp support they told me to take it back and i didnt buy the extra warranty