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M Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

After getting disconnected twice, I ended up with a rude person by the name of Hector, who was impatient and told me basically that my machine was out of warranty for tech support, but STILL in warranty for hardware. I asked him if we could make a determination as to why the computer kept freezing and wouldn't load. He told me that because it was out of warranty, he couldn't help me. I said at least we could see if it was a hardware problem. Hector was rude, and spoke over me often, refusing to listen. I know HP has received many complaints about locating their help centers overseas because of ethnic differences in how certain genders are treated, but I felt had I been a man, he would have listened better. He kept mispronouncing my name on purpose, and was disrespectful when corrected. I asked him if I bought an extended warranty, how much would it be and for how long. At first he said $79.95 for 3 years, then changed his tune to say "but it will be from the time your original warranty ran out". I told him I didn't feel it was right, that the warranty should be from the date of purchase, going forward. Basically he was rude and flippant, and said that was HPs policy and there was nothing I could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and he not only refused to put them on, but said I needed to accept his decision. Had he been a tech that knew what he was doing, he would have at least spent 5 minutes going through a small diagnostic determination and found that the computer was not finding its hard drive, which should still be covered by warranty.


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      Nov 22, 2017

    Hi Mattie.

    There are cultures that women are subservient; I don't know that it really makes any difference in this case through. For example, I don't see where, as a consumer, one would argue that they should have the ability to change a policy of when an extended warranty should be initiated. Frankly, I'm surprised that HP would be willing to still offer an extended warranty after the original warranty had lapsed.

    Not recognizing a hard drive can be caused by any number of issues. It can be software, firmware or hardware.

    I'd be willing to assist you, as I have extensive background in computer tech support and I.T. Just respond back and we can work on possibly getting the issue resolved.

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