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junk computers, filth customer service

While I own 4 computers, I had decided to buy one as I own an 2004 hp that has never failed.
The new laptops are trash/junk I bought a 4 cpu, touch screen that had disk failure in 4 months so I call their so call trch center and got the now known hindi, realize that these guys get : (training"8 hours a day in a specialized computer school in india and then they hired by trash companies like hp instead of giving the job to americans.
Well the trash customer service rep asked me 3 times if I had another pc or only the trash hp, three times I told him I had others, on the fourth I asked him if he knew he kept asking the same, his response was"do you speak english? "to which I responded"are you an [censor]? " this is where hp proves they are trash and filth the rep proceeded to call me a mother fu_ [censor], nice training eh?
The new ceo care less about customers, only how much he can stuff hin hiss pockets before ba nkruptimg the company.
Buyers beware of trash disguised as a pc you are throwing your money away!!!
Hp has not answer me to this time

[Resolved] hp laptop 15-bs0xx technical support/warranty request

1:46 AM 12/22/2017 Technical Support Customer Service Compliant...

Technical Support Request for a brand new HP Laptop 15-bs0xx, with 11 months remaining on warranty!!
HP Laptop 15-bs0xx
Serial# CND7425W3N
Product# 2NV98UA#ABA

Issue: I'm experiencing technical issues with Windows 10 ever since upgrading the factory installed version to version 1709! The ONLY issue I'm experiencing is with Cortana. Under settings I have it all configured correctly, and specifically Cortana is NOT FUNCTIONING ON THE LOCK SCREEN, and under my personal Administrator account using a Microsoft Account. I researched the issue on Microsoft Support, and they recommended that another user LOCAL administrator account be created then when everything starts working transfer my files to the local administrator account, then delete my administrator account then start using my Microsoft account with the newly created local administrator account! I have done everything except delete my account and start using the Microsoft account with the new administrator local account? The reason I'm hesitant to complete the final tasks is because I have tested using Cortona With the new administrator local account, and Cortona responds and functions a whole hell of a lot better, but, still is not appearing on the lock screen, with any account? I have downloaded a 64bit version 1709 Windows 10 Home ISO, and I'm at the point of doing an in place upgrade?? But, after all the time I have spent getting my current operating system the way I want, and having backups, restore points, and used my one time HP Recovery Media Creation. I am really not sure I want to go through all that again?? IS THERE ANYTHING AT ALL YOU CAN RECCOMEND / IDEA, S OR MAYBE A REGISTRY FIX, OR UTILTY THAT YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS ISSUE BEFORE I CONSIDER IN PLACE UPGRADE, OR RE-INSALLATION??

They refused to assist me and wanted to charge me $99.00 for Smart Friend Service, After Just purchasing this laptop with 11 months remaining on warranty:

Warranty status details for your product: Active

Serial Number
Product Number

HP manufacturer/base warranty
Warranty type
Manufacturer Warranty
Service type
Wty: HP HW Maintenance Offsite Support
Active: Covered under Manufacturer warranty, 11 months remaining.
Start Date
December 02, 2017
End Date
December 01, 2018
Service Level
Stud Office Hrs. Stud Office Days
Stud Office Hrs.' Stud Office Days
Global Coverage
Standard Material Handling
Standard Parts Logistics
No Usage Limitation
Stud Turn-Around
Customer delivers to RepairCtr
HP Ships to Customer Site
Offsite Support & Materials
Hardware Problem Diagnosis
Extend your warranty
Extend your warranty

Service type
Wty: HP Support for Initial Setup
Active: Covered under Manufacturer warranty, 11 months remaining.
Start Date
December 02, 2017
End Date
March 01, 2018
Service Level
Stud Office Hrs Std Office Days
NextAvail TechResource Remote
2 Hr Remote Response
Unlimited Named Callers
Initial Setup Assistance



# [protected]
# [protected]


HP escolated the case to a case managet

bad tech support

Today 12/13/2017, I found that my printer, HP Officejet Pro 8715, had no power. I immediately checked cable...


I have used and recommended HP printers to owners and employees of the businesses we worked with for at least 25 years. Our previous HP printer lasted only a couple of years the latest, an Office Jet 7612 all-in-one, lasted only a year and a half. When I went to the HP website, I had to put in the model number and/or serial number. The site did not recognize either. I tried calling HP support, when I actually got a person on the line they said to call another number, then another until I gave up. It was a very frustrating ordeal! Actually each person I talked with said to go to the HP website, which didn't work.

Even when the printer worked it would refuse to run when ever everything was not perfect, often refusing to print black unless all of the color cartridges were genuine HP, were full of ink and firmly in place. Also it was very difficult, if not impossible to scan, when everything else was not perfect.

The HP ink cartridges are very expensive and run out relatively quick! Partly because they waste ink every time the printer is turned on (going through it's testing phase) and sometimes after a few pages had been printed.

I will be shopping for another printer this weekend. I will look first for anything that is not HP. I will also look for the cheapest I can find (if they only last for a year or two) and use the scanner I had before the latest printer was purchased.

laptop battery

Complaint against fraudulent promises and representation by HP customer care.
History: Bought laptop 15-ay009dx in Nov 2016. Opended the box for first time 11/27/17. yes after a year. Noticed the battery had died and the laptop out of warranty
Called HP customer care on 11/29/17 to report the dead battery and buy a new one. the rep. suggests, I repeat the rep suggests that I should buy a 1 year care package ( extended warranty) at $79 instead of the $59 battery and once the order is processed they can ship the battery for free as part of the extended coverage. Sounded like a no brainer and I bought the extended coverage. I called them 11/30/17 to check on the order processing status, which was and I was charged, and asked them to ship the battery. Now the saga begins for almost an hour, spoke with Parth, Andy and Jay the Loyalty manager and they all said that the rep mistakenly sold me the coverage since batteries are not covered. this is a fraud and I would like a resolution to this. PLEASE HELP and PLEASE GET HP to acknowledge their mistake and HONOR their promise. They still have my $79 and I will never get the battery...feel cheated and robbed..

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not satisfied with printer

client name - Rekha
As HP printer 132 NW created a problem.
I gave my printer to my dealer and they repaired it again and again and charged me Rs.850 (bill attached), dated [protected] it creates a lot inconvenience to me. Really very fed up with Ur service provider.
Issue is it creates a lot of sound while printing after the day I got repaired it and I do complain for it on the same day again and again there was no response and printer is with them.

So I am not satisfied from your service, I am student(B.Tech in CSE)and have to submit many projects, paid for printing even having printer. So I am not satisfied with this model.Kindly refund me or replace it with upper model. If my issue is not resolved within 2 days then I must have to take step for consumer court.

Thanking you.

not satisfied with printer
not satisfied with printer

hp 15 laptop reference # [protected]

After getting disconnected twice, I ended up with a rude person by the name of Hector, who was impatient and told me basically that my machine was out of warranty for tech support, but STILL in warranty for hardware. I asked him if we could make a determination as to why the computer kept freezing and wouldn't load. He told me that because it was out of warranty, he couldn't help me. I said at least we could see if it was a hardware problem. Hector was rude, and spoke over me often, refusing to listen. I know HP has received many complaints about locating their help centers overseas because of ethnic differences in how certain genders are treated, but I felt had I been a man, he would have listened better. He kept mispronouncing my name on purpose, and was disrespectful when corrected. I asked him if I bought an extended warranty, how much would it be and for how long. At first he said $79.95 for 3 years, then changed his tune to say "but it will be from the time your original warranty ran out". I told him I didn't feel it was right, that the warranty should be from the date of purchase, going forward. Basically he was rude and flippant, and said that was HPs policy and there was nothing I could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and he not only refused to put them on, but said I needed to accept his decision. Had he been a tech that knew what he was doing, he would have at least spent 5 minutes going through a small diagnostic determination and found that the computer was not finding its hard drive, which should still be covered by warranty.

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Nov 22, 2017

    Hi Mattie.

    There are cultures that women are subservient; I don't know that it really makes any difference in this case through. For example, I don't see where, as a consumer, one would argue that they should have the ability to change a policy of when an extended warranty should be initiated. Frankly, I'm surprised that HP would be willing to still offer an extended warranty after the original warranty had lapsed.

    Not recognizing a hard drive can be caused by any number of issues. It can be software, firmware or hardware.

    I'd be willing to assist you, as I have extensive background in computer tech support and I.T. Just respond back and we can work on possibly getting the issue resolved.

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hp printer.

I called ab my printer not working and Kevin Taylor from HP customer service was the absolute most rude person I have ever encountered in a customer service situation. I informed him that I hadn't received a call back for my trouble shooting issue. He told me if I don't wanna renew the warranty then why am I wasting his time. I was blown away. He told me to call a supervisor and he didn't care what I did and hung up on me.

  • Updated by Lori McNeal · Nov 08, 2017

    I sent an email to president CEO of company Dion Weisler and have heard no response thus far.

  • Updated by Lori McNeal · Nov 09, 2017

    Actually his rep called me and they sending me a new printer at no charge for the actions of their employee. So apparently some companies do care ab ur business. Hooray for HP!!!

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you end up calling a supervisor?

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's really unlikely the CEO talks to customers at all, let alone one via email. I would try giving them another call unfortunately.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Nov 10, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's a great resolution. You can go into "My Complaints" on your account and mark this as resolved if you want.

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printer setup support

We purchased an inkjet printer today and tried to set it up. We had a problem trying to align the print cartridges so called the number that came with the printer for set up support. The support person accessed our computer to check what might be causing the problem. We have a MacBook and so were referred to the apple specialist. The diagnosis was that the firewall was turned off which caused the problem as well we had a lot of foreign URLs on the computer. We were told that we had not renewed the firewall and we could purchase a one year extension for $200 or more money for a longer period. We have used apple products for many years and this was new to us so we declined in order to check into this further. We discovered that Apple computer's firewall default setting is off and there is very little need to turn it on, in fact it may cause some problems. However it can be easily turned on through settings if one wanted or needed to, nothing to purchase or to license. Needless to say we are appalled that HP support is scamming customers. We just want to complete the setup but how can we trust HP support!!

ordered a desktop 8/25/17 and I still don't have it.

I am extremely frustrated with HP. I have been buying all of my desktops from HP, but after my last order I will never shop at HP again.

I placed an order on on 8/25/2017 for a desktop for $1, 287. The order information stated the ship date was 9/7/17 and the delivery date of 9/16 which was already too long but I decided to wait.

I called to complain but was told they don't know why so they would email the order department to find out. I got an email the next day and was told 10/16/17 . I received the computer late September but it was not working. It turns on but cannot get pass the first stage of setup.
I called HP and was asked to send the new computer that I never got to use in for service.

The computer was delivered for repair on 10/3 and until today it was showing 10/13 as delivery date but now it is showing a delivery date of 11/30/2017.
This is ridiculous. HP customer service people are no help. They just tell me what I see online. Nothing. I am at a point where I just want to tell them to keep it and just buy a computer from Dell. Dell is dependable. I am done with HP after this.

Don't buy from If you need a HP computer get one from a store.

my "free" gift

Today my printer balked and wouldn't finish my printing job because it was too low on ink. After doctor...

unethical behaviour — hp won't fix what it broke

Last night, 9/28/2017, we accepted an "update" from HP--something about printing.
This morning, 9/29/2017, I attempted to print. I received a message that my printer was not connected to the computer--tried to connect, kept getting a message that I needed a "passphrase" to connect. To my knowledge, my printer does not have a passphrase, so I called HP customer service.
On hold a long time. Then, The customer service, printing department--ZUBY--in India said, yes, no problem, just allow me remote access to your computer. I foolishly did so, and watched as many of my computer's files were deleted (I thought the tech knew what the problem was, and was correcting it. Silly me.)
The last thing the customer service, printing department did was reboot the computer. I suggested I put in my PIN number, but Zuby said, no, it will come up. We waiting a while staring at the screen. I finally got on--my PIN wouldn't take, had to use an old password. Couldn't log on to the Internet. The printing department transferred me to the computer department; on hold again, but they couldn't help. The computer department transferred me to another department who said they'd help if I gave them $50, and signed up for a year's support for a monthly fee. I requested the complaint department, was transferred to another department. On hold again. They reiterated I had to pay to fix their damage. I asked to speak to the manager. They agreed; on hold again. Then someone hung up the call--I had been on the phone for 2 hours, 45 minutes, 34 seconds.


I have purchased a HP laptop from Relience outlet in the year of 2015. The lap has a inbuilt windows 10 operating software which has crashed. I tried to reboot the laptop and not successful. I tried with service people to rectify the problem and found that they can reload with pirated operating system that was not acceptable by me. Then I contacted HP customer care regarding this and they have informed that, they will provide the operating system through courier in the form of CD. They registered the compliant and the case id is [protected]. I am trying for the last one week to get a mail from to HP for making the payment as they have informed. But till date there is no response.

hp officejet pro 6830

Since printers should have about a 5 year lifetime, why did my 2 year old printer loose a print head. Could it have been from the Instant Ink Program and them using cartridges over and over again? Who knows. The tech support guy started out talking like he was going to give me this super deal on a new printer, but it was the same price I could buy it for from HP.
Maybe its time to look at another brand.

laptop needed help to repair item see case # [protected]

Asked for local HP repair service location. was put on hold then informed I had to get a case...

hp spectre - global customer service

I purchase a top of the range HP Spectre laptop about 6 months ago and their is a hardware issue where the USB drives have failed. I still have 6 months left on my warranty.

I purchased the laptop in France (when I was living in the UK) but have since moved to Malaysia.

I have spoken with HP support in the US, UK, France and Malaysia and no one can help. They just push me between eachother and wont help.

The issue is that the part they need to fix my laptop is not available in Malaysia (and cant order it in apparently) and France support wont help if I am not actually in France.

So now I have a laptop that I cant use the USB drives on after 6 months after spending best part of £2k on it and HP support provide no resolution. Very disappointing and has put me off ever buying an HP laptop again (was a loyal customer and have bought HP laptops for the past 5+ years.)

desktop pentium

I would like to speak to a real person. I cannot get on line. I need to explain what the computer is doing so the problem can br fixed. You can contact me by phone, [protected], or my lap top, [protected] I really need to speak to a tech. I've always have bought HP products, but this not being able to talk to a real person, that you can understand, is garbage. Thank you for any assistance you can give. I am in Massachusetts, zip code 01720

worst support experience

I constantly get an error saying there's no admin on my laptop when trying to connect it to my HP printer. I contacted technical support and they gave me the run-around for almost three hours. Eventually told me that I should buy the warranty as mine has expired. But I wanted a different thing. I just didn't know how to make myself an admin! I hung up the phone without getting help.
That was very unprofessional of them.

notebook computer

I just spent two hours on the phone with several representatives from HP. Several of the keys on the keyboard of my HP notebook computer are not working correctly. The first guy I talked with said that I needed to send my computer to the repair department to replace the keyboard – cost? Approximately $300. My computer is out of warranty since it is 16 months old.

When I was not satisfied with that resolution of my problem, he transferred me to someone else who spent 45 minutes or so trying to find the part number for the keyboard so I could purchase it and replace the keyboard myself. He searched and searched HP’s site, but was unable to find any information on the part. Both of us marveled at the fact that the replacement keyboard was unavailable on a computer that is as new as mine is.

He transferred me to Central Warehouse Dispatch and I spoke to a fellow in India. Bottom line from this fellow was that I needed to send my notebook in for a repair to the tune of $300. I asked several times for the part number so I could order the part, but he said it was not available. Although I explained to him that everything, except for people, has a part number, he would not give me the part number.

Two hours of my life and nothing to show for it, but frustration. Oh, at my utter embarrassment, I just purchased another HP notebook for my husband for his birthday!

My new mission in life is to share my story so that others will think twice before buying an HP product.

hp envy 360

I bought an HP Envy 360 three months ago, it was working fine until last week when suddenly it would not boot up and I got a screen that said my Boot Configuration Data doesn't contain valid information for an operating system and that if I did not have installation media, to contact the device manufacturer. I tried calling HP technical support via every phone number for HP that I could find and all I got was an automated system that told me to go to the HP website for technical support. So I did that, and painstakingly filled out their form (slowly pecking away on a tablet with one finger), including a detailed explanation of the problem. Finally, I got to the line on the form that wants the serial number (required). I did not have it. After close inspection, I figured out that the serial number is on the back of the device, in teeny tiny light grey print on a silver background. I went to find a pair of high-powered magnifying glasses, and when I got back, the form I had filled out was gone! So I tried again to get ahold of any live person at HP. After several attempts, I finally did get to somebody in sales/ orders (new customers who are buying HP products get live people to talk to, existing ones don't). I know it did no good, but I yelled at her, poor thing. All I need, I think, is an installation disk or thumb drive but HP is no help at all . I've noticed that at least one person who has complained about HP technical support actually got to talk to a real live person, but based on my experience, I don't think that's possible now-a-days. Maybe if I had been able to fill out that form! Why wipe out a nearly completed form (all done except for the serial number)? Are they intentionally trying to torture people? I think so. A sadistic company, in more ways than one. I am now on my third HP laptop (they used to be good) but I'll never buy another one. For all practical purposes, there's no technical support.