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customer service/repair

Here is a copy of a letter I am sending to hp. The fact they treat customers the way they do is so dispicable. Be aware of hp and their poor customer service and repair process!!!

Dear hp executives,

I am writing to tell you about the completely ridiculous "customer service" I have been receiving from your company in regards to getting my hp pavillion dv2221 notebook repaired. I sent my computer to be fixed on july 31st and as of today, august 26th, I have yet to receive my computer back.In fact I was just notified today that it will be another 2 weeks until I "get" my computer back and that I shouldn't expect it back before september 9th. This is completely unacceptable to have customers wait 5 weeks just to get a motherboard replaced. Your company manufactured faulty computers and should be fixing the problem in a timely manner instead of delaying repair time and time again. This is the second time I have been told that my repair has been postponed. I would think a corporation such as yours would anticipate such a problem and prepare for the influx of returned products.

Throughout the past 3 weeks I have received nothing but poor service from your company. Besides being transferred from department to department to department, I have been hung up on several times, sometimes be on hold for over an hour, and not had my questions answered. When I finally landed in the "case worker" line, I was assigned to terry. She too, has done nothing but cause me more anger and disgust for your company. I understand that I can sometimes be difficult to work with, but my yelling and anger is only a result of the poor quality of service I have had to bear calling your "help" lines. When I asked initially why I have to wait 2 weeks more to get my computer back terry told me that "you are not our only customer" and that "you will just have to wait". Yes she offered to replace my product, but with a computer of lesser value and without the programs I had already installed on my computer sitting in your tech support warehouse. When I asked about getting microsoft office installed, I was informed by terry that "it is not our policy to replace those products". How can I be expected to accept a product that is not fully compatible with the one I gave you because your company screwed up?

Her abusive words did not stop there. I decided to be patient and wait the 2 weeks to get my computer repaired. The next arrival date was to be today, august 26th. Not once did I receive an email or phone call updating my status, nor did I receive a shipment notification. Because of this I called the case worker line twice yesterday. During those calls I talked to 2 guys who were very pleasant and as helpful as they could be, monty and john. During my conversation with john we had discussed all the issues your company is having repairing these products and he told me that I was not the worse of the customers who called. He, like monty, said that a note was going to be made to terry to follow up on my case and I should be receiving a call. Well, guess what? No call was ever made and when I called in to talk to terry, I was pretty irate about the fact I was just informed that I would have to wait until sept. 9th to get my computer back. I told her my conversation with john and she had the gaul to tell me "i highly doubt he said that". I was then hung up on and when I called back and requested a new case worker, I was denied the option. I was told flat out that terry is my case worker and I can not switch. How is it possible in a coproration such as yours that if a customer is having a problem with one person, someone else can not help? According to terry and the others in that department, she is the end all when it comes to customer service. I find that pretty hard to believe and completely ridiculous if that is the case.

All I want is my computer back in working order!!! I don't want a replacement computer. I don't understand why you can't accomodate your customers in a timely fashion. Not once when I sent my computer in was I told that repair on this product was going to take longer that usual. I was guaranteed 8-10 business days. It is now 3 weeks later and I am being told I will have to wait another 2 just to get an updated status. How much do you want to bet at that point I am going to be told my repair is going to take another 2 weeks, then another, then another? According to terry, I should have to expect to wait a couple of moths for this repair. Unacceptable!!!

I am a small business owner and am in the market of buying some more equipment for my company. Needless to say, after this experience I will not be purchasing any hp products again. I will also make sure to tell my friends and family about this whole situation and encourage them to go elsewhere to buy their computer products. I understand your company is having a serious problem with this motherboard issue, but you need to make this right and get us our computers back in working order. We as customers expect to be given the repair we are promised and products that are manufactured efficiently. There is no reason at all I should have to deal with nasty attitudes, unhelpful agents and a waiting time that has turned out to be at least 3 times longer than the inital agreement.

Because of this delay I have been forced to rent a computer to conduct day to day personal and professional duties. If I do not receive my computer back in working order by september 9th, as stated in my status report, I will start billing you for every extra rental agreement I have to make. Even though you are not charging me for repair, I am still having to spend money to make up for your inability to be efficient. I really hope this letter is taken seriously and that a response is made to appropriately fix this issue. I can not have my computer repair be delayed any longer, nor should I have to.

  • Bi
    bigcurt04 Dec 16, 2009

    Great letter!! Well written and explained! I hope everything works out!

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can not find the projector lamp

Hi, I am from turkey and I live in istanbul. 3 years ago I bought a projector vp6220 model of hp. 2 weeks ago the lamp life is finished. And I tried to get the lamb from any store of hp. But I couldn't find the product. I called hp turkey, but unfortunately, during these 2 weeks they couldn't help me and didn't tell me whether they would provide the lamp or not. I called altim bilisim which is the main distributor for hp parts, but they told me that, the lamp was not a part of the projector, it was only a consumption material, so they would not provide help for it. I called hp turkey several times but they didn't help me. Hp case number is [protected]. They gave me this case number but when I called several times, I told the same case to everyone in call center, they don't follow up the case. They ask me again what my problem is.
As a result, hp turkey, didn't tell me anyhthing during these two weeks..
My request is, either hp turkey takes this projector device and give my money back, or provide the lamp.

I gave my phone number to hp turkey, but I think they didn't save my number on database. Because they wanted my phone number 3 times in different days.
"call center support" is not a simple issue such as " how may I help you". If a call center will not help me after 10 times of call, then it means that, hp turkey call center is unnecessary. You can follow up the cases about hp turkey in which is the biggest complaint site about the products in turkey.

I hope hp will help me about this issue.
Best regards.

Please inform me via email cuneyt. [protected], about what will happen to my projector device.

warning! do not buy hewlett packard products

Look at the below text.. If you are wise, you will never buy hp products again! Who has time to go through...

non-functioning or malfunctioning of color

I purchased an All in One HP Photosmart C4180 printer from
Staples Canada. The Staples sales representative tried pressuring me into taking out an extended warranty - given that
this wasn't the most expensive of printers and assuming that I was still buying a decent product with a 12 month guarantee from a reputable company and manufacturer that would give me good service for a number of years - didn't feel it was necessary to pay the extra. I had used a Canon for
many years without problems but eventually it came to the end of it's life when using color the black still worked but as I am a keen photographer and like to print my own pictures immediately so liked liked the idea of the Photosmart HP C4180 with its All in One features and had seen the picture reproduction on a friend's similar but less
fancy model and liked the end result.

So after Boxing Day 2 years ago, I decided to invest in the HP product. It was easy enough to install and gave me good service for a very short period of time except that every time I turned on the printer I had to re-align the print-heads. I persevered and used up much more ink that I intended, having to do this continuous cleaning. I chatted with a HP sales rep. at Staples when purchasing yet another cartridge and he told me to contact HP - this was not supposed to happen. This I did and the agent very kindly ran me through various procedures - seemed to adjust something from her end or told me what to do from my end and all was well for a short time and we were back to square one plus colored ink flooded the paper on numerous occasions.
I changed papers and used the HP's own paper. Nothing doing, it still flooded. I called HP and they suggested I return the printer for exchange and they would replace it. This was done pretty promptly with no hassles except that they failed to tell me that the guarantee or warranty was only valid for 3 months.
During this time I became ill and spent much time at home and not able to use the printer for some time except for printing letters. So didn't report this to HP. I tried using the colour printer again after some months- still problems - either flooding or
re-alignment was required. I contacted HP again - and was told how to clean the cartridge, contacts etc. Maybe even replace it. This I did. We were in business - all went well for a few printings and back to square one. Trouble again, including now a lack of yellow which was showing full and should have been since I had only just put in yet another cartridge. I only use HP cartridges.
Staples advised me not to waste anymore $$ as the yellow contact was probably faulty. I decided to try just once again though with a cartridge I had bought in the US a little cheaper than in Canada and take the chance by cleaning everything before I began. No go. I called HP and they kindly replaced the cartridge for me as I was going through so many without having used it much with so much cleaning that had to be done. They could offer no solution - only to take the unit or send it in for repair at my cost. As aside from what I had already wasted on it not worth it and would be without a printer
to even print black now until I got it back and the problem remedied if at all.

If I had wanted a black only printer - I could have kept my old Canon and continued to use it just as well.

I am now faced with a predicament. I can't continue wasting and trying to fix this darn printer which I am ready to "trash". What a waste of $$$. I can only use black and at times I get streaks of color
interfering with the black even when the color cartridge is
is switched to the off position via the computer. It won't function without the colour cartridge installed.

This C4180 is a lemon as far as I am concerned.

I spoke to someone who had purchased 3 for a business and was told that 1 had given them good service and the other 2 not.

What can HP do for me?

I need a fully operative all in one printer and certainly wouldn't entertain the idea of buying another HP. Their customer service people try but can't do anything further for me due to the warranty being out of action. Two printers with the same problem suggest to me that there is a factory fault. Reading reviews now since this model has been on the market for some time suggest there are definitely problems with this model.

Trying to find an executive to contact ad this has been impossible today.
I called customer service and was told to look at their HP website and I could e-mail an executive but wasn't able to find the correct contact box on the screen.

I was given a 905 telephone number to call in Toronto for HP by 411 but there was no answer, not even a voice mail.

Hence I am turning to you to try and resolve my predicament.
I bought this unit in good faith and from my experience with this model would not buy an HP again.

Canon has a good reputation and Kodak have come out with a
more unit that is more economical to run.

I can't even sell this unit as it is - it has no value.

What can you do for me?


  • Gl
    G.Lemieux Mar 08, 2010

    The computer is on warranty. The touchpad activate itself. Touchpad keys go on and off randomly and repeatively. Problem may be reproduced by applying uneven pressure on the computer case while holding it in your hands (slightly twisting the base). Problem may also be reproduced by working on an uneven surface such as lap, bed, etc. Problem very intermittent while computer left untouched (or unattended) on a table.

    1. Touchpad problem first come up in fall 2009. I send the laptop to HP for repair after system restore. RESULT: Tech support replaces the hard drive (or motherboard).
    2. A few weeks later, touchpad problem come back. I call tech support which says that the problem is well known and that the touchpad should have been changed during the first tech support intervention however it was not. So I send back the laptop to HP and get it back a few days later. RESULT: The touchpad has been changed.
    3. On the first use after the replacement of the touchpad, I notice that it has an important bump underneath the touchpas itself. The touchpad was not properly installed. RESULT: I send the laptop to support again and the laptop is shipped back to me. The bump is much reduced but still present.
    4. The touchpad problem got back a few weeks later (3 weeks ago). I'm in the middle of moving and don't have time to deal with backup and shipping laptop until now (March 8, 2010). I call tech support tonight (I spoke to 'Mike' just a few minutes ago). RESULT: Mike tells me that I have to ship the laptop to tech support after performing system recovery. He pretends the support team won't fix the problem before we exclude the software aspect. This is unacceptable.

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  • Sh
    SHAME ON HP CANADA Oct 03, 2011


    Here are a few points taken from HP’s Standards of Business Conduct: Building trust together and I've rated each one as follows:
    1)Passion for customers - FAILED
    2)Uncompromising integrity - FAILED
    3)Customer loyalty – FAILED

    Now let me tell you WHY:

    The following is an e-mail I sent to HP Canada CEO and submitted to HP Canada customer service online:
    I purchased a new desk jet printer from HP in Feb. this year to replace a HP printer/scanner that stopped working. Neither I nor the HP technicians were able to install the new printer.

    The technician suggested I purchase another desk jet printer. I had the same problem with the 2nd printer - would not install either.

    I checked with a technician here in Ottawa and he assured me that there was nothing wrong with my operating system.

    I decided to keep the printers until someone could figure out how to install one of your new printers. (I have an HP laser printer that is my main printer).

    My hard drive (3RD defective HP hard drive) crashed. This past week I was able to replace it and install one of the HP printers I had on hand and planned to return the one your technicians advised me was not the best one and now one of your printers is installed and is working perfectly.

    Yesterday when my installer was speaking with your technician about installing one of the printers, your technician said that the printers would not install on my old system because I had Windows XP MEDIA EDITION. WHY didn’t they tell me that in February? OBVIOUSLY if I had been told that the printers would not work with my existing system I would have returned both immediately.

    I have been advised that I am unable to return the 2nd printer, even though it has not been used, because you have a 21 day return policy. AT NO TIME did any of your technicians tell me about any return policy and my receipt does NOT mention any return policy. OBVIOUSLY if I had been told about your return policy or saw this information on my invoice I would have returned both printers immediately.

    This printer cost me close to $100.00 and I would very much appreciate receiving a refund.

    I do understand that some companies and businesses have return policies, but their customers are advised about their return policy conditions and the conditions are always indicated on their merchandise invoice.

    I have installed one of the printers, am satisfied with it and plan to keep it. I just want to return the 2nd unused one.

    For many, many years I have been a VERY faithful and satisfied Hewlett Packard customer - UP UNTIL NOW.

    I would really appreciate your help and am looking forward to a positive resolution.

    1) I received a call from the original Case Manager who said Corporate Headquarters sent my e-mail to him and he refused to allow me to return a brand new printer, ever though I am keeping the other one.

    2) They had the gall to send me an e-mail asking me to participate in a survey!!!

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  • am a customer of Punjab National Bank. Several months ago I opt for net Banking of PNB. For the first time the Password was so blurred that it was unable to guess. I went to branch and ask them to reset my password 1 month before, but not reset my password up till now. Here we can note... RITESH M. BHOPALE
    AMRAVATI- EMAIL ID- [email protected] contact-9403169882

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repair scam

My Compaq laptop that I bought last October had a defect with the wireless card. Seems it was a crappy card to begin with and it died.

I contacted HP and they were very nice and sent me the box and all to send it in for a free replacement of the card.

Note, the wireless was the ONLY problem and everything else worked perfectly. Just the faulty wireless card that HP is replacing because it was a sub-par card they used when building the laptops.

Anyway, I get up this morning and see on the repair status that it is now out of warranty and the charge is 750.00!!!

I call them to see what the deal is and am told that the motherboard, the hard drive, the fan, the processor, the keyboard are all shot due to liquid spillage.

I did not spill anything on this keyboard and I went bezerk on the phone. The computer was immaculate when it was shipped to them, other than the wireless card not working. I filed a formal dispute with them and was told to call back in 24-48 hours.

I also did a little digging online and it seems this isn’t uncommon of HP and their shady practices.

  • Je
    Jeff K Nov 01, 2008

    HP stinks. There on line customer service is useless and their products shoddy and cheap. I bought a DV9410 Notebook and it's a piece of garbage. Less than a year and an half old, the HD crashes. Of course it's out of warranty so I had to buy a new one. Then I have to pay around $20 to buy a recovery disk, since HP is too CHEAP to spend about a buck to include one with the system. I do the install and of course it doesn't work. The system just keeps booting up and shutting down over and over again. I contact tech support and of course they can't fix it. So I'm stuck with a $1900 paper weight unless I want to spend $500+ to get it "diagnosed"

    NEVER BUY CRAPPY HP product. I've learned my lesson

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paperjam problem

bought all in one printer on 7/12/07. Had problems with paper jams. Last jam appears to have been cleared, opened every door, cover, etc. following hp's website directions. Called for tech support, woman told me that it is a hardware problem, and that warranty is expired. She also told me my only option was to contact their sales department to buy a new printer, she was willing to connect me if I needed. This printer is barely a year old, and was used for regular home office use only, I feel that for $300 it should certainly last longer, talk about a throw away society!!! I don't think I will every buy an hp product again, and I highly recommend that no one else does either.

bad customer service

My laptop developed a fault after 15 months. The wireless card went, and needed to be replaced.

It seems, Hewlett Packard is made up of many different companies, none of which communicate very well with each other; and none of which will take responsibility for the bad job that they do. I wasted a lot of time waiting for them to simply pick it up. Third time lucky, but after 10 phonecalls on my part.

In fixing the wirelss card they broke the keyboard, dvd player and power supply.
The computer had to be sent back again, but still the power supply did not work.

Six months on, the computer works, but has developed more faults. I am at a loss as to what to do, as i do not want anything more to do with this company.

I wrote a letter of complaint, that they did not respond to.
Their customer service department is disgusting.
I will never buy a HP product again.

  • Ju
    Julia Jul 24, 2008

    Since writing this complaint, Hewlett Packard have finally come through for me, and will now replace my laptop for free.

    Apparently, there policy is, that if it has to be sent away three times they will replace it.

    To whoever posted the email address of paulette hughlock- thank you!

    She was however, a very nice lady, who replied immediately to my email, and helped me sort out the problem.

    Her email is [email protected]
    Be nice!

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  • Vi
    Vicky Singleton Aug 15, 2008

    I bought a lap top from Comet on 25th March 2008 for the purpose of using with my PA system. I used it for a number of weeks and then developed problems with interference noise through the system?
    I initially took the lap top back to Comet for advice and they gave me the number of HP. I rang 0870 010 4320 and spoke to someone called Mark who listened to my problem and said that he thought it was the internal speakers on the lap top and that I had to back up any files before he rang me back on the Saturday to arrange collection of the unit. Saturday came, no return call! I rang back the week after, it took ages on the phone as no one knew who Mark was and I hadn't been given a ref number. Eventually I spoke to someone who gave his name as Nicholas Nicci, I went through everything again and he said that it couldn't be the internal speakers and that I needed to connect it up to my system in order for him to eliminate problem, I obtained a reference number 1092 7940 94 before giving him a time to ring me back . I connected up to PA system and guess what, I sat there and waited for the call? 2 hours later I rang them, another long wait being put through - eventually I was told that they would pass the message on to Nicholas to ring me back and within half an hour he did do, with no apology just an excuse that he had been in a meeting! In fairness he stayed on the phone with me for 1 and half hours trying to solve the problem but eventually said that he would go off the phone and look into it and ring me back in half an hour, this was almost 2 weeks ago - good job I gave up on the waiting or I would still be sat there! No return call!
    I took the lap top back into Comet wishing to exchange it for a different type but was told that this one had to be written off by HP before they would exchange it, I explained that I was having difficulty with your service and went out of the shop and back to the drawing board?
    All I want is to have my lap top work with my PA system as this is what I originally purchased it for?!

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notebooks sucks

I bought an HP notebook PC (model dv2000) spending around $1400, with the best configuration at the time an year back. Recently it started failing to start up. When I switch on the power button, all the lights lits up, but the display remains blank and it makes some annoying beeps (1 long beep and 2 short beeps follows). It doesn't start up.

When I call the HP customer service, the first thing they want to know is whether you have warranty, since I did not take any extended warranty I no longer have any warranty. The next thing they ask the customers to do is to purchase the $139 extended warranty. They won't even ask, what is your issue or whether they have a quick solution for the issue.

Now coming to the matter - HP has issued a statement last year near the time I purchased my laptop that they found some issues on some of the notebook models including dv2000 -

Although the problems that I am having with my notebook is exactly the same as that they mentioned in the website, they do not admit that my product number falls under this enhanced warranty program - So the only option for us is to buy their extended warranty and make them once again rich. It is not only that their customer service sucks, they really don't make anything good. I at least called their help desk 4-5 times, at the first two times they were not even ready to look at what they have published on their support website. After asking why, they said they have a different set of policies. - Don't you think they should walk the talk???

Even if I have to throw this PC I will NOT pay a single penny to HP anymore. So please be aware of this. You can see thousands of complaints raised by others if you do a search on the internet. HP's products and their customer service really does SUCKS!!! It is the WORST customer support I ever had.

not working properly

I have called up number of times to your customer care following numbers :
1. [protected]
2. [protected]
3. [protected]

But I am not able to connect a single call to your customer care.

Product number of laserjet p3005d printer is q7813a
And serial number is cnf1b19125.
This printer is not working properly, making noise while printing. We have much more difficulty while printing a single document.
Please repair this printer as soon as possible.

Deepmala singh

not honoring promotional offers

I have had problems with HP not honoring their Free Wireless Printing Offer which ran during November and December 2007. HP acknowledge that they received my application in Dec 07 but say that it was incorrectly recorded in their system by one of their staff. In April 08 they apologized for the mix up and sent me an email on May 2 saying that my application was approved. On May 15 they sent me another email saying my application was invalid!!!

Since then I have been unable to speak to anyone with the gift of coherent speech on their "customer service" line although I have had the pleasure of being kept on hold and then been told repeatedly that someone will call me back. They never do. I have written a letter to HP demanding that the offer is honored and that they compensate me for the 6months (and counting) I have waited so far. No one has responded to this letter. I have now also lodged a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Association.

I would not advise anyone to but HP products because of their appalling customer service.

want a result

The complaints manager at HP UK is a nasty piece of work called Paulette Hughlock She hides behind staff...

hp - sends back dangerous, overheating laptop, meant to have been repaired

I have received no customer service from HP whatsoever. In the first instance of contacting the customer service department I could not get through because I had the phone put down on me 6 times. I have sent letter after letter to Stephen Gilll and only received rude phone messages from customer service which have just said "Nothing we can do" and then the phone was put down.

My last letter, again to Stephen Gill, which was a preliminary letter to court action, I received a reply which stated that my product was no longer under the 12 month warranty and it beared no resemblance to the content of my letter. My product is actually under the 12 month warrantly otherwise HP wouldn't have taken it for repair in the first place and taken it back again when they sent it back to me in an unsafe, dangerous condition. Whether my product is even under warranty now is actually irrelevant, and has got nothing to with HP's actions in its poor attempt at trying to fix my laptop. I have obviously been sent a standard letter that gets sent to everyone who complains to HP and that's if they can be bothered because the usual tactic is to phone and either leave rude messages or just act completey indifferent, ie the behaviour of David Glass in customer service. I have spoken to David Glass on the phone and he couldn't even be bothered to listen to what I had to say and is quite happy for me to take court action against HP.

You only have to read online what people think of HP, ie "DO NOT BUY ANTHING FROM HP", "Customer Service terrrible" and "Scam artists and rip off merchants". That's all I can see on HP and I agree with them all, whole heartedly.

  • Sy
    syched1 Feb 02, 2010

    When the HDD failed in late October, I called hp customer center again, for the 7th time in the year I have owned this POS. The fedex box was sent to me and I shipped it to Houston. They replaced the HDD, Motherboard, heatsink (again) and something else.
    Within 13 days it had failed again. So I called AGAIN near the end of November. Fedexed in the shipping box as provided and sent it back to Houston. I expected a new computer to be sent this time to replace the lemon just as their warranty states. However about a week later, instead of the call to confirm repairs completed or new computer on its way, instead I got a call from HP case manager who informed me that I was basically pond ### and a thief who was trying to get away with something...she did this by saying that my Pavilion had a broken LCD screen, cracked casing, a brown keyboard (!??!) and missing screws and so, unless I was going to fork over $749 to repair the machine - with a generous $120 discount offered by HP - then they were shipping my ruined computer back to me unrepaired and with a voided warranty!
    For one thing, the Pavilion was in nearly perfect shape outside and the lcd was perfect as well. THe keyboard was never replaced by me or anyone I know. In my view, there is clear evidence that HP is committing fraud, larceny, theft, violation of all kinds of laws, and not to mention that their Case Managers are unbelievably ignorant of any kind of etiquite, devoid of logical skills, and insultingly rude. They don't care that I have 50 pages of history on the service issues with this machine. They don't give a rats tail if the items that were wrong with their POS pavilion had nothing to do with an LCD screen in any case.
    THey violated the trust of the consumer(S) and I definitely want to file something against them.
    IF anyone out there is an attorney with experience or desires experience in class action suits against a big company committing heinous fraud, please take a look at these postings and send a note in reply.
    I have all my records in pdf to send. I already sent it to them, but HP "doesn't have anyone above" the case managers for their betrayed, deceived, robbed customers to escalate these matters. THey clearly don't want to know or have to deal with it.
    I am going to forward letters to every office of HP that I have found and to their various corporate attorneys.
    I have attached below the names and addresses I have found so far.
    I hope all of the customers like me who have been ripped off by this disgusting company will follow suit and do the same. Write your letters and send them daily if you must.
    Good luck.

    Here it is:
    Hewlett-Packard USA

    Hewlett-Packard Company
    20555 SH 249
    Houston, TX 77070
    Phone: (281) 370-0670
    Fax: (281) 514-1740
    View other locations »Websites associated with this

    Office Information

    Barger, Peggy Chang

    Chavez, Maureen H. Fay

    Czarnecki, Michael

    Hoffman, Lauren S.

    Jones, Gaynelle Griffin

    Keene, Cindy A.


    Moore, William R.

    Ormrod, James A.

    Pham, My T.

    Smith, J. Richard

    Steinheiser, Sylvia Ellen

    Struthers, James F

    Weisberger, Steven
    Tax Director

    Office Information
    Address: 20555 SH 249, Houston, TX 77070
    Phones: (281) 370-0670 Faxes: (281) 514-1740 Websites:
    Main Office
    3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California 94304-1185 PH (650)

    2101 Gaither Rd, Rockville, Maryland 20850-4018 PH (612) 603-
    16399 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego, California 92127-1899 PH (619)

    11311 Chinden Blvd., Boise, Idaho 83714 PH (208) 396-3597
    420 Mountain Avenue, P.O. Box 6, Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974-
    0006 PH (908) 898-4000

    Waterford Building, 9th Floor, 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami,
    Florida 33126
    PH (305) 267-4220

    11445 Compaq Center Drive, Room 4.6.391, Houston, Texas 77070
    PH (281) 370-0670

    1000 NE Circle Blvd., Mailstop: 1022B, Corvallis, Oregon 97330
    Esplanade Office Tower, 2001 Butterfield Road, Suite 816, Downers
    Grove, Illinois 60515-1084 PH (630) 724-5970

    810 Bull Lea Run, Lexington, Kentucky 40511 PH (859) 296-0600

    165 Dascomb Road, Andover, Massachusetts 01810 PH (978) 474-

    3404 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins, Colorado 80528

    Personal Printing Division, 18110 SE 34th Street, Vancouver,
    Washington 98683

    11000 N. Wolfe Rd., MS 4059 (IP), MS 4060 (GL), Cupertino,
    California 95014

    19483 Pruneridge Ave., Cupertino, California 95014-0609 PH (408)

    1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, California 94304 PH (650) 857-1501

    20 Perimeter Summit Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30319-1417 PH
    (404) 648-5000

    CSLA Department, Bldg. MR01-3/DI, 200 Forest Street, Marlborough,
    Massachusetts 01752
    (800) 277-8988

    8000 Foothills Blvd., MS RN, Roseville, California 95747

    300 Stevens Dr., 3rd Floor, Airport Business Center, Bldg. III, Lester,
    Pennsylvania 19113

    14475 NE 24th St., Bellevue, Washington 98007
    om hp technician saying that the computer was damage by water and they were not going to fix it under the hp warranty and if I want my laptop to be fix I have to pay $950.00 I was shock to hear that my 2 month old laptop has gotten water and they blamed it to me. my laptop is worth $1650.00 and I am not stupid to doze water in it which infact I am the only person who used this laptop and it just stay in my office and never went out my office in addition to that our office policy is not to bring any food or liquid into the work area, so, how can possibly that my laptop has water in it. its too obvious that hp technician lies in connection for refusing to fix my laptop. 10 days later, hp sent back to me my laptop and to my surprise my laptop is completely dead, even when I plug the ac adapter to the live ac outlet and pressing the turn on button the computer will not turn on and nothing is coming on. its dead. I called back hp to complaint again and they again arrange for fedex box to pack my laptop to sent to thier hp repair center in california. the empty fedex box supposed to arrive at my residence on march 26, 2009 at 10.a.m. I took off from work on march 26, 2009 and began to wait from 7 a.m through 7.p.m but there is no fedex box arrive to my residence. hp insist that I recieved the empty box even when fedex confirm that no delivery is made. hp people even give me a delivery confirmation number which do not match or exist according to fedex data base. now hp want me to send the laptop to thier repair center in california at my expense with no guarrante they will fix the laptop. if hp think I am one of the dumb consumer that they can cheat, they pick the wrong person. I sent a complaint through BBB and I got a respond from a hp case manager and stated that because the computer is under warranty and is fixable base on warranty they still not to be able to fix it becuase of the water damage and they have a picture to probe it. because I am so fed up with thier crap, lies and run around I file a suit through my attorney general, BBB and small claimed court. I also seek additional monetary damages from hp for work loss wages, expensive lawyer cost and thousands of dollars to penalize them with thier lies and giving me false documents. people if you experience thesame this kind of problem with hp dont waste your time dealing with hp customer service or thier case manager because they have no authority and only give you false information. the next best thing to deal with hp to get your problem heard by them is through BBB, your state attorney general or small claimed court. hp already cheat many many people and we need to put and end to this.

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numerouse problems with service and cd dvd player.

To whom it may concern,

I received hp pravilion laptop from best buy company because best buy broke my last laptop when it was brought in for repair in april 2008. Hp gave me a one year factory warranty.

Well in three months time my dvd/cd play could not read cd or dvd disks. I called hp tech on may 23-08 and told them the problem I spent close to an hour with them on the phone and then they decided to have me send in the lap after I got frustrated with them because they wanted me to fix the cd player myself and it turned out as the hp tech was on the phone with me there were more problems with my computer because it quite working all together after they had me try to recover it because when they told me to do something I lost my whole vista windows on my laptop do to their instruction.

So I send it in and it returns to me in front of my apartment complex's door where it could be totally stolen. , I was very upset about that. Then when I go to turn on my laptop I still have a no working laptop they did not recover vista windows when it was in the shop with them and they were suppose to put a new cd dvd player in it. So I end up calling them only to spend more endless hours with them on the phone to have them send me a recovery disk so I get the recovery disk to only find I have the same problem with my dvd cd player still not working. I had asked them as I am on the phone with them for the sixth or seventh time why did they not check the new cd dvd player on my laptop when they installed it by recovering vista windows to make sure that it would work. The tech told me they did not need to do that. I was frustrated with the company because here I am over two weeks later stuck with a laptop that has the a cd dvd player that does not work. I call again and they talk to me on the phone trying to get it to work to only loose the call because the tech guy hangs up on me and never calls me back. So I have to call the company for the ninth or ten time and this time I am very upset that I want to talk to management, and low and behold all the tech people would not send me straight through to a supervisor or management they just sending me to someone else in tech support.

I am very upset with this company and will not buy any product of theirs as they do not take care of issues and you are not able to talk to management if you have a problem so I am filing a complaint as my laptop is still not fixed. I only wanted a burner fixed and I can not even get that taken care of.

Thanks for your time
Jeanie griggs

  • Sa
    SAURAV RANA Aug 25, 2011

    i am also bearing same problems in my hp dv6 model, , , , the AMD ATHLON {DUAL CORE} processor has no extendable warrenty provided by the company. The heating problem of the processor leads unwanted shutdown at random. I am also very upset about this product of the company and also not going to purchase any product of the company in the future. I am also advising my mates and coligues to not to purchase any product of the company.

    Saurav Rana
    Ghaziabad {INDIA}

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support is useless

I purchased a HP DVD 1040i drive on 10/18/2007. And it has already failed as of last week 5/21/2008. It has a 1 year warranty, now that is a joke. Try calling the numbers they give you, they are in INDIA. Then you are rerouted from here to there asked the same thing over and over( name, phone number, email address, model #, SN #). I believe they are trying to discourage you from perssuing the matter. At this point I would never purchase a HP product again. There support is useless. They fail to even transfer you to a Supervisor saying they are busy, etc.

  • Lo
    Lou Groner Aug 11, 2008

    I got the same incompetent, indifferent run-around.
    Forty minute of being an hold and and twice routed to the wrong departmentment. I failed to get anyone who could even understand the problem.

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found a laptop defective doa

Do not buy hp or compaq notebooks I got a laptop doa nobody to help me. Hp would not replace it. Service is worst and time wasting.

I have purchased a hp compaq laptop 2ce73801n5 on the name of sanjay agarwal from jain computers tinsukia assam from the next day I found a that the memory card reader was not working properly so I complained the dealer and hence the complained was registerd in hp call centre case id... [protected] on 11 february / monday.
According to them the laptop carried 3 years of warranty with it and onsite in any location across india the promissed to send their service executives within three working days but it was time wasting nobody attended the complain and almost I wasted my 2 weaks. The experience with call centre is just time wasting. After that they told me to send the notebook to their nearest service centre for its repair. On the hp web page they show very clear that when u send ur laptop for repair u will get it back in 7 or 10 business days. But in my case they took my notebook for 2 monts saing that the laptop is waiting for part, after I received my laptop from the service centre it was in worst condition many screws are missing and so many locks above keyboard were broken and the laptop was in dirty condition, and the problem was also not yet solved the card reader is still not working. Inspite of repeatdely calling call centre with the case id. They are unable to solve the problem. Buyers beware dont purchse hp notebooks their after sales service policy is time wasting. I have suffered huge loss.

Note. Please send me an e-mail about how to return the notebook. I have blocked my lot of money.

  • St
    StatingFacts May 13, 2008

    Faced similar problem, but finally got exchanged on when threathend to move to consumer case.Service centre making scretch on the body of laptop is very normal and the way they keep it even a good laptop will go out of order.

    Unfortunetaly my replaced laptop is also defective and had to start my fight all again.

    God save all from HP LAPTOP.

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  • Ri
    RiCapistrano Dec 12, 2008

    I agree very much to these complaints above. I have similar experience.
    I have two problems with my HP Pavillion dv4000 which I bought in Melbourne Australia.
    The multi card reader is defective and cant read any card anymore. When you close the laptop physically, the small protruding microswitch does not lotch directly on the circular emboss, thus you thought the laptop is off but unfortunately it's still burning hot.
    I refer these to the internet service and afterwards to after sales service of HP all to no avail. The last problem I was able to solve myself by putting a double stick tape right afront the microswitch.
    Whew, I will never buy an HP again . . . NEVER ! Im telling as well my friends to do likewise.
    Let the consumer beware !

    0 Votes

dvd writer doesnt work


I purchased a HP-laptop dv6000 last year i.e. 2007 in the month of June from Delhi(Nehru-place). So as such it is still in warranty period. In dec-2007 i realized that its dvd writer was not at all working. I got delayed due to some reasons but in march-2008 I gave it to a service center in Jaipur. As I stay in pilani which is around 5 and half hrs from jaipur, so I had to spent a whole day in journey to reach there. And then after 5 days they called me up to collect it. Fine, they said that they had changed my dvd writer. Now here I am writing this complaint for the same problem and my dvd writer continues to behave in the way it used to do in the starting. I cant understand if its been changed to new then whats the problem now.
This is not the only case it had one other problem for which i had to take it to the service center in Mumbai(at that time I was in mumbai).
Am I only left with the work of moving to service centers and get it fixed again and again, nevertheless that i took it for doing some constructive work. I relied on HP, and today I am blaming myself for that.


Nitendra Singh

vista compatibility

Since purchasing a 2008 HP Pavilion Slimline PC a few months ago, I have had nothing but compatibility problems with it's built-in Vista Windows program. I heard about this before purchasing it, but was also told that the problem had been resolved and it was safe to purchase it. The supposed problem-solving Service Pack 1 is a total joke. I am continuously downloading the driver to my HP 6310 printer (also new!) since it won't read it every time. I should have trusted my instincts and switched to a Mac! That's my next plan. HP and Windows just lost my business...permanently!

expired printhead/ink cartridges

Some many problems it is hard to cover! #1 Expired printheads and ink cartridges (new in box but because of expiration date printer rejects them) #2 constant paper jams. #3 Skipped pages #4 Verrrry POOR service. Recommendation A. Do not buy HP anything. B. Blog, complain and send your reviews.

  • De
    dean Apr 10, 2009

    My ink cartridges for the 1200DTN are more than 1/2 full, but suddenly "stopped working" since they expired! How DARE they pull that kind of crap on their own customers? I will NEVER buy another HP printer. This is not the first printer I've had from them with rediculous problems.


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unacceptable behaviour of person at service center

SIR, This is regarding our experience with your service center at Roorkee, Uttaranchal. My friend had a...

suck services by sales plus customer care guys

Airtel post paid connection i am using from past 3 yrs but two days back taken one more post paid SIM at evening 5:30pm, sales guy said it would be activated max by 11.55am on the same day, yesterday i called the agent on his mobile & i had informed him still its not activated, airtel sales person said i will call u back in 5 mins yesterday afternoon @ 1:30pm since then he never call me back, i had given him atleaset 20 calls yesterday from 3pm till 8pm but he never picked his phone, later today morning i called up 121 from my other mobile, twice airtel customer support guy had listened by query for 3 mins and then he disconnect, same happen again thrird time when i called 121 one more person picked the call to whom i had informed all the things whihc had happended, he told to call once again to the same person with whom i took SIM CARD POST PAID --- and his voice was bit arrogant looks like he had taken some drugs - i had also said why r you talking so bluntly, he said sorry 5 times, i said its okay as if you would had been in my position, you would have been also bit agitated from past two days i am chasing 121 & person name MOHAMHAD sales person from airtel, i work for HP and had taken 4 post paid connection plus broadband 256 KBPS pls phone, but suddenly he disconnected the phone all of the sudden call time was for 7 mins. I think Customer care guys especially guys, boys who picks up the phone @ 121 doest have any decency how to deal with the customer, now i am going to esclated the same in my company ---about this also finding if can get some info. of some higher profile person in Airtel Bangalore, to him also i will esclate if anyone has any number of any airtel person sitting @ higer level in bangalore please do let me know, services are suck i am sure to convert all my 4 post paid to VODAPHONE since its a UK telecom company recenthy had a tie up with HUTCH, but airtel overall is good incase of coverage and all but guys in customer care are simply looks are too frustrated reason they try to release pressure on customer while talking in very arrogant manner i feel they simply do call center job to make money, dont brother either customer leaves airtel or not due to of unsatisfactory

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