Hertzcharges to my credit card


I was involved in a car accident, State Farm sent me to hertz to pick up a car. At the place I was asked to sign documents and provide verification of my car insurance. The person helping asked me questions, I told him I just wanted the car that State Farm was paying for, and that I did not need any additional things. I provided my car insurance card. Now I am being told that I signed where I requested additional insurance, but that is not true, I never requested anything additional. I then found out that my credit card was charged and I believe that this person mislead me and had me sign where I was not supposed to because I did not request anything. I need this charge reversed and I would appreciate it if you better train your staff to treat with respect . I have been on the phone too many times and it seems like this is something hertz customer service likes to mistreat and not care to resolve the issue, I contacted State Farm and they are saying they paid alreDy so they don't understand why I am being charged too. All I know is that I did not request anything else and the person attending me that day also said I did not need anything, so why is my signature there? This was very misleading and I would like the charges refunded.

I will be contacting BBB and local news stations to put people aware of this.

Thank you,

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