Hertzcar rental


I checked into the Hertz rewards member in Honolulu airport. Kevin who was the agent that was helping us was rude and treated us like he didn't want to help us. He seemed irritated that we kept asking questions regarding the policy of the requirements to be the maid driver. I asked to speak to a supervisor and that he was giving us an attitude and he replies back with (we we're giving him an attitude). I couldn't believe he responded the way he did. I have never experienced such horrible customer service in my life. I'm in sales and customer service is key to any business. So to have you le employee treat me the way he did was unexcusable. Then he gives us a car that wasn't even clean. Sand all over the dashboard and arm rests. The outside of the car was not filthy. I'm a good rewards member and a AAA member and to have this kind of service in unbelieveable. Pleas train your employees to treat your customers with more respect with a smile and not with an attitude.

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