HDFC bankrude customer service!

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I have a major issue with HDFC bank, where I have opted for credit card and on December, 2006 I have requested for full & Final settlement but they didn’t react on this and end of December, 2006 one of the HDFC representative came for the collection, I was very frustrated even then I made the payment and finally I said to this representative that please do the F&F after making lots of calls and requests they came in January, 2007 for the settlement. The letter was dated December, 2006 where I said what is this why this letter is back dated that representative said sir your letter was printed last month and this letter comes from Chennai office that’s why its got delay and we came in January, 2007. Where I need to pay 30K, in this regard I said I have already paid 3k after doing lots of request and calls then they said ok sir please issue us 27K cheque for the settlement and I do the same.

After 2 months HDFC start calling me for the payment where I said I have already done the settlement but HDFC says sorry, for the settlement you didn’t made the payment in one shot that’s why your F&F is not valid.

In this regard I have a letter from HDFC stating about F&F settlement plus a receipt for the same but still every day I am getting calls.

I am totally fed up and frustrated and every time they are using very bad language even 2-3 times they were very rude to my wife and many times they use abusive language.


  • Mo
    Mohd. Shakir Khan Jul 19, 2007

    Absolutely right, this is a very poor and 3rd class service provider bank, i had paid to bank Rs 5799.00 to open an account in Apr 2006 but till now neither account is opened nor money returned to us by bank. A complaint against banks was lodged in consumer court is running now but no any judgment has come yet now.

    mohd. shakir Khan
    add-1/436, UIT,Bhiwadi(Raj.)
    Mob-09828413474, 01493-511012.

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  • Ps
    P.S.Narotra Aug 07, 2007

    I had an impression that HDFC Bank falls in the category of quality service providers, till such time I interacted with the Bank for the very first time and was shocked to see the state of affairs. Normally my family members had been dealing with this bank.

    Based on this experience I would like to agree with complaints posted above.

    One day I had gone to HDFC Bank Branch in SAKET in New Delhi to get a draft made. It was Friday. I was told that their printer is not working and therefore they cannot issue me the draft. I took it lightly and went off thinking that I would get it made other day. So coming Monday, I again visited the bank and the shocking reply that was given to me was - "Printer is out of order and we cannot help you."

    This, I think is the worst a bank can do with its clients. It is unfortunate that a bank of this stature has to be pulled down by its staff members - generally ranking them in professional category - which they are not for sure.

    I doubt people understand in reality as to what customer service means in actuality?

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  • Ga
    GAURAV GUPTA Aug 20, 2007

    It was incident of today morning, at hdfc bank, kanpur (govind nagar branch).

    I work in a pvt company who had deposited their cheque 6 days back for clearing. But till date it was not showing its status in internet account detail.

    For this reason we need to contact hdfc bank chennai (anna nagar )branch.

    So i went to the bank where i was told to seek assistance from mr. Vikas awasthi. While i contacted mr. Vikas Awasthi he answered and behaved so rudely that i hadn't expected from any employ of the such a bank of repute.

    I really felt very hurted. This behavior of that employee made me so off that i have decided never to have services from hdfc bank.

    Its a really shameful for hdfc group.

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  • Sh
    Shashank Dixit Aug 20, 2007

    I completely agree with above. It seems that HDFC has no control on their employees. Its really shameful for HDFC, they cant give good services.


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  • An
    Anonymous Aug 28, 2007


    I cant disclose my identity on this webpage because of some personal reasons.

    I am a Customer of HDFC bank. I have a Gold Credit Card and for some reason, I have utilised the full credit limit of my card. The recovery agent Of HDFC credit card branch Bangalore name Jayanti and her senior Soumya (Phone no of Jayanthi for reference 99002767644) is such a frustrated lady i have ever seen.

    I was out of station for 20 days and my payment was due, meanwhile she made number of calls to my residence knowing that i have given my cell phone number for any correspondences, she has deliberately called up people at my residence harassing them.

    She created complete mental trauma for my family people by calling them like 15 - 20 times in a day, saying that she ( Jayanti) has the power to put me behind bars. Not to mention her Abusive language, Awe what a vocabulary she has got, I think that HDFC bank trains them wiht this kind of language before the work.

    Can Somebody look into this and please stop this menace being created by some people in you bank. Because odf this lady (Jayanti) HDFC bank is getting a wrong name.

    I am getting sick and frustrated because of this wonderful service provided by HDFC bank.

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  • Bh
    Bhalley ram punia Sep 17, 2007

    The Branch Manager,
    M/S HDFC Bank Limited
    Marium Center, Anna Salai,

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Sub: Request for change of address and new delivery Instruction slip book – Reg
    Client ID: 14937990.

    This has reference to above subject that I had applied for new delivery Instruction Slip book and active our account (Mine & My wife) on 22nd June 2007.

    In this connection till date I hadn’t received the new delivery instruction slip.
    Then I had a subsequent discussion with your customer care peoples and Blue dart courier Persons.
    But I had clearly mentioned the new delivery address, which sent request letter to you earlier.

    Because this I had very despondent of your service. I cant able to access my account . I had been waiting for past three month.I am not excepting this kind of obsession from you.

    Hence I request you that kindly send us the delivery instruction slip book to the following address at the earliest.

    M/S. Transport corporation of India Ltd.,
    NO:92,Gee Gee Crystal, 1st Floor,
    Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai,
    Chennai – 600 004.

    Thanking you,
    Yours truly,


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  • De
    DEEPAK KUMAR GUPTA Sep 21, 2007

    HDFC bank
    Branch - Kanpur

    They are not giving the approval to foreclose the loan and they are fooling me from 10 days and their head of the personal loan department MR PANKAJ MAHESHWARI is not giving us any confirm statement to our talk for the approval. Anyone suggest.

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  • Mr
    M. Rathinasabapathy Sep 23, 2007

    I am not about to withdraw my balance amount Rs. 4000+ due to closure of my account. Kindly re-open my account.

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  • Pt
    PTkumar Sep 23, 2007


    This PTKumar form BANGALORE

    On 15-9-2007 I got amount in my account through hdfc personal loan 297000/Rs.
    But this amount is dispatched me such long time.

    I am going to cancellation the amount, But bank peoples are said it takes some time,
    I don’t know how much time taken for cancellation process.

    I am went to the bank twice on(22-7-2007 waiting there around 2 hrs and 24-9-2007 also same, still bank peoples are saying wait some more time for process)
    I don’t know how much time taken for processing for cancellation.

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  • Ra
    rajeev kumar Oct 12, 2007

    I totally agree that HDFC is an organization where the majority of the employees are quite rude to the customers. I w..a..s an unfortunate customer of theirs and then snapped all my interactions with them.

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  • Su
    Sumer Singh Punia Nov 22, 2007

    This is very surprising me to hear offensive behaviors by staff of HDFC bank, Chennai. A complaint must to lodge against banker in appropriate form so that they should have a lesson before doing such things with others.

    Sumer Singh Punia

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  • Le
    Lenin Dec 10, 2007


    The service provided by the HDFC bank is worst and their staffs doesn't know on how to behave to the customers. I have availed a two wheeler loan in the bank and there was a problem in the ECS for a month and the check got bounced. So the executive came to the house and I asked him for the reason and asked him to come the next day to collect the money. He didn't turn and after a week they seized my bike for not paying that EMI without any kind of prior notice. I went to the bank to inquire on this and a spoke with a guy called Venkatraman (Collections Department) who seems to a manager there. The way he spoke was shocking. He said that there was never a mistake on bank and always the customers are wrong and the blame was on customers. He was very rude to me and asked me to do anything that I can and he would not return the bike.
    Then I spoke with two of his colleagues who also seems to be a manager one is Venkat ( Ph No. 9380877408) and Anand. Even they were rude and refuse to give me the bike.

    Worst behavior by the bank staffs and I would suggest everyone not to get any kind of loan from HDFC bank and I am going to issue a court notice to them

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  • Ka
    kamlakar kumar mishra May 26, 2008

    I m working in Casablanca since past 4 yrs. I opened a savings account eight years back in HDFC saket when the bank was very much new in India. I never used the acconts but now m in delhi and now i have been doing transactions since some months but i never got satisfied with their poor service.Recently i had to send some transfer to HDFC Hyderabad as someone was hospitalised and needed money urgently.Its been a weeek now and that money has not been debited yet.Its actually quite very poor in service.

    I would suggest people not to go for any kind of banking with HDFC.

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  • Fa
    fazal abbas Oct 25, 2008

    u just send an email to customer care hdfc bank and the whole issue will be solved quickly

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  • Vi
    Vijay Nov 08, 2008

    HDFC collection department uses abusive languages always. They wont survive in this industry for a long time.


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  • Gi
    Gian Chand Jan 18, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    I am Gian Chand, Prop. Of Apna Travels, . I used to give my vehicles on rent to CBOP. IN 2008 CBOP was converted to HDFC. They hired vehicles from me from April 2008 to Oct-Nov 2008 but hadn`t given me the payment yet which is about 1.10 lac. Three branches of your bank are involved in this which are CBOP HDFC Dhrampura, Chotti baradari and Leela Bhawan, Patiala.

    Whenever I have asked for my payment they used to say that they had send the bill to their head office. But I have doubt that they have used my payment and are making excuses in front of me. Please enquire everything about this. So that I can get my payment.

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  • Ka
    kamal Apr 25, 2009

    This is kamal kishore Mishra from kolkata(west Bengal).My Fiance owns a credit card from HDFC bank and she sometimes gets call from the collection department and Unfortunately I picked up the call and there was a representative from that particular department who used a lot of slang's to me unusually and he raised his voice against our caste and all.I want an appropriate action to be taken against him as soon as possible.His details are as follows:
    1)Name:Prosono Banerjee, Lindsay street, kolkata.
    thanks and regards.

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  • Iv
    Ivy Datta Apr 28, 2009

    I have the same problem with HDFC Bank, recently I came to a settelement with the Bank and the bank behaved very rudely not only with me but also with my family members.After requesting for the person twice to come to my office to collect the payement, they are not coming, infact there excutive excutive managers all of them are abusive, I have manged to record the conversation and there are all third party callcenters and they are so much carried with the incentive and all that they are not bothered about anytime, i have already dropped a complain to HDFC and i know nothing will come up, but we got to do someting to stop this harrasment, I speacially when I found that i am not the only one here...

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  • To
    tourajat Aug 11, 2009

    eaxctly the same problem i am facing. Even after paying total amount for F&F ( 44K), HDFC bank asked me to pay Rs. 1500 as i delayed my last EMI. I paid that and was following up for no dues letter- but utterly surprized to see they have blocked 30K more from my account without any communication. After a months back and forth e-mail communication they gave me only one reasoning that your settlement stands null and void as you missed your EMI...they have debited 30K from my account now and I will be going to consumer court now!

    Rajat Goswami

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  • Ku
    kushal madhogaria Aug 24, 2009


    This is to inform you that I Kushal Madhogaria, have applied for a personal loan from your Bank with reference no. 15320758. After getting the loan application confirmation through sms I did not got any call from your end. Then later I contacted the concern Field Executive who came to complete all the formalities for the same. He informed me that there is some problem with my application and as I asked him the details then he told me that there is some RCU related problem with me application. As I asked him the details he told that I must have applied personal loan earlier and that time I must have given some forge documents and for that reason the bank’s credit is not processing my loan application. After this conversation I came to know the problem with my application.

    Now as per my knowledge yes I had applied for the personal loan from your bank 10 to 11 months earlier. But that time my loan got approved and I completed all the post loan documentations. But later I received a phone call from your bank that they want to see some of my original documents so I gave your executive time to come to my off and see the original copies of all the documents. Your banks executive visited me at the given time and I produced him all the original copies of my documents, instead of the Xerox copy of the driving license. When I saw the copy of the driving license I was shocked as I never had a driving license and it was totally fake. Then I informed the guy from your bank that it was not mine and I have not given the copy of that document. Then he started telling me that we can understand that it could be made forged by the executive who was processing my loan formalities. I told him the name of the concern executive called Gautam and then he told me not to worry as bank is going to take a serious action against that individual. Later that executive who came to see the originals asked me some 1500 rupees as a banks fees to remove my name from the RCU list as the documents which was submitted was forge. I was very much pissed off with that demand from your bank for removing my name from your RCU list as I did not submitted any such documents. I clearly told him that I will not pay a single penny for that as this activity was done from your own employee. Then that guy started telling me that if you don’t give this amount then he will not remove my name from that list as you will never get any further loan from our bank. Later I thought that this guy wants to take advantage as I applied for a loan from your bank and I was totally against giving that amount. I told that person that I don’t want any loan and as this is not my fault will not pay a single penny to him and told him to get lost. Later 2-3 times he called me for the same but I refused to pay and told him to keep my name in your banks RCU list as I was very irritated.

    This is the reason why my name is still there in your forge list. As now I have explained you all the full story behind this I expect you all to go through the depth of this and accept and process my loan application as I was not responsible.

    Kindly do me the needful at the earliest…


    Kushal Madhogaria
    Territory Manager
    D2C - East (Distribution)
    India Infoline Ltd.

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  • Ms
    msp1 Oct 09, 2009

    I don't know why there is no authority to curb when such a high level of injustice is done on Customers money . These banks only want to eat money of how wierdly they can. They had changed my Corp acc to normal acc, then in the name of AQB they had deducted rs 1000/-, when asked their worst customer service says I have to bear 50/- bugs to make me listen or they will cut the call there only, (:-( what a *) . Even they were not ready to listen what I was asking. Now I am left with closing my account with this pathetic bank and there nefarious services.

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  • Am
    AMITABHA LAHIRI Oct 19, 2009

    SB A/c No. 0281000034311, HDFC Bank, Raghunathpur br., Kolkata
    Cust Id. 574029

    About more than one week back I asked my bank in writing for my SB A/c statement from 1.4.08 to 12.6.08 & from 1.3.09 to 31.3.09 which were not received by me in time. I personally called the person (Mr. Sumit Biswas) over phone for several times. But he used to reply everyday - 'Server down. I will ring you when it will be ready'. More than a week has gone. Your poor service has failed my expectations completely. Can you provide minimum service to your customers properly in time?

    Waiting for your reply,

    Shovona Mansion, Flat - H, Second Floor
    16, Kabi Nabin Sen Road, Kolkata - 700 028

    Mobile: 9830026578

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  • Ap
    aphyd Dec 03, 2009

    I completely agree. HDFC should get the award for worst service provider.I have opened my salary account in HDFC Bank and though it was promised to me that it will be activated withen 7 days, even after passing of 10 days it is not activated. Also the response of the concerned bank emoloyees was very casual and even the ph no and the fax no provided in the visiting card of one of the employee (Akbar Ali, asst manager, punjagutta branch, hyderabad )was found un contactable!!!They didnt even bother to ring me up. also i was advised against registering any complaint. i think bank should have a better control over its functional mechanism.

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  • Be
    berjeshwar Jan 12, 2010

    i was holder of one credit card with your bank. i am having saving account with your bank. due to poor information from your bank amount of rs 1800 was shown pending against my credit account no. 43467771009386351. i several times approached your bank but unfortunately nobody heard my cause. the delay had accured due to non sending of any details of transactions at my billing address. moreover in that pending amount the major part is of fine. whenever i use to deposit amount pending against me then whatever amount which the employes of the bank informs me i deposits the same. but unfortunatly wrong figures wereinformed by them and due to with minor amount of 500 rs remained pending against my account. that was the past conduct. in the month of november 2009 i again approached your bank for settlement of my account . then the employ sitting at the brank took my mobile no. and assured me that they would respond back on mobile. thereafter i received call from your bank and settlement offer was made by your ban employ. in order to get rid of the problem i agreed to settle everything. the employ from your bank informed me that after settlement they would issue settlement and clearence certifiacte. accordingly on 27th nov 2009 i paid 3000/- as final settlement amount in cash to your employ against a receipt. today when i called the bank again at phone no. 0172-4694332 then then employ who attended the call gave me another mobile no. from where i can get information about my clearence/ settlement certificate. when i call o 9316172075 no. which was given to me by you bank employ the the lady who attended the call iformrd me that there is nothiing due against my account and everything is settled. when i requested her to issue me clearence cerificate then she very politely responded and gave me.another no. i.e. 9316768880 and she told me that the girl whose name is sanupriya(not sure) or like same deals with issueance of clearence/settlement certificate. when i called at that number then tthe girl who attended the cALL RESPONDED very rudely aand she gave me wrong information that no money is deposited in my account and she also rudely responded to my all querries. her behaviour was so rude and the way she was talking that can't be acceptable to anyone. i was sitting with my friends they too felt bad they said that employees of govt banks are better in dealing then private banks. the girl went to the extend to saying that i m fooled by the agency who had taken money. and she said that don't call at this number contact that person who collected money. when i asked how do i knw how is that person then she said toh meh kya karo. yeh aapka kaam hai. mujhe mat tang karo. sir i called her to take information. i was talking politely but she was responding very rudely.she disconnected my call n between conversation and when i again called she disconnected my call without attending the same. i lost faith in ur bank. i am closing all of my family members accounts with your bank. as dealings of your employes is not fair. after said call i again called aAT 9316172075 NUMBER. the gain the girl who attended the call informed me that there is nothing due against my account. then i informed her about the rude behaviour of your employ who had attended my call at mobile number 9316768880. she again politelty assured that she would do best at her part and help me in getting settlement certificate. she responded very well. the behaviour of that sanupriya was bad. i hope you would take action against her. it would be good for your bank if you would employ good persons at your bank.
    if no responce is received frm ur side then i would mail my same cause with the MD


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  • Sh
    Shanaaz ahmad war May 13, 2010

    I also have a very bad experience with HDFC bank. Staff is not at all supportive. Recently my Salary A/C was opened in HDFC Bank, i didnt want to have a/c in HDFC bank but have no choice. I deposited a cheque of Hdfc bank on 6th May and i was told it will get clear till evening but it was not cleared. After a long follow-up i got my cheque back on 10th May saying there is some alteration. I deposited another cheque on 11th May which was supposed to get clear by 13th May but as usual it was not cleared. In short banks service is pathetic.

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  • As
    ashok gurjar Oct 19, 2010

    Cheif Genral Manager,
    HDFC Ltd.

    Find My Detail Below:-

    My Name- Ashok kumar
    Account No- 04851050316471
    Account With Branch- HDFC LTD,
    B - 1, Vanijya Kunj, Enkay Tower, Udyog Vihar, Phase - V, Gurgaon - 122001 Haryana
    Tel 0124- 4142240 / 41
    Fax 0124-4142243

    Today I have seen my account statement on net then I found Rs. 827.25/- Dt 17-10-10 debited for service charges in my account with single entry. Can you explain me the cause of the cutting of this amount & why. It ‘s a salary account & few months have passed for converted it to saving account.

    Please give me clarification of the deducted amount with particular reason & I want to refund my amount with compassion.

    Ashok Kumar
    Meridian Mobile Pvt. Ltd.
    A 24/5. Ground floor, Mohan cooperative Industrial Estate,
    Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044.
    Mob- 9811701352

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  • Ar
    arunallimuthu Nov 22, 2010

    I am Arun,
    I have a savings account in HDFC- Salary account.
    HDFC is worst in Customer Service. Especially Trichy Road branch in coimbatore. The help desk and the staffs are not responding our questions properly. They are irresponsible and getting irate if we ask too may questions. I wonder are they employed and paid for servicing their customers. But those service is horrible and pathetic. I would request the Management Team from HDFC to view on this and help us to retain as customer of HDFC in future years. I would like to give those representative name if necessay! Your immediate response on this is highly appreciated! email to : [email protected]

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  • Za
    Zahid786dihaz Feb 08, 2011

    had an impression that HDFC Bank falls in the category of quality service providers as today i was checking my HDFC Saving account and i find out that you have debited 500 rupees from my accout against annual debit card charges which is not at all acceptible, as i am an employee of TATA consultancy Services and it is free of cost for all TCS employees.

    Two months back i went to Banergatta Road branch of HDFC bank and i enquired with one of your customer rep. and she also said it's free of Cost. This is not the first time that amount has been debited from my account unnecessarily last year also 500 rupees was debited from my account as intially it was told its free of cost and later amount of debited.

    I really felt very hurted, the way you are cheating your customers

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  • Mo
    mohd farhan Jun 08, 2011

    sir i have account for hdfc bank jyoti nagar delhi .Bank se mujhe ek policy de gaee thee ye khe kar ke ye 6 month ke policy hai is me apko 13 se 15 percent extra miley gae apke ac se har mahiney 1000 hazare rupee kate ge our 6 mahiney baad apne aap apke ac me ajay ge jo ke ferbury me ane the lekin woh abhe tak nahee aye ab bank wale khe rahe hai ki coustmare care par phone karo or castumare care wale khe rahe hai ke apko yaha ana padega mera ac no "15661000007698" hai. mehrbani karke mera balance mere ac me transfer kar wa deje

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  • Mo
    mohd farhan Jun 08, 2011

    comlain for bad service bank policy dete waqt kaha ke ye apke liye fayde mand hai apko kahe nahee jana pade ga or baad me apko waha jana pade ga coustumare care pe call karne pade gee .mera ac delhi jyoti nagar me hai ac no 15661000007698 hai 6 month plan lea tha jes ka time pura hone ke baad bhe ac me balance nahe aya . aap kuch kare jaldi

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  • Ma
    manoj k Jun 09, 2011

    please i dont recomend thsi bank at all

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  • Ma
    manoj k Jun 09, 2011

    one of the worst bank to deal with

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  • Dear customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to write to us at [email protected] with reference ID TTU000329009062011, your policy number and contact details. We will look into the matter and address your concern. For further queries, you can coordinate with us directly over email.

    Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank

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  • He
    Helpless HDFC Customber Sep 16, 2011

    I called HDFC costumer service for third party service which they has activated without any intimation. The customer care executive was very rude and was giving me gyan. His name was "Bhagwan" and was acting like Shaitan. Showing attitude, used abusive language and cut the phone later. Very bad customer care service. Never open account in HDFC bank.

    Helpless HDFC Customer.

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Bhange Jan 16, 2013

    For Demat Account Services

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  • Sa
    Sandeep Bhange Jan 18, 2013

    They do not to given me proper demat account service

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  • Re
    Reviewer36994 Feb 25, 2016

    I live in Canada and wanted to open an NRO account with HDFC bank, once I started filling the online application, four- five employees called so that I complete the application. Once I completed the application and uploaded copy of my passport and other confidential documents on Jan 26, no one can be reached at HDFC.
    It seems some sort if a scam to collect NRI, s information with a bad intention. Please beware and DON'T think of dealing with HDFC bank.

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  • Sy
    Syed Shahnawaz Jul 19, 2016

    Hi Team,

    This is not a complaint only I want to contact with HDFC bank for collapsing my old personal loan, please call me on 7003214566. And suggest me how to close the loan account.

    Syed Shahnawaz

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  • Ro
    Rohit mourya Dec 12, 2018

    Why you deduct my balance

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  • Sa
    Sahiltarfe Dec 13, 2018

    Hello Team,

    From last couple of weeks I am facing issue with HDFC Bank and there is no help from bank either. I got an update for HDFC APP I just updated it and now I am unable to login so I uninstalled the app and tried installing it still facing the same issue. No support from cc. Just m irritated now.

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