Harrah's Resort Complaints & Reviews

Harrah's Resort / hotel stay and experience

Oct 14, 2019

Harrah's ResortBooked two rooms for a bachelor party over the weekend of October 12th/13th. I have been to Harrahs in the past with better service and conditions however this particular stay was the very worst I have ever had in any Hotel. From the long lines at check in to the lack of assistance when...

Harrah's Resort / hotel stay at harras las vegas

Sep 20, 2019

Reservation Confirmation # TZ5CK Check In Date: 08/21/2019 Check Out Date: 08/25/2019 Harrah's Las Vegas I checked into the hotel and my room was not available. I was given a suite as a courtesy and was told by multiple the person adjusting my reservation that I would not be moved from...

Harrah's Resort / slot play

Aug 03, 2019

.my slot play is strangely the exact same way every month 1_the 5th 6th or 7th day machines will only pay*me a small amount or exactly what I initially put I'm, for instance 20$ may go up 5$ return but after that the machine I am on will only payback the same 20$, when i watched other...

Harrah's Resort / the quality that I got

Aug 02, 2019

To be honest this is my first time at Harra's and i think last time too, am here since 2 hours ago, and am surprised with the room, cause first the floor has a bad old and maybe mold smell, second its not what supposed to be as the pics on the website, not deluxe nor having a view unle...

Harrah's Resort / bad experience

Jul 22, 2019

Good morning. I don't normally write to complain, but this is a must. Myself and many of my friends stayed at your resort Sat night July 20th for my bachelor party. We payed a lot of money to stay there, and of course spent a lot of money on the tables, food and drinks. We stayed in...

Harrah's Resort / casino

Jul 04, 2019

I was at the table when one of the workers walked up to me asking for my ID, I was really confused because I have a platinum card and come here often and never had this happen before. That really messed up my mood and I left. Is this something that have to happen because it never happened...

Harrah's Resort / the pool isn’t open to adults. amazing

Jul 01, 2019

I find it completely disgusting that you keep the main pool open all day, yet block 18+ people from going there. We come here to have a vacation—and you pull this? The only pool I can go in, as a LEGAL ADULT, closes at 6pm every single day. And the boardwalk is a fifty minute walk! There'...

Harrah's Resort / security and casino floor attendants

May 31, 2019

Harrah's ResortI was at the NJLA conference in Atlantic City and filed a complaint against the security. I was denied a "complimentary beverage" by a server. I had been ordered a drink while on the gaming machines playing slots. For 15 minutes I waited until finally I asked her to which she states, "You...

Harrah's Resort / horrible experience

May 07, 2019

Harrah's ResortFrom the minute I checked in, my experience was horrible. The lady checking me in was sarcastic and condescending. The amenities on the website were not available. My children could not go in the pool. The wifi was weak and I had to call customer service 5 times before I was able to...

Harrah's Resort / inferior room

Oct 22, 2018

Harrah's ResortTrip summary Harrah's laughlin 2900 south casino drive Laughlin, nv 89029 [protected] Guest name: jennifer vondross Room type: central tower | riverfront | 1 king | non-smoking Check in date: 10/19/2018 Check out date: 10/20/2018 Room preference: non-smoking, k Number of rooms: 1 Adult...

Harrahs in Reno, NV / the room/front desk

Aug 27, 2018

Hi, we were just there as a overnight trip with my girl friends. We checked in on Saturday the 25th, and the reservation was under Tammy Hannah, she had a comp night as she is a rewards member as I am too. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. They checked us in to a room on the 6th...

Harrah's Resort / no tr points

Nov 27, 2017

No tr.Points on Oct 30 2017...Played black jack 25.00 per hand..6 hours...gave Card to dealer...Got on points for playing...Card Under Judy Elkins. 1164 crooked creek London ky.. Please help. Did this five times got no players card is under Judy Elkins DOB 12-20-61.

Harrah's Resort / No time on card table

Nov 15, 2017

Five hour On black jack 25.00 per hand for five hours. Lost 600.00. With no points on my TR points. So bad.. I gave my card to the dealer...Got no points for playing at the card table...the Card is under Judy Elkins. 1164 crooked creek london my. Our players card i...

Harrah's Resort / harrah cherokee casino

Aug 12, 2017

 I'm so applaud by the way my friend and I were treated at Harrah Cherokee in North Carolina today because we're African American. We arrived at the casino at 9:30am and upon arrival if you appear under the age of 40 years your subject to ID check for age verification. Both my friend and I...

Harrah's Resort / stay in harrah's resort san diego

Aug 01, 2017

My rewards number is [protected] My name is Indra. I recently stayed July 30th on Sunday in San Diego Harrahs resort in room 11018 & 11026 for one night for my sisters birthday. It was our first visit and the worst experience. The elevator was not working and we had small kids with us they...

Harrahs Reno / flight schedule

Jun 13, 2017

To start out positive, Harrahs awards myself and wife two (2) free tickets to Harrahs Reno with complimentary Hotel stay. We appreciate the generosity. The free flight to Reno is non-stop but the return is from Reno to SanFran with change of planes and delay making this a 7 hour trip. The...

Harrahs Rincon Resort / Horrible customer service by hotel management!!

Aug 23, 2015

Sadly our stay wasn't so pleasant. We stayed at Harrahs Rincon resort at valley center in San Diego the 10th and 11th of August and received horrible customer service from the hotel managers Patricia and Nick. So upon checking in on the 10th at 2pm we brought up the fact that we were owed...

Harrah Casino, Atlantic City / Drug slipping in Drink

Apr 11, 2015

Husban had a record of two drinks at the Pool After Dark Bar in Harrahs Casino and went from normal to hallucinating and hotel security is reviewing the tape for a person, either bartender or patron who drugged his drink. He made it to the room to start choking, saying he would die and the...

Harrah's / Secruity

Jul 18, 2013

On July 17, my 3 friends and I stayed at Harrah's for my best friends 21st birthday. We also had 6 other friends come to AC with us, but they were staying in comp rooms at The Tropicana. Because we were planning on going to 'The Pool' to dance and have a good time, our...

Harrahs Casino / customer service

Jun 07, 2013

When I booked online, I ordered a 3 night package that included the room and $100 dollars worth of spa credit for each day. I got two massages that came out to $330 dollars which means my bill should of been 30 dollars. When I looked up my bill, it said I owed over 600 dollars. So I went...



Harrahs (Bacarrat) I had a 40 dollar bet on the player and the dealer called tie hand. when there is a tie you get to keep your money so we all pulled our money back. few people on the end disagreed with the dealer and she paid them on the bank. hand did look like the bank but the dealer...

Harrahs / slots


The slot machines have the worst pay back% of any on the planet. They can rape you at will because there is no competition

Harrah's Casino / Racist


Filled with discrimination and racist working in casino. Only the white people were allowed to go through line when computer broke down on food court. When Asian or black person was ask if they were allowed answer was NO I am closed at this time. Manager, Casino manager and GM of thi...

Harrahs Cherokee Casino / Scam


I am a 11 year customer with Harrahs. A DIAMOND player. In July 2010, I received a handpay from a machine for 809.00. The handpay was in question, I questioned the payout, the slot attendant called for a VISUAL, a supervisor also validated the payout, and they also called, TECH SUPPORT to...

Harrahs / Extreme Employee Abuse


Harrahs Casino Employees Need HELP!! Why would they care? They dont care about their own employees!! There are those of us that work under abusive conditions that include harrassment, racism, sexual harrassment, hostile work environments and more. We have co-workers that double as lower...

Harrah's / Poor Customer Service


Friends came from France to visit me, so I booked them the Waterfront tower...thinking it's Harrah's new building, and it looks nice...And I booked myself the Waterclub in Borgata. We arrived on 8/25 Thursday afternoon, then by night time, people are already talking about Atlantic City...

Harrah's Chester Casino / No food served at copper mug unless your in the poker rooms.


Harrah's chester does not serve food at the copper mug located on the 2nd level to it's bar patron's, that bet on horse races that are simucast on their tv's at the bar but will serve food to it's customers in the poker rooms which is on the same level, isn't...

Harrahs Resort / No benefits for Diamond members Stay away


11, 00 points a year would give yuo a diamond status in Harrah's including free visits to diamond lounge. I had made a diamond year of 2010 (benefits started in Apr 1 2011) Today Jun 9th I received a letter from Harrah's (YOUR ENHANCED DIAMOND LOUNGE EXPERIENCE IS HERE!) that stating...

Harrah's / Diamond Scam


DO NOT GAMBLE IN ANY HARRAH'S (CEASAR'S) CASINOS: Also BE AWARE OF DIAMOND SCAM. You will not receive comps and benefits they mention on their website. Last year I spent a lot of time putting points and qualifying for a diamond status (11, 000 points circulating $55, 000 through...

Harrah's / Harrah's charged us $1,200 on our Amex card without our signing anything


The VIP lounge at Harrah's told us our meals would be free also. The following month Harrah's charged us $1, 200 on our Amex card without our signing anything. I do hope that gambling everywhere hasn't become so dishonest. I know we will never return to a Harrah'...

Harrahs Cherokee Casino / Customer treatment


I am a 11 year customer with Harrahs. A DIAMOND player. In July 2010, I received a handpay from a machine for 809.00. The handpay was in question, I questioned the payout, the slot attendant called for a VISUAL, a supervisor also validated the payout, and they also called, TECH SUPPORT to...

Harrah's Atlantic City, NJ / Double charge of credit card


We wanted to go to AC for long weekend. Called the 800# on our Total Rewards card. We were told that a room would be free for Sunday night, but for Saturday night the hotel was booked. The lady (Mary) said that for the one night charge it would be $249+tax at Harrah's, then Sunday...

Harrah's / disrespect


I just wanted to chime in as a new "Total Rewards" customer. I visited the Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino in Arizona recently and due to the horrible customer service that was downright rude and disrespectful, I will steer clear of all Harrah's properties in the future. One visit wa...

Harrahs / Poor customer service


I recently got back from Harrahs casino. Now Keep in mind im a diamond member and have gone to harrahs since they opened. I called and booked a room for Thursday And Friday, on a off time when there is surely no business. FEB 4TH AND 5TH. I requested Atruim Suite. To My Surprise when I got...

Harrahs / very poor service


Long story short. Back in 1982 I joined Harrahs players club in NJ. I had not been into any Harrahs property since that time until Aug 2009. In a local vegas magzine there was a coupon to sign up new players to their rewards progam, and receive free beach towel. So I go to harrahs coupon in...

Harrah's Casino / Award Claim Center


I received a phone call from Anthony yesterday telling me that I had to go to Harrah's Casino in the next 5 days and scratch off a ticket to win one of three prices. I was supposed to get a confirming email giving me all of the information. They had my phone number, address and email...

Harrah's Casino / Harrasment, F0rced to pay for a cab ride home, strong armed and frightened


Firstly, please let me start by saying i am an upstanding person with no criminal history of any nature, and that I have been copletely dumbfounded, and shaken, by the vulgar and baffling display of unprofessionlism by Harrah's Casino in Maryland Heights, Missouri this morning of...

Harrahs / Bad service


I went into VIP lounge to get a piece of cake.After leaving was approached and told that I was not to go behind food line and look into cabinets ! In which was never done by me; I ask for Gina;security to review the tapes and clear me of this lie told on me ! To no avail I talked to Keith...