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Jun 06, 2020

Harrah's Resort — Hotel / customer service

I booked a room at the Harrahs Casino in Laughlin, NV I waited about 1 hour 40 minutes in line to check in...

Harrah's Resortreservation request

My original reservation number is HGNJ4. My reservation was cancelled and I wanted to know why. I called customer service directly at Harrah's Southern California. I was transferred multiple times. I had to call 4 times and the 4 times they hang up on me saying that a manager was resolving the case. My wife called as well the last time and she was told she was going to get a return phone call to resolve the problem "today". It is 10:09pm and neither of us has received a phone call. We already had a Cabana reservation and a room paid. All we wanted was to add an extra room for our family since we are celebrating my wife's birthday. Instead, we are dealing with really unprofessional personnel.

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    Harrah's Resorthotel stay and experience

    Booked two rooms for a bachelor party over the weekend of October 12th/13th. I have been to Harrahs in the past with better service and conditions however this particular stay was the very worst I have ever had in any Hotel. From the long lines at check in to the lack of assistance when trying to use the express check in/out kiosk. To the absolutely disgusting rooms and lack of maintenance/housekeeping to the terrible overpriced Pool Club at night. The room floors were stained all over in so many places, the couch looks like it has human skin debris sprinkled all over. The smell of the room was as if someone was smoking marijuana all night in it. We booked the rooms asking for two connecting and did not receive two connected rooms and had to deal with a couple fighting in the middle room at 4am. The walls were coming apart. The sheets even had stains...see pictures and I have videos...

    After driving from northern NJ, a shower was all that was needed to freshen up. Prior to using the shower, I picked up the folded bath mat and before I could place it down, it was wet/damp. Either it was a used mat that was never replaced or they folded it un-dried from a wash. This grossed me out with the thought of it possibly being a used mat. I called for service and asked to speak with a Manager. I was quickly provided a $50.00 off the room as if to just shut me up. They sent me a hotel worker who when I opened the door just hands me a new mat. I was very frustrated at this point and told the worker I need to speak to his Manager. I even brought him inside the room and showed that the shower had not been used by us yet so how is this bath mat wet? He calls his Manager and the answer I get is that his is too busy to come to the room at the moment but will call my room. 20 Mins later, I received no such call. I contacted the front desk again and even the lady asked me "He said that?." Needless to say, I never got a call from the Manager.

    My party dressed up for the night, went downstairs where I went to the front desk and demanded I speak to a Manager. One came and spoke with me, eventually offering another $25.00 off my room. Again, is that to just shut me up? I never asked for any compensation but rather to speak to a Manager directly so that this whole thing could be addressed properly and with the proper channels. The Manager said she would even send housekeeping to clean the bathroom. When we arrived several hours later, you could see that no one had done anything while we were gone.

    Forward to the Pool (Club) experience. We are all dressed up for the night, I passed three security guards, went thru and cleared the metal detector. A fourth security guard at this point tells me "no sunglasses, " I asked if I could just pocket them and was told no. As I headed back to my room, the three previous security guards all chuckled that they couldnt believe they didnt notice I had sunglasses. I asked what the big deal was and they just advised, dress code. Really? Dress Code? Im in a button down, with slacks and nice shoes while other people were going in looking like bums with regular t-shirts on and I committed a dress code violation? I had to go all the way back to my room which was in the Marina Tower so far from the Pool just to drop off my sun glasses. Now, why did I have sun glasses on my head going to the Pool at night? Simply because I had them on during the day and forgot they were even there...

    Finally, we get into the pool. Overpriced $15.00 drinks in plastic cups you would use at a water dispenser at work. I didnt expect glasses but at least better cups than that and certainly not an average of $15.00 a drink for mediocre beverages. Not to mention the outrageous $30.00 cover charge that was only reduced to $20.00 since we were given reduction before 11pm tickets from the front desk. Why should we pay a cover charge when in the past, guests of the hotel were given passes for free access??? Terrible.

    In the end, the morning shower was met with a broken shower head that you had to hold in the direction needed as it just flopped down and could not be tightened. Check out in the morning was met yet again with long lines, even lines at the kiosks that thankfully the only positive thing was being able to drop the keys in the express box. I later called the front desk to advise of checkout just to be sure. In the end, the best part of the trip was leaving.

    hotel stay and experience
    hotel stay and experience
    hotel stay and experience
    hotel stay and experience
    hotel stay and experience

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      Harrah's Resorthotel stay at harras las vegas

      Reservation Confirmation # TZ5CK
      Check In Date: 08/21/2019
      Check Out Date: 08/25/2019
      Harrah's Las Vegas

      I checked into the hotel and my room was not available. I was given a suite as a courtesy and was told by multiple the person adjusting my reservation that I would not be moved from the room. Around 11 am in the morning I was told I had to move by a new manager on shift because it was a 7 star weekend and everyone had to leave suites that were not initially booked as a suite stay. The manager was very rude and told my I will get my service fees back. My issue was that I was told by multiple people that I would not be moved and it was noted in my reservation since it was due to an inconvenience. I missed my activities scheduled for the morning and afternoon due to this issue. I was lied to about the room not changing and was not given any other options, not even to upgrade to stay in the suite. I live in NJ and it's my first time in Vegas and my experience was a mess dealing with the hotel and the employees. What am I suppose to do refuse to move and be put on the street to prove my point that I was told I did not have to move the rest of my stay? I was embarrassed and it was a very down point in my stay. When I got home I called the resort to find out when they were going to remove my service charges, the women on the phone told me no one ever updated my account to show the charges should be removed. I then had to sit on the phone and nearly miss a work meeting to fight to have the charges removed. I would rather you tell me I have to wait for a room instead of giving me a suite and then taking it away making me miss by activities as I'm being harassed by reservation employees. Yes, someone called my room and did not leave a name and demanded in a nasty tone that I had to get out and then hung up. I thought it was a joke, that's when I went to the front desk...Is this how you treat your customers? Also, the other people I checked in with did not have to move from their upgraded suites. I flew in with them and we planned our trips together and we were all given suites due to all of our rooms being given away. Why was I the only person targeted during my stay? Why do you treat your customers this way?

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        Harrah's Resortslot play

        .my slot play is strangely the exact same way every month 1_the 5th 6th or 7th day machines will only pay*me a small amount or exactly what I initially put I'm, for instance 20$ may go up 5$ return but after that the machine I am on will only payback the same 20$, when i watched others players won 400_500$ on 50€ play, I b6it is set up so you will get angry and play more to try and make the machine hit. I believe it is bias also, gambling is random my play should not be predicted by myself because I know what's going to happen by the previous month play

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          Harrah's Resortthe quality that I got

          To be honest this is my first time at Harra's and i think last time too, am here since 2 hours ago, and am surprised with the room, cause first the floor has a bad old and maybe mold smell, second its not what supposed to be as the pics on the website, not deluxe nor having a view unless the trash bin going to be considered one and also despite the mold and rust in the bathroom
          Then i go to the pool which is the only thing kept me from going to another hotel, first all the couches are reserved, and who ever reserved it didn't show up yet, so its not fair cause on the reservation doesn't say we have to reserve anything a head or we have to be platinum members or anything special, and on top of all that, idont think the water is even sanitary to swim in cause its legit smells like feet, no Clorox no pureness, only feet smell
          Honestly am very disappointed, thats not what i had in my mind, i guess a bad review will be going on your website, cause until now nothing but regret and disappointment

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            Jul 22, 2019

            Harrah's Resort — bad experience

            Good morning. I don't normally write to complain, but this is a must. Myself and many of my friend...

            Valley Center
            Jul 04, 2019

            Harrah's Resort — casino

            I was at the table when one of the workers walked up to me asking for my ID, I was really confused because I...

            Harrah's Resortthe pool isn’t open to adults. amazing

            I find it completely disgusting that you keep the main pool open all day, yet block 18+ people from going there. We come here to have a vacation—and you pull this? The only pool I can go in, as a LEGAL ADULT, closes at 6pm every single day. And the boardwalk is a fifty minute walk! There's nothing in this hotel for anyone even as a legal adult. It's disrespectful, and I hope you know that you have ruined my vacation completely and entirely. A complete and utter waste of over $200 spent on a hotel room. Thanks.

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              Harrah's Resortsecurity and casino floor attendants

              I was at the NJLA conference in Atlantic City and filed a complaint against the security. I was denied a "complimentary beverage" by a server. I had been ordered a drink while on the gaming machines playing slots. For 15 minutes I waited until finally I asked her to which she states, "You are no longer actively playing." I say, "Excuse me! I have the voucher to prove I had been playing and I am hear for a conference." She went in the back the floor supervisor returns with security. Are you serious? Is this how you mistreat your guest? I was humiliated and reported the incident to the manager. The manager did comp my room which was appreciated. Security and floor attendants need cultural sensitivity training and a class on interpersonal communication.

              security and casino floor attendants

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                Harrah's Resorthorrible experience

                From the minute I checked in, my experience was horrible. The lady checking me in was sarcastic and condescending. The amenities on the website were not available. My children could not go in the pool. The wifi was weak and I had to call customer service 5 times before I was able to connect two devices. Waited two hours for towels, valet parking was extremely packed and on the other side of the hotel. The hotel charged me the total fee after I had paid Priceline causing my card to get declined at another venue. There was supposed to be a $9 credit for breakfast and that was untrue. Tried calling the front desk over ten times and the phone rings with no answer. I can go on however happy to be back home. My children and I are so disappointed. They had nothing to do all weekend. Total waste of my money.

                horrible experience
                horrible experience

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                  Harrah's Resortinferior room

                  Trip summary
                  Harrah's laughlin
                  2900 south casino drive
                  Laughlin, nv 89029
                  Guest name: jennifer vondross

                  Room type: central tower | riverfront | 1 king | non-smoking

                  Check in date: 10/19/2018

                  Check out date: 10/20/2018

                  Room preference: non-smoking, k

                  Number of rooms: 1

                  Adults: 2

                  Children: 0

                  Subtotal: $113.59

                  Resort/other fees: $14.00

                  Taxes: $15.95

                  Room total: $143.54

                  You earned at least 113 reward credits® by booking this trip!

                  Name on card: jennifer vondross

                  Card number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-5328

                  Grand total: $143.54

                  inferior room
                  inferior room
                  inferior room
                  inferior room
                  inferior room
                  inferior room
                  inferior room

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                    Harrahs in Reno, NVthe room/front desk

                    Hi, we were just there as a overnight trip with my girl friends. We checked in on Saturday the 25th, and the reservation was under Tammy Hannah, she had a comp night as she is a rewards member as I am too. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. They checked us in to a room on the 6th floor, I felt like we were in a room that was only given to people that were on comp status. The room was not clean, still had garbage in the bathroom garbage cans, also was not prepped as it should be, no Kleenex in the dispenser. My friends and I went out for the night, we returned about 1 am, I took a shower and noticed that the water was not draining, when I got out of the shower, the water was half way full, also the fan did not work in the bathroom, nor did the air conditioner work, so the room was very muggy. When I checked the shower a hour later it still was not draining. We then called the front desk and complained, the person at the front desk said "oh well we will get someone up there to see what's going on" We asked how long, she said I don't know when they get there, she was very rude. We hung up, but then called back and demanded a new room, she called us back and said I will move you, so we had to pack up everything, in our pajamas and then went to the 14th floor. The valet showed up to move us and told us that the tubs don't drain, its a problem with the pipes in the walls. Wow I thought, how could you be having people stay in this hotel this way. We went up to the new room, to find out when my friend took her shower it was not draining for her as well. It was now 2:30 am, same issues and everyone could not take a shower. This was the first time I have stayed at your hotel, my husband and I normally stay at El Dorado or Silver Legacy, I am a rewards member and I really don't understand how I was treated or the condition in which you have your customers stay. I really should call the health board, I am pretty sure that does not reach the standards in which they require. It really is a shame, because it is people like us in which keep people coming to Reno and brining in the revenue for your hotel. I would try your hotel again, but I am hoping you will make this right, I think that all of us who stayed in the room should be given a chance to stay in your hotel again and experience the stay in which you advertise. I look forward to hearing from you.

                    Thank you, Connie McMartin.

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                      Harrah's Resortno tr points

                      No tr.Points on Oct 30 2017...Played black jack 25.00 per hand..6 hours...gave Card to dealer...Got on points for playing...Card Under Judy Elkins. 1164 crooked creek London ky.. Please help. Did this five times got no help..my players card is under Judy Elkins DOB 12-20-61. London.ky Please help I have asked for someone to help...No help yet...this was on Oct 30. I played six hours at $25 per hand..Got no TR Points at all at the card table...help help

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                        • Updated by Buddybuddy · Nov 24, 2017

                          Why no help on this

                        Harrah's Resort — No time on card table

                        Five hour On black jack 25.00 per hand for five hours. Lost 600.00. With no points on my card...nothing...no...

                        Harrah's Resort — harrah cherokee casino

                         I'm so applaud by the way my friend and I were treated at Harrah Cherokee in North Carolina today because...


                        Harrah's Resort — stay in harrah's resort san diego

                        My rewards number is [protected] My name is Indra. I recently stayed July 30th on Sunday in San Diego Harrah...

                        Harrahs Reno — flight schedule

                        To start out positive, Harrahs awards myself and wife two (2) free tickets to Harrahs Reno with complimentary...

                        Harrahs Rincon Resort — Horrible customer service by hotel management!!

                        Sadly our stay wasn't so pleasant. We stayed at Harrahs Rincon resort at valley center in San Diego the 10th...

                        Harrah Casino, Atlantic City — Drug slipping in Drink

                        Husban had a record of two drinks at the Pool After Dark Bar in Harrahs Casino and went from normal to...

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