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On July 17, my 3 friends and I stayed at Harrah's for my best friends 21st birthday. We also had 6 other friends come to AC with us, but they were staying in comp rooms at The Tropicana. Because we were planning on going to 'The Pool' to dance and have a good time, our friends at Tropicana came to our hotel room to finish getting ready before heading downstairs.
At just about 11:15 pm, right before planning to leave to go to The Pool, security comes to the door and asks to speak to the owner of the room. At this time, we figure it was a noise complaint and start gathering our belongings we were bringing with us to go to the club when my friend comes back into the room from talking to security and tells us we are being EVICTED. Mind you, there was no warning or previous attempt to quiet us down; there was one knock on the door just to kick us out.
After trying to explain to the security guard that we will leave to go to the club right now and only four of us were coming back here to sleep and we will stop being so noisy, he said multiple times "back your bags and leave" without wanting to hear any of us say anything about it. He stayed outside the room while we got our things.
As we started backing our bags and getting every thing we own together before being kicked out, the security guard AGAIN, comes into the room asking whats taking so long. Well, now that I'm sober enough to answer this question, WE'RE PACKING OUR BAGS UP. This includes all of our make up, hair brushes, dresses, clothes and whatever else we have laying around so we don't have anything left behind.
As soon as we go downstairs to "check out", two of my friends go to management and were told after being evicted there is nothing they can do. So, you're telling me after kicking four 21 year old girls out of the streets of Atlantic City, there's nothing you can do for us, for our safety, for the money we put up to sleep in your hotel?
This hotel is a joke. I have never in my 21 years of living heard of such disgrace from a hotel staff as a whole. There was no warning, no money given back, no place for us to stay. Just kicked out and expected to put up another $160+ at another hotel. I can not fathom the anger and frustration I had last night that has continued and only grew for this establishment.

Resolved customer service

When I booked online, I ordered a 3 night package that included the room and $100 dollars worth of spa credit for each day. I got two massages that came out to $330 dollars which means my bill should of been 30 dollars. When I looked up my bill, it said I owed over 600 dollars. So I went down to the front desk, waited in line for 30 minutes just to get to the desk, which is another issue all by itself, and was told by desk agent Michelle that the bill was correct. I told her everything was paid in advance so she went to the back, came out 5 minutes later with a new bill and said our reservations department put it in wrong and your new bill is only 400 dollars. I told her, no its not, try again. She said you got 4 massages, I told her I got two. She went to the back again, and came out and said the salon double charged you and your new bill is 160 dollars. I told her, no its not, and to please get a manager. This time it took 15 minutes for Nisha to come out and say she was going to do me a courtesy and only charge me 80 dollars which is the correct total with room service. I said how are you doing me a courtesy when it was your mistake. She said it was the salon's mistake not theirs. So we went round and round and not one time, did she even try to apologize, which is all I really wanted, she just kept blaming them and said how she was doing me a favor. I said, I just wasted almost an hour of my life to fix your hotel's mistake, and your doing me a favor? So I asked for copies of the other invoices to make sure everything was taken off correctly, she told me she threw them away. I said, no problem, just get them out, she refused. So I said, why would you refuse to give me copies of the bill unless you were hiding something. I asked for the hotel manager, she said he was busy. I asked to speak to someone in charge, she proceeded to tell me if I didn't settle down, she would call security. So let me get this straight, you make a 600 dollar mistake in your favor, you make the guest wait an hour in line, and then you are going to call security when the guest calls you out for it.

Stay aware from this casino, it used to be the best, but when you talk to the employees, they tell you how bad things are. The pool is great, some of the staff go out of their way for you. The male bartender at the mexican restaurant, the female dealer at the single deck blackjack table, the housekeeping staff were all excellent, but checking in and out is a joke. 30 to 45 minutes to check in, and they act like it's no big deal. By far the worst employees I met work at the front desk, Michelle, Nisha, and an african fellow all showed poor customer service skills and a lack of common sense.


Harrahs (Bacarrat) I had a 40 dollar bet on the player and the dealer called tie hand. when there is a tie...

Resolved slots

The slot machines have the worst pay back% of any on the planet. They can rape you at will because there is no competition

  • Sa
    sammyc Sep 30, 2012

    This casino is one of if not the worst casino on the planet. I have been here many times and the pay back% sucks and I mean sucks bad. They have no competition and can rape you at will. I will never go there again and the crowds are down and I hope they go out of business. The daily and yearly pay outs that they show on there screens are very misleading. Do not go to this casino. After spending about a $1000 or so, you get a $2 comp, big deal!!! Tell all not to go here...

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Filled with discrimination and racist working in casino. Only the white people were allowed to go through...

Cherokee Entertainment

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I am a 11 year customer with Harrahs. A DIAMOND player. In July 2010, I received a handpay from a machine for 809.00. The handpay was in question, I questioned the payout, the slot attendant called for a VISUAL, a supervisor also validated the payout, and they also called, TECH SUPPORT to the machine, after all of this I signed for and accepted the payout. Two days later Chad Carver, director of Security notified me that the payout was a mistake made by employees failing to clear the machine from a previous payout. He demanded restitution, all but called me a crook, changed the original incident report by omitting certains facts, to make the report more FAVORABLE for Harrahs. After calling corporate offices and talking to Reggie Kirk (CEO”s Asst) and Mr Jensen in Las Vegas corporate about the situation, Mr Carver has become God of HARRAHS, he listed me as Defrauding a Innkeeper in Harrahs Computer System, he also sent a nasty letter banning me from ever playing at any zHarrah’s property again. I have tried repeated times to have the band lifted, and continue to be a loyal Harrahs customer. The problem is that nobody takes time to look at the facts, the real issue at hand, and could care less about the customer. This is not the first time a customer or loyal player has ran into a problem at Cherokee. there have been customers who hit jackpots and have not gotr paid, there has been a woman who was shocked, and injured by a machine. The problem with Cherokee is the casino and gaming regulations are owned and operated by the Cherokee Indians who only care about your money. Harrahs has a few key management in place but abide by the rukes of the Indians. In short they have lost alot of business from me and my family due to God (Chad Carver)!

  • Ka
    Kardou Dec 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also a diamond player and most of my points have been playered in Cherokee. I have noticed that the last 2 months the crowd has been thin and then I would play the same machine that I always play and 200.00 went like nothing.
    My real complaint is that Harrahs Cherokee sent me a free voucher for myself and a companion for a meal, when I went to the Total Rewards counter they said that my drivers Licence had expired and that they could not honor it. This was really disturbing to me. I live 3 hrs away and I go to Cherokee once a month. I called customer service and Talked with the manager and she didnt once offer me another voucher or any other compensation for this. They are so willing to take your money but give very little in comps and take back the ones they do give. I get coupons for 20.00- 30.00 when I spend sometimes upward of 500-1000.00

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  • Ma
    Mary from Maggie Apr 08, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm also a diamond player and have spent literally thousands of dollars over just the past few mistake I know. But my experience was sitting in my bath jacuzzi filled with black mold spewing from the jets! Not just once but 3 different times!! I am so traumatized by this and contacted Ms. Shiver via email..customer support. She got back to me quickly but offered no compensation..they gave me a $25 dinner ticket but so what..I have so many comps I can eat many meals for nothing. When I told her I felt I could sue..I have pictures of the mold..for this debacle, she said she could no longer communicate with me. I guess it's time to quit going all together, and I hope everyone would ban Harrah's Cherokee and put it out of business. I've also had slots not pay what they're supposed to..ex: 9.95 on a $10 hit and so on. I've done the math and watched it closely..but nothing is ever done..I've been told I wasn't adding right!

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Resolved Extreme Employee Abuse

Harrahs Casino Employees Need HELP!! Why would they care? They dont care about their own employees!! There...

Resolved Poor Customer Service

Friends came from France to visit me, so I booked them the Waterfront tower...thinking it's Harrah's new building, and it looks nice...And I booked myself the Waterclub in Borgata.
We arrived on 8/25 Thursday afternoon, then by night time, people are already talking about Atlantic City being evacuated by 8/26 6am. So I decided to head home that same night to beat the traffic and because I live close to the shore of Sandy Hook...thinking my house might be evacuated too! So i need to get home asap.
I went to the Waterclub front desk, explained to them about the situation, the manager said right away, if I decide to leave that same night, he will give me a refund...and which he did, with no problem.

Then I head over to Harrah's to pick up my friends...first, we were online to check out for 1 hour. They only had ONE receptionist at the front desk! Then when it's my turn, I explained the situation to the guy...then he said "casino is not closing down as of now, we are not forcing you to we will not give you the refund."
Harrah's really does not care about their customers, just want to make money...
On top of that...I was so mad while I was checking out, so I did not look carefully...I got home, looked at the receipt...they charged me a deposit (equals to a 1 night stay amount), and also charged me an additional 1 basically they charged me double!


  • Oh
    OhWowReally Sep 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would just complain to their corporate offices. I can almost guarentee you will be refunded. The front desk people probably had no idea what corporate was going to officially do at that point. He/She isn't going to say "no problem, you won't be charged" if nothing has been made official, otherwise they could get fired for giving wrong information to customers.

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Resolved No food served at copper mug unless your in the poker rooms.

Harrah's chester does not serve food at the copper mug located on the 2nd level to it's bar...

No benefits for Diamond members Stay away

11, 00 points a year would give yuo a diamond status in Harrah's including free visits to diamond lounge.

I had made a diamond year of 2010 (benefits started in Apr 1 2011) Today Jun 9th I received a letter from Harrah's (YOUR ENHANCED DIAMOND LOUNGE EXPERIENCE IS HERE!) that stating from June 13th I can no longer go to Diamond Lounge for free. It has to come from total rewards credits (have to gamble more :) I can not even pay cash. Basically they took 10 months of free admissions away.

Being a diamond I do not receive comp rooms no more, I have to pay for them, only 2 buffets Mon-Thu which I cannot use anyway

Harrah's robbed me, tricked me into spending my money hoping for diamond lounge admission.


Diamond Scam

Also BE AWARE OF DIAMOND SCAM. You will not receive comps and benefits they mention on their website. Last year I spent a lot of time putting points and qualifying for a diamond status (11, 000 points circulating $55, 000 through slots). Diamond status promised me and one guest a free admission to their buffet style diamond lounge. My diamond benefits started Apr.1st 2011, June 9th I got a letter (slap in my face) " YOUR ENHANCED DIAMOND LOUNGE AWAITS YOU" stating that I no longer can attend lounge for free, it is only for people who put 25, 000 points last year. To get an entry into a club I have to pay 1000 reward credit (1 point for every $5 I gamble, total risking $5000 for buffet style food). I used my reward money for other things and have none left. It means I can no longer go to diamond club. HARRAH'S CUT ME OFF DIAMOND LOUNGE WITH 3 DAY NOTICE. I wish they had told me in Jan 2010 about their intentions, so I could make a finacially responsible decision whether to put 25, 000 points or put none and play in other casino.
Being a diamond 11, 000 points in Harrah's gives me no benefits except special check in line in hotel:
1)no comp rooms for a weekend
2)no comp rooms for summer months
3)com buffet only Mon-Thu (can not use it anyway)
4) slot play of $20-40 a month
5)no special birthday gift as promised
6)no comp concert tickets
Harrah's took advantage of me and scammed me of thousands dollars giving nothing or very little back

  • Gi
    gina777 Jun 10, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My purpose of posting this complaint is to warn people how big corporation can mislead and take advantage of people. I do not ask for anyone to feel pity for me. Casino industry is growing, just in past two years 3 casinos opened in Philadelphia area.

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  • Gi
    gina777 Jun 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I mentioned circulating $55, 000 through their slots not losing that amount. You seem not to understand what I am talking about. I have a full time job and a responsible gambler who budgets money for gambling and not looking out for freebies. I am upset that casino mislead me and promised one year free admission to diamond club but actually gave me only 2 months free. I learned my lesson and from now on stay away from casinos, none of them can be trusted. Thank you for participating in discussion and your comments.

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  • Li
    Lisa1314 Jun 12, 2011

    i am in complete agreement and have sent several emails to the casino directly, which resulted in a general reply back not addressing the issue at is an outrage. The only perk we had left was the Diamond Club, and my husband and i really enjoyed it, as did any guest i brought with me. For example, Friday night we went for our last free time ( i too have used almost all my comp on other things). The shrimp at Showboat was just your basic frozen kind defrosted, and the carving station was ok. Who really cares about that? We like getting a slice of pizza and a salad and a couple drinks. We never took advantage and pigged out. We then went downstairs and gambled for a while, did lose, and my belief is by giving money to the slots we "paid for our Diamond Club admission" several times over. This is a poor marketing strategy and i for one will be rethinking visiting these casinos, the four of which i have been loyal for years.

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  • Su
    susanbeaver33 Jul 26, 2011

    I have had a Diamond Card for many years and I disagree with your comments. I find your comments misleading or perhaps you are just ignorant. Perhaps you should try some other Harrahs/Caesars casinos other than Atlantic City. For example, I was recently in Las Vegas and they do not charge any admissions for any diamond lounges. I earn less than 25, 000 points in a year andyet I am bombarded by different offers from the chain. I never pay for a hotel room. Also, if you earned diamond status last year, you would have been entitled to all the benefits from the day you reached 11, 000 points in 2010 NOT from April 1st of this year. Reward credits are not 1 point for every $5; you receive one Tier point for every $5, one base reward credit for every $5 AND in addition you also receive bonus reward credits when you gamble. If you gambled heavily, you should have received many offers from Harrahs/Caesars for free nights, meals, shows, free cruises, etc. If you were doing heavy gambling with your sole purpose being to get into the Diamond Lounges at Atlantic City then all I can say is you are stupid and not financially responsible like you suggest.

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  • Db
    db1957 Aug 11, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I go vegas and harrahs treats me good there but when I went to atlantic city the house has a much higher take.The three card poker you have to bet both the ante and the pairs plus.this drains your bankrole faster so your chances of winning drop .in vegas your money lasts longer. I love to play keno in lasvegas because they use lottery style keno ball game in atlantic city its electronic .The drink system sucked.I spend a grand a day so I exspect a drink while gamble in vegas there always there when I want a drink I was planning a trip to the horseshoe in cleaveland but after reading the reviews they were so negative ill pass.the casinos in niagara falls where I live have some plus and bad games but the falls has three casinos so the games are somewhat fair

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Harrah's charged us $1,200 on our Amex card without our signing anything

The VIP lounge at Harrah's told us our meals would be free also.

The following month Harrah's charged us $1, 200 on our Amex card without our signing anything.

I do hope that gambling everywhere hasn't become so dishonest. I know we will never return to a Harrah's anywhere.

This is the second time Harrah's has mislead us. Several years ago I won entry to a drawing of 90 people for a car in Harrah's, Las Vegas. We flew out and found at least 400 including high rollers.

That was contrary to the drawing rules and many people were unhappy with Harrah's.

  • Gi
    gina777 Jun 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are absolutely right. Harrahs can not be trusted. They conduct business in unprofessional way. Government should be more involved when big casino crporations mislead and scam people.

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Customer treatment

I am a 11 year customer with Harrahs. A DIAMOND player. In July 2010, I received a handpay from a machine for...

1 comment Cherokee Hotels

Double charge of credit card

We wanted to go to AC for long weekend. Called the 800# on our Total Rewards card. We were told that a room would be free for Sunday night, but for Saturday night the hotel was booked. The lady (Mary) said that for the one night charge it would be $249+tax at Harrah's, then Sunday night we would have a free room at their sister hotel, Ceasars. I said that I would have to talk to my husband, and to hold the room for ten minutes until I called back. Well, when I said that, miraculously the rate came down to $100.
I gave the phone to my husband. He put the charge on the credit card. He told her that we would be arriving late, around 11pm. She said that the room would only be held until midnight, and that we would have a king bed, smoking room.
We arrived at 11:20pm.
Rachelle, the front desk clerk, said that the room was $181, and that we had a double room, non-smoking. We were upset, to say the least. But, after driving 3 hours, we knew that there was nothing we could do at that late hour as far as finding another hotel with a vacancy. My husband said that if we were paying $181 we needed a King smoking. She said that she had to talk to her supervisor. She disappeared for 12 minutes. She came back, said we would be in a double smoking. Best she could do. And the dispute of the room charge? She has no authorization to lower the rate, all she does is what the screen tells her, and that is to charge $181. She says we have to talk to her OTHER supervisor in the morning...
We get to the room, room 503...
Broken safe.
Price tag from piece of clothing on floor.
Bobby pin on the floor.
Two long black hairs in sink.
The bottom sheet on bed wasn't covering the bottom of the mattress, which I discovered when I lay down, got under the covers, and my bare feet touched the mattress...disgusting.
The next morning we go to check out after getting 2 coffees, of which we were charged an extra $1.30 for extra half&half. When we ask for Rachelles supervisor, we are told that she is out of town, but we were given her business card with her email address. (I wrote her an email three days ago, and have gotten no response...her name is Mrs. Santana.) We were also told to pay a $10 tax for something to do with a new NJ law, whatever, we paid in cash and were handed our reciept.
Ceasars was a million times better. Nice people at the front desk (our guy was Frank, he was incredible). We got a king bed, smoking, clean clean clean room, everything about it was better.

Monday we get home and check our bank account online.
We were charged the following...
$181.26 for our stay Saturday night.
$10 for the tax that we paid cash for, as indicated on our reciept.
$231.26 for something that was never authorized, no idea what the heck that was for, and whenever we call, which we have done 9 times now, no one has an answer, and no one seems to know when any one in management will return from vacation. Apparently all of the managers and supervisors go away at the same time, leaving a bunch of incompetent ###s to run the whole casino/hotel.

All told, we were charge a grand total of $422.52 for one night at Harrah's. Original cost told to us?? $100...and no one can give us the courtesy of a phone call or email to help us out in removing the extra charge. Needless to say, we won't be returning. And we both plan on telling all of our friends and family about the horrible customer service/scams going on at Harrah's of Atlantic City.

Resolved disrespect

I just wanted to chime in as a new "Total Rewards" customer. I visited the Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino in Arizona recently and due to the horrible customer service that was downright rude and disrespectful, I will steer clear of all Harrah's properties in the future. One visit was enough. We were told at the buffet that unless we were a "Diamond" member, we couldn't get a 2nd crab cracker at our table of 5. There is a definite "caste" system in place and as a new member, I was given a gold rewards card as was my elderly mother. When we went over to the Cashier's cage (properly standing in line at the "Gold" window) she was almost run over when the Cashier called over a woman standing in the "Diamond" line. Not even an "excuse me" from either of them. I understand rewarding regular patrons, but I can't say that I have ever had a company so clearly discourage my business, especially since as a new customer, they know nothing about me.

  • Tr
    Trader John Apr 02, 2011

    You are right on with the caste system, I cant imagine how much trouble this has caused with customer relations over the years. Yesterday I was in Harrahs in Joliet Il.
    They had three cashier windows, two were for diamond members with no customers there. The third window was for th common folk and it had eight customers waiting in line. They had one employee directing customers away from the diamond window unless they showed the diamond card. When I finally got up to the regular window I cashed in my chips and asked for the cage manager to voice my concern, basically he acted like he didn't want to hear it as I'm sure he's heard it many times before, so I had to tell them they sucked. I started playing at Harrahs in Lake Tahoe in 1979 and it was a very well run establishment back in the day.
    They won't be seeing a hole lot of action from me in the future.
    I just love the story about asking for an extra crab cracker, ( diamond members only) just can't make stuff up, I almost fell off my chair laughing.
    I use to be a diamond member, however im in Florida over half the year and I don't qualify anymore. They want you there often and their caste system helps promote degenerate gamblers.

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  • Ll
    LLtahoe May 30, 2011

    I used to date an executive host at Harrah's Lake Tahoe. I broke up with him for his infedelity and later found out that he had permanetly black listed me to be a no-hire for the entire company. This guy no longer works there and I was a great employee...Harrah's Corporation Sucks!!!

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  • Da
    Dave Mike Jul 23, 2013

    I totally agree with you about Harrah AK chin's staff, , , Especially at the players reward desk. Been going to Casinos for 30 years and never seen this level of unproffesionalism, clowning, disrespect, at a players club counter?? I've seen it with maybe a clean up person or slot attendent there but Total Reward counter? Thats tragic for a casino. Sad Sad case, , And the suppervisor was a joke, , , , , , smh!!! I'm going as high as i can go with my complaint.

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Resolved Poor customer service

I recently got back from Harrahs casino. Now Keep in mind im a diamond member and have gone to harrahs since they opened. I called and booked a room for Thursday And Friday, on a off time when there is surely no business. FEB 4TH AND 5TH.

I requested Atruim Suite. To My Surprise when I got there I could not find my debit card. I told the girl its probadly burried in my bag could I leave the 50 deposit in cash instead. Which I did in past.

Its somthing that happens to all of us. Well after unpacking bag on casino floor feeling embarassed. I could not find it.

Her responce was Well its new rule and money could not be taken.

I had 2 friends coming down following day who were diamond members also one was 7 star diamond. So than I managed to locate my numbers to my card which I wrote down. I tried giving her them and her responce was well how do we know its not stollen we need the card.

I was furious at this point. I spoke to 3 supervisors. All were still wet behind the ears and had that same stupid look like there is nothing they could do its the rules.

I was furious that they could treat good paying customers the way they did.

I had a cruise that I received from harrahs as a comp. I cancelled that and destoyed all my harrahs cards.

I will never go back and will surely spread the word about how Harrahs is treating people who are good paying guest.

During such bad time and recessions you would think they needed the business. Now I can see why Jersey casinos are so poorly run. Its no longer run by the experienced people from the past. Mob LOL

Bring back the Vegas ways and get rid of these College pretty boys who could care less about there Jobs.

Basically the staff and managemnet

*** and I will no longer play at harrahs.

Next to Ebays customer service I rank Harrahs as the worst. Im bringing more than one person from your property. My friends all feel same way.

Im Gone to Philly and bringing my money over bridge.

  • De
    Devils Advocate 12 Feb 25, 2011

    Would a grocery store or other establishment give you something w/o your debit card? or simply because you had the numbers written on a piece of paper? What if you 'trashed' the room or ordered hundreds of dollars in room service?
    Granted, you have the right to be upset or embarrased that you forgot your Debit Card. However with all of the fraudulent credit card activity & identity theft, I believe the casino was correct on insisting on you presenting your actual credit card.
    Sorry, you are way off base!

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  • Ho
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Harrah's Ent and the Imperial Palace are guilty of both MASSIVE INCOMPETENCE but also GRAND FRAUD. On Wed 2/22/12 at 4:00pm I was with friends the show "Name That Tune." We were all given prizes of tickets to Australian BG's at Excalibur. Individually we went there; very costly in terms of time and transportation. The tickets were USELESS. Th 2/23/12 at 8:30 pm I called Imperial Palace box office. Twice no one answered, not even after 20 rings. Finally after 15 rings, the employee refused to give my her name or her boss, and slammed down the phone. The Imperial Palace night hotel manager claimed IP had nothing to do with their box office. Fr 2/24/12 from 8:30 am to noon I repeatedly called IP and asked for the executive office. The operators always gave me BOGUS numbers, no matter how many times I begged. Not one gave me a manager. Finally at 3pm an exec assist had the gall to demand an email. I pay dearly for computer time. Hours of arguing later, left me NOWHERE. DO NOT PATRONIZE ANY CASINOS IN HARRAHS ENTERTAINMENT, or IMPERIAL PALACE. THEY COMMIT MASSIVE FRAUD. MANY OTHERS GOT THE SAME TICKETS; ALL BOGUS AND EXPIRED AND USELESS.

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  • Ho
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Excuse me but you did NOT read my complaint. Over 30 people were given EXPIRED SHOW TICKETS as a prize. What kind of useless prize is that? This has nothing to do with numbers on a card. And further when I spent HOURS trying to correct the problem, I was totally blown off. Harrah's Entertainment operators wouldn't give me a live person after constant calls; they just gave me old voice mails of the wrong department.

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  • Da
    darlene sobus Apr 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went to Harrahs Hammond Indiana, They were giving away Tvs well you had to stand in a line for 2 hrs.Also I was suppose to get a 75 dollar credit.I am a diamond member also my husband is also. We just left.I will not be going back..Thanks Harrahs for nothing..But yousure do like when I play..

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  • Sj
    sjmcnulty Oct 24, 2015

    we just recently had a cousin who fell off an escalator at harrahs in south lake Tahoe, two employees helped she said she had to go to bathroom, even with her showing a red mark on her eye and nose they let her got to the bathroom, even though they said she was bleeding from her nose. She felt she said she had too much to drink. Harrah's has camera every where do you think they did not see her fall but no one came to her aid until her two cousins found her about ten minutes later with a black eye and bleeding nose but if you are a poor loser they will remove you from the casino.

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  • Ki
    kiwiromeo Jan 29, 2020

    Unlike Harrah's Rincon or other Harrah's facilities I am not aware of, Caesar Place provided
    excellent customer services.
    As I remembered my cellphone was stolen inside the High Limit Lounge, Security was very helpful
    and I got reimbursed for less than 15 min.
    Thank for the job well done from Caesar employees!

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Resolved very poor service

Long story short. Back in 1982 I joined Harrahs players club in NJ. I had not been into any Harrahs property...

Resolved Award Claim Center

I received a phone call from Anthony yesterday telling me that I had to go to Harrah's Casino in the next 5 days and scratch off a ticket to win one of three prices. I was supposed to get a confirming email giving me all of the information. They had my phone number, address and email address becausing I filled out a form to win a car. One of the prices is an automobile. I believe this is just marketing to get people into Harrah's Casino. I called Harrah's yesterday and no one has called me back. This may be a scam.

  • Ch
    Chori Sep 22, 2009

    No, it's probably Harrah's. Harrah's has become the Madoff of casinos. The scams they are running now are pathetic. They give bonuses and say they'll be in your account in 72 hours and then their really comps, but then the comps you aren't allowed to use. They now rove the casino and if they see you're winning they come up, take your players card out and reset the machines. Unfortunately, all I ever hear now is all the scams going on and this comes from employees, too.

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  • Ay
    ayybui Dec 25, 2014

    I went to harrah casino an got rejected for my Hawaii I.d tonight, they put me to shame saying my I.d is fake an they still throw me into jail for trespassing wtf? First off? When they check the i.d book? It showed driver license?? I lost my driver license in new York last week ??!!! I'm from Hawaii not the south!! How dare he threaten me if I'm about to be 24 an I come here regularly just recently lost my driver lincese an had to use my I.d this time around!! My I.d looks more real then every south identivation

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Resolved Harrasment, F0rced to pay for a cab ride home, strong armed and frightened

Firstly, please let me start by saying i am an upstanding person with no criminal history of any nature, and...

Resolved Bad service

I went into VIP lounge to get a piece of cake.After leaving was approached and told that I was not to go behind food line and look into cabinets ! In which was never done by me; I ask for Gina;security to review the tapes and clear me of this lie told on me ! To no avail I talked to Keith [ supervisor over VIP lounge] and to no avail there I talk to Phillip, second in command of operation to look into this matter..Two days later was told by GINA that I could not come back in casino cause someone was using my card, in which half the people in there use each other cards..The real reason " I was being accused of something that I never did ."[snooping in cabinets behind food line ]And this was their way of sweeping it under the rug..

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    jayjayjayjay Apr 03, 2010

    Food Poisoning in Harrah's and Poor customer service. Waited 90 mins for Room Service. Asked for a double bed room and was told I was upgraded to a one bed room (Which was bs) because i had 2 couples.

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