Harley Davidsonrotor/stator design

B Sep 15, 2018

I bought a 2006 Dyna Low-Rider in 2005 and I also purchased the 2006 service manual for this bike. In the first year I drove it, I put 10, 000 miles on it. I became ill and was unable to drive this bike for the next 10 years. In that time, my son-on-law drove it few times to keep it up. I maintained this bike the whole time I was ill. It was constantly garage kept.

When I finally got well, I started driving the bike again about 2 years ago. I put on another 5, 000 miles. Last week, I was a mile from home when I heard a strange noise from the front of the motor and noticed that my check engine light and battery light came on. I returned home immediately. Upon checking the electrical circuit, I found the stator had a dead short. I purchased a new stator and chain cover gasket. Upon pulling everything apart, I found eight bolts that had come out of the rotor that covers the stator and these bolts ate the stator up. I went to my local Harley dealer and purchased new stator bolts. I also wanted to purchase 8 new bolts that came out of the rotor. They said that those bolts were not available anymore because the rotor and the plate are not two units, they come welded together. They wanted to charge me over $300 for a part that was poorly designed in the first place. Harley had to have known that they were poorly designed because now they come welded together.

My question is: Why wasn't this a call back for my motorcycle? I did receive a call back for my 6 speed transmission. And I did get that fixed. People buy Harleys because they want quality and representation, but to charge someone approaching $400 for a part that was originally poorly designed is not good customer relations. You cannot "Dollar" your customer to death or they will go elsewhere. Had I taken this repair to a Harley-Davidson Dealership, how much would this repair cost me for a bike with only 15, 000 miles? I am mechanically inclined and I will fix this myself. I am extremely disappointed that now HD stands for "Hundreds of Dollars" instead of integrity and pride in your product.

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