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Absolutely Horrible

I ordered a fender eliminator for my 2008 R1 from 1tail.com and they sent me the package withing 4 days. I was pleased to have my new fender eliminator so quickly until i opened the package and realize they had sent me frame sliders. I had to wait until Monday to call their customer service in which they told me i had to take pictures of the frame sliders because they didn't believe me. I took the pictures and sent it in to their customer service. I called again today to check up on it and it's still "under review". I highly urge everyone to NEVER NEVER NEVER order from this customer. Grafe "F" Customer service. Apparently they aren't brilliant either because frame sliders and a fender eliminator are two totally different parts.

  • Ca
    Carl Jul 29, 2009

    Communication has thus far been diabolical, not one reply to a dozen e-mails ! Incorrect Tracking Numbers, Don't try phoning you will be cut off after waiting 45 mins . Still trying to resolve but not looking hopeful.

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  • Ru
    ruaballer Oct 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I waited 2 months for blue bulbs to arrive and when they got here they were white instead of blue. I'm just going to take the loss because I REFUSE to wait another 2 months and have to pay a re stocking fee! Do not buy here!

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False Advertisement/Horrible Customer Service

1tail.com said they had a stator for my 1988 VT800C. I received a single e-mail from them, which stated I'd receive my part in 7 - 10 business days. Fourteen days later I call to find out where my part is... Devin Vannurden, their Merchandising Manager, tells me that they'd sent me an e-mail gaining my acceptance to receive the part a month later. Total flippin' lie!!! He refuses to cancel my order. Next I call one of their customer service reps who tells me that he will give me a credit and wave the 10% cancellation fee. Will have to wait the 7-10 business days to see if he is full of sh** like his boss, but I am not hopeful. He was supposed to send me an e-mail confirming my cancellation. Nothing. Not going to have my bike running for a month, regardless... If you want to have your bike running, don't rely on 1tail.com. Oh yeah, their parts return number is disconnected. Total scam... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH 1TAIL.COM. You'll regret it!!!

No X-mas present for ME!

For Christmas, I asked for a new seat for my R6. My wife ordered it before December 15. I still haven't gotten it and they charged her credit card. She called everyday and asked for a tracking number. The numbers they gave her didn't even work and when she asked for her money back, they said the package was lost in the mail. She called Mastercard and filed a complaint against 1tail and Mastercard got her money back and my wife filed a report with the BBB. She said the BBB was already well aware of the problems with this company. Beware!

These guys have no clue what they are doing

Order an undertail piece for my bike. First they tell me that shipping is free, total is $243 over the phone. Then I get the invoice and they charge $47 to ship to Canada, now the bill is $299. When I check visa and they bill me $311. These guys have no clue what they are doing.

I email them for their 'prompt' attention, no reply in a week.

Call them, and their phone lines are available for 1. Place an order, or 2. Check on an order, minimum 15 minute wait to talk to someone, at least when I called. Get in line to place an order and they answer a lot quicker.

When I do talk to someone, they tell me it's a border fee. I explain that UPS bills me for any taxes, so there is no border fee. I ask the guy if it's even been shipped? No, it's on back order. This is two weeks after I place the order, 10 days after they bill visa.

I cancel the order, they email a confirmation that they're going to credit the visa by the full amount. We'll see.

Good luck to anyone shopping with these clowns.

custmer service and stolen money

I place an order last month with this company to order a part for my motorcycle on may 14, 09. I called on the 22 of may 2009 and they told me that it had shipped out on the may 21, 09. On may 25-29, 2009 I called everyday to get a tracking number, I was told thay they do not really give out tracking numbers to customer because it usely be there the next day or two from when it comes from there shipping warehouse in az ([censored]). So on monday june 1st, 2009 i called them and ask where is my order at, and was told that it was not instock and that it did not ship out. So i ask them to cancel my order and return my money... They said that it will take 2-3 days. I called back on the 4th of june, 2009 a rep said "I will personally handle it and it will show up today or the next day. I called back on monday the june 8, 2009 and told them i call already about my refund and was told i will recieve it twice already and i still have nothing in my account. The rep. puts me on hold for ten min and came back and said i talk to the manager in that department and that he personally will take care of me (sounds like i heard that one before) and it will show up today or tomorrow. It was suppose to be in but still nothing, and the business already close for the day. So i am still waiting for a refund. I will give it a few more days before legal action process starts. Also when u call them be prepaired to wait on the phone for about 30-min to an hour just to get in touch with somebody. I taught this was a good buisness seeing that i order from them a year ago and got fast response and shipping. Stay away from this company.

  • Me
    memyselfandI2 Oct 06, 2009

    I am in the same boat as you!! they really do suck as bad as you say they are! been 3 weeks no tracking number, everytime I call its a different story every time, I paid a 50$ shipping charge so it should be lightnin fast.. well we will be going on a 4th week soon. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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  • Bi
    BIKER900ss Oct 17, 2009

    Totally agree. They are robbing b**t*r*s. Take your order. Take your money. Dont deliver. Keep your money. ROBBING B*S*A*DS. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID this company.

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Liar, cheat, and very immoral person!

This company, and especially it's owner Dan Sallis, have scammed several people and companies in Panama, where he set up a small customer service company in April 2006. He has evaded his responsibilities with employees, landlords, banks, and utility companies. He has no business ethics or morality in what he does. He has a case pending in the Labor ministry for two employees, and as he knows they will be judged in the favor of the employees, he has moved all of his equipment from the office that he was renting, because it would be seized and liquidated to pay his obligations. He has left without informing his landlord, has allowed checks to bounce on his bank account, and left bills unpaid.

He is a liar, a cheat, and really, a very immoral person.

If he owes anyone else money, he can be contacted at his cell phone [protected], his office [protected], his call center [protected], [protected], [protected].

You probably won't get anywhere, but you can at least let him know what a bad person he is.

Here are the websites that he owns:


and hundreds of others.

  • Da
    Dan Sallis Jun 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Dan Sallis. My cell phone number is (720) 939-8467. I work for OrderStorm, Inc. (OrderStorm.com). OrderStorm is a privately held cooperation registered in Colorado. OrderStorm does own the sites that Mr. Biffis has listed above and many more. In fact, most of the sites listed above are also publicly listed on OrderStorm.com.

    The statements above with regard to setting up a customer service center, the contact information for myself and the company, and the sites that OrderStorm owns are true. Everything else in Mr. Biffis complaint is untrue and libelous.

    I would respond in more detail but OrderStorm has retained a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Mr. Biffis. All I can say at this point is that Mr. Biffis is a disgruntled ex-employee. OrderStorm has an excellent credit reputation with ALL of its vendors and has NEVER “evaded” any responsibilities.

    It is interesting that Mr. Biffis’ post has been up for over three months before I became aware of it (I became aware of this complaint on June 20th, 2007). In those three months I have not received one phone call regarding anything mentioned above by Mr. Biffis and my cell phone number has not changed.

    If anybody has concerns that they would like to address please feel free to call me on my cell phone.

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  • Gr
    graywolf904 Jul 27, 2009

    I had the pleasure of ordering some parts for my motorcycle through www.1cruiser.com. They sent my parts out immediately (within 2 days) but UPS'ed them to my P.O. Box. When I contacted them they said "No Problem" and again immediately shipped out my order, this time via USPS to my P.O. Box, before the UPS shipment was even returned to them. In the mean time the UPS shipment made it to my home address. I received the USPS shipment about 3 days later and contacted them to find out how to send one of the parts back. They emailed me within 24 hours and told me they were sending me a postage paid shipping label to send the items back.

    I can say a couple of times I had trouble getting through to them on the phone (it would ring and then disconnect or go to a busy signal) but when I left a message they were prompt to return my calls. I wish more companies I have dealings with had customer service of this caliber.

    Thank you www.1cruiser.com for an enjoyable buying experience and I look forward to dealing with you again.

    S. C.
    Jacksonville, FL

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Haven't received my Solo Seats

I ordered a solo seat for my crotch rocket three months ago and still have not received it. I have called and waited 16 minutes and still didn't get to talk to a customer service employee. I sent multiple emails and every time they tell me it has paint issues and should be shipped out by the end of the week. I received six emails with the same reply. I also sent an email stating i want a refund and they never responded. Don't order from these guys, they are the slowest workers i have ever dealt with.

  • Ja
    Jason B Oct 16, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Bill,

    I sent you an email earlier, and I would like to have you call me directly to see if we can resolve this issue for you. the paint issues that one of our suppliers is having are beyond our control, and this may be the reason that you have received the same reply. Any request to refund an order is dealt with immediately and I would like to do so for you as well; please call me directly at 720-891-4888, if I do not answer please leave a message as this is my direct line, and my messages are answered as soon as I am off the phone.

    I tried t ofind an order under the name Bill Erickson, and we have never had anyone by that name place an order with us.

    I await your call or email.

    1Tail Customer Service

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  • Bi
    Bill Erickson Oct 21, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to clear things up with this company, i did recieve email notification from them. Alhtough i didn't receive my product right a way, it was due to something out of their control. After posting this complaint, i recieved emails from their customer service stating what they could do to help me. Disregard the first complaint, it is not 1tail's fault.

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  • Da
    Daniel Payne May 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a windscreen for my motorcycle and thought all was well. I waited two weeks and nothing showed. I called the company and they told me my credit card was declined. I tried again with another card and still did not receive a confirmation e-mail. What's up with that? Did you decline this credit card too. I 'll go some where else to buy, where I know my money is good. Screw you!

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  • Ha
    Hans Jun 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am waiting now 5 weeks about my windscreen. I have no response on my e-mail. I have called the last 3 weeks every week, the customer service employee says: it is coming next week. And now?

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  • Wa
    wally Jul 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This place f**ing sucks man. I ordered something so long ago and never got it. screw them!!!

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  • Tk
    TK Sep 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered several times from this site, 1tail.com.
    i even have friends order from there, and we all received our orders in less than a week or reasonable time.
    and we all live in Canada.
    I find the service amazing, but at the end of the day, they are humans and they do mistakes, follow up with them and i am sure you will be satisfied.

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  • Je
    Jesse Corcoran Aug 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a crash kit for my bike but decided to cancel the order the following day. I sent e-mails and tried to get ahold of someone from this company but waited on the phone for 30 minutes and no one picked up! I finally received an e-mail saying the order is being canceled yet there is still a pending charge on my CC after 3 days! This company sucks and as almost non existent customer support. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

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