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Harley Davidson review: HD Tri-glide

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To: Harley Davidson Corporate

From: Thomas Figg

2602 Calle De Las Clavaled, Belen, NM 87002

Phone: [protected]

Subject: Dissatisfied customer

Dear Sir, Madam

The following events prompt me to write this because I feel it is important for Harley Davidson to appear as a leader in fair trade, honesty, and integrity. I purchased from Barnett Harley Davidson a 2018 Tri Glide. I was so proud that Johnny Hernandez could put together a package I could live with. About a week later I noticed that the trike was very rough riding, so I took it to my certified mechanic and left it with him to check out. He told me the shocks (both) were out, not working. It cost me $400 plus install to have that done right. Then the weather was not good for a while so I had to place it in my garage until all settled down. I went on a small ride with friends to find the oil pressure light came on, stayed on for a period of time then went off, then on again. I did take the trike to the mechanic on Monday and had to leave it. He found the trike low on oil, which was supposed to be checked at the dealership, then found the trike needed a full clutch pack, and a primary chain replaced. This surprised me because I was told that the trike was gone through with a fine tooth come and all was great. I spent $731.00 on a new clutch pack plus $120 on a primary chain plus installation, the $120 included the installation on the primary chain, but the clutch pack price did not include the installation. I then went for a ride with friends on June 25th to find again the oil pressure light again came on, then off, then on, also the front lights would go dim then bright, then dim again, then bright. Keep in mind I have put less than 1000 miles on the trike. Johnny, my salesperson has tried so hard to make things right, he went to bat for me and told me the boss authorized an in-store $300 credit, this was before the light problem started. He has gone to the boss and tried to have them trade the 2018 and get me into a 2023 , however, my now payment of $560.18 could not be met on a new one. I praise Johnny for doing his best to help me, I even purchased a 2010 Softail Heritage from him, he really cares about his customers. As corporate people you may not have the time to even read this, however, I just thought I would bring this to your attention, I can no longer defend Harley Davidson to my friends I ride with , they are riding Hondas. Meanwhile I guess I am stuck with a piece of junk.

Thanks for reading, I hope

Thomas Figg