Harley Davidson8/11/18 service at ventura harley davidson, camarillo, california

J Aug 13, 2018

On Saturday 8/11/18, I had taken my 2001 FLSTS Heritage Springer in for service - had full service performed, leak from the shift shaft seal repaired, handlebar risers replaced, front and rear brakes bled, and a ground wire repaired; which this dealer replaced in 7/2016. I dropped off my bike at 0830 AM; they began working on it at 0900. I was advised that work was completed at 3:15 PM. a total of 6 hours and 45 minutes to service my bike. When paying the bill, I had questioned the Labor charge of $1032.00. As they had posted the labor charge of $105/hr, the actual charge should have been $708.75; I was charged $323.25 extra. $1032 labor charge, at $105/hr labor, equates to 9.8 hrs of labor; I didn't even have my bike at the dealership for 9.8 hours. When I questioned the service manager, Mike, he said that Josh, is a master mechanic, and was more efficient than others, stating he finished 9.8 hours of projected time to complete the service, in 6 hours and 45 minutes - and, charged my for "the time it should have taken him". Then stated "would I rather have a less experience mechanic who would take 3 days to complete this job". He then went on to indicate they charge not for the actual time spent, but what a "book projects the time it would take for such a service", and not the ACTUAL time it took. I had purchased my bike from this dealership back in 2001. I have had ALL my services performed at this dealership. I subsequently reviewed all my prior receipts. My prior services had the exact time it had taken for each service, documented. On this visit, it seems that each service was rounded to the closest hour - for example, repairing the leak was EXACTY 3 hours; repairing the handlebar raisers took exactly 2 hours, etc. while all these services were completed during the "same hours". Please help me understand this, as I feel like I was cheated/swindled. At the labor cost of $1032, at 6 hours and 45 minutes, they charged me $153/hr for labor; not the $105/hr they had posted. The posted labor cost of $105/hr is inaccurate.

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