Hardee's Restaurantsemployees

Good day. I am melissa señor sarmiento a common law spouse of jerson bigcal sarong.. Jerson bigcal sarong is one of your employee in ezdan mall branch. May I request from your good office to please call attention of jerson bigcal sarong and report to your good office. I am requesting him to report in your good office for we are in trouble now for a 3rd party reason. He had a relationship with marianne espiritu a co employee of him in ezdan mall. Marianne espiritu is also a common law spouse in one of your manager in hardees name amormio acapulco.. Jerson and I are living together for almost 7yrs and planning to get married once he came back home. But unfortunately our relationship was tested he was tempted with marianne espiritu. I dont want to end up our relationship that easily that we keep for almost 7yrs. Thats why I am writing in your good office and humbly asking a favor to kindly please send back home jerson bigcal sarong immediately. Im sorry if im writing these and I know its none of your business but it is the least that I can do to save our relationship. I hope you value a relationship who is planning to build a family.
And please dont call thru the manager just direct to jerson sarong because jerson dont want his manager to be in trouble with his personal problem.

Hoping for a favorable reponse immediately. And feel free to contact me for more information [protected]. Thank you and god bless in your business.

Oct 02, 2019

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