Hardee's Restaurantspoor service and wrong food given.


Delafield, Wisconsin
I pulled into the drive thru, with 1 car ahead of me. I ordered a loaded omelette biscuit with extra cheese. I paid 4.30 for it. I get to work pull it out to eat at my sandwich and what do I get a crosssanwich sandwich. Nothing as to what i ordered. I call anf the 1st call i wad hung up on, 2nd call i finally get a manage no id'ing herself. Instead she gives me snotty attitude. So no offer to send a voupon cause I did not get what I pay for. But beleive me social media is grwat I will let all know do not go to this restaurant and not to patronize Hardee's at all ig this is the type of people rhey employ. I am out money for something I did not order and get. Shame on you.

Hardee's Restaurants

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