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J Feb 18, 2018 Review updated:

Our order was completely wrong both Meals were ordered with combos only got one fry and barely any fries in it we didn't get any napkins no salt no ketchup and didnt asked if we wanted any salt or any ketchup. The other hardees across town is just as bad. we went in to dine in and after we ordered we waited about 20 -25 minutes for our food. When the food was ready none of our orders were even right...the lady who took our order was too busy socializing, and the manager could care less!!!


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    Coral37 Mar 23, 2018

    The Hardee's in Greenwood on the 72-Bypass is the WORST!!! This place needs to be cleaned out! Every time I go there, you must wait for no less than 20 minutes. Then, on top of that, my order is rarely correct. I'm sick of having my orders ruined, and then, they treat you horribly when you show them their mistake and ask for it to be corrected! The female manager even attempted to remake my biscuit with her BARE HANDS! Just the other day, the Hardee's over in front of the Wal-Mart left food out of my bag that I had to turn around and go back to get. Then, when I opened my Thickburger, I couldn't even eat it because of the mess! I know they say if it's a messy burger, then, it must be good. Not in this case! The condiments were everywhere, and so much so that I had to use a paper towel to wipe off the excess! I'm done with Hardee's!

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    Mr Haney Apr 21, 2018

    I went to hARDEES this morning with my brother. He has just returned from wintering in FL and so our saturday tradition had been interrupted for a couple of months. Anyway, I brought my llifetime free refill coffee cup as I always do but over the past few months that I have not gone to breakfast with him, I was told that they no longer honor the Free Lifetime Coffee anymore. According to the dictionary, lifetime refers to the owners' life until he dies. Well, I am still very much alive and and being denied the free coffee tells me that Hardee's has decided not to play anymore. I would be more apt to accept the no free coffee agreement if it were Hardee's that died. I would say making bonehead decisions to stop with a lifetime agreement shows that my attendance there doesn't mean very much so you are declaring me dead to coffee at Hardee's effective today. What does a cup of coffee without the styrofoam cup cost? ...a couple of cents. Plus, I paid for the glass cup! Not good business.

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