Hardee's Restaurantsbutler alabama service


I was just in your butler alabama store.. today is 10/13/2017, and it was about 2:00 pm... i walked up to the register to order and asked the lady behind the counter (short, african american lady wearing a black uniform), if she could read me what one of the five dollar boxes contained because i left my glasses at home and could not see well enough to read it.. she looked at me like i was stupid and then smartly read the menu... i placed my order and when it was ready she just handed me the box and i asked her if i could have a bag because i was walking back to the place i worked, she stopped, looked at another employee, rolled her eyes, and shook her head. to the other employee.. she took the bag off the rack and just sat it down and very rudely looked at me.. if it helps with employee recognition my reference number was [protected] and my authorization code is 143066.. i was checked out on register 5... sorry my complaint is in all caps, that is the way my computer is automatically set.

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