Hardee's Restaurantsbreakfast


On October the 12th 8:15 in the morning I came to Hardee's and went the drive-thru, no one took my order and I sat there almost 5 minutes waiting for someone to take my order and no one ever did so I pulled up to the window and she took my order she told me they was out of Hi-C and gave me sweet tea but when she gave me sweet tea it was unsweet so I asked for sweet and she said that it was sweet even though it tasted like, it wasn't sweet then the main manager came and told me to pull up that she was going to bring me a new drink but she never did so I had to get out my car and go ask for my drink then when I get home my biscuit is hard. I heard the manager yelling at one of the employees and saying loudly, you going to drive me crazy. The main manager for today is very rude and this is not the first time I've been there and seen her be rude to the employees. Every since they got this new manager I hate going to Hardee's but I love the breakfast menu. I'm so sorry to be complaining but it has became very unpleasant to get breakfast there anymore

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