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I have been a resturant manager for almost 20 years, in several different types of resturants, I can honestly say I have never in my life seen a store managed the way that one is.Sometimes I go there and just sit back and watch.I have on more than one occassion seen the manager on duty sit in the dining room and play cards with another employee, for a pretty good amount of time.She might break herself away to walk to the back and shout orders at the only employees who are working back there.I have walked in and had the employee who is working the front counter, leaning against the counter, biting her fingernails, not doing anything to help any of the other employees, who are just busting it in the back. There is NO sense of teamwork at all. I have seen employees late at night, put a container of hot grease on top of a garbage can and wheel it across the parking lot to dump it, they hit something in the parking lot, and the hot container of grease spilled in the parking lot, the manager on duty yelled at him, and said he had to go to the store and buy kitty litter to soak it up, but he had to pay for it out of his own money, or be fired, absolutly no concern that the employee might be burned, he left, I am assuming he did, because I have seen him in there since.Is that legal that he had to pay that money out of his own pocket, when he was clocked in and doing a task that seems pretty dangerous to begin with? All I seem to hear when I am in there is managers shouting orders, or discilining employees where customers can hear.I love Hardees food, your hamburgers are the best, but lately I go in there just to be shocked that anyone would actually work there and be happy to go to work everyday, I feel sorry for some of those people who work there, I have offered an employee a job in my store, I believe that store could do a lot more volumn of business with a team of new management.This message will probably never get read by anyone who will do anything to fix this problem, but experience says that store could do a lot better.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 03, 2016 8:11 am

Traveling from NC to PA, wanted to make a speedy stop for lunch and was completely discussted by Hardees and will probaably never stop again at one of these restaurants. Everything from the bathroom to the food. The place was dirty, the bathrooms were gross- plungers next to the toilet with ### on them and paper everywhere. The wait was 20 minutes or longer- when I got what was suppose to be a cheesebuger, it was burger on a bun that was smushed to the side- with so much mustard it was coming out the side and all over the place, and a small amount of ketchup. When I took it back up to the counter they acted like it was my mistake. Then I had to wait another 10 minutes. All they said was that it was shift change and they were short staffed. (not what a customer wants to hear). I am a Registered Nurse and take care of people and that last thing my patients want to hear is that we are SHORT STAFFED of ITS SHIFT CHANGE! I have never had a worse experience at a fast food restaurant than this one.

Date was 8/2/08 @ 1:53 PM
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I love the burgers. However, I am a former customer of Hardees in the Mt. Juliet/Old Hickory, tn area. I will not go to any Hardees anywhere due to the poor treatment, site manager, Suzanne Tidball, was inflicting on one of her staff. There was no excuse for it..there is never any excuse to mistreat people. Even if you are having personal issues. She was also complaining about a married man by the name of "Bobby" not dumping his wife fast enough to suit her. Everyone that was at the cash register could hear what she was saying...I am really surprised that it is permitted to go on. Maybe upper managment will someday do something about this particular manager and replace her with a more professional one.

Nov 19, 2008 11:19 pm

My boyfriend works at Hardees in Hopkinsville, KY. He works in the morning and the majority of the time he is there he works by himself. He has to put the food in to cook, make all of the sandwiches, if he runs out of something he has to go get it himself, prep food for the night shift, and wash all of the dishes that he uses while he is there. Apparently the store is not getting enough allowable hours for labor because the managers are telling employees that three people for one shift is too many people. Of course maybe it is because almost every employee at this location is either a manager or some type of shift leader but with the general manager in rehab and one of the other managers doing weekends in jail i find it hard to believe that all of the people are manager material. Now i personally have worked for a lot of fast food restaurants and i have never came across a restaurant where i have had to do all of the work by myself especially for minimum wage. So basically my complaint at this time is that this restaurant either needs to let go of some of their managers for some employees that will actually help do some work or move to a different location where they can make more money to increase their allowable hours for labor so that one person is not responsible for the majority of the work while being paid pennies.

Jan 27, 2010 10:16 am
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I love Hardees breakfast the most but I also like their burgers. I will go out of my way, when traveling, for a meal at Hardees. Problem is, all the Hardees I have seen close down is because of lack of management. Usually it is under staffed at the most needed time (especially breakfast time). This happens at every Hardees I have seen closed. I have talked to a lot of people who likes Hardees and they all agree lack of service.

My last experience was Seneca, SC which has always been very busy. They had one little girl doing the best she could do with no help trying to wait on a line of customers, on top of that she could not get the food from the back. The two large ladies working the drive thru window had five cars go through but had lost three of the orders. One man came in very mad but the lady at the window refused to correct the order. The little girl at the counter, already overloaded, hand wrote the orders, posted them and then got them for them. Everyone in the resturant and out side was angry. The worst part was most took it out on the young girl out front.

What does it take for people to see why so many Hardees are closeing ? Does the company not care or is it just poor management ?

Jun 03, 2016 8:11 am

me and my husband went to hardees tonight in bluefield va collage ave the menue said 10 peice chicken dinner with tw o sides and a gallen of free tea for 12.99 when the y done up our order it came to 17.59 the sides and tea came with the meal so it should have been 12.99 but it was 15.99 plus 1.60 tax made it 17.99 that was wrong that was 3or4 dollers over charge, i will not go back to hardees, and they have the best sausage biscuits anywhere but thats it for me order #496193. time6.21 pm


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