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false advertising

There were five of us that I talked into going 10 miles after our meeting in order to shop at the Harbor...

I dealt a lot there but will not deal there any longer

I recieved a rain check for an 8 inch spare tire and rim for my trailer in early july. They put the wrong scew number on it which was for a 12 inch tire and rim.I also had a 15% off coupon which was due to expire so they took the coupon and wrote on the rain check to take off an aditional 15%. After calling them for eight weeks and giving them the wrong scew number that they put on my rain check they finaly said my tire and rim was in. I drove 20 miles to get there and they had the wrong tire and rim. My tire and rim was on stock all along. So they give me my 8 inch tire and rim and I go to the checkout line with my rain check. The manager tells me that he can not give me the 15% off because I do not have the raincheck. I told him that they took my coupon and put it on the raincheck. They should have told me to keep the coupon and bring it in with the faincheck. They didn"t and he would not honor the 15%. I dealt a lot there but will not deal there any longer.

declined check

We have been purchasing small tools from Harbor Freight Tools in Montclair, California and have never had a...

woeful service

This companies website is an exercise in exasperation. There is no retail store here in Hawaii for this company, but it's just as well, I have no intention in ever stepping foot in one of their outlets ever again.
An order which I had placed online instructed that I would receive an e-mail regarding shipping costs after the order was processed. What they fail to tell you is that this could take up to 72 hours to accomplish !
The runaround I experienced from their so called "Customer Service Department" rivals that of the former Soviet Union's government bureaucracy.
I canceled the order and found the same item at Amazon.com for half the price, that order process took less that 2 hours

Resolved bad service

Too bad I read all this too late. Same here, ordered Product, charged next day, product supposedly shipped one day later, so far nothing here. Tracking number does not work as they say it shipped Postal Service but their website points to Fedex. Customer NO Service is as expected of no help whatsover and claim the 14 day rule - which by the way is NOT stated in their shipping terms.

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Resolved rip off company

Order something from Harbor Freight Tools and you'll start getting their redundant catalogs once a week. HFT is not a green company, there's no reason for such heavy catalog mailings, they are wasting paper and our natural resources. By doing business with them, you are contributing to this waste. Be wise and help our planet. Do not do business with Harbor Freight. They want one hundred words here, but I've said all you need to know about making a decision. If you like trees, there's plenty of other tool companies out there that might actually be kind to our environment. HFT certainly is not.

  • Wa
    waterinthefuel1 May 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So what is your complaint? That they use paper for their advertisements?

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catalog bombardment

Harbor Freight Tools is a big tool and related items company. If you place an order with them, even online...

Resolved don't buy from them

I went to the warwick store to purchase a generator, $450.00, and an 8' X 4' trailer, $275.00. I...

Resolved gave my credit card number without my approval!

Almost six months ago I received a notice in the mail from Harbor Freight indicating that I had accumulated bonus points and was being offered “free” magazine subscriptions as a means to redeem those points. Being “free” I decided to take advantage of the offer. This service is apparently handled by a NSS Subscription Service in Stamford, CT. I did not give NSS my credit card number, yet since September 2006 a credit card that I had previously used for on-line orders with Harbor Freight was charged $7.97 for each magazine subscription and, in at least two cases, I was charged twice for the same magazine subscription. I did not knowingly agree to any of this. Within the past week they hit me for another $42. I have no idea what that charge is for. I have opened a dispute with my credit card company, but I may not be able to get all of the money back. I am extremely upset with Harbor Freight that they gave my credit card number to this subscription company without my approval and that they engage in scams such as this.

I have a farming operation and have been a customer of Harbor Freight for many years. I have bought lots of expensive equipment and tools from them via the Internet, mail, and, especially, from one of their regional warehouses. However, now that I can no longer trust Harbor Freight with my credit card number and because I do not like being scammed by anyone (e.g., "free" magazine subscriptions), they have lost me as a customer. There are more than enough alternatives out here (e.g., Northern Tools). Be careful who you do business with!

  • Ro
    Robert Strozier Sep 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the Harbor Freight store in Kennesaw Ga two times to pick up tools needed. First I was one minute late and was told they were closed- I ask the sales person to check and see if what I wonted was available-- he said it was--so I returned the next morning and ask another sales person if my order was pulled --:" Told we don't pull orders"' If yoyu wont it go get it" The tools I wonted were locked up behind glass doors so I could not get to them. Went back to sales person and ask again and was told we now don't have any when I was looking at the item in question behind a glass door.There is only one person at that store that will help a customer. All the rest are the back side for a horse.- I was going to spend well over 500.00 with this order but Home Depot has the same things a bit more expensive but they do care Harbor Freight does not care if a customer come back or not.
    I had 12 items that I wonted and needed for my business plus some paint brushes which were on sale, and the lady sales person was so rude i will not go back you have just lost a customer.

    R.E. Strozier.

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  • Cu
    Customers Suck Sep 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You customers were and will remain mother###ing ###s.

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  • Vo
    Von44 Nov 24, 2009

    Nita and Nikki and dirty and smelly. Completely worthless...fire them!

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  • Xi
    Xinyu Aug 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Sir. / Madam,
    I had very bad experience with Mark at 12:31:53pm on 5/18/2018.
    The Supervisor Mark made a mistake to charge me a item (only cost $2.39), which he should take off from register, but made me to wait the line to get a refund. So I had to wait 15 more minutes to get $2.56 (after tax)!

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  • Bi
    bigbc Sep 18, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the units are great. the fact that no replacement covers are available has me a bit bewildered. WHY NOT?????? It would be cheaper to ship replacement tarps or covers then you have to ship all that metal. Not happy.


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  • Co
    [email protected] May 04, 2020

    When i walked in all the other employes was very nice, I was asking vicky if she had any other power washers in stock or if i could get the one on display or orderr one and she said no and asked me to leave the store

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