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Complaints & Reviews

Miele waiting for service

Miele Speed Oven, less than two years old. Started making growling/electric arcing noise. Called Miele service. After taking 5 days to get a response, finally got an appointment for someone to come look three weeks out. The the price of these appliances and supposedly a quality oriented company, their service is abysmal. This is the second of 4 Miele appliances installed to require service. The first took over a month to get fixed.

  • Updated by Mark Harris · Dec 16, 2019

    Miele subbed the service to a service provider. They ordered parts and repaired the unit November 26. Unit worked for a week and now has same problem. Waiting for sub to look again.

Miele service

Dear Sir or Madam,
I hope this email goes to you smoothly.
I currently live in Macau and I have used your Miele products for 2 years.
I have made a reservation to Miele HK for 2 items of checking and maintenance in early June 2019, one is washing machine and the other one is a stove. When I made the call, I clearly told your telephone operator that 2 items malfunctions, and confirmed the service fee was 650HKD, However, she did not tell me that 650HKD was per ITEM other than per TIME.
I did not fix the stove and after communicating with the technician who came to have a check, he made a call to manager in charge in Macau, and the manager said that I do not need to pay for the extra 650HKD, and he will inform Miele HK about the situation and this bill, technician asked me to sign and promised that 650HKD(the stove) would not be charged.
However, I received the invoice sent out by Miele HK, and I made the call to inform them of this situation in 19th August, after a few calls, the telephone operator said that he need to report to the supervisor and need to check the call record in 20th August, and I asked him to send call record to my email, yet nothing followed up.
By today, I received the lawyer's letter from Miele HK, and said that if I do not pay for the 650HKD the legal proceedings will be instituted against me for recovery of same plus interest without further notice. The date of the letter was 30th September and I received it by 10th October.
When I received the letter, I called again to Miele HK, and tell them the situation however, the telephone operator told me she need to further check and she need to find the related documents, what's worse, she said that she did not find the record of my previous request for investigation of 650HKD.
I AM VERY DISPOINTED OF WHAT MIELE HK DID, and I am writing this letter for further investigation and protecting my own rights.
Please informed me if you read my letter.


Miele washing machine

I ordered and was charged on visa Sept 17 for part and shipping Yes I paid shipping well the lady never put order in just took my money. So I called Sept 20 and that women completely lied to me oh yea sending out on Monday for delivery so I wait cause being shipped on Monday Yeah lie lie lie then I call again on Wednesday then he says SORRY we have a problem with our accounting system but he'll ship it overnight yea gonna get my part been almost 10 days since taking my money then Miele shows more incompetence the original order had address all right as Miele has delivered appliance here 3 times ordered supplies and parts 4 or 5 times and repair guy has been here over a dozen times and she screws up our delivery address so now on day 12 and no part like is this some low budget company is any one there in charge no customer service here so still waiting Thanks for your caring attitude Miele

Miele washing machine

Our washing machine stopped working. i am electrician so checking what i could to reset computer.
rang miele service specialist come check needs ne board and doorswitch cost to fix estimate 1700 follars plus gst tax.
we decided not to bother so i had a look at the doorswitch pulled it apart tested and refit tested the washing machine twice working perfectly ok so look on youtube how to save 1700 dollars don't get ripped of by miele no more miele for me they used to be the best past sentence

Miele miele dishwasher g2832 sci 48/[protected]

We purchased this dishwasher about 6 years ago and it was working well until the control panel starting giving us problems. It would not remember the last program we used which was usually the Normal Wash cycle so I would re-program it. Then after a few weeks it would not start without opening and closing the door a few times. Finally it would not work at all. We had a Miele serviceman come out to look at it in March 2019. He thought it was a problem with the latch or the control panel. He changed the latch but that did not solve the problem. He told us we would have to change the control panel which would cost us $1200.00 plus $400 labour. His visit was $150.00. The $1600.00 total to replace the parts would be about $800 less than we paid for the machine new which seemed ridiculous. So we have had our machine sit idle for the past 6 months hand washing our dishes and trying to decide which dishwasher to buy next when we have the money. I sent in a complaint letter on your web site at the time the machine broke down but have never had a response to that letter. We thought buying a premium dishwasher like Miele would be money well spent and give us many years of trouble free service. Disappointingly this has not been the case. Even more disappointing has been the lack of response to our comments on your web site and the exorbitant pricing to fix the machine. Please contact us to discuss the matter in more detail and possible fixes to our problem. Regards, Tony Read [protected] [protected]

Miele — nespresso machine

79233 I bought a Miele nespresso machine from Dubai and the service there was outstanding but when I moved to Tunisia and needed service for my machine the service is the worst in the...

Miele Experience Centre — sales

We purchased Miele appliances valued at approx $AUD28000 in one shop over 2 orders. Items purchased included an induction cooktop an oven and a gourmet oven dish HUB. We were told...

Miele oven


We bought the washing machine, stove, and oven 3 in 1, back in January 2017,
order number 44423 and 44424.
They instalated everything in April 2017.
On January 2019, the oven was not working, before my warranty would expire.
Miele Mexico took the report, and sent an specialist, from the company they are working with.
The technical dissasemble the oven, took a lot of photos, and immediately blame US for misuse, even if in this house only me operate the oven, and i know how to do it.
I have more that 20 years of experience with your brand (I am from Ukraine, Europe) and i am using the fridge, washing machine, oven, and a lot of kitchen stuff, enjoying the process since I bought it! And never had any technical issue…., but this is back in Ukraine.
And this is why, coming to Mexico I did buy the same brand without even thinking that here, in Mexico, everything is upside down….

So later, the "specialist" sent us a message, telling us the oven is beyond repair, the warranty does not cover misuse, but with the good news: a nice discount for a new oven...
A new one?
In less than 2 years?
Without even respecting the warranty they owe?

And later even more interesting: they offered me to buy a new one but NATIONAL brand MABE.
Your representativies here offering me something from the competition?

So, after weeks of calls and I don`t remember how many e-mails, we have nothing but the offer to buy a new MABE oven.

I am really very dissapointed of this insulting actitude here, in Mexico and the name of MIELE is very compromised because of this ignoring, bad work and turning their back to a client and to the name of your Company, compromising your excelent quality and all the effort you put to be represented in this market.

Can I ask your help?
What you can do about the situation we have now?


Olga Ivanchenko.

Miele Washing Machine — delivery/ customer service

We bought a 7 litre Miele washing machine from The Good guys. Delivery of all Miele is handled directly by Miele. We ensured that our salesman at Good guys put into the delivery...

Miele freezer constantly broken

I have owned my Miele freezer for about 8 years now. The first few years I had to have service calls every six months. It got so bad that Miele traded out my freezer for a new one. Since then it still breaks every 12-14 months without fail. Of course as it has not been in warranty for many years now, I have to pay. Yet again it is broken. Large icicles are dripping through my freezer. my food has to be thrown away and I have a service call next week, costing me $250 before the parts have even been ordered. The service center and the technicians are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I still could never recommend and will never buy another Miele refrigerator or freezer, again. My husband and I feel like Miele has failed us and no one wants to step up and take accountability for our "lemon" of a freezer. We have documentation on all of our constant call outs and are now about to take our frustration to social media. My reference number for my latest technical call out is 1038220.

Miele service

Good evening,
My name is Daniel Bar, I am a customer of Miele Spain. I bought 11 products from your company in Alcobendas Madrid.
Before I bought all the products, I have requested to make sure that I will have warranty for the products also in Israel, as I was a diplomat posted in Madrid and I was relocating back to Israel.
Miele saleslady in Madrid, Mz. Susana Alvarez, checked with her supervisor Mr. Alvaro Palomino, and confirmed that the warranty is valid world wide and that I have a full warranty also in Israel.

Knowing that, I purchased all the 11 products (in the amount of about 14, 000 Euros). Only after I got to Israel, I was told by the local company, that there is no warranty in Israel and If I would like to have one, I should buy a local warranty.
I was in touch with Mr. Alvaro Palomino ever since, in order to find a solution to the situation. Mr. Palomino confirmed that they made a mistake by giving me wrong information and offered to pay the price of the warranty in the amount of 2, 000 Euros. I checked with the local company and the offered me local coverage in the amount of 5, 000 Euros (I suggested Mr. Palomino to contact the local representative directly and finalise the matter directly with them.

We agreed that he will repay me 2, 000 euros and try to find a solution for the rest of the amount with his supervisors.
Today I contacted Mr. Palomino that told me that Miele will not repay me for the mistake they made and for giving me the wrong information.

Now I would like to ask you, Mr. Vierbuchen, as the General Manager of Miele Spain, what should I do?
I buy only Miele products for many years now, and I have great joy and satisfaction having all my house "Miele house". I bought the products from Spain only because I knew that I will have a warranty in Israel. If I would have known that there this is not the case, I would have bought it all in Israel.

I do not want money of any payment, I want to have what I payed for, what I was told and Informed by your company. As I understand that it's impossible to do that, Miele Spain can buy a local warranty, I you did with the installation of the products in Israel.
Please let me be very clear - I like the products and I don't want money from Miele, I was misinformed by the saleslady and now I'm a problematic situation, It's in your hands to solve this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Bar

Miele — induction cooktop km 5773 the 36 inch

Eight years ago we renovated our kitchen and decided to buy a prestige brand induction range 36 inch cooktop KM5773. It lasted 4 years and two electrical components needed to be...

Miele dishwasher / does not dry

I am a custom home builder in Oregon and make many recommendations to my clients for assured that Miele is no longer on my list of appliances to purchase. I personally purchased a very expensive Miele dishwasher for my home, it is the most overpriced appliance ever put on the market. My much less expensive Whirlpool dishwasher actually dried the dishes unlike the Miele. Have complained to the retailer regarding this problem and have been told this is fairly normal...BS! Unfortunately for them, I will no longer purchasing appliances from them either. This Miele dishwasher will soon have a new home at the dump as I will not sell it to another person to deal with this problem. I will be passing my experience along to my colleagues and recommend passing by Miele!!

Miele — w1913 front loader washing machine

My Miele W1913 has F53 stopping the washer from operating.It is the third washing machine since 2014 when I started having trouble with them. I have to wait until next week for a...

Miele — dishwasher

Originally called that dishwasher was broken on 6/20/2018. I am still waiting for a repairman. I live in Baltimore, Md., not some rural area. Repair order is 957541. Repairman wa...

Miele — refrigerator case #950 909

Dear Mr. Jones, We finally got a visit from your senior repair technician last Thursday, June 21, 2018. He determined that a piece (some kind of board) had to be replaced on the...

Miele — miele built in coffee maker

We built a new home and had many Miele products put which one was teh built in Coffee system. It is now approaching 3 years old and we have had nothing but trouble with the...

Miele — dkf 12-1 extractor filter

Today, June 12, 2018, I purchased the above filter from Miele's Dubai, Eifel 1 showroom. I was charged AED 580. I would like to hear their justification for the cost of such a...

Miele — miele south africa service

My Miele Microwave Oven(2013 Model)'s Magnetron was replaced in 2017. It took Miele more than 3 months after I requested the service to actually repair my Microwave oven. (Who can...

Miele — repair not carried out

24th May 2018 Customer No. 540930 Inv Ref No.5311256 Technician Paul Wells I have booked a service for faulty microwave 2 weeks ago approx. He arrived today. The glass door on my...

Miele dishwasher and lack of customer care

In March 2010 I purchased a Miela dishwasher because I thought this would be a quality product, by 2015 the circulation pump went wrong, it was apparently a fault that was known to Miela as the part was faulty at production, so it was replaced.
On April 20th 2018 the dishwasher goes wrong again another circulation pump fault apparently. I phoned Miela and arranged for an engineer to come to fix it. I take out the Plantinum Care policy for £249. I was not advised of the engineers name as should have happened according to your service care plan. The visit was booked for the 2nd May. I arrange for a friend to come and sit in my house for 2 hours to wait for him.
I am informed that the dishwasher needs a spare part. I am given another date - the 23rd of May (which is far too long a gap between visits) for him to visit and replace the part. He should have contacted me or somebody should've contacted me the day before say what time to expect him, I heard nothing! So last night I had to phone Miele again (spoke to Jo) to find out what time he was coming and I was given the timeslot of 2.15 to 3.30.
Again I have a friend to come and sit in my house to wait for him. My friend waited three hours and the engineer did not show up. He finally phoned at 6 o'clock in the evening to say he wasn't coming because he couldn't get the spare part. He said he knew this morning the spare parts had not arrived and he tried to phone me but he had not got the gumption to leave a message or text me or email me to tell me this information.
I informed Jo the previous evening that I work full time in a school and from 8.30 till 3 o'clock so I am unavailable to take calls but a text message would be fine but apparently that information did not filter through to him despite me being told that she had put it on his work plan. I phoned Miela at 4 o'clock this evening (spoken to Susie) to find out where he was and they didn't know - surely in this day and age somebody must know what where your engineers are!
I had to phone again at 5 o'clock as he still hadn't turned up (spoke to Michelle I think) I finally find out the name of the engineer which is Dave, and he didn't bother phoning me until 6 o'clock this evening! He told me that the office were aware of the fact that the spare parts had not arrived this morning and they could've given me that information. So all in all a completely shambolic set of events about which I am extremely angry and I do not feel I have had any care or service from Miela despite spending £249 on your platinum service care plan (more like tin service care plan so far!) and quite frankly I would like a refund at the very least.
Apart from never buying a Miela product ever again and definitely not recommending Miela to anyone else I will of course be putting all this information of your appalling service out there and telling everyone I know about this debacle.

Miele — detergent voucher

Very disappointed that we purchase a washer and dryer from E&S Essendon. They tell us purchase now to lock in the price and vouchers. We don't actually need them until another 4...

Miele — fn14827s handle faulty design

There is a design fault with this freezer handle and the handle of the matching fridge. The handles break off after just 3 years of use. These appliances are almost $3000AUD each...

Miele — job order 5212743

Our cooking Hog with invoice no. 224709 have one of the cooking stove outer circle not heat up. Your technician come on 21 March 2018 and said that Miele doesnot have part...

Miele — dishwasher

We purchase their dishwasher mid-grade product with an expensive price, and we required a quality product, and received the lack thereof. Because the dishwasher peeled the shade...

Miele — poor service, installation of dishwasher.

The new dishwasher was installed and turned on. The installer left my premises and the dishwasher stopped due to a 'drain' signal and was leaking. The installer was not...

Miele — Miele washing machine wda 210

My purchase was based on brand reputation and 10 year guarantee. I've had my washing machine for 2 years now. The spinning noise isn't the same as the sound it made when...

Miele — Wall oven

We bought a Miele oven several years ago and had nothing but problems with it from the start. The seal between the glass broke within the first year and a half and is full of a...

Miele Wkh270 wps pwash&tdos

We have bought a Miele WKH270 WPS PWash&TDos machine machine last year. The rubber of the door is damaged and cause a lot of water leak. We service person said that it is not covered by warranty claiming that it is us who damaged it and that it will cost us 167 euros! We paid around 1500 euros to this machine thinking that it is really a good one. But nothing like this happened with any of the other machines we used so far. We are so disappointed with both the quality of the product and also the service.

  • Updated by Fulya · Dec 19, 2016

    I reached to the company via twitter and they called me and explained that based on experience this is a user fault. But they offered me to take only the cost of the rubber since it is a 1 year old machine. I believe it is fair now..

Miele — W 5100 washing machine

79233 Miele Washing Machine: I bought trash at the price of gold (€1350!!!) I bought a new MIELE W 5100 Ecocare washing machine in 2012 (it's now 4 years old) in Cyprus. I was offered...

Miele, Preissegger Gmbh — Service Call, EXCESSIVE CHARGE FOR SERVICE CALL

Lieferschein Nr. 6209 Vom 27.04.2016 I am the owner of a Hotel in Portschach. I currently own 15, 000 euros of Miele equiptment (price when new). I have a problem with a pressing...

Miele Australia — After sales service and support - Job #AD42432

While Miele is recognised as a high end brand for stoves and cooktops and the equipment seems to work well in practice, we feel compelled to share with other consumers our...

Miele — taken advantage

Harvey Norman sold an 87 year old lady with dementia a $1500 washing machine. This is not a complaint about Miele A few days later she was committed to hospital and not allowed to...

Miele/Vacuum — Customer Relations

Tues Jan 06 2015, Miele S762 vacuum cleaner stopped working. As it is within the Guarantee period I phoned Miele UK. Following the initial call reception I was put through to...

Miele Technical issues

I was given my Miele dishwasher as a housewarming gift from my father. It is sleek in design and is the quietest and most efficient dishwasher I have ever owned or operated. However, I have only owned it for 1 year, and it has already broken down twice. I had a Miele technician visit my home about 9 months ago and he diagnosed 2 issues which were fixed on the spot. Now, all 3 lights are blinking again, and I was informed while calling the Miele Technical Support Line, it will cost me another $150 just to have someone come take a look at it. Their service work only has a 3 month warranty, which I find to be utterly unacceptable. Also, if this is a user error, then I would understand having to pay. However, this is not a user error, it appears to be manufacturer's malfunction. If you pay so much money for a dishwasher, it should not break down so often. And if it does, and it is not user error, the manufacturer should offer a new machine - or at least a service call free of cost. Any help here would be much appreciated.

Miele Customer service

I called the Miele call center for help with my dishwasher and I can without a doubt say it was the most unpleasant experience I have ever had. They seemed to be more interested in getting me off the phone than helping me. I called back three times got three different people and got three different answers. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold for what seemed like an eternity only to have their "agent" tell me a supervisor wasn't available and someone would call me back. It's been three days and still no call back.
I have owned Miele for years and up until the last few years have never had a problem with the company. I'm not sure what happened but the call center seems like a bunch of telemarketers trying to hit some BS number each month than helping their customers.
I'm not sure who authorized the changes but whoever is in charge should be fired ASAP. I will never buy another Miele...good job call center...YOU ALL SUCK.

  • Ba
    Barbara Raskob Aug 27, 2014

    Called mr. Appliance for a repair. Said it was a hose that neede to be replace. Said I would receive an Emil with the price later that day. Meow days and three phone alls later they and me an estimate to replace th hose for our $600! What a rip off

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Miele RefrigeratorBroken after 1 year and 3 month

I stayed in Martin Place Residences, Singapore and they come pre-installed with various Miele products. A Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and microwave.
Before this, I seriously perceive Miele as a good brand. Now that I live with it for 1 year plus, I fully revised my opinion and NEVER again I will deliberately buy or recommend any Miele products.
I am suspicious the developer using the unwanted product of Miele at a discounted price. On top of that, only 1 year warranty with no option to change the brand or to extend the warranty like Courts, Best Denky, Harvey Norman...
First the dishwasher is not working properly, but since I prefer manual wash, never use it anymore.
Then the button of the microwave come out.
Then now, the refrigerator and the freezer are warm. First experience in my lifetime. And they charge S$95 just to come down and take a look. Not inclusive of service fee and spare parts. Obviously I am not happy. We've been using those Panasonic, National, Samsung fridge for 15 years and still working. This super expensive brand can only stand 1 year plus (just nice outside the 1 year warranty period).
If you're making any decision to use Miele brand, I suggest you do a good background check and double confirm on the finer details. How much the service, how much the spare parts.. since they turn out to be not reliable brand. Worse than those Japan, Korea brand in the market.
Hope it helps

Miele Rosehill — delivery Miele appliance

I bought a machine from Marcelle in Rosehill office he works for Miele. He took my money in full and organised delivery. When the delivery guy came to drop off the Miele washing...

Miele-Refrigerator- 36& — Refrig seal problems

We recently purchased a brand new 36" Miele frig (approx $8, 000) and have had a factory tech here 3 times to fix the FRIG SEAL PROBLEM. Unable to get it fixed after 3 calls to...

Miele Rip off

The detergent dispenser flap on my Miele Dishwasher G2143 broke. I expected this to be a minor repair to install this small part:. The part will cost me $86|.63 (I'm told it is made in Germany and cannot be replaced as just that small flap, even though I was assured that these products were now being manufactured here in Canada), plus an automatic minimum labour cost of $189".00, totaling $275".63 for this small part".

I will never buy another Miele product because you cannot buy the parts and then have someone else install them for a reasonable price'. I advise future appliance customers to buy high end products made in North America that do not have a monopoly on parts and labour as Miele does, . Miele customers cannot even deal with the stores where they bought their appliances as all service calls are directed to Miele, making you completely dependent on them and allowing them to charge you outrageous prices for even minor repairs.