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Complaints & Reviews

Haier Television 29 inch is not working.


I have bought this television approx 3yrs back from M/s. Navrang Electronics, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and had problem of switch off in july 2009 and it was serviced by your authorised dealer HI-Tech of Ghaziabad by taking it to their service centre as their engineer could not locate the fault. I was delivered back my set by paying about Rs.3800/=towards replacement of parts and service charges. Now, again this problem started of auto on/off and engineer of HI-Tech has not opened the set to locate the fault and again want to take set to their workshop and I do not want to hand over the set to unknown officials who does not know anything about technology of yours. Earlier, complaint was made on 13/6/09 and set was deliver on 3/7/09. My model is 29FIA and serial no. is 00271. Now, complaint lodged on 14/10/09 vide no.[protected] and till date no response is received except visit of two dehati people does not looks like engineer.

Kindly do the needful by sending engineer from company as I am not willing to deal with your dealer workshop or replace the set. Else, I am going to take up matter to Media and consumer court as I told to your BPO attending complaint calls. Now, ball is in your court. My contact no is [protected] and want an amicable solution of the existing problem.

useless product

i also ordered the haier washer/dryer combo unit. like the other complaints, it has NEVER worked properly.
i placed the order with RAINBOW APPLIANCE who were horrible. i would not order from them ever. the order was placed may 2008, it finally arrived at the end of july.

my unit also would not dry. water would be left in the machine and not draining therefore the clothes would be soaking wet. i had service out the first week i had the machine and they had to replace the main board...i believe it's been replaced three times now.

it is a piece of junk. i have just contacted corporate and am hoping for a better outcome than others have had.

i will be filing a complaint with the attorney general and luckily oregon has a 'lemon law' that covers all products i believe.

i would NEVER purchase another haier product EVER and suggest no one out there does either.

spin motor failed

spin motor washing m/ out of order & complaint given on 19-09-09 .
the service man charged 250 rs & said repairing done .
same problem persisting from nextday . complaint given 20-09-09 now the main said motor problem &
damanded bill .
we promised to find & provide .
till date everyday i called on ph-0261 [protected] & each time time operator appolize & promise to do needful .
but the problem not solved & in festive season of diwali i am passing throgh mental harrasement .
the purchase date was 02-sep-2006 from houseful surat.model no-xpb60-113s.
warranty of 60 month on spin motor given on warranty cards.
my address g-1 bldg/3 krishna so . adajan .

washing machine's timer repair

Our washing machine (timer) did not work, we posted a complaint on aug.2009.we have extended warrenty up to 14/1/2011.they told that it was the timer problem, on 5/9/2009 the problem was settled by z-axis services, we paid an amount of Rs.1225/-
Again the same problem was arised on 8/10/2009 (after a month)Again we posted a complaint on8/10/2009 itself, today they inspected and told that the timer is under repair.
It is highly regrettable, Our machine model no. is xpb6827s.Now what can i do?



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Bad service

Got my HD656E-E dehumidifier. broken about an year later.

called [protected] and got the second unit. (after paying the S&H)

The NEW second unit did not even work. it was a total junk.

called the # again, sent the power cord and the serial #. (thank god, I did not have to send the S&H this time.)

guess what... it's been a month and it seems that the company does not want to send the new unit.

I am calling the warranty exchange every other day. every single person telling me the different reason and waiting period is getting longer.

  • Me
    melissaloohoo1185 Oct 26, 2011

    Bought a brand new portable washer. Got it home out of box. Didn't work!!! Called warranty # and they said to send power cord along with serial # blah blah. Sent out all required info. 3 weeks later still I've heard nothing. I call the warranty # again to find out my model has been discontinued and they are sending a refund but didn't send out yet bc I have to ok it. Well no one called or sent a letter to let me know ANY of this info. Now my refund will take 30-45 days. If I knew I would just be getting a refund I would have just taken it back to the store. This is a fraud of a company and WILL NEVER do business with them again!!

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Poor quality

I purchased a Haier dehumidifier in June of 2008. It died 15 months later after less than two summer's use. When plugged in and turned on, it sets off the circuit breaiker. Their warranty is vaguely worded, so much so that the individual answering the phone couldn't define what it meant. Bottom line, I'm out the purchase price because the problem is electrical/electronic vs. (apparently) the compressor having gone bad. My translation: Cheap Chinese circuit board died after minimal use and the customer eats the loss.

Their quality statement says great things, like "a customer complaint is an opportunity" or words to that effect, but I would never purchase a Haier product again.

Awful quality appliances

I bought brand new refrigerator and the screws were missing for the handles to mount on the doors, 4 weeks later and about a dozen calls and still waiting for 4 louzy screws to hold the handle. I sent in so many times copies of my purchase to validate the purchase and they still claim they don't have it.

I talked to every person possible at the company and said to charge me for the screws but please send the screws, NOTHING. Many times I was promised that a supervisor will be calling me back, never heard from anyone.

I am so dissapointed about a company that is acting so CHEAP to replace screws.

  • Pa
    Paramount Management Dec 02, 2013

    Haier America Washers DON'T BUY THEM. I purchased several washers for rental units. They are awful the spin mechanism is faulty leaking water and causing water damage. When called they will give you a local crappy service which takes for ever to gets parts and fix on one it has taken 3 months and I finally had to replace it at my own cost. Second washer has broken with same problem repaired and broken with one use. DON"T BUY HAIER, cheap and you get what you pay for. Poor quality and nothing but Hassle repairs.

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Worst Customer Service

We purchased a Haier fridge from ABC Warehouse in Traverse City. Never, Ever, EVER...etc... again, will I shop at this store ! I am very passionate about good customer service and this had to be one of the WORST experiences of all times! When the delivery guys dropped it off, we were excited, it was new, clean, beautiful, yes, maybe not a "top-of-the-line" brand or price, but we THOUGHT we had a nice product...every time you close the fridge door, the freezer door pops open (and stays open) needless to say that after just purchasing grocerys for the new fridge, with a freezer full of goods, getting ready for work in the morning and focused on getting out the door, my freezer door stayed open all day ruining all the groceries, I went back to ABC the first day we got it and told them about it, they said they would have a driver come out and look at it, the driver "called" said they didn't think that it could be the seal so they were not coming, after losing my groceries, now I'm pretty upset, went back in and the customer service was even worse, they kept trying to make excuses! nothing I hate more is "excuses" and the store manager even had the nerve to say "they just don't make products like they used too" I asked him, "then WHY is your store or ABC Warehouse selling that brand if it's that bad?" After arguing as clamly as possible with them, and my other half being asked to leave the store because he was so furious they could not deal with him, they, once again told me they would send someone out to look at it. THEY NEVER SHOWED< NEVER CALLED< ETC!!! I can not begin to tell you how much I loath this place, the company, and the so called managers of this store that I personally would not let manage a lemonade stand on a corner!

Not attending the complaints about defective parts

We had shifted From Gwalior to New Delhi, after 12 days our Microwave oven had some defect, we made a complaint, no [protected] but till date their is no positive response from HAIER .

  • Bs
    B SENTHILVEL Jan 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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warranty problems

I purchased a haier dishwasher from A1 and within 9 months it was broken. Called customer service and they said that the Haier part was to be shipped from China and was on back order. Called haier and they said they would try to locate the part and to call back in 2 days. I called back 3 days later and the part was was only put into the computer that day- they said that I needed to call back in a couple of days. What a rip off 2 months latet I still dont have a dishwasher.

  • Jf
    jfriedeck Jul 06, 2011

    We called Haier in April to replace our portable dishwasher that we had just bought in January. They told us they were going to replace it and they sent us the information they needed us to send in in order for the warranty to be honored. We sent everything in and they informed me when I called that they didn't recieve everything until the end of May when we sent everything way before then. I called them in June to see where our dishwasher was and they told us they would send an inquiry to their corporate office to see what happened and they would get an answer in 24-48 hours. They did not tell us we had to call back in order to get the answer. I then waited a couple weeks to see what was going to happen and got nothing. I then called back on July 6, 2011 to see what on Earth was going on where they proceeded to tell me they didn't have our dishwasher in stock to send to us. I was told we were supposed to be contacted when they recieved our information in the first place to ok the order of the same dishwasher in a new color but we never were. I was also told we were supposed to call back after our last phone call to recieve the answer from their corporate office. I ok'd the order for the new dishwasher and asked them if they were going to offer us anything like at least another month on our warranty because of the mess-ups they had on their end that had nothing to do with us and I was told a resounding no. I also asked if their was anyone in their corporate office or anywhere else that I could speak to that could possibly give me any answers as to what went wrong. I was again told a resounding no. I was told a lot of things by Haier and quite frankly the next time someone asks me if I want any of their other products or if they should buy any of their products I will also tell them a resounding NO. This dishwasher was not even worth the $180.00 we paid for it or the 3 month hassle to deal with Haier America.

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  • Gi
    Gina Anderson Jul 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Company has not yet responded to claims very nice customer service people make you feel like they are taking care of the claim but they just delay you and delay you this happened begining of june and it is the start of august now and we have not heard back about any settlement, and we have had all the work done, before the sub-floor started to mold.

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  • Pr
    ProblemMower Jul 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had the same issue with a 52" TV straight out of the box. They responded quickly sending an evaluator and, based upon his report, we thought they would have it replaced right away. Unfortunately nothing happened. No call no e-mail. It took my wife doggedly calling their customer service over and over again for four weeks and going through levels of management to finally have them send a new TV 5 weeks after the repairman came out and told us we would be sent a new one. No doubt in my mind that we would still be without a TV if my wife hadn't called frequently recording names, dates and times.
    Bad customer service!

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Do not deliver ordered items

Hello, I just want to warn the people who, just like me, got seduced by the good prices displayed at "www.haier-shop.com". In real life, you have to add 50% chinese custom tax to receive... a fake UPS tracking number.

  • Je
    jeffffrey Jul 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same bad experience with Haier-shop!!! Take care to them !!!

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  • Ma
    M A M Oct 18, 2009

    I had the same bad experience with Haier-shop!!! Take care to them...

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  • On
    onlinefraud09 Nov 07, 2009

    hi i am from singapore and i also got cheated by haier-shop! do not buy things from them! you will not get your products and the money will be lost. visit our blog at www.onlinefraud09.blogspot.com, i have set up this non-profit blog to inform everyone about this website and other fraud websites in the world. i hope everyone can share their bad experiences with fraud in the blog so it will help others out with shopping online.

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  • Ce
    Cellen Feb 16, 2010

    Hair-shop is a cheating company. They have no intention to deliver anything only steal the money.

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  • Su
    sugarray Mar 06, 2010

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys did received your item eventually? How did the situation endeed?

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  • Ce
    celtico Mar 17, 2010

    Yes, haier shop people are thieves!
    No answer emails, fake UPS tracking number...
    resume, do not buy anything to them!!!

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  • Is
    Isaac007 Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You guys, are these guys for real or what?
    No communication etc after purchase!
    What suprises me they seem to have a good business, but no delivery!

    I admit i was also conned

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  • Je
    jeffffrey Mar 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes we are real ! And believe me, they are real too... They are real Thieves !!!

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Refuse to provide repair part

Wine Cooler needs compressor. Part is under warranty but can't locate receipt to prove date of purchase.
Told Haier I would pay for compressor. They sent out service company who ordered compressor per Haiers part number.
Compressor that arrived was not the same as the one in the unit so a second compressor was ordered and that too was the wrong one.
Service company told Haier they sent the wrong part twice and Haier told them that's the only one they have and to install the one they sent.
Service company refused to install the wrong compressor as it was a safety issue.
Called Haier again and was told they could not send another compressor because I could not prove my date of purchase.
What a CROCK.
This company, (China), should not be allowed to do business in this country.
It'll probably do no good but the State Attorney General's Office of Consumers Affairs and the BBB are my last resort.

  • Az
    azsnoopy1 Aug 23, 2009

    I agree. I have purchased 2 different Haier small refrigerators in the past three years. One lasted 18 months and the one just 14 months. Haier doesn't advertize this but they actually extend the 1 year warranty one month to give you 13 months total.

    Still didn't make a difference. Spent 80 dollars on one and 120 on another a stainless model. Both compressors went bad and I was out of luck.

    Told customer service that I would not giving Haier any more business if their products barely lasted oe year.

    They didn't seem to care.


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Poor Quality

Purchased a Haier dehumidifier on 5/10/2008. I live in Wisconsin so we only run it about 4 months per year. I went to start it mid-June and it runs for about 5 - 10 seconds and shuts off. Bucket is empty and seated properly, can't find the cause of the issue. Haier tech support is non-existent, I'm suppose to take it to a service center and pay to have it diagnosed, let's see...$170 for the dehumidifier, how much to diagnose and fix, I might as well buy a new one. The last one I had lasted about 15 years, this on, 4 months of running. I will never buy another Haier product.

  • Ss
    S.Sekar Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased Haier fully automatic Washing machine (HA-655 TME) from Vijay Sales, Thane, Mumbai on July 07. It was working fine for few days and started giving problem as smoke started coming out from its timer. Till today it is not working. Various calls to Vijay Sales, Haier local service center were not looked into it. I am unable to use the new washing machine for almost 2 months and Haier is not doing anything. I will never ever go for a Haier product here after.

    2 Months for repairing a washing machine, clearly shows the pathetic service by Haier.

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  • Sh
    Shashi kumar Aug 06, 2009

    I get a Haier c5000 handset from silica service center date 20/07/09.But his no any responce.So please solve my problem.

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  • Ma
    Matcho Jul 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Haier America washer/dryer combo last June. I used it once and after one wash cycle the unit broke. I called Haier and told them that the cycle selector knob was stuck and that the unit was not drying clothes properly. I also told them that a bunch of water was left in the drum even though the machine had gone through a dry cycle. A repairman was called and when he came out he replaced the timer. He left and the machine did not work when I tried it again.

    After about a month Haier sent another repair man who claimed he had never seen this type of machine before and he ordered a new timer and a new motor. He installed these after they arrived and the machine still did not work. Finally Haier called me after two months had gone by saying they would send another repair man out. The new repair man came out and deemed the unit un-repairable. He said that the unit had been flooded and that the electrical system was rusted out. The unit is in my basement so now Haier is claiming that my basement flooded. My basement has never flooded but I am not surprised that the electrical system is rusted. Water was sitting in the machine for five months because nobody they sent out to repair the unit knew what they were doing.

    I have tried to call Haier many times to find out what their final decision is. The machine is under warranty for a year and so it should be replaced. I have had so many people telling me the problem would be looked into and I would get a call back but never have.

    It has been eight months now of talking to customer service people with no answers as of yet. I am assuming that Haier will not be replacing the machine that is under warranty and that they will continue to make excuses. I will contact my lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, and I will post my nightmare situation all over the internet. I do not recommend that anyone buy Haier products. They do not uphold their warranty and I have since read other reports of similar problems with flawed products.

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  • Ra
    rajpal marketing (p) ltd Jun 03, 2016

    by above firm (raj pal marketing p ltd) we purchased a refrigerator on 29/3/12 by invoice no. 5435...
    the dealer sold this product to us on above MRP price .
    they code us price 8550 after bargaining we purchased by 7900. this is quite unfair and matter of cheating also.
    MRP ON CARTOM IS RS 7890..
    or TAKE ACTION...

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Complaint on ESP

Received a Haier Wine Cooler for Christmas, 2007, and bought the ESP for 3 year REPLACEMENT. Well the number I called on the contract was placed on 4/26/09. My cooler stopped working on the bottom. I did everything by the book to see if it was dirty inside, etc. I called and each time I was told I had to talk to a Rubin and then when I called I got the response of "He is not working today, He is on tomorrow" Well this went on 3 times. Then I called and the response was you called the wrong number and he told me the same number I called. Then when I got someone else, I was told it would take 5-10 days for a reply. Well the contract does not state that and it is well over the time.
I emailed Haier America and the ESP program no response. Next is the BBB and WBZ-Boston. ch

  • Br
    BrianHouston Jul 10, 2009

    Guys if you think you have problems with Haier listen to this.
    I bought my combo/washer/dryer last dec whilst renovating used it two times end of Jan 2009.
    Unit literally blew up in flames. It is now July 2009. I know all the operators on first name basis. What a disaster this company is.
    This is something out of a horror movie
    Why wont you deal with me in writing ?????? I am constantly told that it will be another week. Today is July 10th and the SIYA supervisor is avoiding my calls. Today i called 4 times. It has been SIX MONTHS !!!

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  • Ka
    KajKaj Oct 06, 2009

    HAIER S-U-C-K-S!!! I have a 21-cubic-foot Haier refrigerator (bought 10/2006) that the compressor went out on 8/25/09. Compressor warrantied for 5 years. I have been conversing with HAIER's Call Center "Customer Service" for approx. 6 weeks. I have spoken to a BRIAN, a DAVE, a LIZ, a CEILIA, an ANITA, another BRYAN, a RAY-supposedly the "Call-Center Supervisor, " and finally a "SHEVON, " from the "Corp. Offices." I initially was told that the compressor would be replaced. Then, I was told the compressor unit was no longer available, ergo "Corp." would decided if the unit (my HAIER refrig) could be replaced. Then, I was told "YES, " HAIER would replace my refrig, just send in 8 inches of cord, Serial #, Model #, proof of purchase (receipt), THEN the replacement would be shipped FED-X ground. At 8:00 P.M. LAST NIGHT, however...I was called by an ANITA (AM Trust North America Warranty...Co.) who wanted to "go over" the list of things I needed to do in order to receive the replacement refrig (same list as previously stated)...and "OH BY THE WAY...Anita said...ONE MORE THING...You (MEANING ME) need to send a check or money order for $159.99 with the other items." I asked why. She said it was a "fee." She did not know what kind of fee...just a fee. I asked WHY after SO MANY hours and 10 phone calls and conversations later...this "fee" thing was just now mentioned to me AT 8:00 P.M. AT NIGHT...(remember, I had spoken with a "CEILIA" that a.m., no mention, ever, of a fee)...being added to the list? "It came down from the Corporate Office, " Anita said. I said I am not paying $159.99 to anyone. That, to me, is nothing less than tactics of extortion. I cannot believe that after all the "Customer Service Help" HAIER seemed to be offering to me before this late night phone call...NOW I will have to pay for what HAIER had promised to do. Of course, now I realize (Schmuck Me!) HAIER Customer Reps had no intention of ever doing anything they said they would do: FIX THEIR DEFECTIVE APPLIANCE PRODUCT!!! So on with this sad story...I found a HAIER CORP. OFFICE phone number (of which I was told by the Customer Reps. there was no such number), and was told by a "SHEVON, that there is nothing else that could be done...without THE CHECK...FIRST! I again asked, "Is there any other recourse, any other avenue, anyone else that I can go to at this company for help?" SHEVON SAID "NO." One-more-time...and with feeling...I asked, "ARE YOU SURE, SHEVON...NO COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT, NO ARBITRATOR, NO ONE ELSE?" SHEVON REPLIED, "OH, YOU DIDN'T ASK IF THERE WAS A COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT." Imagine that! I said the correct word and like magic..."Yes, " SHEVON told me, THERE IS ONE MORE THING I COULD DO... I can send my complaint to the HAIER COMPLAINT DEPT... same PO Box 8 in NJ where I am supposed to send the $159.99 check...and "they" will...Well, SHEVON really did not say just what the Complaint Desk/Dept. would actually do or not do. But, I could try this.

    AMERICAN CONSUMER: I have a 30-year-old Maytag refrigerator in my garage that has NEVER been worked on and hasn't missed a beat! I cannot believe the sorry representation of the CUSTOMER SERVICE arm of HAIER AMERICA. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED! TELL HAIER CUSTOMERS UP FRONT BEFORE HOURS ARE SPENT GETTING ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE...THAT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO FIX A HAIER REFRIGERATOR...UNTIL HAIER GETS MORE $$$$$$$$$$$$ UP FRONT!!!

    I have my letters, faxes and pictures ready to go to HAIER CEO, Mr. Zhang Ruimin and the Board of Directors. If it wasn't so sad and pathetic...it might be comical...that HAIER'S CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUPPORT MOTTO IS...the "CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT." ...AND, NO LESS COMICAL... HAIER'S SERVICE POLICY MOTTO IS..."A COMPLAINT LODGED BY CUSTOMER IS THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT." No...really...stop laughing...That is the absolute truth! That is what is on the HAIER WEBSITE.

    SOMEONE???? AT THE HAIER CORPORATION (Mr. Ruimin) NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND CLEAN UP THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER MESS!!! IT IS EVEN EMBARASSING TO ME...AND THEY AREN'T EVEN MY EMPLOYEES! If my employees handled our customer service problems like this...AND, if one of my employees MADE A LATE-NIGHT-PHONE CALL... AFTER THE FACT...to a customer of mine, asking for money after promising to replace one of our units without ANY $$$...That someone would get fired on the spot!

    ANYONE AT HAIER...WHO HAS ANY AUTHORITY...NEEDS TO READ UP: Your CEO Mr. Ruimin took a SLEDGEHAMMER to a DEFECTIVE HAIER refrigerator (one of 76) to make a point about what was and was not "ACCEPTABLE." ...I think I just found THE SOLUTION! WHERE'S A SLEDGEHAMMER? Maybe next year I will be the PRESIDENT OF HAIER CUSTOMER RELATIONS/SERVICES...I couldn't possibly do any worse!

    P.S. Would anyone at HAIER AMERICA like to send me a check for the $600 worth of groceries I lost in their defective refrigerator? I will send them the $159.99 check when HAIER sends me my $600 grocery reimbursement check! Now that sounds like some pretty good Customer Service...And, funny...it only took me a second to come up with a workable solution!!! NOT A #$%^& YEAR!!!

    KAJ Shreveport Louisiana 10/6/2009 A former HAIER customer!

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  • Va
    vascoo May 25, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    We purchased a Washing Machine of Haier make which is giving us operations problems from day one. We tried registering a complains with customer care of Haier and as usual the tecnician comes and drains the water from the machine takes his fees and goes saying that it will work from now on. And as usual the machine gives the same E1 error and the whole house get the stink of stagnant water in the machine after a few days. Last week after registering a complain Mr.Francis a technician comes from Haier and releases the water from the machine and asks for his fees (Rs.250/-), this time we told him just wait for half hour more, we will wash the cloths in front of him so that he knows better what happens. He gets angry and vows never to return and leaves. on 22nd May i register a complain in the afternoon and within 1 hour get a call from Mr.Francis mocking us on our sorry Haier Washing machine, telling us that he will need his fees in advance if we want him to come. My question to Haier is, do you pay salary to these people or do they have to survive on our cost? My humble request to Haier is to replace our washing machine with a new unit and put my family out of our misery or try to get the machine repair once and for all. Hope there are people working at Haier with Good consiouns to understand my problem. Regards
    Vasco Fernandes
    [email protected]
    Ph 9765253667
    Ph. 9561120009
    H. No.436 A
    Besides Matru Chaya
    New Vaddem

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37& executive HDTV LCD

After getting my new Haier 37" LCD TV in September of 2008, the picture went out in October 2008. After 2 different calls with Tech support they finally decided to send me the motherboard and a power supply. I was supposed to call them back when I received the parts and they would send someone to fix it. I finally got the parts on December 15, 2 months later. Then didn't get anyone to repair in until Jan. 5 2009. After repair the sound wouldn't work, so here we go again. They again sent me another motherboard, didn't get it until the middle of March, 2 months later. Still didn't fix the issue, so after 3 more tech support calls, they decided to send me a new TV, but didn't have the executive model and tried to give me a basic model(with no refund difference). Not happening. So now they will refund me the full $1200, and it will take 30 to 45 days to receive the check after pick up of TV. Here we are 37 days in and no check in site. Sorry customer service, great TV while it was working. NEVER BUY HAIER!!!1

  • Ma
    manoj hegde Sep 14, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had taken haier television on april 2006 and now after 16 months its like a scrap kept in my house i m trying to sell to the scrap merchant , i had no idea that i m buying a haier television which will be a scrap after 1 year.

    Now i m looking for a new television other than haier.

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  • Da
    damodar Sep 17, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i really agree with this complaints, and i m sure will not that bad company haier products

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  • Sh
    shama Sep 17, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i wish that haier must go bankrupt for selling such a scrap products and fooling the customer buy giving false adds

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  • Ja
    jay Sep 18, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i too had the same problem with haier tv

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  • Ma
    maria trabal Jan 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    haier products are scrap, i will never buy another haier product ever in my life. not only are their products a piece of crap their customer service are full of it too!

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  • An
    Andy Jul 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am on my third haier tv. Not becaus I love it but becaus I can't get one to last more then a month. The last replacement unit was broken right out of the box. I spent 4 months the first time getting haier to replace the tv and 2 months the second time getting it replaced. I have now been working with them for over a month trying to get a refund since the only other option they gave was to have the brand new broken tv sent in for repair.

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  • Wa
    wayne Jun 02, 2009

    I purchased a Haier Plasma TV about one year ago and it just stopped working. I waisted my time calling their customer service. I put the TV in a repair shop costing me money, finding out that they could not get the part I needed to fix it. I was told the cost of the part was $500.00 I will never ever buy another product made by Haier.

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  • Sk
    Skotty Aug 24, 2009

    I bought a Haier A/C window unit in 2008 and it only lasted about 2 months operational time before dying.

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  • Dm
    dmwnga Aug 25, 2011

    Not sure what is happening, because I purchased a Haier freezer about 13 years ago and it's still working wonderfully. I am trying a Haier TV - if no good I will sue in small claims. Simple - sue them and they will get the message.

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Faulty ac

In May 2006, I had bought a Haier window ac from Vijay sales in Andheri, S.V.Road, under their promotion scheme. From the onset the ac kept on giving problems. It was changed three times because the technicians could not solve the problems. In or around September-October that year, while the product was under warranty, one of the technicians, Sanjay, came and broker the swing of the ac and said he would come and fix it later. But he never came, despite numerous calls.

My husband is a bed-ridden invalid and so I never got time to follow up the complaint, specially since the ac was not in use. When hot weather started again I called up and was told that since the ac was no longer under warranty, I would have to pay for the swing to get fixed. When I said that the technician himself had broken it while it was under warranty, I was told that since the product was no longer under warranty, I would have to pay.

Even the remote was changed 3-4 times, because the ac would never reach the temperature on the remote, never cut off and would just not work properly. Now, too, ac is not working properly and remote works separately from the ac. The ac does not work with remote at all. I am really tired and don't even get time to do follow ups and make calls. You can check with Vijay Sales, or your records.

If you have job sheets with you, you can check about the technician Sanjay, when exactly he came to my house and how and when he broke the swing. You would also learn that the ac and remote have been changed three times at least.

Poor Cooling

We prchaged one 1.6 T Split A.C on 1st. April2008, which was fitted on 3rd. April. Since then we find the colling is too poor and room temperature never goes bellow 26/27 degree celcious. We made a complain to the Haier India Service wing with complain no [protected], which was attended by their lacal servvice man at Bhubaneswar, who simply observed and pointed out that the A.C. is functioning O.K. but the placement is faulty, and went away. We need immidiate attention as we suffer due to hot weather.

Service issues

I am an irate customer who is a disappointed owner of a Haier Refrigerator. After having faced many hurdle...

Company will not replace broken machine under warranty!

I purchased a Haier America washer/dryer combo last June. I used it once and after one wash cycle the unit...