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G Aug 02, 2019

I am extremely disappointed in Mi Tienda. Not just the first time but for the second time. The first time I shopped at the store I spent $300 on groceries. The way that you guys have the bakery separate from the grocery is a cause for concern. In large corporations like Walmart and Kroger they made it not only convenient but ethical for a consumer. Customers do not want to pay twice. I shouldn't have to pay at the bakery then pay for my groceries separate. That's not logical. It would be like going to McDonald's and having to purchase once for food and another for beverages. Just doesn't make sense. Anyways as I finished shopping with my husband I exited the grocery and then entered the bakery side. Upon walking into that area a Hispanic Manager immediately stared me down and I already knew what he was thinking so I pushed my cart in 100% visible location where the manager could see. My husband shopped for the bread and paid AGAIN!!! As soon as we went to walk out he locked my wheels as if I was a thief but remember I just spent $300. I was so angry and disappointed that humans treat other humans like scum over race. I told my husband I would never go back even though I literally live 1 street over. Today which has been months since my first visit I decided to give it a second shot. This time for a Western Union transaction. I waited for about 10 minutes in line only to be told to fill out a paper which is not required by any Western Union this is just Mi Tiendas process. Alondra B told me to move so she could service the woman behind me. Now let's get this straight. Is that proper customer service to require me to stand in line then be forced to fill out a "form" that isn't even required by WesternUnion and then service someone who was after me? When did that become a factor in customer service. I was frustrated but didn't say anything. I had the form to Alondra B and she tells me that the MTCN number has nothing under it. I ask her what I have a picture from my husband on the receipt. She tells me to move so I can call my husband. I asked for what and she rebuttals I don't know what for. So I ask her what number do you need and I ask to see the " form" that I filled out. I asked "which number?" What happened is she was looking at my phone number which was printed in the mobile number section instead of using the MTCN number. She never once apologized for her making the mistake. I asked why she had an attitude and she said she didn't. I asked for my information back the I was required to fill out and she said "No, it's our managements request to keep them". I spoke with the manager on duty who also lacked customer service skills. So there are a few issues here I'd like be looked at. First, why does Mi Tienda only hire or if any hires only Hispanic people. Isn't there a requirement to hire all backgrounds? Second, what happened to customer service? First come, first serve. Third, why is it ok for people who are not Hispanic to be treated poorly? And lastly, why is it ok for Mi Tienda to take my name, email, physical address, and phone number, and keep it? Please explain. The last two experiences I felt were racially charged and I feel horrible. It's even worse when you're children are half Mexican and you still get racism. I'd also like to add that I know for sure racism is going on because the Security company you employee I use to be associated with and know the "types" of people that management called in on... guess what they are mostly black or another race. I will continue to push this and possibly contacting others regarding this distasteful


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