Gunbrokers.comUnable To Get Account Closed, and Overcharges

R Review updated:

I used the service one day and pulled my listing. After contacting this company (if it can even be called that) many times I still can't get my account closed and they keep billing me for charges that I never incurred.


  • Em
    Emile Corday Dec 19, 2010

    Site is okay but is a good ole boy network. If you make someone who is a friend of a mod then you're screwed. As they will edit your account feedback to lower your rating and boost theirs. Basically extortion and mob like run.

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  • Bl
    Blake Spooner Aug 20, 2018

    $$$$ taken. No response from seller or gunbroker. No assistance or customer service. AVOID. FRAUD

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  • Re
    Reviewer97325 Nov 19, 2018

    Sellers bid up items that are listed as no reserve. They don't even hide it very well.

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