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Gumtree complaints 282

Gumtree - gumtree customer service

Ad id [protected]

Hi I advertised a job in the pub I am taking over and because I could not review the advert before paying I did not realise it was going to place it in my current address. 60 miles from the pub

Support originally told me just put the pub address in the description, which I had already done, but this did not effect the advertised address as being incorrect.

I asked if it could be changed answer no

I asked if it could be deleted and re-input answer yes but I would need to pay again (Very unfair)

I finally was given a telephone number where the poor girl could only offer me a very expensive feature foc if I placed another advert - therefore still costing me twice as much..

She said there was nothing that could be done and no other ways to contact gumtree, as I found this option on the web that was obviously not true!!!

All I am asking is to have the advert advertised as planned not anything else and I find the attitude of gumtree very unfair and mean.

Update by spk12345
Jan 26, 2017

see text

Gumtree - advertising

I submitted an add on 16/1/17 and was charged $23.97 receipt number [protected] . My add has not appeared, my name is Sue finlay my email is [protected] What are you prepared to do about this situation . I would like a refund so i can repost add . The add was for rainbow lorikeet handraised and i paid for 3 weeks urgent add . I would like a response ASAP . I still have the bird for sale and would like to repost the add . My account has been debited . Im not happy .

Gumtree - selling items on gumtree

See my case - [protected]

I tried posting a couple of ads which took me a few hours, yesterday on 12th January 2017. I didn't put my password in correctly and so my account got shut down. I asked for help from Australia, and no-one could help me on the chat. Then I got contacted at 12.30am Aus time by email. You guys didn't believe that it was me and that I was just trying to post the rest of my ads up. So I said to close my account, and I said I would use my married name account instead and just re-do the ads. I spent another 2 hours doing 3 ads today and then the other account got blocked!!

Firstly, Aussies need on the phone support, or at least need to be able to talk online in our business hours to get things resolved. We also need to be able to set up a new account and have a provision to put our password in TWICE, not ONCE, so that when setting up if we've accidentally put our password in wrong, and then log out, that we can get back into our account. It makes no sense that Gumtree would set accounts up without us being able to put TWO passwords in to verify the passwords, before the account gets set up.

Gumtree has appalling service. This simple task of posting 4 ads has lasted 24 hours, so I will not be using Gumtree again. I will now use Ebay, as obviously you guys aren't willing to look after people

Gumtree - service

I hired a builder by getting his details from gumtree. He has no idea about any thing, he took £250 and left the job undone as he was demanding a huge sum of money as upfront. He left job undone, electric issues, leaking roof and creating sheer chaos. He tried his level best to increase the work and to rip me off of mone money. He is not a builder at all, he comes alone and agrees to every thing, then he brings in more people who also are unskilled people. I request that public at large may kindly be made aware of such people.

Gumtree - second hand car from trader.

Bought a car from s&s automotive in newcastle. The car was advertised as been a low mileage car with only 1 previous owner. Have since received the v5c which has 2 previous owners... Me being the 3rd. I feel the dealer has miss lead as having known it had 2 owners before me i wouldn't have purchased the car. Have since spoke to the trader and he informed me i should have known 1 previous owner means 2 previous owners when buying it and the told me he wouldn't be putting up with my ####.
The car / ad was for a vauxhall vectra, silver knly 65k miles sold by s&s automotive

Gumtree - shocking app!

Absolutely fuming! So annoyed I've enjoyed using gumtree but this week I absolutely hate it! They have changed all the settings which now means there's no gumtree app so people are contacting me through email and whilst my email is not working i tried changing it but no f###ing activation email is being sent I cannot get hold of the people interested in my ad! All just days before Christmas so this is stopping me making money I'm
So angry! It's #### layout there's no help or care for people using the app 'oops try again' nothing's makes sense there's no easy way of getting help I recommend SHPOCK GREAT APP! Other than this ####ty gumtree

Gumtree - case number: [protected].

I am a small business in South Africa that does upliftment Training, I employ 4 staff who place ads on the internet, some ads are similar but not the same as they are made by different staff members.
Employment is tough for staff in South Africa where only 10% of the population works, so my staff have to produce in order to be productive.

In being productive they do advertise on your free ads web site known as Gumtree.
Your staff removed all our ads, irrespective if they were similar or not, I on the other hand cannot keep these staff members as they now mean nothing to me if they cannot advertise.
So in a nutshell you have indirectly cost four staff members the jobs just before Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Gumtree - my own advert

I posted a advert for my puppies for sale I done everything correctly and by the law as they can't leave there mother until 8 weeks old I never broke any rules and I am duscusted that my account has been blocked and reason given was I broke gumtree rules please explain how a advert for my puppies for sale with every detail correct and by law I said they can't leave there mother until 8 weeks old is breaking rules my email address is [protected] and my phone number is [protected] please check my advert because this is so so unfair how you could block my account for no reason possible as I have gone over thousands of other ads similar to mine and I haven't done anything wrong I would appreciate it for my account to be unblocked as I have done nothing wrong if not I will take this further

Gumtree - motor trader package

We have had a small package with gumtree for some months. We were very suprised when our direct debit amount doubled.

Upon investigation we were told by Marcel, our account manager that we had been migrated to a different package.

We immediately recalled the direct debit via the bank.

We provided notice to Marcel, which we have now done on 3 occasions requesting confirmation of receipt.

Due to the underhand way in which we have been 'migrated' to a package at double the price, we no longer trust gumtree to conduct any business through at all.

We have asked Marcel to refer this matter to management (again no response) and to come back to us with a sensible means to draw this matter to a close.

We appreciate that we will have a notice period, but we are not prepared to serve this notice period on the price of the package we never agreed to.

I would be grateful if this matter could be dealt with by someone in management who can help us draw this matter to a close.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Gardiner

Gumtree - notification of interest from buyer of my ads

Hi, I added Gumtree to my 'safe addresses' as advised but have not received email notification of interest from a potential buyer. My wife posted an enquiry for one of my ads at the beginning of this week and again at 6pm this evening. In the 'stats' area of 'manage my ads' I am informed there are 2 replies to an ad but If I click on the replies, or open my message box, I am told there is nothing there!
Clearly messages are being sent not only from myself but potential buyers but I am not being notified of these queries.
I have even changed my contact email address from [protected] to [protected] but am still not getting notifications.
I am wasting my time and possibly buyers time if I do not get messages from potential buyers, Gumtree should be better than this.

Gumtree - the systematic violation of the rules and cheating

Dear site administration!
Although I'm not sure what you read posts like this.
Why do I say this?
Yes, because you do not react to gross and brazen violation of your own rules.
Some particularly brazen crooks placed dozens of ads and pay nothing for them.
Why you do not take any action to them?
For example today ( 02.12.17, 11.14AM) "Robin" and "Zhoobin" placed 19 and 10 of its announcement in the morning in the section "Work wanted". But they had to be placed in the section "Services".
You remove them in 3-4 hours. And they again places them in the same place.
And so it goes on all the time. As a result, they pay nothing.
And other people are paying for 8 pounds in a single advertisement in the section "Services".
You do not notice it?
When eventually you stop this blatant rudeness?


Mr. Dan

Gumtree - my add ' does not meet pet posting rules'

I have tried to post an ad (twice)

And both times it has been removed as apparently it doesn't meet pet posting rules,
As far as I can see it does meet the pet posting rules and is the same as other peoples adverts so I cant work out how to edit it so that it is accepted! there is no obvious contact details on the website to get this resolved asap

Gumtree - hyundai i10 2011 £2950 hounslow

I saw the above car advertised on 5 November 2016 and eventually bought it. It turned out to be Cat C which was not shown on the advert. I understand that you automatically check the status of the cars advertised on your website so don't understand how this car was missed. Can you help?

The phone number advertised was [protected] and the man calls himself Amir. He turned out not to be the owner of the car but selling it on someone else's behalf.

He had other cars advertised on your site.

I await your response.

Update by patelchandrika
Nov 30, 2016

I saw the above car advertised on 5 November 2016 and eventually bought it. It turned out to be Cat C which was not shown on the advert. I understand that you automatically check the status of the cars advertised on your website so don't understand how this car was missed. Can you help?

The phone number advertised was [protected] and the man calls himself Amir. He turned out not to be the owner of the car but selling it on someone else's behalf.

He had other cars advertised on your site.

I await your response.

Gumtree - gumtree for reference your case number is: [protected]


I am very unhappy about the way I have been mislead regarding purchasing URGENT on my ad. My email is tanya.[protected] I spoke with Sarah today before you website decided to crash mid conversation. I find the URGENT ad purchase I bought was very misleading and I assumed it would be URGENT - being with the name that it would be on top of the listings for 7 days. I got no reply or interest in my ad. I have now got a new ad and its FREE and I'm getting MORE response from the free ad than I did with the paid one. I feel this is extremely misleading - and really DO not need an agent sending me a link to READ the details about URGENT adverts...patronising and made me even more angry and annoyed. I am very unhappy with the service and I feel I have wasted my money on absolutely NOTHING!! I would like to request a refund and for you to make your listings that you pay for more clear to the customer purchasing the products you are selling.

Thanks Tanya

Gumtree - scammed

Good afternoon

I placed a add to sell my samsung s5 mini for R2200 and have subsequently been scammed. I have documentation of all contact with the buyer including adres in Nigeria to which I had to send the phone at the cost of R300.

I have not received any payment although I have the pictures of the so called payment transfer to my account. I also have the emails from the 'bank' that looks legitimate but on further investigation I found out there is no Suntrust bank in Nigeria.

I also have forms and emails form someone pretending to be the customs official using a fake site demanding payment.

This site does not allow me to upload the document.

Please get back to me on [protected]

Gumtree - systematic violation of ad rules

Dear administration.
Please turn your attention to these announcements.
Despite numerous warnings this person continues to do so again and again.
Вecause these ads your site will look like a dustbin
Please take the necessary steps and finally stop this idiot.


Gumtree - [protected]


I have a bad experience with Shalom Cleaning Service. I have booked their services on one saturday at 10am, but no one turn up. The same day i called the company and a man picked up the call.First he said, i know the lady who suppose to turn up (his wife) and she should be there. After 10 mins, he said he is near my house and couldn't find the house. Finally, he called and he said he cant make it. (??)(Why a man is responding the call and why he is looking for my house?) At 2 pm, another lady called and said I am coming to your house and she is not aware of the man's conversation. I said no because i was expecting a cleaner at 10 am not 2pm and im busy dropping my kids to swimming and etc. This stroke my mind, why this lady calling up now and she is not sure what the guy said and she didn't claim its her husband.

As they are not keeping to their words, i then thought i should look for another cleaner. I tried contacting 3 cleaners, suprisingly all 3 cleaners are from same company. The point i dont understand, if your working for one company under one roof, why would they have different numbers, and different company name. Moreover, this is not mentioned in their ad as they are 3 or 4 cleaners. One of them said i need to see your house, the other says i will send another cleaner (which im not aware off). Really suspicious. The ad says £10 per hour cleaning services and i said i need 2 hours but why do you still need to see my house???

a. they dont respond in time
b. they switch cleaners
c. they act suspiciously - a man approached my house without informing me.
d. multiple telephone number under one company. Obviously one is not aware of others activity but claim to be one company.

Gumtree - a white washing machine

A white washing was advertised for sale as being "in very good condition and it comes in fully working as well" After delivery and I used it that night, I discovered that it was not fit for purpose. It does not spin and does not drain the water. The washing machine was delivered on the night of 3rd November and on the 4th of November, 2016, I sent this email to the seller, the email reads - "The washing machine delivered to me yesterday unfortunately does not deliver. It does not spin and does not drain. I used it last night and this morning I wanted to pack the clothes out but I had water flowing all over my kitchen floor, giving me additional work. I put it on spin and drain, it resumed another round of washing and ended without spinning nor draining. Now, those clothes are there in the washing machine drum with the water. Not happy with this at all. Kindly replace this with a washing machine that can deliver immediately." I called afterwards on the 4th, he promised to replace it on the 7th but did not turned up. Now he does not pick my calls anymore and did not reply to the email. The sellers mobile number is +[protected]

Gumtree - I have been scammed

I wanted to buy a I phone 6s and I visited gumtree. After a long search I saw a good del that the phone was 6s and it was for £240 so I decided to buy it. I emailed the guy to buy the phone so he told me that he forgot his PayPal so I have to send it by card but because I didn't have bank account so therefore I payed cash to bank so it went straight to his account. Hence, he told me that I have to pay first and then he will send the phone. I payed the money last Saturday and he told me that the phone will come on Monday before 5:30. On Monday after six form I went straight home but the phone wasn't there so I texted the guy that it didn't come but he said it will come on Tuesday so I did the same thing on Tuesday went straight home after school but it wasn't there. I called him since Tuesday but he doesn't answer any phone calls, messages or any emails. In addition, the phone hasn't come since and I want my money back because that was my saving money and I need to buy a phone. Please help me to get my money back.

Gumtree - payment for posting advert

Hi my name is Tatjana, I want to complain on Gumtree service for not posting my advert that I've done on 12.11.2016 for which I paid 15£! After payment I went to check if my advert is posted, I've noticed that my advert was removed in 1 minute after I paid. I'm very disappointed in this service and want my money back or the advert to be posted on gumtree.
Ad reference number: [protected] + I will include my payment confirmation which I received on email. Please return my money or post the advert for which I paid.

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