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Gumtree - payment for posting advert

Hi my name is Tatjana, I want to complain on Gumtree service for not posting my advert that I've done on 12.11.2016 for which I paid 15£! After payment I went to check if my advert is posted, I've noticed that my advert was removed in 1 minute after I paid. I'm very disappointed in this service and want my money back or the advert to be posted on gumtree.
Ad reference number: [protected] + I will include my payment confirmation which I received on email. Please return my money or post the advert for which I paid.

Gumtree - adverts being removed and my mail blocked

I am the owner of a Coffee shop and is advertising for staff required but my adverts was removed and mail blocked

Please assist by clarifying the reasons and how can I make sure that this does not happen again

My mail address used for adverts:

other mail address:

Aaron Paul

Oct 18, 2016

Gumtree - fraudulent sellers

There are too many fraudulent sellers on Gumtree, I would not recommend this website to anyone. I bought something from a seller on Gumtree and paid in advance. After he received the money he said I'll get my item within a week or two. Next day he contacted me and said that my item was sent. I asked for a tracking number but seller claimed that the shipping company he used doesn't give tracking numbers. That was strange but that moment I believed him.
Two weeks passed and nothing arrived. After one extra week I decided to contact the seller but he did not reply. Never got my item or my money.

Gumtree - application sent 10 times

I wanted to apply to a admin job and any time I tried to submit it, I was told 'unable to send my message'. When I went on to my email account I had received the same email again and again that my application had been received, 10 times!!! I am pretty sure my chance to an interview is about 0% now. Maybe Gumtree can make sure that won't happen to other people as it's very annoying to miss out on an opportunity!

I attempted to purchase Chanel espadrilles sending questions to several advertisers on 3 separate occasions. None of these so-called sellers responded. I immediately thought, "Scam to get money but you won't get your goods".

Gumtree - bad service

Gumtree has been taking my money for a paid business ad for over 10 years.
My recent add from about 4 years ago i am unable to update it or do anything with it and nobody can send me messages via their internal email.
I have complained over the last year but they say they can do nothing about it.

The problem is i have paid thousands of pounds for thsi ad so that google picks it up[ in there organic search, a new ad as gumtree is suggesting i do simply does not get picked up by the organic google listings for ages and that would cost me more thousands of pounds and many months or years of lost income.

Is this a scam on Gumtree part stop peoples hard paid for adverts and make them pay a fortune more for a new one.

I am about to take this to the european courts if they will consider another case of fraud amongst the mountain they must be going through from the UK already.

Gumtree - paid for property advert, not visible anywhere on site when conducting a search.

The only way it appears to be possible to contact Gumtree, is by emailing them at the only email they give out which is [protected]

I would love to know who owns this site...this is what I wrote...(see below)...I would be grateful if you would chase this up for me...

"I am totally frustrated and annoyed ! as I can access my ad in 'Manage my Ads' but when I conduct a search, I am totally unable to find the ad(which I have paid for, to have it featured, for 3 days, as well as a further fee for putting it to the top of the list)

Actually, Gumtree appears to have badly deteriorated...compared to when I have used it in the past, ...and the displayed ads are a Shambles !
Not in the proper categories at all...what a mess !

If I don't get a proper response and my ad visible on the site, then I do intend to do something about it..."

AD REF NO IS [protected] posted FRIDAY 23RD JUNE 2016
in land category...I will keep all the emails relating to this...

Thank you.
PS they appear to have 2 addresses and 2 postcodes ...
they are
5 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TW
107, Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN

Gumtree - can't log on

I cannot use my email address to log in on my Gumtree account. Something is completely wrong, I can use my facebook account to log in but everytime I want to post an ad, I post an ad just to see it has not been posted.

I would like to get my business started but I need to use Gumtree to make my Business known.

Gumtree - placement of site map on adverts without written permission

Had adverts on gumtree... Always been happy... Sold some items. However I had to relist unsold items which was a pain but 21 day duration now... Ayhum.
My complaint is that whereas previously I had the option of having site map displayed, which I declined!!!
You should know that gumtree attracts more than its fair share of nutters and I would never give permission for such personal information!
Why has this been introduced?
I shall hold gumtree legally responsible for any untoward jeopardy or malice emanating from the display of said site information. However if it I still possible to cancel site map inform me asap. Thankyou. Mikew

Gumtree - money taken - ad deleted, ad run and paid for - 1 month, no responses.

Have place ad on 8th of april. Could not find the ad anywhere for a week. Had to finally pay lots extra to be upgraded to have ad visible. 3 weeks down the line and in excess of 1000 visits - no response fro anyone; not even the usual mickey mouse ad respondents.
Alternative ad under job offers - money taken - ad removed for some concocted nonsensical gumtree reason.
Have commanded money back. If not forthcoming, will take the waste of time with graze and drag them to court. Will elevate the mistreatment by this obscure set up to all the communities I belong to, made up of millions of members.
There is only one solution; creatures like this must be hunted down and shut down.
Anyone out there with a positive experience with the gumtree outfit please post the when, how and the product category!

Apr 07, 2016

Gumtree - blocked my account for no reason

I had a terrible experience with Gumtree! Well, it was not that terrible, but still, I find the situation very ridiculous. So I joined the site and wanted to buy a car. I knew their cars were used, but that did not bother me. I checked the cars and found one which was perfect for me. The next day I was ready to make my order, but when I tried to log into my account I found out it was blocked. I contacted their support and they said that their decision was final! I asked for some explanations, but they refused to tell the reason! Absolutely ridiculous!

Gumtree - events coordinator assistant

I have placed an advert on Gumtree regarding the offering of an events coordinator assistant position...
After meeting with the various applicants i had employed 2 suitable people...
It has now been a month later and iam still receiving calls from applicants on a daily basis requesting for the job position as it has been placed on Indeed (Without my consent)

Its really frustrating as i do not have the time nor the patience to say the same thing to every person that calls .."The job position has already been fulfilled"... It is also a time waster to those applicants...

I would really appreciate if the advert got removed...

I hope i can be assisted in this regard

Thank you

Gumtree - can not post my add

Add Ref:[protected] dated 4.3.16.
I have tried to post an add on gumtree, but they keep on deleting it without any good reason or explanation. There is no way of contacting their support team to complain about it via email. Also, I have never received an email from them explain the reason why it keeps on happening. I believe their postal address is fake and their phone number will only charge a large amount of money, if you ring them.
Can you please look in to it. Their website is a scam as some people pay for their adds and they still get removed automatically.
You can contact me on [protected]
Resolution: I want their website to become genuine again and let people post their adds without worrying it will be removed or charged unfair amount of money, which will never be refunded as you can not contact them directly.
Thank you in advance.

Feb 24, 2016

Gumtree - the worst website. totally scammers. charge you and remove your ad

I feel like I have to share with everyone my experience with this scam website.
I paid for an advert 12£ and once I finish payment and I try to check my advert, was automatic removed.
I contact them through their email address and they respond to me when I mentioned that I opened a dispute through paypal, saying to me that I have broke the rules.
How come I broke the rules since my advert goes automatic in removed section? They just have an automatic set-up to take the money from the people and ignore them total. They should be reported to have this website closed since so many people had more then 500 bad experience. Check trustpilot and sitejaber plus all review websites and see what people say about their experience with this website. Everyone had been RIP OFF by them.
I must say to you people, keep your money away from this scammers. Is the worst website I have ever use. Better use social media or other classifieds to advertise.

Same happened to me few days ago, they took the payment from my debit card but my ad is deleted.
They say on their site they send an email to let people know why their ad was deleted, I got no email, just the one accepting the payment.
No contact email/phone on gumtree, no possibility to contact them at all, this site is a joke!

Feb 21, 2016

Gumtree - use of my mobile number to post an ad to rent out a unit.

I have been getting smses enquiring about a unit for rent which I don't own

I can't find a contact number or email for Gumtree which I could write to them to inform them and to do the needful to take the ad off and track down the advertiser.

Kindly help!!!

Gumtree - placing ads

Gumtree has forgotten why they were formed in the first place; to offer a service to the community. Their function for the last 7 years, in South Africa, has been to police and dictate to their...

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Gumtree - I have paid for advertisements that have not been posted and they have debited my account

I have paid for two ads in Gumtree London. One has not even been posted and in the other no messages are being sent to me.
In both cases they have debited my account
This is called stealing from people.
I have been unable to contact anybody in Gumtree.
The live chat is an automated machine that is not working
I have sent many emails and got no answer

Gumtree displayed my personal information from Google maps including my home address on ads. Im not registered on Gumtree and didnt place any ads ! Potential buyers of ad arrived at my home to look at vehicle which was advertised !

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Gumtree - someone is selling things using my number an I can not talk to or get in contact with gumtree

I have had 30 -40 calls and message regarding a jet ski sale on gumtree. I do not own a jet ski an have never been on to gumtree's site before. This person is using all of my details including my...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Gumtree - Theft by deception

Gumtree australia processed payment of $20.98 from me, for additional services for a real estate ad I requested. I failed to take note of the transaction number and since they do not send email confirmation that data as far as I know is no longer available to me. Now for the sting... 24 hours later after complaining "cant find my ad" they tell me I cannot post an ad from an overseas server (I am overseas on assignment) this new information is not stated in their ad process but taking my money under false pretenses clearly is ok by them. Repeated complaints to get my money credited is met by..."thank you please provide your transaction number..."
How many others have been stung with small amounts which multiplied by 1000s gives gumtree a bonanza.
They do not have any contact information phone or address in australia only the faqs ehelp for good reason. They are counting on everyone just "going away"
Consumers beware of this company they have more in common with scam than a legitimate business.

Gumtree - gumtree

It is very clear now that Gumtree is a rip off site! Clearly they are
crooks just looking to steal peoples money! I placed two paid
advertisements on there, in different categories, as I was trying to
establish which was the best category to advertise in. They took the
money for both ads, then a few days later deleted both adverts saying
that I had breached their rule that you can only have one advert per
item or service, etc., and that you can't have the same advert in more
than one category! I can understand this to an extent, especially with
free ads, to prevent people posting day after...

Report them to Trading Standards everyone who was still charged must report them it’s being looked into

I have a similar issue for which I will post a separate complaint. Gumtree should be blacklisted. They STEAL our money but because the amounts are small nothing get done except posts like this...they continue to laugh all the way to the bank as they collect from 1000s of consumers for a service which they did not provide.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Gumtree - lack of communication

Watch out - Gumtree have a policy now, where they will charge you if you sell more than 2 cars per year on thier site. The first 2 are free and then it's 15 GBP per car advert per year. The advert I placed earlier in the year was duplicated by Gumtree and I did not know about it until I went to sell my second car. I have told them I only placed one advert, but they refuse to admit there system can make an error, there words are "there is no way where an advert can be duplicated by the system", unbelievable ignorance and arrogance to simply believe they don't make mistakes. I have now asked for this to be escalated to a senior member of the customer service team, and am not holding my breathe that I will receive a response. STEER CLEAR AND DON'T USE THEM AS THEY ONLY BELIEVE ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE have been warned...

Hi it is long time dealing with gumtree but now it is taken
Over by eBay it has gone bad . They don't even try to resolve the problems
They don't care . Customer service is so bad
I think gumtree should be close down all the fake ads
Going on there as well as people trying to sell stolen goods
Gumtree doesn't worry till the time they are getting money out of it
I think now it is time we are fed up of gumtree and eBay and try some thing different
Then to buy from these site online and get our hard earn money taken away buy these
Looser why not google search and get the nearest shop address
And buy the things we want
As to save little amount of money on gumtree we are cheated
So join the hand and be aware
Google search for the items online and visit the store

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