Grubhuborder "delivered" faster than you can drive from the restaurant!

Today, at 4:01, I placed and order through GrubHub for P.F. Chang's in Columbia, MD. At 4:10, it said it was delivered. It was not, obviously, since it's at least a 15 minute drive from the restaraunt to my house.
I contacted their customer service and they said they "couldn't get ahold of the delivery driver" and refunded my money (in 5 to 10 days). Later, when I realized the impossibility of any delivery, I contacted them again, and they didn't seem to care that it was a fraudulent transaction. I got my money back and that's all that should matter. Nope. So here I am. What a scam.

  • Updated by kkittell, Oct 01, 2019

    Forgot to mention the customer service rep ended the chat abruptly after I said it's FRAUD!

Oct 01, 2019

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