GrubHubpromise to replace incorrect and bad meal then didn't.

H Jun 26, 2019

I ordered kfc the order was wrong and I complained same day I was promised a replacement meal and Grubhub reps would not honor replacement because they "claimed I should have had order number and I had the complete order in my app but there was not an order number they "claimed they. Did not see it and reneged and I want my order replaced ! I spent an hour on the phone with 2 inflexible hard to understand because of their accents but luckily I speak Spanish and they were Rude and u list $37.77

  • Updated by Harhor47 · Jul 02, 2019

    I have given up on my order for which I had to fight by email about 10 emails where I included receipts and pictures. Now tonight 7/2 I was hung up on AGAIN BY A WOMAN CUSTOMER REP AND SHE WAS NO HELP AND JUST PLAIN DUMB. I had to repeat everything 5 times to her and she even made me call the store where I ordered the food and she said she found the receipt I already provided and the pics of the bad sandwich and then she HUNG UP ON ME!

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