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Groupon is great for deals - for yourself. DO NOT GIVE A GROUPON AS A GIFT!!!

Giving Groupon as a gift (especailly for a "service" is like handing your money over to a used car dealer who will essentially not stand behind the value offered. The gift holder is left with a crappy experience which they can either keep to themselves if they are polite, but leaves a bad taste.

Here's the kicker - Groupon offers the persons giving the gift the option to record this in thier system. So groupon knows who the Groupon was gifted to, and how much the value was for - just keep that in mind as you read further.

So here's my story. I received the 'Groupon Gift' as a Christmas gift for a Deep Cleaning Maid Service. I was overjoyed to receive this - as I have a three year old, so my house is always in need of cleaning.

The week after Christmas I contacted the number on the Groupon to schedule my service, which the Groupon printout showed as Feb 29, 2012. I was told by the company that they were unable to schedule during the time, but would still honor it beyond that. So, I was game. I scheduled my appointment for March.

The day before the company was scheduled to perform the service, THEY called to cancel, and I was told they would call me to reschedule. Again, I was assured they would still honor the original Groupon.

A week went by, two weeks went by - and I called them. The number on the Groupon to contact had a voice mail that was full and was not able to receive messages.

So, I contacted Groupon Customer Service. I was first told by "Nate" that because it was given to me as a gift, there was nothing they could do, and there was no record of it. My only option was to go back to the person who purchased the original Groupon to contact them for a refund. Leaving me out in the cold.

I wasn't happy, so I asked to speak with a Supervisor. So, I got "Erica" who informed me that she did in fact have a record of the transaction and read it to me. Proving, they did not only have a record of the "gift" and that they knew how much it was for. I asked to have them contact the company that I only wanted the service I was originally "gifted".

"Erica" told me that it would take 2-3 days to research and she'd get back to me. Less than an hour later I received what is essentially a "Sorry for your luck" email - that my only recourse was to go back to the person who gave me the gift and ask them to call for a refund and then that person would have to re-gift something else to me.

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

If you were to receive a gift from a department store that had not only the value of the product, but also the record of the gift a store would offer the person with the defective gift an exchange - which is essentially all I wanted.

Instead in this original theory they want me to go back to the person who gave me the gift and put them at an inconvenience and thus feel badly that thier gift was for all intense purposes - defective.

So I decided to try and go another route - I posted something on Groupon's Facebook page - and was basically told the same thing.

Here's where I really get annoyed. I have worked for many, many retail businesses - in which if there is a customer that is unhappy the first lesson in Customer Service skills is offer something of equivalent value.

Apparently the Senior Management at Groupon are more interested in banking on the fact that if you give a Groupon as a gift, they keep your money, and people will be too embarassed to report back to the person who gifted the Groupon, so they keep the money, running all the way to the bank as their stock prices increase.

Now, after this experience - I am FURIOUS that the company who is on record of the service isn't being punished for not honoring the Groupon service. I am also very annoyed that the darlings at Groupon haven't figured out this piece of their business that they promote daily.

I am writing letters to the Attorney General of AL for the Consumer Protection Agency, and I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau yesterday.

But, I think before YOU decide that awesome deal at Groupon sounds like something you'd want to give your mom/sister/dad etc - Think about what will happen if this ends up being a really crappy gift.

Personally - I'm not willing to fork over my hard earned money to Groupon if this is the kind of business that isn't willing to stand behind the product they offer.


  • Ju
    Justine2011 May 11, 2011

    I have been ripped off by Groupon . They sold me a days sailing on a huge white motorboat (they pictured the type seen in the south of France), when in fact Liverpool Watersports Centre do not own anything that remotely resembles this vessel. The lesson is in fact on a small black motorised dinghy. At £59 this was a terrible purchase for my husbands birthday and I wish I had bought him something else. Groupon have not replied to any e-mails and I have been mislead by their advertising. They must be committing some offence here, advertising standards, trade descriptions act etc. I am very offended that they do not have the courtesy to reply but very keen to sell you products and take immediate payment. SHOCKING!!!

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  • Fl
    flaquiz Jul 10, 2011

    I bought a coupon for a hairdressing (francesco picardi) to do a brazilian blow dry, the coupon I bought was not the service provided, which I believe Groupon needs to measure or have a quality control of who advertised through their website. At this point, I believe GROUPON company is steeling money in complicity with other companies to make money out of people like me.

    I been trying to resolved this issued with Groupon but they argue that they are not responsible for any service provide and the hairdressing argue that I bought the voucher through Groupon and they have nothing to do.

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  • Km
    kmn7 Aug 17, 2011

    I purchased a Groupon advertised to double your value when used with a ‘never expire’ deadline. I made a subsequent purchase a couple of weeks later on eBay using the groupon and instead of getting the value stated on the Groupon, I was only credited with the amount paid for the Groupon instead of getting double the value advertised. Wow! What a cheater!!

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  • Ti
    Tilope Jan 02, 2012

    I purchased a Groupon gift certificate on 12/8/2011 for a Christmas gift. I was told that it was shipped 12/9 by UPS. I have never received the gift certificate and didn't have a Christmas gift for my daughter's boyfriend. I have spent hours on the phone with Groupon and they can't tell me where the GC is. They use a 3rd party to process the GC and have no tracking system. They have still not resolved the issue or replaced the GC. Their customer service stinks. I will never deal with this company again. They are totally inept.

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  • Mi
    Mihoze Jan 04, 2012

    I had great experiences UNTIL I bought a weekend getaway. The hotel resort was not able to book any accommodations and the voucher expired. After contacting Groupon (7 times by email and lastly by phone) for a credit for the full amount ... as it was not our fault ... they have told us that they can only give a partial refund because all deals are subject to availability. So the $$$ I spent for this weekend getaway has gone straight into their pocket. Now that is a scam!!! Hundreds of dollars gone! Never again. And they don't give a damn about customer service or retention!

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  • Fo
    Foxtore Jan 24, 2012

    I ordered something from Groupon on November 28th 2011. It was a “deal” for an electric car…a Christmas gift for my nephew who would be on my side of the country for only a week during the holiday….and never got it on time… now janurary 24th 2012…still waiting for it. actually..i’m not waiting for it anymore. They also made me pay fees that wasn’t mention in the deal. I tried calling Groupon they would say they would try to contact the partner company and call me back in 2 to 3 days, they never do. I HAVE TO CALL Back weeks after week and re-explain the whole situation. And STILL they don’t do anything about it. I e-mailed a bunch of times… no answers. Never an answer. So cleary they don’t give a S$%t about their customers satisfaction. So really Groupon is a Scam. Also when they say they give you 10$ credit if you refer a new customer… they don’t. I reffered 2 new ones and had to call them so claim it and they would say…”oh sorry mam, you will see your credit in your account in the next few days” …and never got it. I gave up. Over a month of fighting with them to have my money back. I guess they won. But they lost a customer and i tell EVERYONE i can about how Groupon is a scam.

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  • Le
    Ledulke Feb 06, 2012

    Groupon USA = Horrendous service. BIG PONZI SCHEME! IRS, Better business bureau why aren't you going after this company?
    Customer service phone number goes straight to voicemail.They never get back to you unless they lie. Gives confirmation to the dates and then one week later doesn't recall giving any confirmation. For all the trouble, they only offer 100% refund. What about my cancellation fees for flights Who is going to pay for that???

    People and businesses. Don't even bother with this company. The CEO is also a joke. Never answers question. Leave them alone and they'll eventually self implode.

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  • Ge
    Gekko Feb 06, 2012

    I've had a rather healthy credit on my account on Groupon and was waiting for a deal or something I liked I could purchase with it. Unfortunately I did not realize that the credit has expired and I have lost my money!

    Groupon did not send me a reminder advising that the expiry date is approaching and If I don't want to lose the money I should purchase something, nor did they offer the credit it back to my account after I have complaint!

    They were happy to take my money but did not care whether I have received the service I have paid for. Will never, ever use that site again and I will warn whoever I can to stay away from Groupon! What a rip-off!

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  • Di
    Diarte Feb 13, 2012

    Right, I almost got hooked up with groupon as the deals look so lucrative that you find hard to resist yourself from getting. I bought voucher of £18 to spend on ladies handbag costing £70 from a website. (i can't even remember the website $#*!!). Eventually after long wait i received it and it looked so cheap and fake that It was like something you would rather give for charity rather than keeping at home.

    I didn't know groupon get 50% share of total price of whatever we pay. I see that fact that why the deal look cool. FAKE, CHEAP and RIP OFF! I will never turn around to that site and am going to delete the app from my iPhone.

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  • Ma
    Maikolde Feb 27, 2012

    The process of buying the voucher was smooth enough. They are happy to take you money but if things go wrong with the service/product provider then don't expect a reply. I had something go wrong with my voucher and contacted Groupon about getting a refund. They didn't reply to my first email and also didn't bother to reply my second. At the very least they should respond!

    I would not suggest this site as there is absolutely no after sales support. I've used others sites who have responded and refunded me when things went wrong. I won't name the site in case people think that I'm working for that company. This post is meant to warn people of Groupon but not the voucher concept.

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  • Ur
    Uress Feb 29, 2012

    Got a spa break as a gift cost more than £250. We called the spa up ad they said they had sold out as groupon had bought too many and they didnt have enough space. We could only book so far in advance and so couldnt book at all. we tried to get our friend (the one who gave the gift) her money back and they said that she hadn't paid the corrct price (paid too little) and therefore wasnt owed a penny! What a rip off! never use them again!

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  • Su
    sue raghubir Mar 07, 2012


    I would like to put forward a complaint about GROUPON SA. I have purchased a deal on the last week of Feb 2012 from RANDS TRANSPARENT BURGULAR BARS which was going for R250 for 7mtres. I had conducted a online payment via internet banking and the transaction had been processed as successful.
    The next morning i received a email from Groupon SA indicating that they had experienced errors trying to retrieve my payment. I emailed them immediately indicating that if they could not retrieve my payment then off course it needs to be refunded. It has been one week to date nobody has responded to me all i receive is a automated email providing me with a ticket number for my query. I had gone onto to HELLOPETER and there are more complaints than compliments on that site regarding GROUPON SA. Especially regarding their so called "Error" that random customers receive for payment and not providing a refund!

    This is not competent, and i can only imagine how many others have also experienced this and with biggers figures.

    I am utterly disgusted with the service and ignorance. And if this persists "word of mouth" will travel and will be a good image for the company itself.

    I will appreciate it if some one could get back to me regarding this and i want my money back.

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  • Iv
    Ivegote Mar 15, 2012

    Groupon is horrible. I used to love buying things on groupon, but my recent purchase from groupon made me never gonna to use it again. I bought a couple deals for outdoor activies, such as rock climbing and archery class and was planning to use it, but due to car accident, i was not able to do those activities, therefore i requested the refund. I tried to call groupon, but they rejected my requests.They told me there is NO REFUND what so ever unless there is ''UNSOLVABLE'' issue with the business. I didn't even know what they defined as unsolvable issue. In addition, they have the worst customer service ever. I was yelled by the customer representative and also the supervisor. I would never ever buy anything from groupon again. So if you want to buy groupon deals, THINK TWICE.

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  • Gi
    Girakle Mar 15, 2012

    I purchased Diode Laser Hair Remove on 2/13/12. Just received email today that I apparently did not "respond" to an email sent from Groupon asking me to update this order and it was being cancelled. I called customer service and was told that the laser had not been FDA approved and I could have received a substitute one but I apparently did not respond in the time limit that was set forth in an email I I supposedly received Feb 28th explaining this. I looked back through all my emails, my junk folders, deleted folders and inbox and there was no email sent from Groupon stating that there was anything wrong with the order. I asked if I could still be sent the substitute laser and was told "NO" - I had missed the deadline sent in this fictitious email sent to me. I am extremely disappointed in Groupon. This is NOT good customer service. Good customer service would have been making sure I received a substitute product and was happy with my purchase and experience with Groupon. In a time when Groupon is being copied by many other similar type companies, it is a shame that they are not choosing to stand out from the rest by providing excellent customer service.

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  • Vi
    Vigente Mar 16, 2012

    Groupon's great until you have a problem. Paid £150 for a mattress 3rd November. I asked for my money back 27th December as I still hadn't received the mattress 2 months after ordering. Groupon agreed to refund but I am still waiting 5 months after paying for the mattress. Groupon have emailed numerous times promising to 'escalate my case' again and get the refund processed but I am just being fobbed off. I am now going to have to make a claim from my credit card company. Shame as I had used Groupon loads of times before and used to check it every day. Just another massive company out for all they can get :(

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  • On
    Onsiss Apr 09, 2012

    On the Groupon website they have a video and make a big deal about customer's being happy and how they'll issue refunds and this is actually not true. I've contacted them 4 times regarding one groupon with a vendor and the really bad problems and they ignored my problems and yet sent me a survey about my satisfaction with their response. I was not happy with their non-response. And then I discovered that this is actually a problem that a lot of people are experiencing. I won't purchase another Groupon due to their flat out lies and poor service.

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  • Vo
    Volmake Apr 22, 2012

    Guys, be careful with Groupon. It’s not a scam, but it’s a terrible "service" and the “from prices” are not really real, so discounts are deceiving. This is not the first time I have issues. I like to buy from these guys, the website is nice and deals attractive. But my confidence is waning after too many poor suppliers and now an even poorer support from Groupon themselves.

    So in short, if it goes well first time then it’s great, if it goes wrong then you are a bit stuck with little help.

    This time, I purchased a boiler service and have tried to book with the supplier but no one ever gets back to me. The supplier sucks and is obviously having difficulty fulfilling. I called groupon, today 23 April, and they advise that they are aware but haven’t heard from the company since February! OK fine, so how can you help me? Errr, sorry there is nothing we can do, she says, until they hear from the supplier. A refund is no good to me, I want the service.

    And here's the kicker. Right now they are advertising a new boiler service with a different company. So they are selling new deals, making more money, but haven’t thought to fulfil the hundreds of those like me that are not getting what they paid for.

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  • Vo
    Volagre Apr 26, 2012

    I have used groupon without issue, so I took a chance and ordered a helicopter from groupon goods. It took forever to arrive, worked two times and them would not recharge. I contacted them and was told if I read the "fine print, " I would see that it is only warranted for 14 days, and they would do nothing. After I said that was unacceptable, I was offered a 10 dollar credit. I spent 35 dollars. How is that fair? If I wanted to invest time, I would see if a 2 week warranty is even legal, but I thought this warning would be a better use of my time.

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  • Nu
    Nu007 May 20, 2012

    Groupon SA is not only not delivering purchases their clients have made, but also stealing directly from clients. Their system deducts monies immediately from clients accounts, but where refunds are due from Groupon it seems they have difficulty in paying what they owe. This is clearly evident from the Hello Peter website. The reason for all these complaints is because it appears that Groupon partners with other businesses that have no business ethics and only interested in making a quick buck. It also appears that Groupon does no investigations or inspections on these partnering companies and their clients are left to discover what the real deal is!

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  • Mi
    Milerea Jun 06, 2012

    I have ordered a few things from this sight. I find that they do not give the whole story when advertising the deal. For example I bought the Mad Auto detailing. I sent in question asking if they wax the car. They said they hand wax. When it was done the hand wax entailed a spray bottle and cloth?? After I booked and paid for the deal that is when I find out they ONLY due Tuesdays. I booked for a date on their calendar and they moved it back from May 15th to June 5th plus changed the time. YOU FIND OUT THE TRUE DEAL AFTER YOU BUY. Beware.

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  • Ka
    KaraK Jun 06, 2012

    Always read the "Fine Print". They give all the restrictions on dates. My friends had a similar problem because they didn't read that the tickets they purchased can't be used during Memorial Weekend.

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  • Li
    Likane Jun 12, 2012

    I promised my kids they would be able to go to a local camp this summer. I didn't tell them until my purchase was confirmed. Later, I found out that the camps were unavailable--something neither Groupon nor the company offering the camp's website said. As far as I knew, I had purchased spots and the camps were open (per the website). When I called the camp to confirm, they informed me there were not enough spots for the camps I had purchased. $118 out of my bank account, upfront, and NOTHING to show for it. The person at the "camp" then tried to up-sell me into a full-cost versions of the same camps. The person I spoke to at the camp also told me, at the time of the company's sign-up with Groupon, they informed Groupon their spaces were nearly full! Therefore, more people were likely to BUY the Groupon, upfront, only to find there wasn't a camp available! I will NEVER do business with Groupon or the company offering the camp, again!

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  • Ma
    Malikove Jun 14, 2012

    I ordered a product that was supposed to be mailed to me latest 10 days and it still haven't arrived a month later. I've sent 3 emails to them about it and only got a response to the first one saying that they cant do anything until it ships from the company. finally when i called them only then would they refund the money back to me. i think it's ridiculous how i have to wait a whole month and call them myself to get the refund. the guy on the phone said that we weren't the only ones with this problem which means they knew about the problem but didn't contact any of their customers to notify them about a refund. they even gave me $5 extra credit online but that was sent to me a week before a i called which means they could have let me know what was going on with my product.

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  • Ga
    Gamilde Jun 22, 2012

    I feel cheated!!! Just left the salon after forking out more $ on top of the groupon I bought. The deal says intensive hair treatment + hair cut worth over $250, I paid $35. Good deal ? I waited a month for the appt n was grossly disappointed at the venue. The salon ( white house at orchard central) was one messy one w towels piling at one corner. The hair dresser assessed my hair n recommended I top up another $50 for dandruff treatment . " You have serious dandruff problem ." said the hair stylist. Where?! I dun even see a speck of it. She claimed it was at the back of my head where I can't see it. I declined her politely. She then said in order for the treatment which I paid for to work, I hv to top up a $20 for the use of the steaming machine. I know for a fact that intensive treatment need heat to penetrate into the hair follicles, but how could the salon sell the treatment without the machine??? It's like buying a car n paying extra for wheels!
    I am having post partum hair loss, as the stylist was washing my hair, she commented on it. She hit my soft spot. Now she claimed the earlier dandruff treatment can also help my scalp. I bargained down to $40 from the initial $50.
    I was appalled when she showed me the mirror after my hair cut. It had a lot of raw edges! I have a simple bob straight hair, nothing fanciful. It took her 3 tries to improve on it, but still I can't live with this. I m gg to my usual hair stylist Tmr .
    After $75 poorer, I feel depressed and cheated. If its too good to be true, it's def so!
    For those who have yet to redeem ur voucher, u may want to ask for a refund fr groupon.

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  • Ah
    Ahilia Jun 25, 2012

    Purchased two deals this year for services in the Madison WI area. The businesses are clearly too small to handle the number of customers generated by Groupon. In both cases, it was virtually impossible to get through to the businesses 'due to the large number of calls we are currently receiving'. I never did get through to one business, the second business has repeatedly failed to put my appointment in the computer. I've shown up twice only to find there is no appointment. Today I called to confirm my appointment and same problem, no record of my appointment. Groupon will refund me, but I think they need to do a better job making sure the participating merchants have the ability to meet demand.

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  • Ga
    Gasgonet Jul 04, 2012

    Smart people learn from other people mistakes. So I did make a mistake here, at least couple of them. Both are goods - what they call deal-a-day ! first was belkin router- I snagged it at 34$ (supposedly 60 % off) - it arrived 15 days late that too after 3 calls of 15 minute each. It is second hand, chipped, returned - most likely "failed QC/QA" type of stuff. beware groupon charges for all returns including 5 $ for inward shipping and 8 $ for return. Customer service was rude and unhelpful. Anyway-while the router was on its way (?) I snagged (?) another deal - wikireader (supposedly 90%) off - it has been 18 days so far and counting - not yet delivered. I tried to maintain my calm while seeking assistance from customer service - but they make their rules as they go along. My take - go with amazon, ebay, etc- cheaper, faster and better ? Or else as they say - some people do want to experience their own mistakes. This is accurate and truthful.

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  • Ar
    Arnezhe Jul 09, 2012

    Don't get fool just cause lot of people buying the same deal! Watch out the deal before u buying it.u can find exactly same thing same quality on eBay with 5 times cheaper price. I am not a ebay seller by the way .well they do have some good stuff with great discount but wait they add sale tax and shipping fee for every decent well know brand product. So i do compare all the Internet and saved 10 dollars!but please be aware for iphone4 armband and 1 carat earring stud listed price for 100+? earring is only a piece stone how could be $150? They sell it like $19 on groupon and $9 for the retailer and $9 for the we figure out something.

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  • Ma
    Manaposte Jul 23, 2012

    This was once a site were you could actually get a good deal. However, it is now nothing more than a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, the last 3 groupons I purchased were absolutely horrible! I purchased 3 oil changes at Midas in Kent, WA and on my first visit the mechanic stripped out my oil pan argued with me that it was already like that. I was livid because my oil change ended up costing me $300! At that point I didn't blame Groupon. I thought it was an isolated incident. Then, I purchase two pedIcures and manicures at Mynt Salon in Kent, WA. I can't say which was worst, how unprofessional the technicians were, the unsanitary shop or the manicure and pedicure. I will say that it was by far my worst salon visit ever. It was so horrible, i will not be wasting my time to go for the second Groupon I purchased. Last, and I do mean last. I recently purchased a Groupon for my husband and me a massage at Jex Chiropractic in Renton, WA. The receptionist called 30 minutes before our appointment time to tell us that they could only do one of us. So I decided to let my husband go. He complained all the way home about the senior citizen massues who couldn't apply enough pressure for him to even feel anything. I am no exaggerating when I say senior citizen either. The lady had to be near 70 years old. Well in any game you are out after 3 strikes. Groupon, you are out! I will never use this service again. It may not be a scam but it is certainly a waste of time and money.

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  • Ha
    Hatire Sep 04, 2012

    We've used this three times everything each time was a disaster.. from the difficulty of redeeming the coupon to poor assistance from the company to extremely slow service and redemption to not being able to use a coupon at all... Grouping buying sounds good at face value but is a headache to the consumer in the end... Buy from a normal shop.. Online or otherwise.. Search for the best price.. You'll get want u want faster and for about as cheap and you won't spend weeks-months regretting using groupon.

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  • Al
    Alik Sep 14, 2012

    I am very suspicious of such deep discounts. Today I got a deal of $350-worth of yoga classes for $20... seriously? This can't be real. If the business in question honours the deal, I would just feel bad taking advantage of them like that. And if not, then it's just a scam. Why not run a more sensible, socially responsible version of Groupon... say, 25-40% discounts that encourage new customers to discover a business.

    A second point - you have to be very careful with the deals. A few days ago I almost bought a Groupon admission for a rock concert - $35 for tickets worth "up to $80". The catch? The tickets are for a section seating where prices range from $25-80, so you could actually be paying $35 for $25 tickets, and for all that, have a "Groupon" instead of a proper ticket, and zero ability to select your seats. I won't be buying tickets from Groupon again.

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  • Ot
    Otter Sep 17, 2012

    My problem with Groupon is that they manipulate the list pricing to exaggerate your supposed saving to make the deal look better than it really is. Take one of their latest listings for a refurbished 10'' Motorola HD Xoom Tablet with a list price as $600. Unfortunately for any potential buyer, the actual list price for a NEW 10'' Motorola HD Xoom Tablet, on Motorola’s site, is $499 for a NEW tablet. The list price for a refurbished tablet, on Motorola’s site, is only $279! So THE ACTUAL SAVINGS is only $20. I sent an Email to them exposing this and they replied with this,
    “Sorry for any confusion. It is never our intention to mislead anyone about the value of a Groupon.
    The value and discount percentage listed on each deal reflect the regular full price for that product or service. If the business offers other temporary discounts or decides to change their standard pricing after their deal is featured, the relative savings and value might change.
    Unfortunately, we cannot foresee or control these changes. That said, we work very hard to make sure that the deals we feature are the best in town.”
    I responded to their response to point out again that the problem is that the list price posted isn’t for the same refurbished product that they are offering a discount for, it’s for a new product; but they don’t seem to have a problem with that.

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  • Mo
    Moo Oct 23, 2012

    I purchased a BLUE ANT T1 blue tooth for about $20 buck incl S/H as a back Motorola died last week so i started using the BLUE ANT T1 this week and its not working correctly.battery wont hold a charge and its just hanging up while ringing someone.
    i have since sent my proof of purchase to bluant and they denied warranty saying groupon is not authorized reseller.

    i have also ask GROUPON to either refund and or replace.they stated that due to not having any replacements available that they cannot accommodate me .now that was earlier this week that i received both responses.GROUPON is now offering the same blue tooth for sale for the exact same price.stating in the warranty that it comes with 1yr manufactures warranty.THATS A LIE!

    please be aware of what you buy and to check before you buy. i will on the hand recant this statement providing either company does somethis about this issue..

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  • Vi
    Virdare Dec 15, 2012

    I have placed a order and because of a glitch in their website the order was canceled and the amount from credit card was debited. I raised a ticket for this and they told me that money will refunded back and will be appeared in the card statement. But finally money was not refunded for the card. I have following up and they are not responding properly and are not willing provide a solution for the customer.

    So i request every one to take an option like COB(Cash on delivery) while booking items in this website.

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  • Es
    ESQ in the ATL Dec 18, 2012

    I hate the way that Groupon handled this. I might not totally agree with your assessment of how it should be handled, but I definitely disagree with Groupon. They have a contractual relationship with these companies that is basically built on the honor system. The companies can't get a loan from Groupon, sign over services at a discounted rate, take the money from Groupon and refuse to honor the coupons. That would besmirch the companies' and Groupon's reputation and you were right, it should have been handled differently. In a way, I understand why Groupon would want to get the gift-giver involved, because it's their money and their purchase, so I kind of understand it. Their gift, for all intents and purposes was indeed defective as you were not able to reap the benefit, but I believe that the consumer has a right to know before they either (a) give another Groupon as a gift (b) because they were truly the one that was wronged, as opposed to you - you were just the recipient of a non-mandatory gift. You didn't get it. *shrug* You didn't lose anything - but the person who purchased it deserves to know that THEY didn't get the service for which they paid. The gift giver needs to be informed. That's where we differ on the situation. But yeah, Groupon, for all intents and purposes was very, very wrong in how it was handled.

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  • Or
    Orionex Dec 28, 2012

    I bought a groupon for dinner for 2. When I went print it out it said I had already used it. This wouldn't have been a big deal but I planned on using it that night for my boyfriends birthday. I emailed them since their office was closed, it took them over a week to get back to me, I asked if they were gonna refund my money since I never used the groupon and I have still heard nothing. They never refunded my money or got back to me. I will never use this service ever again.

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  • Gl
    Glioke Jan 03, 2013

    I have used Groupon for couple years and had not been disappointed until now. I purchased a voucher for group couples massage class end November. I had checked the website of Stonewater Massage and read that their group classes would be offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and one Saturday a month. After purchasing the Groupon deal, I called to reserve a spot in the class only to be old that they were only offering it on Wednesday that month. I was told I would be called in couple weeks and there would be a class next month that would be on a Tuesday or Thursday. I never received a phone call. When I called back after few weeks, I was told they are only offering the class on Wednesdays which I can not make.

    I contacted Groupon twice now to ask for a refund since the merchant was not able to follow through on their offer. I did not receive any response. It's been very frustrating. I've had to dispute the charge on my credit card.

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  • Ar
    Arkome Jan 14, 2013

    I swear to god these people are $#*!ing ###ed. I ordered 2 things from here, a Men's watch and a laptop. Not only has it been weeks since I ordered the laptop with no order update or tracking, but the watch I also ordered was delivered over 2 weeks after I purchased it and was misrouted when shipped which also delayed the process. And on top of all that, the watch was DEFECTIVE out of the box! It won't tick or turn the hands on the watch! It's supposed to be brand new too! WTF! I have sent these people 3 messages via their website and said that I'd be contacted within 24-48 hours and never have received a response. They really don't care about their customers, if anything they try to belittle them by doing stupid things such as their contact form saying your reason for contacting them as "Where does it hurt?" ... Like really? Real professional of you. It's not cute, it's gay. Really grow up. Not to mention, I still have no idea where my laptop is that I paid hundreds of dollars for. For all I know it's still being made in China or something. This company is absolutely ridiculous. I'm pretty sure I won't be using their services after all this. And here's a little tip if you want to get back at them, per their "Groupon Promise" -- if you aren't "satisfied" with your deal you got with Groupon, contact them and they will give you Groupon Bucks credit on your account so you pretty much get some deals for free. This won't work on the Groupon Goods deals though. Anything for vouchers this will work on though. I've done it plenty of times because these people have pissed me off so bad. I think I even heard on the news that Groupon's stock shares and whatnot are hurting, and I hope the economy wipes them out! They don't deserve to treat people in this belittling bull$#*! way. STAY AWAY FROM THESE UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE!!!

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  • Gr
    graham12 Jan 17, 2013

    What you described is indeed pathetic but what is the status of your purchase recently? Did you finally get a refund? Did you contact customer care services again. I'm interested in knowing how the problem was resolved. I noticed their services has improved a notch. You should consider giving them a call.

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  • Ps
    pstthnt Mar 21, 2013

    Thanks for this post... I know it's an old one, but I was about to buy a Groupon as a gift and now I'm not going to bother. The OTHER really annoying thing about Groupons is that I often get treated rudely at the establishment as soon as I mention I have a Groupon. It's like the employees are exasperated with the whole process and now hate hearing that yet another person has one. Of course this isn't necessarily Groupon's fault... but it's still a negative that comes with the territory. I now only buy the ones that end up hidden from the establishment/restaurant... i.e. the ones that translate into regular gift cards, etc so that by the time I show up to the place I seem like a regular customer, and I never have to say the word "Groupon" to anyone. :)

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  • Lo
    Loi Yee Jun 18, 2014

    We purchase Groupon vouchers cost RM 9250 and other service fee RM3000 paid to Travel Pavillion for our Beijing 5 days trip. But after we booked ticket the Travel Pavillion (From Groupan Agent) email us said the trip have been cancel. Hence we call Groupon, as groupon promise on their website, they will refund within fourteen days for trouble redeem voucher but now they reply said only can refund until Travel Pavillion give the green light & as we know Travel Pavillion cannot been contact any more.

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