Groupon.comaccount deleted without my consent

S Aug 01, 2018

I've been a Groupon customer for many years (at least 8) and I use it to get some goods, getaways, etc, I had never experienced any inconvenience. But last weekend I purchased a deal for a hotel in San Antonio, TX. I never got the voucher but you could see the hotel in the groupons available in my account. I even downloaded the app to chat with one customer representative on some questions I had. When I checked again for the voucher, I was not able to long into my account . Incorrect password, and I carefully checked what I was typing, nothing, then I tried reseting the password, but I got a messaage saying that there was no account linked to my email! that's crazy. So my question is what happens with my hotel deal, and another credit I have for a restaurant, how do I get to retrieve those? I am also concerned my card info is linked to my "deleted account".
I sent an email to customer service, they have not been able to clarify what went wrong or to guarantee my personal and financial information is safe.

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