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Greyhound Lines review: Poor condition and service on greyhound bus lines

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On 2/27/22 and 2/28/22 I travelled Greyhound from Slidell La. to Bowling Green Ky. The bus was late approximately 2 hours. Which is understandable with weather conditions and traffic. The problems began when the bus arrived. There were no signs indicating where to stand for the bus. I had to run and wave down to get the drivers attention as he didn’t want to stop. Again it’s understandable that he did not see me although I was in the parking lot with a suitcase. When I approached the bus he was hesitant to open the door. When he opened the door he began yelling at me in a demeaning angry tone and said he was almost going to leave me as I was not where I was not supposed to be. I remained calm as I didn’t want him to refuse me permission to board the bus. He checked my ticket and instructed me to carry me suitcase on the bus as I was at a bus stop point and suitcase was not checked in. He did not give me a re-boarding pass and continued shouting at me as I boarded the bus. I looked for a place to sit and it appeared that he had the first 8 seats blocked off. The only seat was in the very back just in front of the restroom. The bus had come all the way from South Texas and passengers had already frequently used the restroom. I heard passengers up front complaining about the smell. I was made very nauseous and held back vomiting until we got to Atlanta. During this time between Slidell and Atlanta passengers in the back were blasting music that also was something that I could tolerate but should have been addressed by the driver. When we had our first stop where I could check and tag my suitcase I asked him for a boarding pass. He again got angry and said he had given me one. I did not argue with him. He reluctantly tore off a pass and thrust it towards me. After checking the bag the bus had been cleaned and the rest of that trip was better. Since we arrived late at Atlanta, the bus I was to transfer to to resume the trip had already departed. The clerk was nice and was rescheduling everyone the missed their busses due to the delay. I had to wait 6 hours in the Atlanta terminal for the next bus going my way. During my wait at the bus station in Atlanta I saw a woman’s purse stolen and about a hour and a half hour later the same the thief came back and ran out with a man’s suitcase. The security guard on duty did nothing. He was busy going outside to tell people outside not to smoke near the station. I was approached by panhandlers and a woman that asked me if I had any “ice” she could buy. Slang for methamphetamine. It wasn’t until another security guard showed up to make un- ticketed occupants leave. I could hear employees there barking orders at waiting passengers as they tried to go in restrooms or ordered food. Upon my departure the rest of the trip was much better. The driver was nice and the bus was crowded but clean. The bus driver on this route announced that music should be listens to in private was very professional. I am 63 yrs old and as a paying customer I feel I was treated not as a customer but as a subservient sub-human. I payed almost $200.00 for this trip and was disrespected and put in danger on the first part of the trip and at the Atlanta terminal. I will never travel with Greyhound again. I don’t want any compensation. I just want everyone concerned aware of the conditions and disregard for human dignity ,unsanitary conditions, and unprofessional employees that exists in this business. I am a veteran and I have proudly served my country. I did not deserve to be treated as an animal. Please consider this as a plea to check the situation that exists in your bus lines.


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