Greyhound Busworst experience


During Labor Day Weekend, had a return trip from Reno to Oakland. Many complaints from customers trying to get out of Reno for one reason or another. Staff in Reno were really telling everyone a different story from bus loading to bus arrival. My bus was on time but driver still left 30 mins after she had gotten there on time. Thent he bus BROKE DOWN on the freeway and we were unable to get out. Driver call service, but they only gave her a on the phone fixture. A 4hrs trip, took 8 hrs. We were able to get on another bus but only once we got to Sac. With all of the 3 buses I had to ride, all buses are OLD, DIRTY, with UNSAFE Buses on the road. I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER GREYHOUND BUS in my life. Company really need to just close down.


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    Shirley G. Kelly Jul 30, 2012

    I recently left Daytona beach for Lexington ky. The trip was a total nightmare. I felt I was on another planet. The terminals were filthy, the drivers rude and at Savannah we had to pee in the parking lot in a portapot. I did not even get a coffee until Tenn. Application with this company must include. "You must be a rude nasty person with no regard for human beings" No security and homeless panhandlers and bums were waiting in droves when you got off the bus. In Atlanta we were told we would have a 1 hour layover and could eat. Instead we were told to reboard at once and stood in line for two hours. We could have been eating. The buses stank of urine and the screaming children and drunken adults were intolerable. I tried to complain but you can not get a person on the phone.

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