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PO Box 5100, United States Review updated:

As an employer, I tried to contact Green Dot Bank to inquire about an employee's direct deposit that was not reflected on his account. After spending 30 minutes navigating through the menus and waiting on hold, someone finally picked up. However before even inquiring as to what I was calling about, was told they would transfer me to the appropriate customer service agent to help me. Really? They couldn't possibly know, as they never asked what the issue was. When the "appropriate" customer service agent eventually came on the line, before I could identify myself and state that my employee's account isn't reflecting his direct deposit; I was transferred to a recorded message about filing a dispute (which also stated it would take up to 5-10 business days). This is unacceptable customer service. This is someone's paycheck. It warrants at the very least looking up the account and minimal investigation. They did NOTHING to look into why it wasn't showing on his account. They did not even give me the respect to listen to what the problem was before transferring my call to a pre-recorded message. I would imagine this is probably a violation of banking laws, but it is without question the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Going forward, I will strongly suggest to my employees they should use a different bank.

Apr 05, 2019
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