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robbed at cvs counter

on july, 3 2010 the day of my birth day i went into cvs pharmacy to purchase a money order and load 500.00 in a green dot card. when i got to the counter asked the clerk for a money order. i payed him . he handed me the money order. i took it. i reached to give him the green dot card and money together, while i was telling him the amount. someone standing behind the line grabed the money out my hand and ran. after filling out a police report. cvs tape. four witness. the police still have'nt caught the four guys involved or given me any more information. cvs risk management told me the whole incident was my fault for paying with cash . they only accept cash at cvs ! they say i layed the money all over the counter making it easy and that i was'nt doing a tranaction with the casheir. if any one had something like this done to them please comment about it i do'nt carry that amount of cash on me, but i needed it to get a prepaid card. cvs have only one person in the front and no sercurity. so you are at your own risk when you enter the stores. cvs only cares about cvs.

  • IronGrudge89 Jul 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Weird. I've been to CVS several times (several different ones) and they all take credit/debit cards. That's all I ever have on me. Anyway.. this is awful. It's not your fault at all. If you don't get your money back or at least a further investigation, sue.

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  • Ml
    mlkmlk Aug 20, 2010

    How is that CVS' fault? Tough ###, you got robbed!

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  • Je
    Jerry2970 Sep 23, 2010

    Yes... How in the world is that CVS's fault???!! Sounds like your stupidity for laying cash all over the counter. Maybe HAND it to the cashier next time? Yes it sucks that you were robbed, but it certainly isn't the store's fault.

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  • En
    Engineerswife07 Apr 04, 2011

    Can you people not read? First of all she said they grabbed the money out of her hand, not off the counter. And second of all, they do not take anything except cash for money orders. Geez people, if you got robbed at the ATM would it be your fault for having the money in your hand?

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  • Wa
    waitwhat Apr 27, 2011

    your an idiot. don't live in the ghetto

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direct deposit

I recently signed up for direct deposit for my Veterans Administration check so that I did not have to get out and do so much walking to cash my check etc...The VA did not put the last 3 digits of my account number on the direct deposit so Green dot kicked the wire back. I contacted them before the 2nd deposit went in and explained to them what had happened and that my social security number was on the check and that they could verify that against my account since that is the way they verify my identity over the phone and they refused said that they could not do that. My sister has worked for a bank for over 25 years anytime a direct deposit is rejected it kicks out a sheet telling them that something was wrong with the account so I know that they can verify the information by using my social especially when the account number is only missing 3 digits I explained this to the first person I spoke with and of course she either didn't understand what I was saying or just didn't care but I asked to speak to a supervisor I assume they thought I was going to hang up because they left me on hold for twenty minutes when she came back on the line and said her supervior was on a call with another person but she had spoken to her and she agreed there was nothing they could do. I again told her I wanted to speak to someone in charge and after another 15 minutes of waiting I finally got a Rommel on the phone probably some pee on who said the same exact thing that she had just said, I said to him so what you are telling me is that you are refusing to assist a Disabled American Veteran to ensure that my money is put on my card when I am telling you that it is coming in and exactly how much it is going to be for and hes exact words were I'm sorry there is nothing I can do...These companies need to hire more Americans and less of those people who do not understand English where is the compassion I also told him that this was going to put me in a serious bind since it takes at least 3 weeks for the VA to return the funds but he did not care...So for anyone thinking of using these people just know they are not compassionate at all and will not assist you in any way...So as soon as this is over I will be removing my money and they can take the card and shove it where the sun don't shine...

  • Pa
    Patricia Page Dec 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I have signed up for Greendot direct deposit for my Social Security and S.S.I. payments. I have called numerous times to see if the deposit was made and after 12 HOURS, I still do not have money on it. I have bils that need to be paid now and need the money deposited. I wish I would have known I was going to have this trouble!! PLEASE, PUT MY MONEY ON MY CARD!!!

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Resolved refused the sale of 3 moneypak cards

On july 7, 2010 I attempted to purchase three (3) green dot moneypak cards. I was refused and told that the store was not allowed to sell more than one (1). Having done this type of purchase in other walgreens stores I wonder why I was turned away. I understand that when the green dot card is loaded (Store or internet) that walgreens will not allow more than one load for $500 per 24 hours. I do not understand why walgreens treats customers in this manner as to not sell the moneypak. Who is to say how meany accounts the moneypak will be applied too.

  • Ka
    kandyapple May 17, 2011


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Resolved fraudulent transaction

Green Debit Card knows there is a fraudulent billing as the merchant told them and refuses to crredit account

Resolved mickeymouse company!!

Okay- so I received a "GreenDot" Visa card as a gift from my brother for my birthday- it was only for thirty dollars- but hey! It was 30.00. I registered as instructed- then went to use it and it says it is invalid- so I waited a few days thinking it would register by then- tried several more times to use it- and it said invalide4 every time! I called the company- and went to three different people before the last person told me I was out of luck...and 30.00 because I didn't have the original cardboard card that was orignially sent to me- I am so mad! This is mickey mouse and a crummy way to run a business. I will never even consider using this company for ANYTHING ever again and will tell all my friends, too! No resolution-just out 30.00!

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Resolved illegal transaction on my credit card

Someone used Moneybookers EUR London company to attempt to make an illegal transaction on my Greendot prepaid Visa credit card in the amount of $848.62 on 05/29/2010. Fortunately, I never put much money on my card because I do not have that kind of money to throw away let alone let someone steal. I would suggest you investigate who is using Moneybookers EUR London as a way to steal money from people's credit cards. I have informed the FBI of this transaction and there may be an investigation pending on the attempted theft.

Brenda V. Oswell

  • Ro
    RONALD ALLEN Dec 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Network agenda took $9.95 out of my account, i do not know who they are. I had a brief account with e-music and i understand they are affiliated.

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Ordered my tax refund on a Green Dot Card, and never received it. The dollar amount was $1400+

This company straight up stole my money.

I've called several times, the first 2 times I called i was assured that the card was on it's way. 20 Days later I called again. This time they promised to fedex it to me for a fee of $20 after arguing in hindi with the agent on the phone, i was able to get them to ship it for free. 3 day delivery time frame.

6 days later I call and they still haven't even shipped the card.

This is just a crappy company with a website and a private label prepaid card that cant even figure out how to use the mail.

IRS, FTC, and BBB complaints are next, for both turbotax and green dot.

Horrible company, don't use them... BTW keep searching, there are thousands of complaints.

  • Ru
    Russ618 Apr 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Green Dot is a crooked company, I had money deposited to my greendot account they stated I had to many deposits and they blocked my card from usage, they sent my Social Security payment back, But the funny thing about this company they didnt stop putting their fees on my card ! which I mind you was suppose to be blocked from all transactions, I sent them documentation notorized and I was told I would have access to my money well let me tell you here it is almost 30 days later and I still have a block on my account and NO access to my money! They keep playing games I will never get another Green Dot card again after I get my money back from them, even if I have to use the funds to hire a lawyer just to get even with this ### company.

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  • No
    not afraid Apr 14, 2011

    I bought a green dot card on Saturday, April 9, 2011. Within the two hours it took me to get home and download it to my grandson's Walmart money card someone had already downloaded it to another card. I went online on the Walmart site to download it andthe card had no money on it. I had paid Walmart $416.64for the $412 that I put on the green dot card. I have my receipt from Walmart and I have the green dot card. The silver strip that you have to scratch off was in place, but my money was not there. They are a crooked rip off company that needs to be shut down. They just keep giving you excuses for whay they can't give you your money back. They told me two days and then two more days and still no money. they have done this to alot of people. It is a scam company and Walmart and every other company that is selling these cards need to give the refunds or quit selling these cards. I intend to contact every retail outlet that is selling these fraud cards and I am also going to sue and contact my congressmen to get involved in this. I am so angry that my grandson who really needed these funds does not have them because of the green dot criminals who absconded with my money.

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  • No
    not afraid Apr 14, 2011

    I did check the spelling on the above complaint so I don't know why it added so many garbage characters. DON'T BUY A GREEN DOT CARD! unless you want to just donate it to their company. DON'T give them your personal information. If they take your money this way, why not your identity?

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will not give me back my money

greendot wont give me back my money i put on my card. i am going to sue them!! because i am not the only person complaining about this matter. so far they made me wait 10 days to just tell me that they will not refund my money on an certain day. and im still waiting .. ive done everything they told me to do, in order to get my money. they gave me the run around and lieing to me in result of me getting my money back.
they are holding $20 that belongs to me.. it might be a small amount of money but its my money. so therefore, i am sueing them for all the mess they have put me through. and advise to everyone. STAY AWAY FROM GREENDOT.COM ITS FULL OF LIES AND THEY OVER CHARGE PEOPLE.AND THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY!! BOYCOTT GREENDOT.COM...

  • Un
    Unhappy in KS Feb 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my original card and reported it on their website, requesting a replacement card be sent Fed-Ex at a 19.95 charge. A week later after no card comes, I call cust service and am told it was accidently mailed. I wait another couple days then call again and am told by another customer service rep I should have it any day. Two weeks pass and I get a Fed-Ex letter with my card. Both reps lied to me and could barely speak English. I should report them to the BBB.

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  • Un
    Unhappy in KS Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They suck!

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  • Un
    Unhappy in KS Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are awful!

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  • Dr
    Dragonfly_lane Dec 10, 2013

    I too have been scammed. They told me their system was down and that they were not sure how long it would be so they needed to send me back my money. They said that it would take anywhere from 24hrs to 72hrs. Time-up and no money. IT's CHRISTMAS people! I need my money. I have small children. This sucks monkey (FILL IN BLANK).

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they do not charge back

I was over charged by google and had stoped my campain with them. they elected to continue my campain and charged my card without my consent. they have no customer service number to get a hold of them at. green dot did nothing to help me. they actually hung up on me! what a terrible customer service company they are. don't ever do biz with them. also it takes forever to get to there reps on the phone.

Resolved failure to issue new card upon expiration

i have a green dot premier mastercard account that expired on [protected], the premier account states that a new card will be issued when the old card expires. i have not recieved the new card and since it is the first of the month, i wanted to pay my rent. i had a direct deposit that was sent to my card on [protected] but it was not listed as funds added. i had thought that i was to automatically get the new card due to the perks of the premier card that i had. the customer service agent told me that a new card was not sent but they will send one now which i will receive in the next 7 to 10 business days thus i would not be able to access my money until then. her supervisor then came on and said that my premier membership was revoked because i had a negative balance when the deducted the monthly fee. the premeir card has a perk that says it does not count against you when you gain a negative balance for their fees. he stated that i would have to reapply for a card thus spending more money on a card when they sell a perk to avoid that. i told him that i'm very dissatisfied with this. told him that i will contact the nebraska attorney general and file a complaint as well as the better business bureau and everyone else that help in this issue.
i originally got this card to avoid the notorius fees that usbank and wells fargo have on their checking accounts as well as savings accounts. seems to me that anyone with a bank account or a debit card is fair game for these fees. green dot offered me 10.00 monthly that was reduced by 5.00 should i direct deposit 750.00 a month. atm withdrawal fees of 1.95, these were better fees than the banks. i should have known better, somethings do not last long.

joke debit card

Got this temporary debit card for $35 as a gift. Tried to activate it to no avail through both the website and by phone.
After 3 days of the nonsense of phone calls to machines who apparently cannot understand the word J.A.M.E.S. or any other voice command in English. (Sorry, don't speak any other languages) have given up trying. What a major SCAM this is, why they have not been investigated by the authorities I do not know.

Resolved bad check/fraud

I received a check for over $900.00 on a grant with instructions to cash or deposit said check and then return to Mary Edwards a fee of $400.00 for finding the grant. Being as 1. I have been applying for grants, and 2. in need of money as work is slow for my husband ( we are self employed). I seriously considered cashing the check, UNTIL i decided to go online and research this, even though i had been applying for grants to continue school this just didn't seem right. I am so glad that i did not cash this check as i would have been furious with them and myself.
You know we have the government butting into bail out the banks, and auto dealers but "WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PPL THAT ARE BAILING US OUT????" that can actually take advantage of unsuspecting ppl that are hurting for money out there. And these ppl do continue to catch the one or two ppl that either don't have internet to research these things and that are that desperate and they cash and return the money... I will be taking my letter with the bogus check to my local authorities and then to the postmaster general... and hopefully these idiots MARY EDWARDS and LINDA SPALLDING get caught...

  • To
    Too good to be true Mar 20, 2010

    I received a check in the mail saying that I had been offered a 10k grant and all I had to do within 5 days was pay a commission of 403.00 dollars out of the 947.35 that the check was for after cashing it or putting it in my bank account. I would receive the rest of the 10k grant money after purchasing a greendot money pac. I'm sure glad that I found this sight and didn"t take this any farther than file thirteen in the trash. How do you report this type of scam?

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Resolved bad check

Bad check / 10, 000.00 cash grant
"official check" from key services corp with a faded key icon and signature for the amount of 965. 99. instructions were to cash or deposit this check and send 4% to "mary edwards" for commission fee through a greendot moneypak.

Resolved lost money

I purchased one greendot debit card from Walgreens.
The cost was $4.95 and I also deposited $30 into the account.
I made an on-line purchase of about $28 and everything went well.
I then deposited $20 more, but the next time I used it I was told that my card was registering empty. I made numerous call to greendot,
but was never able to talk to an actual person.
I tried to check my account on-line, but could not get into the site.
Now $20 some dollars isn't much, but I don't want greendot to get away from ripping anyone esle off, although I'd like my money returned.

  • Pe
    Peace4love Sep 27, 2011

    I thought I had money left on my card. Made one withdrawal for $20 (there was a $51 dollars on the card) Now my card is saying I only have $1.79 on the card. Wow GreenDot, do you think the Better Business Bureau would like to hear about your accounting practices? or maybe your no-existent customer support would be of interest to the Federal Banking Commission? You see I neither rant nor rave. I help you do business with integrity and accountability. I will be filling my complaint with them? I am sure someone will figure out how to call them back or email a response. What do you think?

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  • Gr
    Green Dot Corp. Oct 03, 2011

    We apologize for your experiences. Our business practices are not to “rip off” any customers. We make all our fees known on our website or the package and cardholder agreement we provide with our cards. If there has been an issue with the balance you have on your card, please send an email to [email protected], include a contact number and your full name so we can reach you directly. We would like to look into this situation further and settle any possible errors made to your balance.

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Resolved return of funds

I set up an online bill pay through Greendot for $2000 to a private party. You can only send $1000 at a time...

crediting unauthorized charges to customer

i've been a customer of greendot since 2005 or 2006. throughout the years, i've had a history of months of a few dollars in reload, to months in which i made a modest amount of reloads. the month of January 2010 has been a bonanza--in the dollar amount i've loaded into my card--roughly $6900!!! followed by February in which i've so far loaded nearly $2000. which is why i'm more so aggravated to be sitting down at 4:30am writing a letter to collect a mere $143.49!!!

on January 31, 2010, having loaded $400.00 onto my card, i ordered food from a chinese restaurant for about $16, paid for a hotel room. for about $73, and was shocked to be declined when i tried to buy gas later that day due to lack of sufficient funds!!!

when i checked online, i noticed 4 UNAUTHORIZED items PENDING:

3 charges for $75.00--from an arco gas station from which i'd only made a purchase of $23.00

a charge for $143.00 from a walmart in lancaster, ca--a place i've never been in my life!

i promptly called greendot and reported it a a theft! i told them i wished to press charges and have the perpetrator arrested. i also asked that the money be CREDITED to my account immediately! i was told it could not be done then--since it was still pending--that i should wait till after its posted to ring back, that it would then take 3-5 days for it to be credited. i requested a new card and asked for fast delivery, since i was staying in a hotel.

i was told to load $30 onto the card to cover the fedex OVERNIGHT charges. i got the card AFTER FOUR DAYS! what was the point of paying all that money--if the mail took as long as regular mail? i asked repeatedly if i'd get it overnight and was told yes. it was sent Sunday--so i thought...Monday--Tuesday tops...did not get it till Thursday! this ended up costing me $73x3 (nightly rate for hotel) since i couldn't very well go home let my card be received after i'd checked out!

after the charge to walmart was posted, i called back and had the most horrendous experience with greendot to date!!! nobody i spoke to seemed to fully understand me; they'd be stuck and repeat a phrase over and over--whether or not it reflected or concerned what i was saying. when i asked to speak to a supervisor, they'd put me on hold till the dial tone came on. when i asked to speak to a supervisor on american soil--who speaks english as a FIRST language, they simply hung up on me!

my level of frustration got so high, i became afraid for my health, (i have very high blood pressure) so for 2 weeks, i steered clear of calling greendot...when i finally called, i was told first that they couldn't help me b'cos the charge had been posted--meaning the merchant now had the funds, so it was out of their hands--that I SHOULD CONTACT WALMART MYSELF AND TRY TO EXTRICATE MY STOLEN MONEY FROM THIER CLUTCHES!!!

i went totally nuts and said no way--that i'd waited for it to post because i was told BY GREENDOT--that only then, could my money be credited to my account...i requested they retrieve the recording of my calls (don't they always say they're recorded for "quality assurance"?) to prove that greendot reps, did indeed say so. he acknowledged that was indeed, the policy--wait till it posts, then have your money credited into your account--something i'd done many times before--find an unauthorized charge, call greendot and its credited in a few days?

why has this been sooooooooooo problematic--and in a month that i loaded more money onto my card than ever? i asked and i'm asking...why is it that i never saw those $75x3 to arco--$225 (which had been SUBTRACTED from my total CASH balance) in the CREDIT column of my card statement.

in a world where even the tiniest mom and pop shops are going green and paperless, why won't greendot EMAIL me records from my OLD card which i no longer have access to, but very much need for my records and taxes?

why am i the one going through all these headaches, when according to your policy and employees, i did EVERYTHING i should have done:

i reported the theft and requested credit SAME DAY it occurred.
i called back after it was posted--when i was ASSURED it would be a matter of days till i got my money back.
i requested a cancellation of the old card and ordered new one--at an expense to me.
i requested an investigation and let it known i wished to press charges.

having done all this, why am i having so much difficulty retrieving my hard earned CASH, when the thief who stole it had such an easy time using my card WITHOUT being in possession of it, WITHOUT my identification and authorization? isn't it greendot's REPONSIBILITY to make it MORE DIFFUCULT FOR THIEVES to steal from its customer's card? why does greendot expect me to contact walmart and investigate by myself?

why can we no longer speak to americans or english speaking staff IN AMERICA DURING BUSINESS HOURS--9-5PM? i mean, i understand outsourcing calls AFTER business hours, but not 24/7! this has led me to lose confidence in greendot--as if going offshore is one step closer to its bigwigs soon taking all our CASH and bailing to some exotic offshore company, where they can't be touched by the US.

that's why i've put LESS money on the card this month--and depending on how this letter is handled, why i'll be taking my business elsewhere--it seems clear its not appreciated by greendot. finally, due to my negative experiences with greendot lately, i have decided to warn other unsuspecting prospects by posting this letter--as is on complaints board dot com--check it'll find i'm not the only one complaining about your poor services>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you wish to dispute a transaction that has posted to your statement

i unequivocally DISPUTE the transaction made at walmart lancaster on January 31 2010 in the amount of $143.49. i did not make the charge, did not authorize it, have NEVER been in that city AND CAN PROVE IT!


if this is not handled to my satisfaction, i shall call upon dateline nbc, 60 minutes or 20/20 to investigate your practices.

  • Gu
    gustave Mar 18, 2010

    My Green Dot
    Free Direct Deposit, Free Credit Builder. Free Bill Pay - Apply Here.

    Load Accountnow Debit Card W/ Green Dot
    Free direct deposit and bill pay. No credit check. $0 activation fee.

    With Unauthorized Charges
    Millions of Products. Read Reviews. With Unauthorized Charges: Prices.

    Green dot and Account Now are part of Meta Bank
    You are actually dealing with Meta Bank by using one of their pre-paid bank cards.
    I wonder why whenever there is a complaint about one of their products on the Complaints Board Site that that an ad for one of their products also pops up on that same page?

    Does that not seem strange to direct you to the very same product that you are complaining about and so frustrated with over having had such awful service with only moments before to try to get you to buy more of the exact same thing?

    This is so bizarre to me.

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  • De
    Degeullo Jan 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @A.Della - This is almost similar to my experience with green dot and an unauthorized charge fro $113.56. I had an old DirecTV account, closed for about 3 months. In fact that old account with DirectTV had an expired card in its records and was not authorized to auto charge. I found that the card was charged $113.56 becasue when I went ot go use it, it came back declined. So I look online and found that the charge was posted, but not processed. So I called immediately and disputed the charge. The CSR was friendly and helpful and said that the money would be back on with in 24-48 hours.
    About 24 hours later, all of the money I disputed went back on the card. I used it again several times, and then I tried to use it at a gas station and it came back declined. I called again. This CSR was also helpful, and said that it was a mistake, and that the accounting department would put it back on the card by midnight that evening. As a safety measure, I also emailed a complaint to Green Dot, and received a canned response to call the customer service number. 24 hours went by with no movement back to the card, so I called this morning.
    Now I get another story. The CSR informs me that the DTV charge was paid and that I needed to now take my dispute up with them. I am really at a loss for words as I clearly told them the charge was unauthorized, and made on an expired card. Then the CSR kept telling me that they could open up a dispute for the charge, to which I told her, I did that already back with the first call that lead THEM to put the money back on the card.
    I asked to be elevated to a supervisor. I was transferred to a CSR supervisor that just did not seem to give one [censor] about anything. I explained it all again to him, to which he started to repeat the runaround line of - We can open up a dispute for that charge if you like. So I run through it again, and he tells me that they paid the money to DirecTV because they ran the charge through again.
    Now I had him in a direct lie. I removed the bad card information from DirecTV (Remember the card on file was expired), and my transaction history shows no new charges from DirecTV. It shows all of the other declined charges, but DirecTV was not on there. So I put a stop to all conversation with that supervisor. I told him that I caught him in a lie, and that I cannot trust a single thing he tells me, and to please elevate me to his supervisor. Well surprise, surprise... he was apparently the call center commander and there was not one to elevate to right then. I asked when I could call back, and he said tomorrow.
    This is still unresolved, I know that it is only $113.56, but I want to know that if I am going to use this card to store money, that it is going to be protected, and when I dispute something, they will side with their customer, not a merchant. They need to have someone in that call center that can make a decision.

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  • Db
    DBTCRD Feb 13, 2014

    My first call to dispute charges, I told customer service to cancel my card immediately.. A week later found card not cancelled and new card not on the way. As these are reloadable debit cards, company may purposely try to take advantage of their customers. You should record your 1st and all subsequent calls. Print off call dates, times, and duration( avail on cell and voip phone calls). Out the company that has such shoddy business practices. For instance Greendot manages accounts for other companies. Not only would I cancel my account, but let Walmart, Best buy or any other company involved with the card know why I am cancelling. Also, make a complaint with the FTC. They would track if a company tends to so this often (business as usual). Of course Better Business Bureau. When writing a letter put as much info as possible. No account info if account is not yet closed (which you should confirm). That way you can tweak the letter for mailing. My reloadable card may not be the same, but as they have "standards, " we also. By the way keep track of any further losses. If any after notice to company to shut down your card.

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Resolved card stolen and could not stop card from being used

Got a visa gift card and my wallet was stolen. When I called to stop the card they had no info on my card. I had to activate it with many questions on the phone. It was a $1oo gift card. I think they should have been able to stop it with all the info I gave them. I will never buy one of their cards again.

  • Va
    vandread Feb 24, 2010

    note it was a visa gift card you complaint is with visa gift card service most stores carry these cards and have no access to the cards they passed your info to visa but in most cases if you are the original purchaser you need to go to visa with a copy of the recept and see what can be done if the card was given to you ask the giver to contact visa or give you a copy of the slip these type of cards are new and still being worked on if you wish to give a gift card as a gift get a dept store gift card or just give cash in 5 years new rules and safety issued will be put in to play till them becareful what time of card you buy and read carefully your rights which no one does and ends up suing the wrong firm

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Resolved check in the mail

I received a check in the mail for the amount of $958.22 with the promise of another check. All I had to do...

Resolved never got refund

i bought a $50 green dot visa from 7-11 and had problems activating the stupid card so was told i woukld get a refund check in the mail within 7-10 buisness days. never got anything. cant get a live person on the phone and am told that my card number is invalid.

Resolved can't use card

Has Anyone had this problem with a green dot card? I bought a card and tried to use it at a redbox kiosk. The reader will not read the card. I looked at the back and where there is normally a black strip on a credit or debit card is a gold strip. It can't be used at any card reader when making a purchase. I called customer suuport and of course got India. Needless to say, it's hard to get them to understand normal english. After explaining all this to them, they said I damaged my card. I said no, it was this way when I got it. After arguing/explaining for quite awhile, they said they would send me a new card. The new card is exactly the same. No black strip. I was going to try email to explain the problem but they just referred me back to the 1-800 number. Anyone heard of anything like this before?

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    webrich Feb 13, 2010
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    maybe you don't know what the procedures are, my green-dot card is used anywhere, use it as a debit card, when you sign up for the card, you can choose your pin code by phone or online, also you have to buy green dot money-pak and enter the activation code on your green-dot account online, very simple.

    Best Regards, Greg

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    KaiserVadin Mar 06, 2010

    You can use it anywhere that greendot allows just because the strip is gold does not mean it will not work I use mine on a bluebox movie rental place got my tax refund and went to get a reloader for it and NO PROBLEMS, the only con is no email address for the company !

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    evanwoodard29 Apr 20, 2010

    I read somewhere the you have to wait until the permanent one shows up in the mail to be able to use it at Redbox, ATM's, etc. I too tried to use the one I bought at the store in the Redbox, and the card was declined. I just got my permanent one with my name on it (and billing zip attached, which I think is what you need) so I'm gonna try again next time I go by the Redbox.

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    gallowayasa Nov 30, 2010

    mine is a bigger story then this first i bought one from walgreen. it was a substatute card. i tryed to use it but couldn't so i called to get it activated it worked. then i tryed to register to get my money on the card no good. so i kept writing to greendot and got nothing.. i waited for my real card when it came i tryed to register it but my card number was no good. so i couldn' even sign in to get in touch with them. some how i finley go in touch with then through e-mail well guess what i end up getting a nother card. soooo it didn't work also. now i am stuck with 2 cards an no account im trying to grt them to take back both cards an give my 20.00 dollors so i guess i've gotten riped off also.. people don't get suckered in read all complaints. thank ya all alice

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    KaiserVadin Dec 27, 2010

    The cards could be faulty and there website requires you to put in your SSN so that could be also, plus if you type the infomation in too fast it will not work ether I am not sure why but this happen on other websites with me ...

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    Brian Mik Oct 01, 2016
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    I have been using my Greendot at the local Post Office to purchase money orders for my rent for the past 6 months with no problem. This month I went and my card was declined. I assumed it was too close to when my direct deposit went in, so I waited to try again the following day, same results. When I contacted the CS for Greendot, they said I couldn't use it for that, and would need to go to Wal-Mart and buy a MoneyGram from them. I explained that I have been using it right along, and they told me there must be a problem with my card. After several minutes of arguing they put on a "supervisor" who continued the argument, explaining that I never should have been able to use it for that purpose? I got really heated and told him that I don't support W-mart and will not under any circumstance even walk into a store, let alone make a purchase of anything. All he could say was "Sorry, that's what you have to do". No other option, no explanation as to why it won't work now when it did before, notta. Nobody ever contacted me to say I was using it wrong, nor does my contract say I have to go to W-mart for anything. Now instead of walking 5 minutes to the post office, I'm supposed to get a ride 10 miles to the w-mart to pay my rent? Ridiculous I say. This is a Visa card that is accepted everywhere a regular Visa is accepted, except the post office for a money order. The CS department sucks, I had talked to at least 5 different people over 2 days, not one spoke fluent English or could explain why the sudden change to my card. I asked them to look into why and have a tech contact me, they wouldn't. I asked for a manager to call me, they didn't. I will lose this card as soon as I'm back on my feet as it no longer suits the purpose I had purchased it for . . Greendot sucks!

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    meetri walker griffin Jun 11, 2018

    can I use my greendot card visa one day before automatic deposit posts as a credit?

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