Great Clips / my hair cut

Le Jul 20, 2019

7/20/19 . I originally went in to get a hair cut a lil over a month ago . Adele cut it and really didn't do what I asked .. I didn't complain .So today I thought I ll go and request someone in particular. But when I got there Adele was available and a waiting room full of other people waiting. So when she began putting me into the system for a hair cut I realized, she was not going to ask if I wanted my hair cut by someone else or could she. Anyway I thought ok here we go... I 'll just tell her again how I want my hair specifically. At the end of cutting my hair, She said your hair is going to turn up like a flip ( it is what I did not like before ) . She continued saying it was not the way she cut it ( I never even said that-just that I did not want it to flip up ) Then she said that I would have to train it, even when I told her It has never been "trained before. Adele kept saying good luck with not working on your hair to train it, etc. Very RUDE I will never go back ! There are plenty of hair places that want my business

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