GrabCar / GrabTaxidriver showed up and refused to pick up my guests, a kenyan mother with her daughter

B Sep 09, 2018

9th september 2018 at around 5.00pm I got my daughter to download the grab app on my mobile phone as I want to book a ride for my guests leaving my home to 2 kim seng road.
Booking was made and booking number is adr-[protected], honda vezel showed up with driver neo eng choon jeffrey. Mother couldn't find the back door and opened the front door as you know the back door handle of this model is not visible at near the edge of the back door. I helped her to open the back door, she put her 1 metre tall daughter onto the back seat. The driver told us to cancel the ride, he cannot fetch children. So we stepped back to the side of the road, very puzzled and asked him if he would cancel or we cancel and he said to me that I cancel. Upon doing this, I was told by my daughter, I should not be the one cancelling because it is the driver who refused to take the fare. But I already cancelled immediately upon stepping back when the driver said I should cancel. My daughter then explain to me that if I have cancelled 3 times, I would be barred from booking a grab forever. That is interesting, I am not too concerned as I drive since the age I got a licence all my life. What are the chances I am going to book a grab anymore. But my guest said I should report so other people would not be treated the same way in the future.
I checked and we are in line with the guide line on your link that the child is between 4 to 7 years old, a bit taller than 1 metre and the mother is fully able bodied, of sound mental capacity taking the ride from 105 sophia road to 2 kim seng road.
With the strong statement from my guest, I feel I have to stand up for this treatment if not for myself at least for her and her daughter.
The guests I booked the ride for is a black negro kenyan mother in her fourties with her daughter. I strongly do not believe the driver declined the ride because he cannot take a child. This is rubbish.
My guest, the mother is a working professional in singapore in a swiss mnc while her daughter is attending one of the international schools in singapore. They are clean and neatly attired. So what is the valid reason your driver drove up to us and upon the child being lead onto the back seat by the mother that he said he cannot take children. Is he allergic to children or what? Then stay at home and not come out to drive as inevitably he is going to run into kids anytime.
Please get back to me and let me know why were my guests declined a ride booked?

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